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28 June 2019 Anlella Sagra vs Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 12:02pm



Body Saddle Bout

Results: Lookout Writing” Archer

Anllela: 25 YO. 5’9 (1.75 m), 13-4-0. 13 KO since 2017, Holloway Boing

Mary: 34 YO, 5’8 (1.73 m), 53-43-0, 47 KO since 2007, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “I have to admit I was a little surprised to be challenged by Mary Winstead,” says the Colombia-born fitness model Anllela Sagra. “I almost exclusively fight models or TV personalities. The only real actress who wanted to fight me was Charlize Theron and I beat her. I hear you don’t like models, Mary, but you’ll change your mind after you fight me. I am a FITNESS model. There is a difference between me and mere lingerie and swimsuit models.”

Anllela is wearing cropped top with the HOLLWAY logo that shows off her impressive abs just above her small black trunks. She puts her hands on the back of her head to display said abs. Mary regards the display with veteran cool.

“Nice abs, Anllela,” Mary says. She is wearing a Foxfire logoed tee tied beneath her breasts. She has dark red trunks. “I couldn’t beat you in a fitness, but I do back the punches that will break down those abs. I know you’re good, but you’ve lost four times, so you’re not invincible. I will admit I am not happy about llo the models flooding the Lightweight Division, but they are earning my respect. Besides, you models can be fun, like taking me up on my Body Saddle stipulations. You look like you could give me a good ride.”

“Oh, I could,” agrees Anllela, “but I will be doing the riding.I hear you make a good mount. I would hate to have you collapse after a little trot.”

Mary looks offended: “I am darned good mount. Sometimes I think I ought to set up a race between actresses and models to see who would win a race a beach somewhere.”

“Really? You do have an interesting imagination Mary. You ever set one up, give me a call, I might consider it,” Anllela chuckled.

“It’s just another idea that popped into my head, but al great ideas start somewhere.” Mary said with a grin.

The two of the chat like this and then shake hands. It’s a bit different than some might have expected, but interest in the bout create added interest heading into fight night. Anllela to the ring in a white sports bra and small black trunks with Holloway H on them in red. Mary to the ring in a yellow sports bra and small yellow trunks. Black gloves and boots with red laces for Anllela. Yellow gloves with black laces for Mary. Anllela’s hair pulled back in a single battle braid. Mary’s bobbed hair loose, but wetted down.

(Each fighter has brought a Body Saddle. Mary’s is carried by Alexandra Daddario. Anllela’s is carried by Dua Lupa).

Both fighters calm, but eager to go. Ring instructions go smoothly and fighters are back in their corners promptly. The bell rings and the two move out…

R1: Mary striking early and often at those abs as she and Anllela circle each other. Anllela moving in and out as she tests Mary by jabbing at her head and body. Mary taking the incoming well as she now goes to Anlela’s jaw with a lightning overhand right. Anllela stumbles slightly to one side as she tries to shake off the impact, Mary moving in to fire uppercuts into Anllela’s chin. Anllela on her heels , with her dukes up high around head, and so Mary works that chiseled midsection with as much punching as she muster. Anllela seems groggy and sluggish as she backs up with Mary maintaining heavy pressure to the bell. Mary wins the round wide. Anllela frowning in thought as she walks back to her corner.

R2: Mary and Anllela clash at mid-ring, but this time it is the Colombian who quickly gains the upper hand. Anllela stuns Mary with snapping jabs to the face that smite her hard to the mouth and around both eyes. Mary stumbles back and Anllela brings lightning strike hooks to Mary’s jaw, first to the left and then to the right. Mary covering up as she falls back, but this opens her upon to pounding leather to the body from Anllela ‘s ravaging leather. Mary shows some defensive footwork by scrambling away to buy herself some time. Anllela in hot pursuit and catches with Mary along the ropes. Mary finally has her jab going to battle back and avoiding being shut out, but Anllela has her under heavy pressure to the bell. Anllela Sagra wins the round wide.

R3: Anllela resumes her attack as the new round begins. Mary shows strong defensive early but then Anllela goes for the gut with deep digging hooks that send the American reeling backwards all doubled over and gasping for air. Anllela trying to give Mary no respite this round as she starts firing stinging shots into Mary’s flanks, then going back to the belly, but adding some nasty jugg grinding shots to add to Mary’s misery. Mary, as usual, showing she can take a lot of punishment as her legs stay strong and she does manage to push out some “I’m-still-here” counter punches. Anllela again maintaining pressure to the bell. Anllela wins another round wide, but she is heard to complain to her corner: “I can’t get her down!” Trainer replies: “Just keep it up. She’s got to break down eventually.

For her part, Mary Winstead heard to tell Foxfire lightweight trainer: “She not only hits hard but she knows where to put her punches. This is going to be good!” Rachel heard to reply: “Just make sure it turns out to be good for you and not her. You got to get her back!”

R4: Mary moves quickly to strike at Anllela hard to the jaw to get the new round started. Anllela seems surprised at the counterattack and Mary quick to follow up with solid whacks to the chin and jaw. Anllela stuffs a jab into Mary’s face catching her between the eyes. Mary knocked back on her heels, but recovers to battle the incoming Anllela with string straight rights and lefts straight into her bra cups. Anllela now back on her heels, but recovers as she and Mary go at it toe to toe as they drive short rights and lefts into their sweat soaked bodies. Very intense action as Mary works those hard abs of Anllela Sagra while Anllela is bashing away at Mary’s bellymeat and ribcage. Then Mary suddenly steps back sand fires overhand rights and lefts into Anllela’s face. Anllela’s nose spurts blood and she lurches back. Mary lifts Anllela’s chin with a muscular right uppercut. Anllela struggling to regain her footing as she covers her face. Mary swoops in with swabbing punches to the Colombian’s body. Anllela lashes back with the jab that hammers Mary back. Mary returns and it back to the body down to the bell. Judges total up the points and it goes to Mary Winstead by a close margin.

R5: Anllela came at Mary punching hard to the body as the round began. Mary was moving around, trying to jab Anllela back, but the Colombian was clearly fired up by losing the last round. She pounded Mary hard to the belly and ribs, but Mary was hanging in, stubbornly driving counters back into Anllela’s head and breasts. Anllela began to slowly circle Mary, bobbing and weaving as she did, while all the while keeping her punches slamming home. Mary began to grow sluggish in her counters and then out flashed an Anllela right that connected with the point of Mary’s chin. DOWN WENT MARY! The impact of the chin punch seemed to not only knock Mary’s head back, but swept her off her feet. Her legs flew up as she crashed onto her back and then her legs landed with a THUMP. Mary lay groaning, her gloves up around her face as her head moved from side to side. Anllela was quick to the neutral corner as the referee moved in. The count began and Mary was able to push herself into a seated position. Then slowly, slowly, she forced herself back to feet, breaking the count at “NINE!” The referee did a quick check and the fight resumed. Anllela came in hard and fast, but seemed unpleasantly surprised to be greeted by a flurry of MEW jabs to the face. Anlela fell back and came in again, though more cautiously and traded body punches with Mary. Mary was fighting back with determination down to the bell. However the knockdown assured Anllela Sagra would take the round by a wide margin. Anlella looked annoyed as Mary smiled at her defiantly before heading for the Foxfire corner.

R6: Anllela wastes little time in charging across the ring to deliver a finishing blow to Mary. As soon as she is within range, Anllela unleashes a mighty blockbuster right. At least it would have been a blockbuster had it landed against Mary’s head as intended. However MEW ducks under the blow which sails over her head and then comes leaping upward with a right uppercut to the underside of Anllela’s unguared chin! KA-POW! Anllela stiffens straight up and then topples forward like a felled tree. Mary has to jump to one side as Anlela thunders down on the canvas. The whole ring shakes. Mary looks down in awe, but then smiles and trots to the neutral corner. The referee was on the spot and counting. Anlella pushed herself up onto all fours and shook her head as if to clear the cobwebs. She then rose up to beat the count at “EIGHT!” The action resumed and closed in punching. Anllela seemed to have lost her taste for offense. She covered up and did her best to present a tight defense. Mary was obliged to work at the Colombian’s flanks, pounding away at those ribs. Anllela did start to show some defensive jabs late which caught Mary in the stomach with enough force to make her cautious the rest of the way. The bell ended the round. Mary was smiling now. She was clearly happy to have answered Anllela’s knockdown with one of her own. Anllela looked but shaken, but she made a determined effort to walk firmly back to her corner.

R7: Mary struck quickly this round as she put Anlela under renewed pressure with a shifting variety of punches going from head to body and back. Anlela seemed sluggish in coping with these fast-moving punches and the ones that struck at her head did not help her concentration. Mary was pounding Anllela abs steadily and she seemed to drawing some signs of discomfort from the Colombian. Mary seemed to be working to get Anllela on the ropes, but the Colombian resisted these efforts. In the course of this, Anllela finally got her jab going and pummeled Mary to the head, then shifted to hooks to the belly. This slowed down MEW’s attack as the round was winding down and allowed Anllela to finish in relatively good order though the stanza went easily to Winnie Winstead’s side of the cards.

R8: Anllela Sagra came out fighting this round and engaged Mary Elizabeth Winstead in a brisk exchange of belly shots to get things going. They attacked stomach and ribcage with growing fury with neither fighter willing to give ground. Slowly the battle seemed to move up the torso until they were swinging away hard to each other’s breasts. Then the action seemed to move back down to ribs and stomach. Finally, Anllela slammed home a series of hooks that knocked Mary back with a gurgle of pain as her upper body was jerked forward. Mary’s guard slipped down and Anllela now unleashed that blockbuster right to the jaw. Mary was sent staggering back, her legs trembling and Anllela leaped forward to bring ripping right and left uppercuts into Winnie’s chin. Winnie was thrown backwards and hit the ropes. She hung there as Anllela pounded her body for finishing flurry. Anllela then stepped back and WINNIE WINSTEAD SANK INTO A HEAP. Mary lay against the ropes, head lolling forward so that chin rested against her collarbone and finally she toppled over onto to side to sleep beneath the bottom rope. Anllela drew her forearm across her forehead and then went to the neutral with a hopeful look on her face. The referee stepped forward and started to count. Mary started to revive, using the bottom rope to push herself onto a sitting position, but there was a blank look in her eyes. She could go no further.



After: A very pleasing win for Anllela Sagra who is congratulated by Dua Lupa. Dua has brought Anllela’s Body Saddle, but she and Anllella are obliged to wait. Rachel Nichols and Alexandra Daddario have helped Mary Winstead to her feet and get her back the Foxfire corner. A check by the medical staff and soon Mary herself is waving to Anllela and Dua Lupa to come over. The two Holloway Boxing crossover.

“You sure do hit hard,” Mary tells Anllella, “I thought I was tough, but it wasn’t enough for this fight.”

“I have admit that you were tougher than I expect, especially when you got back up after I knocked you down the first time and then you put me down in the net round,” Anllela told her.

“Yes, but you got up and managed to drop me that second time. I got to admit I you and Ambrosio may force to be admit some of you models have what takes for the division,” Mary said.

“Since Alessandra has now beaten us both, I guess that gives us something in common,” Anllela said.

“I hate to interrupt this love fest but this Body Saddle is getting heavy,” Dua Lupa interrupted.

“Yes, time to saddle you up Mary,” Anllela said.

“Alex, help them out,” Mary instructed Alexandra Daddario, “no sense wasting time.”

With Alexandra, Dua and Anllela handling the strapping on of the Body Saddle Mary was made ready in record time. Dua landed Anllela a light riding crop and Anllela then mounted up.

“You won’t need a riding crop. I know what I’m here for,” Mary said as she braced herself to support Anllela and the saddle.

“Oh, but I like it and you have such a wonderful bottom, I like giving you a little encouragement,” Anlella said an tapped Mary’s bottom with the crop.

Mary was off and trotting. Anllela grabbed Mary’s hair to steer. Mary didn’t much like this so she picked up her pace which caused Anllela to bounce around. Anlella pulled back on the hair.

“Slow down, this isn’t a race,” Anllela said.

“”Excuse me, but I don’t like having my hair pulled,” Mary retorted.

“Next I’ll bring a bridle,” Anllela said and dug her heels into Mary’s so she would pick up the pace.

“Now it’s faster. Okay, hang on, here we go,” Mary said and burst into a run that had Anllella wrapping her arms around Mary’s neck to hold on.

“You’re choking me,” Mary complained.

“Slow down!”

“Changing your mind again?” Mary said and braked to a sudden stop which caused Anllela to lose her balance and fall off.

“You stupid horse!” Anllela cried back on her feet and waving the riding crop in Mary’s face.

“Don’t insult your mount and don’t have that thing in my face!” Mary snapped.

Anllela gave Mary a whack across the buns with the riding crop. Mary let out an indignant cry and threw herself on Anllela even though she was still weighted down by the Body Saddle on her back. She and Anlela thrash around on the floor. (The crowd was howling with delight and it was soon to be a social media sensation). Finally Mary staggered to her feet and struggled to free herself of the saddle straps.

“I’m not done yet!” Anllela complained.

“I am!” Mary snapped. “You have no respect for your mount.”

“Ooooo! I hate you!” Anllela cried whacked Mary on the bottom again with the riding crop.

Mary jumped Anllela again and down they went. Then Dua Lupa and Alexandra Daddario rushed over and promptly started fighting themselves Then Dua and Alex tripped over Anllela and Mary and the four of them went down in a tangle. It was at this point that someone sent in FCBA Security in the persons of a number of beefy gentlemen. They separated the four and Mary finally was rid of the Body Saddle. She handed it back to Anlella.

“Well, that was different,” Mary said sheepishly. “I guess things got out of hand.”

“I noticed that,” Annllela said. “I’m sorry, I actually kind of like you Mary. I shouldn’t have whacked your butt.”

“”Okay, maybe I provoked you –a little—but I’ll live,” Mary said (as Dua Lupa and Alexandra Daddario looked exasperated).

“I guess these gentlemen want us to leave the ring. Maybe we should try to Body Paint Bout next,” Anllela said, “no riding crops or troublesome mounts to cause difficulties.”

“I’ll think about it. Come on, Alex, let’s go,” Mary said.

“That Dua Lupa was trying to claw my crotch,” Alexandra grumbled as they walked assay.

“Let’s go,” Anllela Sagra was telling Dua Lupa.

“That Alexandra Daddario tried to twist my breasts, I can’t stand her,” Dua grumbled.”

“Well, maybe something can be worked out,” Anlella said, “I just need a shower and some rest.

Quite a battle even before the post-fight shenanigans. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a very tough opponent, but Anllela proved even tougher. That’s three losses in a row for the hard-working Foxfire lightweight (she’s now 1-4 for all of 2019). No doubt Mary will be back at soon trying to improve her record. Meanwhile, Anllela and Holloway must be very pleased her win and look forward to future Lightweight Division success. 



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