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28 June 2019 Title Ch Amanda Righetti vs Behati Prinsloo

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jun 29, 2019 at 11:25am


AMANDA RIGHETTI (Welterweight Champion) (36 y/o, 5 ft 8, W: 92, L: 28) vs BEHATI PRINSLOO (30 y/o, 5 ft 10, W: 10, L: 6)

Results: Lookout!, Writing: Bonzo

Before: Behati Prinsloo‘s generating plenty of buzz among the welter divison‘s second wave of supermodels. She doesn‘t yet have twenty fights under her belt, but she‘s got plenty of ambititon to follow her paragon peers of Kate, Hannah, Hilary and Tahnee, all former welterweight champions. Prinsloo doesn‘t have that one signature scalp in the division yet – tough losses to Ferguson, Decker and Rhoda attest to that – but she did batter big Karlie Kloss into defeat, has beaten veterans Cass Freeman and Katrina Law back-to-back, plus she effectively ended young Taylor Hill‘s welterweight ambitions after a hard battle back in February. With talented management backing by newcomer Fates Boxing, tonight‘s debut title shot is an obvious pinnacle for Behati‘s career. Pre-fight, Prinsloo‘s being humble, well aware of her underdog status against the woman who has dominated welterweight boxing in the first half of 2019:

“It‘s just a great honour to fight this fight against Amanda, no doubt. I‘m just incredibly proud to have earned Fates their very first title shot in the business.“ Behati pauses, and adds: “Of course, now I want to bring our first title to the stable! I mean, that‘s what this is about, right? Just imagine ME being the woman who breaks Righetti‘s spell? The woman who finally leaves Big Rigs out cold after all that dominance will be an instant legend, haha! I know I‘m the underdog, but I also know I‘ve got the tools to conquer Amanda: reach, jab and power. I mean, someone‘s gotta make Righetti‘s body‘s quit, right? Well, why not me?“, she says, her bright smile a little mischievous. 

Amanda Righetti‘s title run has been nothing short of spectacular – she‘s now on a sixteen-fight winning streak, unbeaten since March last year, and will defend her welter title for the fifth time tonight, potentially equalling Tahnee Atkinson‘s monster run from last year. “Behati‘s a great talent. It‘s great to see Fates attacking the welter divison with her and Ana Beatriz Barrios. From what we‘ve seen on tape, she‘s still a rough diamond, but any woman who‘s got the power to put Cassidy Freeman‘s butt on the canvas deserves my full attention. The days of me getting shocked by supermodels in the ring are past, though. My sledgehammer‘s waiting for her. And it‘s goodnight Behati time.“

Fight night attire: Righetti‘s in midnight-blue high-waist (short) tights and a (blue) sports bra, her auburn hair in a tight bun, black boots (red laces), black gloves – Behati‘s clad in all-black fashion (cut-off faux-denim shorts, triangle bikini), her hair loose, wetted down.

Fight:R1: Girls checking each other out, timing reactions, finding ranges – Behati‘s using her reach, jab stick throughout early action, keeping hands low while stepping round ‘Manda, legs wide. Prinsloo‘s jab arm paws out, locates Righetti‘s chest, right hand dangling provocatively at her hips, hopin‘ to sling it. Righetti: redhead champ forms a slight crouch – she blocks on her gloves while trying to bob n‘ weave through Behati‘s left to get inside. Long, leggy strides, Prinsloo, during first minute – she‘s stepping out, hoping to walk an aggressive Amanda into her jab stick, or right hands off the hip. Short, drubbing action: late first min, a weavin‘, leanin‘ Righetti comes up inside Behati‘s reach, chopping away to biceps, pecs as Behati leans back head/torso, trying to hook to Amanda‘s head. Bit later: left jab, right cross combo spruces up Prinsloo‘s face, rocks her ropeside. Long left body cross PUMPED into Prinsloo‘s slender ribcage, has challenger beauty sputtering out of stance, limpin‘, skippin‘ away, left outstretched – Amanda‘s head weaves past Behati‘s heavy, long left-hand stick, reaches round blonde‘s back/ribs, mauls n‘ hauls her foe to ropeside.

Second minute: Behati‘s being tall, wide-legged at ropes – Righetti stays at her head-to-head as hands pull down wrists for solid, thumping shots to body/flanks/lats. Right hand into tummy cramps up Behati again, has her reaching around Amanda‘s shoulders a little feebly, walking her mid-ring – Amanda‘s staying patient as double jabs to guard/face get her back inside after ref‘s stepped in. Prinsloo struggles with the champ‘s weight-of-shot, aggression: butt against ropes, hands atop temples, she‘s trying to turn/shove Righetti from penetrating – Amanda‘s just a-clubbin‘ away, giving Behati‘s tummy/flanks/arms a solid, thump-thump drubbing. Down the stretch: Prinsloo‘s reaching for Amanda‘s back-of-head, pulling it down, all tall, long-reach, eases pressure as Rigs scowls, protests.

Inside Fates corner during break: “Range, Behati, range! We‘re not winning this fight inside at ropes, girl.“

R2: Behati ups her jab game, pre-empting Righetti‘s attempts to crowd, overwhelm, put her butt into ropes again – Prinsloo‘s sliding away to right from Manda‘s lefts, slaps a light left to Righetti‘s guard, obscuring the hard right that actually stroke-sweeps across her gut. Amanda‘s rocked forward into her gloves from mean, hard body shot, hurt: Behati rotates away, hands low and loose, upperbody constantly rocking back and forth in sinewy, bendy sways, her jabs / rights hands elevated from hip height in an upward-lashing rhythm, walkin‘ n‘ punchin‘. The Namibia-born beauty‘s getting into rhythm! Righetti attempts to turn with Behati, her head weaving out of shot paths, taking body shots as price for careful guard up top, stalking foe via bobs, hops. Later, throughout second minute: limber, lanky hip-powered strokes got Righetti picked up hard, spooked into deference...she‘s keeping weight on back foot, hopping, waiting more. Range, reach, check jabs move action into Prinsloo territory: long wide steps, sinewy punches lashing out against Righetti‘s flanks, face – she‘s got the champ shut out a bit, not getting off.

Behati being slick, savvy: passive hops, torso sways have Rigs wooed into a long lefty cross – Prinsloo sees it, fades back to slip shot, whipping a left to Manda‘s mouth, digs a hard right to sternum/tits. Righetti bends at the waist, her legs a little rickety, trying to fall into a clinch: RIGHT UPPERCUT from Prinsloo‘s lap – gotcha shot picks up Amanda‘s mouth/jawline, has her legs all spasm-y n‘ wobbly! Down the stretch: Righetti blinking, covers up, sets up right shoulder into ropes – Behati steps-with her a-snarlin‘, and starts strappin‘ those famed Righetti flanks via wide, lashing hooks beneath her foe‘s protective elbows. Near bell: Righetti‘s butt‘s slumping atop rope – Behati‘s knock-knocks a double jab to jugs...slaps a hard right hand against Amanda‘s left ear with a thud...champ‘s in a crouch, vulnerable, covering up in tight earmuff.

Inside Bonzo corner during break – deep breaths, blank, bleak eyes from the champ: “Those lanky shots from her hips, Amanda. They need to stop. She needs to get punished for them, too.“

R3: Behati‘s being busy, tall, trying to establish control: fast steps to left/right, lengthy strides to ropes and back – a flurry of jabs, long hooks constantly check out Righetti‘s face / chest and that whippin‘ right hand from her hip‘s always ready to pop up. Amanda‘s legs accepting the dare: she‘s setting her hips, bending low, her upper body in pendulum, feint-stepping into range with her hands low, slippin‘ these shots, sockin‘ precise counters to Prinsloo‘s ribs, tits. Tactic works, forces ‘Hati commit into single shots from wide reach: jabs swoosh, right hands pound out...Righetti‘s head slips n‘ ducks, she comes up inside the arch, pounding away short, powerful body crosses, drubbing across ribs/tits. Inside, Amanda‘s wrapping up around Prinsloo‘s arms/back, walking her blonde to ropes, exhausting breaks – shoulder-bumps, forearm-slams down ribcage/arms get plenty of respect from Behati, establish Righetti‘s control body-to-body.

Signature scene at mid-round: ‘Manda‘s head positioned atop Behati‘s chest, left forearm wrestles down blonde‘s left arm, wriggles down atop right shoulder, nudging blonde back and forth into a good position to get punched – redhead MAULS a right hand into Prinsloo‘s ribcage, pump pump. Behati‘s getting roughed up, blinking, eyelashes batting, struggling to break free – corner screams at ref to protect Behati from roughhouse redhead abuse! Third minute: Behati steps into jabs, leans into hefty right hands – Righetti fades, slips the righties up top, taps counter hooks to mouth, tits. Prinsloo‘s ranging the ring, upping the tempo, lefties a-pumping – she‘s a little browbeaten, not controlling the fight via range the way she wanted to.

Down the stretch: ‘Manda in control of taller Behati at ropes, holdin‘, hittin‘, stackin‘ her up – she‘s stuffing Prinsloo‘s belly/lats/flanks via left hands. Prinsloo leans her torso/head past top rope, trying to heave/push down forearms on redhead shoulders, dropping short, explosive uppercuts to sides of Manda‘s skull.

R4: Girls step around in leggy, rangy fashion: feet set wide apart, pumping stick, showing big-girl mobility. Short scene just after bell: Righetti bobs, jolts into jabs – Behati toes shots well, lands a hard left cross to ‘Manda‘s right cheek! Taken aback, Amanda corkscrews right, covers up behind gloves, stays passive: snarling, Behati steps after her with aggression, a short vicious right hand grazes Rigs‘ chin from short contact. The clean, tidy punch rocks Amanda‘s world, kissing her jawline: Prinsloo wraps up fast, pressing Righetti into near ropes, staying on top throughout the break. Behati‘s being tall and strong here, stacking redhead up: coincidental left shoulder bump clouts smaller ‘Manda‘s jaw, rocks her against cables! Champ blinks back tears, stunned fuzzy from hit, struggling to right herself post-break – girls step away into wides punches, upper torsos swaying back and forth under the effort.

Behati uses her reach, lanky delivery to good effect now: she‘s teasing a jab, scores a right between Manda‘s eyes, then pivots out-left. Righetti regroups, hops on the spot, her arms loose, a little spooked: so much focus, hard intent in pretty Behati‘s eyes – she‘s beating redhead champ to punches, scoring jabs, righties when girls lean into leather...several blasts a-bouncin‘ off Amanda‘s cheeks, mouth, as redhead‘s off-balance, off-stance, missing punches. Behati‘s dip-n‘-dig uppercuts hitting Righetti beneath clasped elbows to midriff, tummy, freeze ‘Manda into hurt, force her to cover up, hop out to outer perimeters. Long-reach jabs bother Righetti‘s guard, making those arms stay put, smooth side-steps see ‘Hati pivot out left upon scores to temple/mid-riff.

Late: high guard at both sides of temples, Righetti, forming a wide-legged stance near own turnbuckle – Behati bendin‘ that torso, giving ‘Manda some rangy licks across the waistline...short left to right eye stops the jab counter. Down the stretch: Righetti wandering alongside ropes, elbows beneath chest, forming a vee – a bendy, rangy Behati steps in-n‘-out, trying to land smugly to waist left/right of elbows...grimaces, wild angry looks from Righetti as Behati‘s not in counter range and short, explosive uppercuts don‘t land.

Inside corners, Fates coach to a beaming, upbeat Behati: “You done did it, girl, punched Rigs right out of her comfort zone. Give her the righty, now!“ – opposite corner, trainer to a scowling Amanda: “Focus on the basics now: jabs, defense, girl. Stay cool.“

R5: Girls strut, step, hop into range, forming aggressive stances toe-to-toe: Righetti sweeps close, steps into her punches, stroking away a heavy left/right wallop across Behati‘s front, hoping to rip momentum away from blonde model – long legs n‘ reach lean a limber Prinsloo just out of range. A knee-jerk right hand plops up a-sudden, abrupt, poking to Amanda‘s mouth when redhead‘s still out of balance! Righetti groans, grunts, hands swooshing to eyes – then she‘s stepping left to stalk Behati, pulling up a big righty. Behati lopes to right in wide step, lifts a clean, trim left hand off her hips for a jab to ‘Manda‘s mouth, beating redhead to punch. Amanda‘s feet stamp on the spot, torso oscillating as she‘s out of balance, head rickety. Amanda‘s heart kicks in, saves her: VICIOUS right hand uppercut corks to Behati‘s left temple – redhead leans out of a limber counter left cross, answering back a stubby (left) jab to pit of Behati‘s tummy, then lands a righty to blonde‘s shoulderblade, thudding blonde back a couple steps. Prinsloo disengages, loping out wide, left outstretched, keeping Righetti well-measured outside range – girls stomp n‘ hop back, hands loose, low, hoping to sling shots from hips, eyes wide, heads n‘ torsos bobbing left/right, alert, alarmed.

Just inside second minute: rangy, limber whacks from Behati‘s waist coax Righetti to neutral turnbuckle – hands at either side of skull, Amanda‘s body‘s in pendulum, head to-in‘ and fro-in‘ from shots, grunting on receipt of rangy, loose tummy licks. Righetti‘s lifting arms up higher, crossing ‘em – Behati‘s getting into her in snug, mean fashion via a FAT, swingin‘ righty-to-gut. Amanda‘s rocked, swayin‘: Behati reloads, steps back, shifts weight, leans into a lean, mean jab to eyes, BENDS INTO RIGHT HAND! Righetti reclines head back from shot, still gets caught HARD, BLANK TO JAW all the way! Shot loosens Amanda‘s head, belting redhead champ into sway, finally drops her onto back! Legs jelly, knees giving way, as her head drops onto canvas just shy off turnbuckle!

Behati‘s wide-eyed, staring down at champ, arms akimbo in dominant pose, ref wrestling her away as Righetti picks up her chest, elbows propping her up, eyelashes fluttering. Righetti beats the count at a long 7: her hair‘s disheveled, eyes blank yet hardening, hopping near ropes – ref‘s ruling her good to go! Action: Righetti‘s holding elbows inside, sliding alongside the ropes, covering up in crouch – Behati‘s stepping with her, lifting jabs off her hips, slinging for right hands. Amanda‘s alert, mobile, side-stepping Behati, wrapping her up hard n‘ sweaty around arms/shoulders, walking blonde back with grunting effort for long ref‘s breaks. Prinsloo‘s wide-eyed, impatient, struggling inside these clinches, frustrated...she‘s bytching to ref. More time off the clock: Righetti clasping around Behati‘s neck, pulling blonde forward into her grasp, waiting for ref‘s breaks – action stays sloppy throughout rest of round!

R6: Behati‘s attempts to stay rangy prove fruitless as Amanda ducks inside jabs, jostles in fast, wrapping up, nestling against Prinsloo shoulder-to-shoulder. Flat-footed inside work as girls bash away, rolling shoulders: girls step back and forth, twitching short, stubby rights to paunch, dippin‘ and diggin‘ for uppercuts to chin. Righetti‘s aggressive, clawing back momentum: she‘s bumping Behati back via left shoulder, drops a right hand inside tummy, then reaches under blonde‘s arms, chesting a protesting Behati back a couple steps. Range, reach game when girls separate on ref‘s orders – Behati side-steps, hops, tracking Amanda‘s jawline via stiffening poke throughout opening minute. Mid-round: long jab to guard, right to tummy have Behati feeling plenty of ooomph – Righetti‘s head scoots away from Prinsloo‘s strong lefty cross, splits her own lefty cross to chin! Short, steady delivery from Big Rigs: ribs, arms, tits – punches just brushing Behati back, numbing her activity.

Late second minute: Prinsloo bound ropeside, leaning long body into a slight hunch to avoid sick body work – ‘Manda wades in, a-clubbing shots to Behati‘s ears/temples with furious staccato power as blonde hunches, hides behind gloves, riding on ropes. Attacks noticeably slow down Behati‘s legs, turn action flat, more on-the-spot: there‘s the occasional short, spitting jab from ropes to free Prinsloo, right crosses make contact to Righetti‘s shoulder/jaw – still, early third minute, blonde‘s mouthbreathing, more and more fighting Amanda‘s fight. Steady jabs (ribs, tits, face) get heavy on Behati, stiffen those long legs, get Rigs inside at ropes: Amanda‘s making Prinsloo takes weight, laying down big-girl – non-stop, redhead‘s short, muscular uppercuts dig into Behati as Righetti squares away, swattin‘ the body. Disciplined work from the champ: hands loose, a-poundin‘ – when Behati‘s got room to counter, Amanda‘s always reverting to her stance, leaning away, blocking shots.

Down the stretch: with fast and wide steps, Behati‘s retreating ropeside, times a beautiful stiff check jab to Righetti‘s mouth just as Amanda lunges into a savage right cross up top, missing. Shot‘s not enough to steal Amanda‘s close round, but it‘s got Righetti wobbly-butt! Behati‘s brazen confidence‘s back – girls go toe-to-toe, staring deep and searching for quit, raw emotion in the air until ref‘s ordering girls to corner.

Inside Fates corner: “Fight depends on your rangy jabs, Behati. You gotta put that jab into her face all the friggin‘ time – be precise, be powerful. You‘re so close to your dreams now, girl!“

R7: Rangy, springy stance from bell, Behati – she‘s roaming left/right, left hands slinging cheekily from hips/waist, throwing sleek jabs to tits/head, harder rights to ribs/waist. Lashing right body cross just as she‘s moving forward, straightening from a crouch, has Righetti cramping, staggering to side, face cringed into hurt – she‘s crossing wrists at chest, placing elbows at hips, her upper torso see-sawing. One, two wide steps close Prinsloo in: jab feint, whiplash left body hook pounds against Amanda‘s waist, just beneath elbow, jolts her against ropes!

Sudden chop right hand uppercut, Righetti: abrupt, tidy punch takes half of Behati‘s left cheek/ear, has her stomping for balance on the spot. Mayhem brawl, ropeside pocket: ‘Manda‘s dipping side to side, chopping lefts, rights against Behati‘s breadbasket/tits – Behati leans-with, dipping her left shoulder to land crosses to redhead shoulder, drilling a short right into ribs. Girls let arms roll loose, just WHACKING away in limber fashion as crowd jumps onto feet – girls dipping, feet wide apart, and Righetti takes a nasty lefty hook to tits, but Behati EATS the short, booming right to jaw, and blonde girl‘s huuuuurrrt! Her eyelashes fluttering, Behati falls forward, ties up around Amanda‘s arms/elbows, trying to drive her backward – Righetti wrestles back, turns her girl around in thrashing grasp. Hard lefty hook to ribs sends Prinsloo back to ropes, staggering!

Second minute: Behati‘s sliding away, moving alongside ropes, jabs no longer keeping Righetti outside range – ‘Manda‘s lunge-stepping into her jabs, spearing shots to heart/tits. Prinsloo‘s keeping her left outstreched, hoping to catch Righetti on her way in – Amanda‘s steppin‘ in, ducking down from shots, landing short, vicious hooks to Behati‘s ribs/breadbasket. Behati in defense, weight on ropes, not getting oomph behind her punches: ‘Manda moves/ducks inside Prinsloo‘s jab, socks a muscular right hand to pit of stomach, then stays big on ‘Hati, wrapping her up for break. 

Just a bit later, ropes: Behati‘s still all tremble-thighed, rickety, hands at temples! A hard left desperation cross EXPLODES from blonde‘s stance as Amanda scoots in – redhead ducks inside shot, tearing a HUGE right hand across Behati‘s mouth! Blonde body relaxes, head detonating back, eyes rolling into white: BEHATI GOES DOWN! Blonde collapses in steps, first tumbling against Righetti, then sliding down her body as ‘Manda takes a step back, eyes widening in triumph – poor Behati stretches out on her tummy, one arm trapped beneath bod, eyes opening into blank stare, jaw on canvas...that‘s a brutal KO7, and she‘s STILL welterweight champion, Amanda Righetti!

After: “Big Rigs“ does it again, stays on top of the welter world despite a gutsy, spirited performance by title fight debutante Behati, coming back from an early knockdown. Behati‘s bitterly disappointed, head held low on stool after getting helped to corner, checked out. “We knew Behati‘s range and reach would be plenty dangerous,“ Amanda says post-fight. “I couldn‘t get my power onto her early on, but I trusted myself to find a way. And I did“, she smirks. 



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