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28 June 2019 Danielle Rose Russell vs Natalia Dyer

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 1:35pm


Danielle Rose Russell versus Natalia Dyer

Pre-Fight: Both girls are fairly new to FCBA, both with three fights; one win and two losses. They enter the ring ready to fight and will full confidence. 

Natalia: Ruby red sports bra, white yoga shorts with matching red mittens, hair in a topknot. 

Danielle: Black tank top, black yoga pants and mittens, hair loose but not in the way. 

Round 1: Strong start for Nat, she’s drilling jabs towards her opponent, poking head and body. Too quick for Danielle; Natalia dances around her sticking leather to her head and body. Danielle’s to focused of defending and doesn’t notice that she’s been pushed into the ropes until it’s too late. Nat takes advantage of the situation. While Danielle tries to escape Nat sends three powerful hooks to her belly almost knocking her down which she follows with multiple uppercuts. Danielle goes for a clinch, successfully turning the tides and its now Natalia who’ stuck in ropes. To Danielle’s surprise Nat escapes before she can even throw a punch. Nat continues dancing around her opponent, constantly drilling her to head and body. Danielle, easily frustrated gives up her defences and starts throwing random punches. Some hitting but mostly missing as she leaves herself open for two more hooks to the belly followed up by uppercuts of the chin as Danielle falls for the same tactic twice. Round one easily won by Natalia, nothing but frustrated looks coming from Danielle’s corner. 

Round 2: Danielle comes of much more prepared this round. She’s battling Nat body to body, trading punches mid ring leaving as few marks on her opponents face. Nat being on the losing end of the clash uses her speed to stay away from her opponent for a while as the girls’ circle around each other. Not much happening until Danielle goes on the offensive again as Nat retreats and only lands a jab here and there when she finds an opportune moment. After taking quite a few jabs resulting in a nose bleed Danielle as well gives up on the offensive and only strikes when necessary. Much more of a slower round as the girls use the latter half of the round observing each other. Natalia still wins the round by a close margin, Danielle is on her tail and she knows it. 

Round 3: Natalia resorts to the same tactics of dancing around her opponent to dazzle her but she might have used up all of her tricks as Danielle proves a quick study and reads Natalia like a book. She fell for it twice but third time’s the charm she proves as she works her way around Natalia’s defences and slams hit with an uppercut sending her to the canvas. Natalia beats the count at six as Danielle goes back to work. Danielle fronting the jab, pounding away at Natalia with ease then switching to body, sticking hooks to Nat’s belly busting up her opponent, ragdolling Natalia around the ring almost sending her to canvas again. Nat’s taking a beating for a fully two minutes, she’s cracking under pressure, knees start to buckle as the bell rings just in time. Moment of relief for battered Natalia. She can finally catch a break but she’s not of the hook just yet.

Round 4: Danielle’s cooking up another round of jabs an hooks as poor Natalia is forced to take it all. She’s used up all her best tactics early and is being battered for a second round in a row. Danielle determined to bring her down, she’s not letting up for a split second as Natalia takes the whole nine yards. Jab to face then hooks to belly and ribs, back upstairs with uppercuts and more hooks. She’s getting busted up and there’s nothing she can do about it. Another minute of tormenting finally brings this match to a close at Nat slips under the ropes and down on the canvas again 7… 8… 9… 10… It’s all too much for her as she doesn’t move a muscle. Winner by KO in Round 4, Danielle Rose Russell.

Post-Fight: “Tread carefully, tonight proves that I’m a top fighter.” Danielle boasts to the press. “This is what happens when you face the one and only Danielle Rose Russel.” She continues as Natalia gets escorted by the medical team. 



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