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28 June 2019 Lucy Hale vs Stella Hudgens

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 1:08pm



Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Lucy: 30 YO, 5’2 (1.57 m), 28-29-0, 27 LO since 2010 Pretty Little Punchers

Stella: 23 YO, 5’4 ½ (1.64 m), 10-4-0, 9 KO since 2016. The Wannabees

Before: Relations have never been polite between the PLP and The Wannabees. Lucy Hale proclaiming: “I beat Vanessa, now I’ll beat her kid sister and make it a clean sweep>” has not done anything to improve the hostility. FCBA Security is on DEFCOM ONE for the one joint press conference agreed to for the fight. Lucy and Stella stand at podiums at the opposite ends of the stage with FCBA personnel standing in the wings,

“Well, this is no fun at all,” Stella says sarcastically, “I don’t even have a pitcher of water to dump over your stupid head, Lucy.”

“It wasn’t my idea,” Lucy calls back, “I think they should have out us in a wrestling and see who could tear the clothes off the other first!”

“That’s your speed all, right! Guess I’ll just have to settle for beating your face to raw hamburger, which would be an improvement!” Stella called back.

“Big talk, Stella, your sister was good at that, too, but I beat her and I’ll beat you up, too!” Lucy cried.

Stella looked vexed: “This is so stupid! I feel like I am yelling at your across a street! Come over here and talk trash to my face!”

“I dare you to come over here and talk to me like that!” Lucy cried.

Stella marched to the midway point and stood there hands on hips: “Is this close enough or are you too chicken to come close.”

Lucy wasted little time in stalking over. (In the wings, the Security men seemed confused by this behavior and ended up staying where there were).

“This close enough?” Lucy challenged.

“Just right for a good slap in the face,” Stella said and the palm of her hand cracked against Lucy’s cheek.

“Yeah it Is,” Lucy said and slapped Stella right back.

Stella and Lucy stared at each other for a long minute, then they leaped for each other and it was on! The two women were in tee shirts beating the logo of their stables and shorts (Red for Lucy, black for Stella). The tees last about ten seconds at best before being ripped to shreds revealing Lucy’s pale pink satin bra and Stella blue silk bra). The bras probably would not have lasted much longer but the two were locked up and rolling around on the stage. The Security guards came rushing out, but seemed hesitant to wade in and separate the two raging hellcats. Lucy’s red shorts went sailing out (she was wearing a pink thong sharp-eye observers noticed followed a moment later by Stella’s black shorts (revealing her blue bikini briefs). It was at this point that the Security men finally acted and pulled the enraged pair apart. They were dragged out via opposite wings to the hoots and cheers of the now quite unruly and rather unprofessional crowd.

As might be expected, the battle was caught on camera and cellphone and quickly spread far and wide on social media. This all gave the match a grudge match atmosphere that was still strong as the fighters approached the ring on Fight Night. Lucy comes to the ring first accompanied by stablemates Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse as well as trainer Nia Peeples. She doffs her robe to reveal hot pink bra and panties with matching gloves. Her bobbed hair is wetted down. Stella Hudgens approaches the ring with Madison Pettus and Zoey Deutch,. Cat Bell is the Stella’s trainer. Stella removes her robe to reveal royal blue bra and panties with light blue gloves. Crowd appreciates the fighting attire choices and cheers both fighters.

(“Lucy and Stella were both feeling feisty and insisted on fighting in bra and panties. Of course they are specially designed to be fought in. The outfits should make it the whole 10 rounds—we think.” PLP Communications Director explains to Archer News Reporter Skip Tracy as they sit at ringside near Troian Bellisario and Hayley Atwell also of the PLP. Skip smiled at Autumn’s words. All the PLP group were in sunny yellow summer dresses).

The ring instructions are tense with the taller Stella trying to body up on Lucy, but Lucy stands her ground in defiance. Referee speaks sternly to keep order. The instructions are finished. The glove tap is just Lucy and Stella going through the motions and then departing for their corners. Then bell sounds and the crowd roars as the fighters come forward…

R1: Lucy and Stella charged right at one another firing hooks straight in each other’s bellies. They seemed to recoil from these blows, but quickly waded back in swinging hard at the midsection, ribs and then those vulnerable bra cups. Intense action as the petite punchers tried to establish domination, but the result was more a stalemate. The action then shifted to head punches with both getting the sides of their heads smacked and then their faces were smashed by nasty blows that left discolored and swelling areas around the cheekbones and jaw. Still, it was very much a shot-for-shot draw going into the final minute. Then Lucy got to Stella’s chin with a hard swiping right and followed with a left hook. Stella was rattled by the blows and staggered back. Lucy pounded away at Stella’s belly and doubled her up as Stella tried to back away. Lucy pressed forward, now giving Stella’s breasts a working over until Stella lashed back with a straight right to the mouth that halted Lucy’s advance. Time ran out on the round which the judges gave to Lucy Hale by a narrow margin.

R2: Lucy and Stella right back at it as the new round begins. They are showing more footwork this round as they jockey for position. Then Stella makes a move to attack Lucy to the belly, but actually strikes hard and fast to the jaw, Lucy is banged hard and her legs go rubbery as she stumbles back, trying to use a confused jab to keep Stella back and it dos not work. Stella brushing through Lucy’s defenses and slapping her jaw from right to left and then left to right. Lucy covering up. Stella hooking away at Lucy’s gut and tipping her over. Lucy’s gloves up around her head, but her juggs are just hanging there and Stella gleefully uses them like speed bags to add to Lucy’s misery. Lucy finally clinching to stop the attack. Referee pushes them apart, but Lucy relentless as she hounds Lucy around the ring. Round ends and Stella Hudgens gets this stanza on her side of the cards by a wide margin. Stella has a gleefully grimn on her face as a shell-shocked Lucy makes her way back to her corner.

R3: Lucy Hale slumped on her stool at the break as a concerned corner crew led by Nia Peeples tries to get her ready. Bell rings and Lucy comes out. She is shaking her head, trying to clesr her brain and get ready as Stella Hudgens comes swooping towards her. Lucy has her dukes up around her face, but Stella goes to the body with a fierce leather storm that doubles Lucy up. Lucy being worked back towards the ropes. Lucy trying to clinch to break up Stella’s momentum, but Stella jumping back to leave Lucy reaching for empty space. Lucy lurching forward off balance and that’s just what Stella has been waiting for. Out flashes a cracking right to the chin and then a left hook to smash Lucy’s chin again. Lucy swaying in place as Stella unleashes a right/left combo to the jaw. DOWN GOES LUCY HALE! Lucy collapses onto her knees and then pitches forward to land face down on canvas. Stella off to the neutral corner as Lucy rolls to her side and looks up blearily at the referee who is starting his count. Lucy pushes herself up on one arm and then picks herself the rest of the way up to beat the count at “EIGHT!” Stella shrugs her shoulders, smiles wolfishly and then heads for Lucy as the referee signals her back in. Lucy going face-in-gloves as Stella starts firing away at her to the body. Stella just trying to do as much damage as she can down to the bell and Lucy just trying ti stay up. Bell rings and Stella steps back as a bleak-eyed Lucy goes slowly back to her corner. Big smile on Stella Hudgens’ face. She’s enjoying herself at this point and she’s not hiding it.

R4: Lucy out cautiously this round and Stella is on her aggressively. Stella attacking Lucy to the flanks, she really roasting those side ribs and Lucy is sluggish in answering back. Stella then goes straight up the middle with a pounding series hooks to the body and ribs. Lucy finally stabs out with the jab and scores against Stella’s face. Stella knocked back with a bleeding lower lip, but she comes right back at Lucy giving her a burst of leather to the face that sends Lucy spilling backwards. Stella leaps forward, but Lucy fires back with a right to the jaw that sends Stella lurching away. Lucy has to pause to regain her senses and then goes after Stella, but Stella had recovered as well. Sharp exchange of head shots, but then Stella gets a meaty hook into Lucy’ belly and sends her stumbling back gasping for air. Lucy hastily covers up as Stella is trying to get her down with a barrage of body shots. Then Lucy fights back with jabs and the two fight to a standstill as the round ends. It’s another close round, but this one goes to Stella Hudgens. Lucy and Stella scowling at each other and there seems to be plenty of fight left in both.

R5: Sure enough, Lucy and Stella show plenty of energy as the action resumes. Lucy with a flurry of shots to the jaw to stagger Stella, but Stella comes back to bang Lucy’s chin. Lucy totters back, but then catches Stella coming at her with a hook to the belly that stops her dead and doubles her up. Lucy quickly follows up with rights and lefts to the head that put Stella in retreat. Lucy maneuvers to cut off the ring on Stella and finally gets her pinned against the ropes. Stella takes a seat and covers up as best she can as Lucy hammers away at her. Lucy systematically pounding Stella’s body where she can so that by the time the bell sounds, Stella peels herself off the ropes with effort. Lucy then watches Stella hobble back to her corner.

R6: The Wannabees corner struggle to get the battered Stella out for the new round and she does manage to come out with a determined look. Trouble is, Lucy has a determined look, too and she’s moving a lot better than Stella. Lucy using footwork to circle and counter-circle around Stella who quickly gets into trouble trying to keep up. Lucy striking at Stella’s jaw and chin from angles that Stella is too late to block. Stella struggle to keep Lucy at a safe distance, but her jab is not able to do this. Lucy then attacks to the belly, ribs and finally the breasts with relentless thoroughness. Stella trying to least protect her head, but her legs are showing wobble and then Lucy just drives smashing rights and lefts between Stella’s weakly held mitts and into her face. Stella shudders and her knees start to give way. Lucy unloads to the chin with finishing right/left uppercuts. STELLA HUDGENS GOES CRASHING TO HER BACK. She lies sprawled in a very nice starfish, arms and legs spread out as her eyes are tightly closed. Lucy marches to the neutral corner. Stella tries to rise but falls back in a swoon as the referee declares: “NINE!...TEN!...YER OUT!”


After: Lucy warmly hugged and congratulated by teammates Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse. They watch as Stella is helped back to The Wannabees corner. Zoey Deutch and Madison Pettus look as a trainer Catherine Bell and others tend Stella. Then Autumn Reeser leaves her seat and climbs into the ring. She whispers to Lucy, Ashley and Sasha who all nod in agreement, they cross the ring and march up to the Wannabees girls.

“Hello Cat, hello Stella, hello whoever the rest of you are,” Autumn says in annoying ton. “I want to get some Official PLP Photos of Stella handing over her bra to Lucy here.” (Autumn produces a small digital camera and starts snapping).

“You didn’t say anything about photos,” Stella complains.

“This is low Reeser, I thought you had more class than that,” Cat tells as her 5’10 body looms over the 5’4.

“I want to record for our files,” Autumn said, “now hand it over or we’ll take it!”

“You think I am afraid of a bunch of peewees like you?” Cat said.

“Now you’re getting insulting about it,” Sasha said. The crowd was beginning to make noise, but the Wannabees couldn’t be sure what was happening. Moments later they found out as Hayley Atwell and Troian Bellisario climbed up the ropes from outside the ring and leaped upon Cat Bell! That was the signal for Sasha and Ashley to pounce on Stella while Autumn slammed into Zoey and Madison to pin them against the ropes.

“HEY! YOU FORGOT ME BYTCHES!” It was Sammi Hanratty who leaped off the turnbuckle to come crashing down on Autumn Reeser. This in turn, freed Zoey and Madison to spring onto the backs of Sasha and Ashley as they struggled with Stella. Now the Wannabees corner was filled with a jumble of thrashing, fighting females.

Further out in the ring, Catherine Bell was showing why she was one of the FCBA’s most feared post-fight brawlers. She was doing a good job of fighting Hayley and Troian off, using body slams and knees to the crotch to keep at least one of them down while she was grappling with the other. Then Nia Peeples decided it was her duty to join in and charged across the ring. Cat saw her coming just as she had gotten a headlock on Troian. Cat spun and released the hold so that Troian crashed into Nia and they both went down in a heap. Cat noticed Hayley on all fours trying to rise, so she gave her a kick in the butt to knock her flat. Then she picked Hayley up threw her towards Nia and Troian. However the PLP duo dodged their incoming stablemate and charged together slamming Cat backwards so that they joined the very confused pile in the corner.

Suddenly, Sammi Hanratty popped up waving purple briefs: “I got Autumn’s undies!” A second later Autumn Reeser pulled her back down and fought to regain her lost panties.

It was at that point that FCBA Security made a belated appearance to force the two teams apart. Both teams’ wardrobes were considerably the worse for wear by this point. Stella had been parted from her bra and had wrapped herself in a towel, but Sammi was defiantly waving those purple panties as Autumn made a very cautious exit from the ring in what remained of her yellow summer dress. The other Punchers followed and finally The Wannabees made their departure looking pleased they had at least made the post-fight a DRAW.

It was a shame that the bout degenerated in a post-fight brawl because it really was an exciting contest. Lucy and Stella battled back and forth. Lucy’s ability to get off the canvas in R3 and come back to knock Stella out in R6 was the difference in this bout. Of course, grudge match fans were excited as the conflict between the two stables has flared up again and speculation is running white hot about what might happen next. 



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