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28 June 2019 Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Dua Lipa

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 12:11pm


Georgia Mae Gibbs vs Dua Lipa


(23, 5’10, 12:5 FCBA, VIXENs)



(23, 5’8, 2:1 FCBA, Holloway Boxing)



“I must admit I'm a huge fan. Lipa's kinda big down under - plenty of my girl friends like her music, myself included. But we're here to talk business, ain't it? Regardless of whether I like the way she sings, Lipa's gonna be the one squealing by the time I'm done with her tonight! Sorry, luv, all's fair in love and war, yeah?” Georgia saying with a smile on her face, her blonde hair grizzled like a lion’s mane over the sides of her face.

Dua Lipa by contrast letting her dark tresses hang straight down the back, her long eyelashes fluttering with amusement as she replies from across the table: “Who does this b*tch think she is? Just because you're a fan of me doesn't mean I've heard of you, Georgia. And sure, you wanna hear some squealin’? I'll be sure to make your lips sing after I pummel your face with leather. Bring it!”

Face-off at the podium is as tense as the final string on a broken violin, with both ladies meeting face-to-face with their hands on hips, rosy lips still whispering sweet insults. Balled fists pose for the cameras and hours later, girls are strutting their stuff down the aisle, Georgia in a tan-white bikini and rocking red gloves up in the air, whereas Dua going for sleek black sports bra and a red fighting thong, with white gloves. Referee calls for the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action! 


Dua outstriking her blonde opponent early on, flooring the accelerator from the opening bell and harrassing Georgia’s head with plenty of strikes. Gibbs partly surprised as she covers up and takes barrage after barrage, barely squeezes in a swing or two without Lipa pounding her own mitts into her pretty face. Those long legs of Lipa’s doing wonders for he here, but the question is whether the singer can sustain this level of action in the long-term. Georgia has had enough in the final minute, swerves to avoid a sudden hook to her face, then snaps an uppercut back into the brunette’s chin, dazing her momentarily. Gibbs looks to rush in and have her revenge, but the bell rings soon after, giving the first round clean and clear to Dua Lipa.


Despite that rocking blow to the noggin’, Lipa still eagerly coming forward to brawl, fast and hot snapping another three-punch combination into the Australian girl’s forearms, then repeats the move into her undefended belly. Gibbs grunting and moving backwards best she can, wondering how to best deal with this raging bull. Return jabs to Dua’s face prove ineffective as the British singer simply takes the punishment and returns it three-fold. Girls end up in a clinch towards the end of the second minute, lean bodies grating against each other as they wrap their arms around the neck and waistline whilst trying to bat at the body or face with their free hands. Georgia shoves her opponent away with force, at the same time swinging a big hook to Dua’s head. But Lipa saw it coming, ducks under and then returns that snap uppercut into the blonde’s chin, sending Georgia reeling backwards in shock! Another big round goes to Lipa at the bell, the Holloway starlet surely impressing everyone thus far!


Georgia’s visibly seething in her corner, as Head Trainer Steve Boyd tries to give his girl some much needed advice. Gibbs roars out of her corner in the third round, determined to try even harder. Dua still charging back at her like a bull with limitless energy, but Gibbs also playing the long-term game, runs abruptly to the side and backwards with the same kind of energy, hence dealing with Lipa’s punches a little better with a firm guard over her head and body, and all the while snapping punches back into Lipa’s face once, twice, three times! Dua finally looking dazed as she slows down her advance, heavy breaths showing the toll on her body after these three rounds of non-stop chasing. Cue Gibbs’ turn to strike, the Vixen coming forward with sudden lefts and rights that snap into Dua’s face, then hounding the singer backwards with more hard shots to her body. Round ends and it looks like Steve’s advice paid off: Georgia finally taking a well-deserved round for herself!


Alas, the blonde’s victory doesn’t last for long. Georgia thinking that she should continue to press her advantage, but Dua’s not done playing the aggressor either, and the two girls CLASH hard in the middle of the ring, swinging wildly at each other’s face but ending up in another tight embrace. Georgia huffing on the shoulder, trying to bully Lipa backwards with one hand tugging on her hair from behind, the other arm shoved stiffly into Lipa’s chest like a Muay Thai elbow digging in. Dua, however, having none of that nonsense, uses her own arms to block the move, elbows Gibbs right back into her chin, then SLAMS a blast hook into the side of her face with an UGHHH! Gibbs goes sailing off to the right-hand side, crashing into the ropes, looking stunned! HERE comes Lipa, sacking the blonde’s tight body with her uppercuts and hooks sailing in from the side. Gibbs only manages to survive by wrapping up one last time with the singer before the bell rings, only this time, she’s left clinging on her opponent’s shoulders in order to survive the onslaught. BIG round for Lipa once more!


Both ladies visibly gassed as they rise from stools in the fifth. Lipa especially moving hella slower - must be that last wild charge that took the remainder of fuel out from her body. That says something about the intensity of this fight, especially given the fact that Lipa’s put on concerts for her fans that have lasted for much longer. Only here, there’s the added danger of getting punched in the face. Georgia not in much better shape but she sees an opportunity to strike and takes it, advancing forward with snapping shots into Lipa’s face while the singer is sluggishly trying to find her bearings. Lipa getting pushed back into the ropes as a result, well into the third minute, struggling to deal with both Gibbs’ power AND her precision-striking, Georgia just alternating shots into her lips and tummy, sensing a possible dish served cold here. Georgia about to pick up the pace and go for the kill, but the Vixen’s stopped by the bell, signaling that the round is over. That ain’t stopping Gibbs though, with the blonde continuing to bury punches into Dua’s body even as the bell rings rapidly in protest. Lipa with a look of agony on her face as she hangs onto the ropes, groaning. Referee intervenes by pulling Georgia off of her, saving her from blonde aggression and herding an enraged Gibbs back to her own corner. Points surely gonna be deducted there for that unacceptable post-bell tirade, but we fear that the damage has already been done to Lipa as she limps back to corner.


Round 6, folks, and into the second half of this fight we go. The girls spend the first minute gearing up for something more exciting, but about half the time is spent circling each other and catching their breaths for a last rodeo. Dua occasionally initiating with a jab to the head, and Georgia’s so spooked by this point that she swerves her head or torso in exaggerated movements that it’s almost funny. We might just get an upset tonight with Lipa scores points to the body over and over, using her reach advantage to great effect. Georgia however disrupting her miracle towards the end of the round, reinitiating her offense with lightning punches that land clean on the singer’s nose and lips, parts of Lipa’s face turning a dangerous flare of pink by this point. Dua checked by the doctor once the bell rings and this round ends. He declares it safe for her to continue, but that stinging pain she must be experiencing tells a different tale.


Some early, rocking blows from either lady as they’ve recovered enough energy to go all in at least one last time. Georgia scoring the first blow with a deft hook to the cheek, half-rotating Lipa to the side. But the brunette responds in kind with a hook of her own to the blonde’s body and the two gals go at it in the middle of the arena, amidst the loud chanting of their fans, trying to prove who the better woman is in front of thousands of spectators. Lipa getting the brunt of it as Gibbs ramps up the pressure - something deep within the Vixen awakening as she grits her teeth and powers through the pain, before wrecking more havoc on Dua’s face and body until the singer’s left covering herself up on the ropes and hoping to survive the abuse till the end of the round. She gets her wish, with Georgia still burying left and right hand into her body before the bell stops the one-sided punishment. Dua left alone this time, but groaning over the top rope as she tries to even make it back to her corner.


It’s a rockin’ good time for these fans, who’ve paid money to see a brawl. Dua still breathing hard, her lips parted as she comes forward, only to hastily retreat when Gibbs heads straight for her direction with a lunging superwoman punch! A LEAP forward and SCORE to the middle of her arms, shocking the Holloway starlet badly and rattling her bad enough to push her into the ropes. Dua trying her best to rebound and retaliate, but her straight cross weaved around by Gibbs narrowly, who comes in hot with her guns blazing: right hook to the cheek pushes Dua’s head to the side, then a swish into her body has Lipa covering up, grunting, trying to move down the side of the ropes and away from the engagement. But Gibbs cutting her off and continues to stun her with potshots to the tummy, then slams more hooks into her arms, trying to break down the door. Final few seconds are all Dua needs to try and power through. She tries wrapping up with Georgia in a similar tactic employed before, but Georgia realising this might be her one and only chance, keeps her arms centered and WAILS away with whatever strength she’s got left, uppercuts rocking the middle of the guard relentlessly, until FINALLY one, two get through, smashes into the Brit’s jawline HARD, and DOWN LIPA GOES, floored onto her back in dominant fashion! Referee taking one look at her and announces that she’s out in the cold, her eyes fluttering and barely making any move to recover! He waves it OVER!

Official Decision: Georgia Mae Gibbs defeats Dua Lipa via KO8! 


ROAR of victory from Georgia’s lips as she raises both hands to the crowds. She’s notched another scalp under her belt by defeating this potential contender to the Lightweight crown, and eight rounds of a hard fight have left her with the comeback win. 

Lipa groaning down below as she’s used as a prop for Georgia’s foot, planted firmly down into her chest, before the blonde poses for photographs with her arms flexed upwards. Lipa squirming but pinned down, helpless, finally managing to shove the offensive foot off in protest and anger. For a moment, it looks like this fight might just resume there and then, with Georgia herself not too happy to have her victory parade rained upon and Lipa getting up to her feet and not too thrilled to be used as a trophy case either. But the ring officials soon flood the ring and stand between the pair before herding them back to their corners. Hopefully one day they’ll meet again! 



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