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28 June 2019 Blake Lively vs Emily DiDonato

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 12:04pm


Blake Lively vs. Emily DiDonato

Blake Lively: 31 years old, 5’10”, 26-29, 23 KO since 2008, 4-2 with Chimera. Ranked #20 lightweight by Boxing World Online.

Emily DiDonato: 28 years old, 5’10”, 7-4, 6 KO since 2017, 6-1 with Fates. Ranked #15 lightweight by Boxing World Online.

(Words: Fates / Results: Lookout!)


A win for either woman would be huge in this fight. For Lively, it would show that she can still take on top tier competitors and may yet have another run as champion. For DiDonato, it would further cement her as a rising lightweight challenger. The win for either woman could help launch them into the top 10 rankings by Boxing World Online and maybe even pave the way to a title opportunity. Blake has had her ups and downs since joining the FCBA, holding the lightweight title for a bit and also suffering years with no wins. Emily, on the other hand, started off 0-3 in 2017, but did not lose in 2018 and her only loss of 2019 is to the current lightweight champion, Alessandra Ambrosio.

The stories of this fight are not limited to a pendulum between good and bad luck in the FCBA. The two stables are vastly different - Chimera is the reincarnation of Ginny’s Academy, a stable founded in 2010, while Fates was established last year. Lively has well over 50 fights to her name and has been in the FCBA since 2008. DiDonato has 11 and has only been around for two and a half years. Lively is an actress, DiDonato is a model. And lastly, Lively is a blonde. DiDonato is a brunette.

Blake the first to begin the press conference, noting how much time she spent watching film of Emily, “I watched a lot of film of Emily. Especially her fights with Ambrosio and Lawrence. She beat my stablemate, so I want to knock that brunette out on the canvas as payback.”

DiDonato merely smiles when she hears what Lively had to say. “Let me start by saying I have a lot of respect for Blake. I know that she is a former champ, but although she has more fights than I do, the majority of her fights are losses, and she hasn’t been fighting as much as I have recently. Besides…” Emily pauses, “Liz Olsen has told me about some of the shenanigans that went on at Ginny’s Academy about pushing Blake without a particular direction and ignoring Olsen – no wonder Lively wasn’t a great fighter and why Lizzie is itching for some fights against Chimera – the rebranded Ginny’s Academy.”

Blake the first one to emerge from the back for the fight. She takes off her robe to reveal an orange bikini with floral bottoms and orange gloves, her hair tied up in a ponytail. Emily walks to the ring and takes off her robe to show off her toned body and reveals a blue bikini with white gloves. The two women bump gloves and the bell rings.

Round 1:

Both women start the round cautiously, circling each other. The two women are the same height and neither has a reach advantage. Lively and DiDonato trade jabs early on, though Emily’s find Lively’s nose. The blonde is unconcerned and keeps on fighting though, sticking it back to her brunette opponent whenever possible. DiDonato closes the distance between herself and Lively and starts targeting Lively’s body, landing a solid left into Lively’s chest and a right into her belly. Blake retreats and Emily pursues, launching another right at Lively but she misses and Blake crashes a left into DiDonato’s jaw. Emily surprised and Blake wastes no time follows up with a jab to the nose and Emily has to get her guard up. Lively pounds her gloves into Emily’s breasts and body, driving her backwards. DiDo lands a counterpunch right into Lively’s mouth, but the blonde just slams another right into DiDo’s belly and drives her into the ropes. Blake pounds Emily in the ropes but DiDonato clinches and the ref is forced to break the two women apart. Emily stays away from Blake with her jab, landing a few on Lively, but Blake able to retaliate back up until the bell. Blake goes to her corner with a smile, taking the opening frame on points, wide.

Between the rounds, one can hear the wildly different conversations happening in each corner. In the Chimera corner, it’s all smiles and emphasizing the need to continue Blake’s current strategy. In the Fates corner, however, Fates is telling Emily that she needs to take the fight to Blake rather than let Blake take it to her.

Round 2:

Blake bounces out of her corner and starts going after Emily with her jabs. DiDonato jabs right back at Blake and forces the blonde to retreat a bit. Emily starts to close the distance between herself and Blake, firing well-placed punches at the blonde’s head. Emily connects two jabs to Blake’s mouth and retreats, smiling slightly as Blake clearly did not enjoy the exchange. DiDonato moves in again to close the distance between herself and Lively, but Blake rifles a right jab into Emily’s nose! Blake quickly follows up into the Sports Illustrated model’s body, pancaking DiDo’s right breast and plugging leather into Emily’s tummy. DiDonato throws out a punch at Lively’s head that Blake simply ducks under and then hammers away at the brunette’s body. DiDonato gets her guard up as Lively once again drives her around the ring and eventually into the ropes, but the brunette has more difficulty clinching this time, but she’s able to do it after taking a beating from Blake. The ref separates the two women and once the match resumes, Emily changes up her strategy, using the jab less and trying to keep the tempo up on Lively by staying close. The bell rings to end the round, and Blake Lively again takes the round on points, wide. Emily may have only lost to the reigning lightweight champ, but Lively looks poised to hand DiDonato her second loss of the year and second loss at Fates.

Round 3:

Emily and Blake emerge from their respective corners to start the third and Lively again continues her offense, firing off powerful lefts and rights at DiDonato. Emily keeps calm and counterpunches, getting solid contact with punches that connect with Blake’s shoulders and chest. DiDonato sees an opening and fires a quick one-two straight at Lively’s mouth and connects, halting Blake’s offensive. Emily closes in on Blake and drives punches to Lively’s breasts and belly before retreating. Blake unamused by Emily’s offense and pursues the brunette model, but DiDo connects with another jab to the blonde’s nose and Lively is momentarily stunned! DiDonato whacks a right across Blake’s chin before Lively can get her guard up and then the model goes back to Blake’s body, driving leather into the older woman. The actress gets her guard up but she’s getting pummeled across the ring and into the ropes and she’s trying to clinch to stop Emily from pounding her even more. DiDonato gets a couple of nice short jabs into Lively’s belly before the blonde locks in her clinch and the referee separates the two gorgeous women. The fight resumes and Blake hangs back and fires off jabs at Emily, not wanting to get driven into the ropes again. DiDonato closes the distance and the two women exchange a brief flurry of blows before the bell rings. Emily DiDonato takes the round on points, wide.

Round 4:

DiDonato and Lively quickly out of their corners to resume the fight, and DiDonato immediately opens up with her jab, but judiciously makes sure to limit Lively’s opportunities to counter. Blake has her guard up and is firing some jabs of her own back at Emily, but neither woman is making particularly good contact on their opponent. Lively the first to break from the jabs and throws a hook at Emily that nearly takes her head off, but it only connects with empty air as DiDo ducked out of the way. DiDonato backs off and baits Lively towards her then rifles a jab that catches Lively right in her left cheek. Lively trades the punch right back and lands a punch square onto Emily’s nose, but the brunette is undeterred and turns her attention to the blonde actress’ body, pounding away at Blake’s toned body. Lively groans slightly as she starts punching back at Emily’s body and DiDonato backs off, not wanting to give Blake any further offensive opportunities. The two women then turn to circling and jabbing, and while Blake is able to use her solid reach to hit Emily, DiDonato is tagging Blake’s chin consistently, but Lively prevents her from capitalizing. The bell rings and the round is in the books, close to Emily DiDonato.

Round 5:

Blake opens up by trying to go after Emily’s body with short, quick punches. DiDonato caught off guard by Lively’s targeted offense to begin the round and quickly retreats. The blonde actress follows the brunette model around the ring, landing a couple punches into the younger woman’s body. Emily plants her feet and launches a hook that clips Blake’s nose and Lively backs off. The two women begin circling, each trying to find a clear opportunity to punish the other. DiDonato feints with her left midway through the second minute and Lively bites only to get battered by a right to her gut. Blake grits her teeth and slams a right into Emily’s chin and Emily wobbles a bit! Lively quickly in pursuit, but Emily keeps her cool and jabs back at Lively. The two women trade punches evenly, both punching the body of their opponent until the bell rings. Blake Lively takes the round on points, close.

Round 6:

Both Emily and Blake come out of their respective corners rather quickly to start the round and they immediately start going after each other! Emily strikes first with a nasty right to Blake’s jaw, but Lively counters with a cross that hits DiDo’s nose. Lively sends another cross towards Emily but the model dodges it and drives a punch right into Blake’s solar plexus, drawing a groan of agony out of the blonde. Blake backs off and Emily follows her around the ring, throwing off punches that keep on tagging the blonde’s battered body. Emily closes the distance between the two women and Lively fires off a jab to keep the model away, but DiDonato is undeterred and snaps in a quick uppercut that wobbles Blake, but the blonde is somehow still on her feet with her guard up! Lively shoots out another jab but DiDo dodges and plugs leather into Blake’s solar plexus and Lively drops her guard slightly as she moans. DiDonato whips a left across Lively’s mouth and then follows up with a right hook right to the blonde’s jaw and BLAKE DROPS DOWN! Lively lies facedown on the ground moaning with her arms underneath her, her legs splayed out and the ref is counting just as a formality at this point with a hardly stirring Blake. Lively is moves her arms out from under her body at eight, but she is nowhere near getting up at 10. Your winner by KO6, Emily DiDonato!


The crowd erupts in cheers as Emily raises her hands. DiDonato gets her gloves off then poses on the ringpost in her corner, showing off her luscious model body as she beams at the crowd. After savoring the moment, Emily goes over to Blake who is somehow standing with the help of the Chimera staff. DiDonato and Lively embrace and Emily raises Lively arm. The crowd cheers for Blake’s valiant effort and the two fighters embrace once more before they go their separate ways.

DiDonato is the first to the post-fight interview. “Blake is a great fighter. I really have always respected her and it was an honor to fight her tonight – she took a lot of punishment and gave me plenty. She’s an amazing fighter, and I wish her the best of luck in her future fights.”

Lively clearly in a bit of pain she talks to the press, but holds herself together. “Obviously you never want to lose a fight, so that’s disappointing. Emily has a lot of offense though and she showed it in the sixth. She has a really bright future and will knock out some huge stars – even though it won’t happen, I frankly would love seeing her square off against her stablemate Taylor Swift.” Blake chuckles, “But as for me, despite what all the haters say, I still have it and will prove it. Just watch next time. I’m gonna that .500 record soon, and whoever stands in my way is going to get flattened, even if they’ve beaten me before.” 



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