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28 June 2019 Emily Ratajkowski vs Elizabeth Olsen

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 12:31pm


Emily Ratajkowski vs. Elizabeth Olsen

Emily Ratajkowski: 28 years old, 5’7”, 22-13 with 22 KO since 2014, VIXENs.

Elizabeth Olsen: 30 years old, 5’5”, 22-17 with 18 KO since 2012, Fates.


“Olsen? She is a solid fighter, but she’s not in my league.” Ratajkowski is adamant as she begins talking to the press, “I mean, come on, we have the same number of wins, but the difference is that I have fewer losses. Fates’ taking her on was luck – she’s just lucky she’s still fighting and not still a free agent. I’m going to hand her a loss in her fortieth fight”

Olsen fires back: “Outside the FCBA and select teen circles, nobody knows who Ratajkowski is. Someone has to teach her a lesson, and I am going to enjoy doing so.”

Ratajkowski wears a white sports bra and light blue trunks with matching gloves, her hair up in a bun. Olsen has donned a black sports bra and black trunks with red gloves for the match and has put her hair in a ponytail.

Round 1:

Olsen and Ratajkowski begin by circling each other, both being cautious to start the round. The two women trade jabs for the opening minute, trying to get a sense for their opponent. After the first minute, Liz feints with her right and Emily falls for it only for Elizabeth to clock Emily with a left in the jaw. Emily reels backwards as Lizzie advances, jabbing at Ratajkowski’s guard and body. Emily throws a punch back wildly to try and get Olsen to back off, but her shot sails wide and Olsen pops a quick jab to Emily’s nose as she gets her into the ropes. It’s all Olsen as she lays the hurt on Ratajkowski early on until Emily finally clinches and the ref breaks the two women apart. Once action is permitted to resume, Emily maintains her distance and scores a pair of jabs the connect with Liz at the end of the round. The bell dings and the women return to their respective corners with Olsen emerging with the round on points, wide.

Round 2:

Emily comes cautiously out of her corner to start the second and weathers an early offensive by Lizzie and connects with a solid right to Olsen’s left breast and hammers home a left to Olsen’s right. Elizabeth punches Emily back and drives her away temporarily. The two women begin circling and Emily starts darting in and out, forcing Liz to react. Ratajkowski lands two solid punches and backs off as Olsen’s counterpunches only connect with empty air. Emily ducks in again and lands two more punches to Olsen’s head but Elizabeth is ready for her and drives a right straight into Emily’s nose. Emily drops back a bit and the two women return to circling with both of them exchanging blows. The bell rings and Emily takes it on points, close.

Round 3:

Lizzie and Emily start off the round by throwing massive punches at each other, most of them doing little harm until Olsen pulls one into Ratajkowski’s solar plexus and Emily squeals. Olsen quickly slings a quick right to Emily’s nose. Emily gets her guard up as Elizabeth stats to pound away at her head and then moves to the body, driving Ratajkowksi around the ring before corralling her into the ropes. Emily puts up a huge fight by counterpunching away at Lizzie, but eventually she has to clinch and the referee separates the two women. Once action is permitted to resume, the two women circle each other, both trading blows fairly evenly until the final half-minute of the round when Olsen starts to really take it to Ratajkowski. Ratajkowski covers up until the bell and Lizzie walks back to her corner knowing that she took it on points, wide.

Round 4:

Olsen practically charges out of her corner and starts pounding leather into Ratajkowski’s body to start the fourth round. Emily winces and Elizabeth notices, continuing to pound Emily’s body. Ratajkowski slips away from Olsen and tries to keep her distance, but while she lands counterpunches on Olsen, the actress still manages to find her way to strike Emily’s belly. Ratajkowski gets her guard up, but she starts lowering it to prevent Olsen from punishing her even more – but she leaves enough room for Lizzie to smash a right hook into Emily’s jaw, nearly dropping the younger woman. Olsen quickly fires a left uppercut into Ratajkowski’s jaw to follow up and SENDS EMILY TO THE MAT! Liz quickly to the corner as the ref begins his count. Ratajkowski stirring and looks up at five, on her arms at six, and up at eight. She tells the ref that she’s good and the round resumes. Elizabeth looks to finish Emily off, but Ratajkowski holds her distance and trades every blow Olsen throws. The bell rings and Olsen takes the round on points, wide.

Round 5:

Elizabeth staring down Emily, clearly hoping to be able to finish her off in the fifth. Emily keeps her distance for the first minute, circling defensively and using her jab to keep Elizabeth away from her. Emily starts to close the distance with Lizzie, drives a few punches to Olsen’s body, then backs off. Elizabeth counterpunches and gets Emily a couple times, but Ratajkowski is the one winning the trades. Towards the start of the third minute, Olsen starts getting some more solid offense in, driving her fists into Ratajkowski, but Emily calmly waits out the storm and punches back at Elizabeth, landing a nice jab into Lizzie’s mouth just before the bell. Ratajkowski takes the round on points, close.

Round 6:

Emily looking more comfortable now and the two women seem to mutually agree on starting the round by circling each other. Olsen takes the initiative early, closing in on Ratajkowski, but can’t gain a decisive advantage. Emily meets Liz with counterpunches whenever Olsen tries to get an advantage. Neither woman is taking many risks though and they are more than content to take swipes at each other from a distance. At the beginning of the third minute, Emily starts turning up the offense, closing distance and laying into Lizzie’s body. The punching is beginning to take a toll on Olsen, who groans a couple of times when she absorbs more punishment from her opponent. Olsen gets in a nice combo to end the sixth, but loses the round on points, close.

Round 7:

Olsen and Ratajkowski start the round out aggressively, firing punches at each other from close range. Olsen strikes Ratajkowski in the mouth with a left and drives the younger woman backwards, but Ratajkowski slips away from Lizzie and lands a crushing blow into Olsen’s solar plexus AND LIZZIE IS HURTING! Olsen has a scowl on her face and is clearly in pain as she tries to avoid Emily, dodging around the ring and jabbing just to keep Emily away. Emily patiently pursuing Elizabeth around the ring, throwing out punches and landing a nasty jab right into Olsen’s mouth to end the second minute. Ratajkowski feints hard with her left to begin the third and Olsen bites only to take the full force of a right hook to the jaw from Emily. Olsen’s stumbles backwards and Emily follows up to Liz’s battered body. Olsen lunges at Ratajkowski but Emily dodges and places a picturesque right uppercut right into Olsen’s jaw AND DOWN GOES OLSEN! Emily steps over Olsen’s prone body to a neutral corner as the ref begins his count, but Olsen is not moving. The ref hits ten and Olsen has not stirred and your winner by KO7, Emily Ratajkowski!


Emily beams as she raises her hands and goes around to all four ringposts to celebrate. After touring the ring, the VIX boxer takes a single glance over at her fallen opponent before heading out of the ring. Olsen has been rolled over onto her back by stablemate Brie Larson and is clutching her body in agony.

Ratajkowski loud in her post-fight interview, “Of course I had her. I had my JMD dominance last week and my regular dominance this week. I know Olsen has had a new lease on life since she went over to Fates, but she’s past her prime.” Emily pauses, “But if she ever feels like she got better and wants a rematch or a JMD fight, I am by all means available just to prove to her she is washed up.”

Olsen clearly in pain as she sits down and her voice is strained as she begins to speak, “I think Emily fought well tonight. I think I should have tried to finish her off earlier – I thought I had her right where I wanted her, but couldn’t capitalize. Hopefully I’ll meet her in the ring again and get my revenge.” 



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