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28 June 2019 Victoria Justice vs Tessa Thompson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 1:29pm


Victoria Justice versus Tessa Thompson
(Words: GBS / Results: Lookout!)

Victoria Justice had been preparing and training at her new home stable of Global Boxing Syndicate practically since the introductory press conference. Her career so far in the FCBA had not been one of great success. She had fought in the BBU and in other places but had yet to catch on in the fight game. She was 8 and 4 in the BBU and 11 and 14 in the FCBA. The GBS was Victoria’s third stable in 5 years. This stable moving did change when GBS signed her. She worked with all 3 trainers and sparred and worked out with her stable mates. She was anxious to get back into the ring and box to show that she would not be a stepping stone or a never was. But so far she had yet to fight for her stable.

That was changing tonight as she would be in the ring against a hot free agent, namely film and television star Tessa Thompson.

Tessa had been in Thor Ragnarok, Westworld, Creed 1 and 2 and the soon to be released Men In Black International. She had also been training and was seen boxing in various gym and health clubs around Hollywood.

The current rumor was that the GBS owner was thinking of signing Tessa to a contract. Another was that Tessa had been boxing, away from the public eyes at parties and various clubs where the only way to see these fights was to be a member. Also that she was not afraid to show her body off in these fights.

Fight night came and Victoria walked to the ring. After sliding through the ropes, she showed her form in a strapless black bikini and black gloves.

Tessa then came down and to the ring. She showed her body off in a red white and blue flag bikini which was white outlines. She wore red gloves for the fight.

Round 1:

It seems Victoria hadn’t too long to wait as both boxers came out to middle of the ring. Both seemed to be quick on their feet as they danced about after throwing a few punches. But Victoria was employing a counter punch strategy which showed off her technique at Tessa’s expense. She tried to keep her defenses up and match footwork but Justice landed a great combination of right hook and left cross to Thompson’s face. This led to Victoria soon working Tessa’s body and backing her up into the ropes. Tess went to respond but got 3 straight hooks to her body for her trouble.

Round 2-3:

Victoria came out looking to put more leather on or into Tessa. Well she was soon surprised when Tessa counterpunched herself into this fight in a big way. After a missed hook, Tess lets go with a huge right hand that nearly put Victoria on the canvas. Justice backs away and Thompson comes at her gloves pumping. She soon has Victoria stacked up but because of her style Victoria is able to hang on and not drop to the canvas. The next round opened with a full on firefight which caught everyone by surprise. The fighters were really going at each other when Tessa hit a right uppercut that really hurt Victoria. And again Victoria was back on the ropes. Soon Tessa was back and now hurting Victoria with her punches. Justice’s body is taking quite the pounding as the referee comes closer to check as this fight seems to be headed to a knockout finish. Victoria clinches and hangs on until the fighters are separated and Tessa runs out of time as the bell rings. Tessa smiles and romps as she knows she is ahead in this fight and really hurt Justice.

Round 4:

Justice came out slower after her pasting the last two rounds. She covers up and tries to circle away from Tessa. Tessa follows and continues to go after Justice’s body but soon she starts to miss and Justice starts to fire back with some harder punches. Victoria started to hit Tessa’s face with a couple hard crosses and a right uppercut that moved Tessa back in the ring. Soon she found herself being backed into the ropes with Victoria coming at her with some hard punches too. Thompson did go to try and firefight with Victoria to get off the ropes but the bell rang.

Victoria came back with a better round after dropping the last two.

Round 5:

Both boxers came way slower and more cautious for the opening bell. After a minute of jabs and circling, Tessa got inside and went to split Victoria’s cleavage with a couple nice uppercuts. Justice was hurt by those blows and went to clinch up with Thompson. Soon the two boxers were clinched up and the referee broke them apart. After that, Victoria went to Tessa’s face with back to back crosses which surprised everyone including Tessa. Tessa goes to attack Tori’s chest with a couple hooks but only one lands as Justice blocks the other. The bell rang to end the round. A close round between the two boxers, probably won by Tessa but Victoria did make it a close round.

Round 6:

Both boxers came out again with more caution and some distance between them. After a few seconds of jabs and head fakes, they almost collided as they went to get inside on each other. Victoria goes on the offensive with shots to Tessa’s midsection and then an uppercut to her jaw. Tessa is now back in the ropes or rather butt in. She goes low with her next punches to fight her way out. But Victoria backed up and went to Tessa’s face with a right and left straight combination. Tessa’s head snapped from those punches and Justice follows up with a left cross and right uppercut. DOWN GOES TESSA! Victoria watches for a second before she goes to a neutral corner. She smiles and almost jumps for joy when the 10 count is made and Tessa does not move.

KO6 – Victoria Justice


Victoria was declared the winner and had her glove raised. Milana, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Guerrero enter the ring and congratulate Justice. Elizabeth Hurley joins after that as they surround Justice and hug her. Justice just won her first bout with GBS and she should be very proud. She smiles and poses for the fans before leaving the ring. 



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