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28 June 2019 Megan Fox vs Amanda Seyfried

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 1:01pm


Megan Fox vs Amanda Seyfried


(32, 5’4, 114, 44:25:1 FCBA, VIXENs)


(33, 5’3, 15:9:1 FCBA, Mirage Boxing)


“Another early loss that I’m about to avenge,” Fox saying with a nod from inside the press hall. “Amanda got the better of me all the way back in 2008 when I was still searching for my legs to stand on. Well, she’s gonna find that I’m a way different beast almost 10 years later.”

Amanda Seyfried is another Hollywood darling that saw some early successes in her career, but recently, the blonde has struggled to win herself a match ever since 2013. For some reason, the actress from Mean Girls is still positively beaming at the same table as her counterpart.

“My second win over Fox is gonna be exactly like my sixteenth. Despite what Fox is saying about how she’s a changed woman and all that bullshit, the fact is she too struggled back then to win her early fights. Tonight, I’ll just put the same old Fox from 2008 back down. Should be a piece of cake like last time!”

These two have certainly come a long way given that their Hollywood careers have recently continued sliding down the path of irrelevance. Can Seyfried turn the tide tonight and find fame and glory both inside the ring and out of it? Or will Fox have her revenge? 

We’re in the ring later and about to start these ten rounds of Bantamweight action. Both ladies are around the same age and height, with Fox wearing a black bikini (pictured), toned body flexing in her corner as she stretches in her red gloves and bundled black hair. Seyfried going for a emerald-green bikini, her porcelain skin contrasting nicely with the rest of her white gloves and blonde hair, also tied back neat. HERE we go!


Megan showing the speed of a much younger woman as she comes forward and immediately attacks, using her right jab to poke at Seyfried’s guard over and over whilst her left hand defends against any counterattack. Seyfried more than a little troubled with this early offense and unable to multitask well, barely retaliates with any punches of her own, being focused on getting Fox’s punches out of the way that she neglects her own. Fox dominating the early exchange, constantly landing shots into the face and body of Seyfried as she pushes her foe back. Seyfried only rallying late in the round when she swipes a hard left hand into Megan’s cheek from the side, dazing and eliciting a smile from the former champ’s lips, clearly showing that it hurt. This fight is just getting warmed up, but Megan doing most of the work here and taking the first round wide.


Amanda getting into the groove of a defensive fighter, looking content with blocking Megan’s continuous jabs and then rocking the raven-haired beauty back with quick jabs sent into the face. Fox giving up the chase towards the middle minute as a result, her arms locked over her head as she switches targets to the blonde’s body instead. Amands grunting as she moves off to the side, can’t quite shake Fox’s fists landing on tummy flesh. It’s only when Seyfried again sends a right hand straight down the middle of Megan’s arms and into the lips does she cement her message that she ain’t to be trifled with. Fox immediately goes back on the retreat, that single punch sending a ripple effect throughout the rest of her body. Amanda chasing after, tables suddenly turned as she continues to wail away at the Vixen’s abs all the way to the bell, sending Fox a deliberate air-kiss on her turn back her corner.


Must certainly be frustrating for the former Flyweight champ as she’s once more driven across the ring with whatever ammunition she dished out prior. Amanda possessing some shocking power of her own as she repays Megan with some straight lefts and rights that slam into her guard or body. Fox still coming to terms with it, playing it cautious by staying at arm’s length. It just takes one of those rocking hands into the face to floor her badly, of course, but whenever Fox tries to break the stalemate and fire off a combination of her own into Seyfried’s face, Amanda seizing the chance to let rip another powerful straight cross that catches Fox somewhere delicate, pushing the chin backwards with an UGHH. Fox retreating even further away by the third minute, thinking and wondering how to get past this conundrum. Final exchange of blows in the last few seconds see both girls scoring off the face and chin, but Fox ultimately the one left out in the cold when another right cross from Amanda almost takes her head off.


Amanda looks re-energised and poised to score another upset in this fight. Who ever knew that Seyfried vs Fox might be a potential rivalry in the making? The blonde comes out working her fists hard and fast, hoping to put Megan down in an early knockdown attempt. Fox giving her some trouble back for the most part, jumping out of the way and staying there in order to use her long jab against Seyfried. Eventually though, Amanda sinking her teeth in, STUNS Fox to the forehead with an overhand screaming left, before Seyfried rushing in to decimate the Vixen’s frame with gloves pounding on Megan’s body in close quarters. Dull grunts from the Megan’s lips as she’s getting absolutely ragdolled all over, and the only way to survive the onslaught is by clinching up with Seyfried, and even then, Fox eats a left hand shoved hard into her chin on the way inside. Fox panting hard, lips on shoulder as she wraps her arms around the blonde’s chest, still conscious enough to control the other woman and stem the bleeding for now. Seyfried powerless in such close quarters, as we’re beginning to find out, effectively neutered as she wails away with fists at Megan’s back but fails in her primary objective this round to knock Fox the f*ck out. Amanda with another big round, but Megan wins the moral victory by remaining upright.


All that wrestling back and forth seems to have winded Amanda somewhat, who still continues sucking in big gulps of air as she comes forward. Megan meeting her three-quarters of the way there, surprising her with a sudden left hand feint to the side, before a right overhand fist swings in from the other direction, SLAMS into Seyfried’s forehead hard! OUCH! Fox not playing around any longer as she repays her opponent in kind! Amanda almost falling to her knees as she reels off and around in pain, goes crashing into the three ropes instead with one hand clutching at her head, the other holding onto the top rope to support herself. Sooner rather than later, Fox comes CRASHING into her, not mincing any words either as she bullies her opponent into the ropes, left hand digging into the tummy repeatedly and drawing deep groans from Amanda’s lips. She’s doubled over in Megan’s arms, mouth open and trying to cling on for dear life, but then gets stacked upwards with another thrust of Megan’s shoulders into her chest and chin. Rinse and repeat, ladies and gents, in a sudden u-turn of fortunes. Seyfried in trouble, tries resorting to a clinch of her own in order to stop this abuse on her frame. Last minute and the two girls continue rotating along the ropes and pressing their bodies into each other, and the referee has to separate them both and reset at opposite corners. But Seyfried looks like she’s still in pain that she chooses to remain by the ropes. Fox simply comes right in hot once again, resuming her barrage on Seyfried’s guard with hooks sailing in from either side. But even the mighty Megan can’t score a knockdown of her own this time round, only succeeding in sacking Amanda’s capital city as she watches the world around her burn.


Amanda not looking too hot all of a sudden, spends the first minute or so just fending off more of Megan’s flurries aimed at her head. It’s a repeat of the very first round, but this time, Amanda ain’t trying to feel her opponent out any longer, instead barely surviving with her head above the water against a Fox trying desperately to put her down for good. Fox slowly but surely landing more punches and more frequently, the sheer number fired at her head means occasionally, Amanda’s head gets torqued backwards painfully. Fifth such blow that disappears into the lips leave Seyfried wide-eyed and swaying hard on the spot, one hand steadying herself but as a consequence, leaving the rest of her all sorts of exposed. Fox unleashing tight uppercut that CONNECT with Amanda’s jawline, sending the poor blonde flying backwards into her corner. Megan again pounces inwards without second thought, buries another three uppercuts into Amanda’s already-limpless body before landing a second swing up into the chin! Amanda gobsmacked as she slides down the turnbuckle, completely rocked by Megan Fox and out of energy to fight it, her head drooping to one side and limbs hanging useless by the side. Referee takes one look at her and knows that this contest is over!

Official Decision: Megan Fox defeats Amanda Seyfried via KO6! 


A dominating win for sure, with Fox vindicating herself somewhat after that humiliating TKO3 loss to Seyfried all those years prior. Now, in the present, Amanda’s the one knocked out silly, unable to go toe-to-toe with her. 

Fox at least has the decency to give Seyfried a wide berth post-match, celebrating with her own corner and acknowledging the fan base with a big grin and raised fist. Other girls on her personal hit-list that she have a score to settle include names Lindsey Logan and Sarah Carter. But only time will tell! 



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