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28 June 2019 Luisana Lopilato vs Lyndsy Fonseca

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 12:47pm


Luisana Lopilato vs Lyndsy Fonseca


(31, 5’6, 115, 16:7 FCBA, VIXENS)


(32, 5’5, 8:13 FCBA, Free Agent)


“It's not been the best two months of my career. First, losing to Cerny, then to Greene? I thought 2019 was going to be MY year, but it’s starting to feel a lot like the previous one,” Luisana saying at the pre-fight press segment, looking somewhat dejected as she frowns at the cameras. “Lyndsy hasn’t won a fight since 2015, but she’s beaten some tough girls like Dobrev and Naomi Watts. I’m not planning on underestimating her either.” 

“Oh, cheer up, Luisa,” Lyndsy replying from the other end of the table, a genuine smile on her face. “It’s not the end of the world, and I should know. I like how Luisa’s persevering through it all, and still fighting, just like I am. Regardless of what other people say about us, both of us are gonna put in 110% in every match we find ourselves in. If that means kicking her ass tonight, then so be it.” 

Friendly staredown at the podium with both girls giving each other a wide berth and a friendly handshake after that mutual encouragement. For all intents and purposes, these two have the same built coming into the fight, and therefore might be interesting clash of similar styles in the ring. 

Later, Luisana wearing a white sports bra, black bikini briefs and blue gloves, making final preparations in her corner. Lyndsey dressed to kill in a black brassier and white boxing shorts, finishing off the look with slick red gloves. Referee waves his hand and HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action!


Luisana been showing much more aggression of late, perhaps all that frustration building and building and only now being unleashed all at once. She draws some early, surprised yelps from Lyndsy’s lips when she rocks her with hooks out of nowhere, occasionally even planting her feet and slamming a cross straight down the middle of her arms. For the most part, Fonseca is holding her ground, but still not used to Luisana’s power shots this early in the fight, keeps getting herself pushed backwards when the punches land hard on her arms. Last minute and Lyndsy scoring lucky, getting her opponent’s counter-punching rhythm down enough to shoot a one-two-three jab combo into Luisana’s face in quick succession, somewhat dampening the Vixen’s wild charge to a wide round.


Luisana still eager to knock her opponent down before she’s ready, but another blind advance in Fonseca’s direction has her eating her own words. No more element of surprise here as Lyndsy toys with her for the majority, moving deftly to avoid the Vixen’s attacks and then counter-striking jabs to Luisa’s face and body. Only at the end of the second minute does Lopilato get the message, stays in one spot, breathing heavily, parts of her cheek and body already sore and pinkish. Lyndsy’s turn to try an attack vector, slow steps moving forward before unleashing with combinations. Luisa however defending well this time, as is her usual portfolio, and manages to stave off a complete rout when she returns fire in the final seconds before the bell, scoring a one-two back into the lips of Fonseca as a parting goodbye kiss.


Slower start to the round as these two ladies finish feeling each other out and start to ramp up the pressure. Luisana back to circling inwards, using her jab to strike at Lyndsy’s head as she comes in, before unleashing with hooks that catch the brunette on the ear a couple of unlucky times. Lyndsy having some trouble dealing with the blonde’s power AND speed, that’s for sure, manages to duck under another hook aimed at her face, pound on the belly with a quick one-two before circling away out of range of Luisa’s comeback strategy. Luisa’s grimacing as she’s being out-worked here by the slightly faster Fonseca, but still looking determined to come forward and brawl. Lyndsy caught with a right hand straight into the lips late in the round, sending her sprawling backwards. But Luisana lacking the focus to rush in after her, no longer as confident that she might win a close quarters swinging-contest if it comes down to it. 


Lyndsy decides to capitalise on the blonde’s hesitance, finding some confidence in her ability to avoid anything Luisana throws at her. True enough, for the first minute, Fonseca showing off her great agility as she either dodges a right hand from Luisa or ducks under a hook, the Vixen’s eyes suddenly wide with fear as Lyndsy gets closer and closer towards her. Another left hand digs into her side, then her face getting pounded on is the last straw - Luisa clinches up with and bullies the brunette backwards, forcing the turn of the tide with her own two hands if she has to. Lyndsy in shock, arms flailing about in the air or trying to secure a grip, instead being controlled by arms around her chest and waistline. She only manages to release herself when she lands an illegal elbow into the side of Luisansa’s head. Referee deducts points and separates both girls, herds them back to opposite corners, but honestly there’s not much time left anyways. Lyndsy still winning this round with her smart moves and blitz attacks, so why does she look like she’s not in control any longer, a frown on her face from her corner?


Lyndsy barreling in hot one more time, hoping to pick up where she left off. Left swerve to avoid a straight hand cross from Luisana, she hits a jab into the nostrils in reply. Luisana stunned but standing her ground, unleashing more swings towards Fonseca’s incoming frame, determined to stop her humiliating tactics. Lyndsy can’t possibly make it past without taking a couple of hits into the face, and a third such swipe across the cheek lands clean as Lopilato seizes the advantage! Vixen roars after her as she stumbles her way to corner, fists continuously beating on her tummy and sacking the flimsy guard with more and more powerful hooks to the side. Lyndsy certainly in trouble when she gets trapped against the ropes, her body taking a beating like a drum, Luisa’s invasive uppercuts landing unabated puh puh puh puh, before a snap uppercut STACKS her the hell upwards, her head flying up into the sky and then feet CRUMPLING down to canvas in a beautiful KNOCKDOWN by Luisana Lopilato!

Hella performance for the Vixen as she finally catches her prey and mangles her badly. Lyndsy still panting hard at her feet, legs sprawled outwards as she struggles to find the ropes at her back. Luisana heads to neutral corner whilst the American actress huffs heavy breaths on her way up, succeeds in recovering just as the referee shouts a ‘9!’ And with a wave of his hand, this fight is continuing, with only about thirty seconds left on the clock!

Luisana CHARGING at Fonseca regardless, and some would say it’s a foolish move - the blonde should surely be conserving her energy in order to put her opponent away in the next round. But tell that to Luisa, who’s back to trapping Lyndsy on the ropes using her own body to pin her down, left hand popping shots into the tummy, right power fist constantly slamming upwards into the flimsy arms. Another hook-combination lands body-first, shocked face second, and Lyndsy’s battered frame looks more and more like a punching bag at the gym as her entire being jerks this way and flails about the other. The ref has seen enough, JUMPS in to save Fonseca from permanent damage! It’s over via TKO!!

Official Decision: Luisana Lopilato defeats Lyndsey Fonseca via TKO5! 


A win for Luisana is certainly relief as she stems the losing streak tonight. Winning this match via TKO just adds more street cred to this blonde’s resume. 

Lyndsy has to be carried out of the arena by stretcher later on, but not before she’s checked on by Luisa, who kneels down and congratulates her for a hard-fought battle. Big win and even bigger things expected of the Vixen as she continues her climb to the very top of the food chain! 



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