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29 June 2019 AHW: Kendall Jenner vs Alexis Ren (Endorse This, B*tch!)

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Posted by caspian2 on Jun 30, 2019 at 11:21am


AHW: Kendall Jenner vs Alexis Ren (Endorse This, B*tch!)

(Result by Lookout, Words by Caspian, Special Thanks to Girls Friday)

(22, 5’10, Girls Friday)


(21, 5’9, VIXENs)


Two heated rivals set to clash here tonight in a gimmicky-as-hell AHW-style match. These two girls have clashed twice before, of course, with Kendall taking a win for herself and then Alexis evening out the score a year later. Before their third rubber match is set to take place (currently unscheduled),the two young rivals jumped at another opportunity to face-off, this time in a wrestling contest for two well-known rivals themselves.

After Kendall’s debacle with the Pepsi Cola Company in 2017 where she planned to break up a police barricade by offering an on-duty officer a can of cola, she’s been the butt of jokes, memes and insults alike, causing her to immensely regret her decision to partake in such a stunt as a brand ambassador.

Of course, one of those who jumped at the chance of mockery was none other than Alexis Ren, who was recently signed on herself to represent the interests of the iconic Coca Cola Company. 

“I remember laughing my ass off when I saw that ad,” Ren saying. “It was a f*cking joke. But what would you expect of a Jenner - brainless, talentless bitches who can't seem to think for themselves, and Kendall’s the worst offender.”

With the controversy firmly behind her, however, Kendall looks set to move the conversation onto something far less humiliating, focusing on Alexis’ recent roasting session back in 2018, where the blonde was beat down on by eight of her past opponents. 

“I wish I had been there,” the Girls Friday star says with a laugh. “I would've totally joined in in the festivities. That's just what happens when you're a spoiled brat, Alexis. Everyone wants to punch your face in.”

Just to set the stage, we’re located in an immense exhibition hall that’s been retrofitted for the event: the ring tonight is more like a padded square with raised barriers on all four sides to prevent any overspill. On one side of the hall, blue, white and red banners hang from the ceilings, declaring the fans’ loyalty to Pepsi (or more so, Ms Jenner), whereas on the other, you have the proud red and white colours of Coca Cola at Ren’s back. It’s a brand rivalry that's exacerbated by the feelings of animosity between both these two girls.

Fight-time and they ascend the raised platforms from opposing corners. Jenner in a slick, black one-piece outfit, designed for maximum mobility whereas Alexis is wearing classic red bikini, showing off more skin than usual.

The rules are simple, folks: first one to force the submission or score a knockout wins the match. Referee checks with both ladies if they’re ready, and they’re already crouched in position and ready to pounce, taped fingers bared and faces scowling. HERE we go!

00:00: It's an all-out brawl fest as the two bodies SLAP into each other, kicking and screaming. The start resembles something more akin to a catfight than a proper wrestling contest, and the deliberate looseness of the rules saw to that. Girls can use anything they see fit to hurt each other, and fingernails are as good an effective and early weapon to cause some damage, raking lines off each other’s skin before tugging hard on opposing hair for better leverage. 

02:10: Girls finally tackle each other to the cushioned floor, and this might be where the real wrestling begins. Ren finding herself on top of Jenner but in between her long legs, still raining down shots from inside the full guard. Kendall dazed as she takes one such fist to the face, and then another shot into the tummy, but then quickly catches hold one of Ren’s flailing arms, before pulling the blonde forward and locking her head in between her thighs, securing in a Triangle Choke! 

Alexis screaming high-murder with her face trapped in an early but effective move, her cheeks reddening by the second in between Jenner’s thighs. Kendall using all her strength to squeeze the life out of her whilst twisting her arm downwards at an ungodly angle. Ren making a mistake early in this fight by being overly aggressive - this ain’t a boxing match and punches and kicks won’t get the job done; only by making your opponent beg for mercy and tap out can she call this a victory. 

Ren growling in anger as Kendall smiles sweetly up at her, asking if she wants to quit yet. The blonde’s response is to tuck both her legs inwards, giving her a little more leverage. Ren using her other hand to grab a fistful of Kendall’s hair at the roots before HAULING them both upwards and lifting Kendall clean off her back! Kendall’s eyes go wide with horror, screaming with pain as her the double weight of gravity threatens to descalp her for good. Ren lifts her just high enough off the floor before sending her crashing back down in a Powerbomb!

SLAM back down to the canvas finally does the trick, sending Kendall sprawling onto her back, then squirming over to one side, with Ren also catching her breath on all fours, a look of murder in her eyes.

05:15: Tables have been reversed this time as Alexis wraps Kendall up in a Sleeper Hold, one arm snaked around her neck from behind, the other cupping the top of the brunette’s dishevelled head. Kendall of course squirming to break free, but her attempts frustrated when Ren wraps her own legs up and over her own, trapping her in a grapevine, then rolling onto her back and leaving Kendall faced upwards and gasping for air on top of Ren’s body. Ren puckering her lips from below, can’t help but grin as she plants a smooch on the back of the groaning girl’s head.

“You enjoying this, Jenner?” 

Kendall spits out a “Fuckkk youuu!” from above, before using her free hands to find any vulnerabilities she can exploit in order to get free. She reaches upwards and finds some leverage by tugging and pulling on blonde hair, making Ren squeal out in pain occasionally, but it’s those elbows to the body below that finally free her, with Ren holding out for as long as she can before that fifth hard dig down into her ribs proves too much.

Jenner coughing, rolling off, leaving Ren to curl up and slowly recover to her knees, one arm still hugging her throbbing side. So far, this match-up been surprisingly even.

07:05: Girls spend some time softening each other up with slaps exchanged to the face while they’re both on their knees. And hard SLAPS they are, each open palm impacting the cheek with a CRACK that reverberates through the arena. Girls don’t shriek out in pain either, instead, determined growls from lips as they take turns to deliver these stinging strikes filled with malice. Alexis getting the other hand when she opts to use her fingernails and rakes them across Jenner’s face, sending the brunette reeling to the side in cover. Alexis then POUNCES forward, like a lioness going in for the kill.

08:41: Wild scramble for dominance takes place, with Alexis trying to use her own body weight to pin down the squirming girl beneath her. Girls still grabbing at fistfuls of hair, twisting and tugging in all directions. It’s part pain-infliction, part-positioning of their foe to be exactly where they want. Ren delivering another hard slap to Jenner’s face, dazed her momentarily, then succeeds in flattening out her out below with her supine body snaked on top.

Jenner huffing and pushing on blonde’s body from below, realises the precarious position she’s in as she continues pulling on blonde hair with one hand, the other delivering slaps and fingernail rakes along Alexis’ sides, trying to inflict maximum damage and deter her opponent. But Ren licking her lips as she bears downwards, arms quickly wrapping around the back of Kendall’s head and pulling her face snug in for a breast smother. From below, Kendall lets out a muffled scream as her face disappears into Ren’s chest, the Vixen’s blonde hair overflowing from the top as Alexis locks both elbows over each other and squeezes.

But what happens next has everyone in the arena shocked, but none more so than Ren herself. Kendall still thrashing beneath, using her long legs to deliver snappy knees up into her tormentress’ thighs and buttocks. A third such kneelift CRASHES into the middle of Ren’s legs, connecting with her womanhood in a lucky strike! Alexis letting out a shriek as pain that shoots through her entire body, immediately relinquishes the hold and rolls off of Jenner before curling into a ball and screaming bloody murder.

Jenner lying flat on her back, gulping in air, resting her hands in her hair for a moment before she manages to sit back up and assess the damage done.

10:09: Jenner rising to her feet, gingerly approaching her foe and helping herself to two fistfuls of blonde hair. 

“Get up, b*tch,” Kendall wheezes.

Ren still moaning as she’s pulled up onto her knees, where Kendall rests her stunned face onto her pulsing stomach, hissing down more insults at her hapless victim:

“I think I’m enjoying kicking your ass, Alex. What say we do this more often, huh?”

Before Ren can reply, Kendall slaps her across the face left, then right, a third back-hand across the cheek dazing the Vixen further. Ren’s are lips parted slightly, eyes groggy - she doesn’t register Kendall’s legs snaking around her waistline till its too late, Kendall bodying up with her rival as their tummies press together. She hugs Ren’s face close to her chest, anticipating the muffled yelps that will come once her thighs start constricting around her waistline. 

Ren comes to life as predicted, both sides of her ribs constricted and set on fire from Kendall’s Body Scissors. It’s made worse with the Sitting Breast Smother that Jenner has going up top, returning her opponent’s favour with both her arms locked around the back of her’ head, forcing Ren to breathe into her enemy’s sweat-soaked chest as the air is also squeezed out of her lungs below.

Kendall however losing her grip as Ren bucks and thrashes in her grasp, Ren also reaching out with her free hands to pull hard on loose dark hair from behind, or her sharp fingernails raking and digging long streaks of red lines down Kendall’s side. Worse of all, however, is when Ren gets desperate and reaches south, TUGGING and TWISTING on the fabric of Kendall’s bikini bottoms, effectively giving her a giant wedgie. This seems to have done the trick, and Kendall’s eyes go wide with shock as she too begins bucking and screaming, finally releasing the hold as both girls go tumbling down to their sides, where they remain for a good minute or so.

14:12: Recovering to their knees slowly, both girls meet in the center with, bodies colliding with a SPLAT as they snarl nose-to nose, delivering stray SLAPS into the face or fists plugged into each other’s belly. Ren going for a sudden Bearhug as she wraps both arms around the small of Kendall’s back, pulling her body in close and tightening. “f*ck!” Kendall shrieks as she’s folded over backwards, her lean body getting punished. But fingernails swiped across the face has Ren also letting out a painful gasp and releasing. The girls go tumbling over each other, with Ren still on top.

Another scramble takes place as Ren tries to mount Kendall up on top, but Jenner twisting her own body below, making it difficult to pin her down. Ren ending up on Kendall’s back, wrapped an arm around the throat as she pulls backwards with all her strength, catching Kendall’s upper body and back in a wicked Camel Clutch. Ren even using Jenner’s hair for leverage as well, pulling Jenner’s head backwards at an ungodly angle and making the starlet shriek in pain. Alexis viciously grinning from behind, knows that she’s in control. She places her face cheek-to-cheek with the groaning Jenner, and again taunts her mercilessly.

“Give up yet?” Ren asks, pressing her lips into her trapped rival’s cheek.

“Neeevvver, b*tch!” Kendall croaks out in response.

“That’s too bad. Cos’ now I’m gonna have to-- HHRRAAAGH!”

With her remaining strength, Kendall whipping her head backwards whilst Ren was in mid-sentence, reverse head-butting her straight in the face! Immediately, the pressure on her neck is released and Ren goes reeling off to the side, both hands clutching at her nose.

16:49: Kendall catches her breath for a moment, before launching herself after the wounded girl. Alexis suddenly finding their positions reversed: she’s kicking, thrashing and slapping wildly from below as Jenner mounts her waist, then scoots upwards and pins both of Ren’s arms above her head. Alexis snarling and thrashing like a caged animal below, her reddened face now framed by both of Jenner’s thighs. She’s trapped and she knows it. 

“You were saying, Alex?” Kendall taunting her with a grin. “Ready to concede?”


Kendall tugging upwards on blonde hair, making Ren’s face disappear into her bikini briefs, in a humiliating Crotch Smother. Ren thrashing about as her air supply is cut off, but no matter how many slaps or fingernails she can dig into Kendall’s thighs this time, Jenner’s not giving up on the hold any time soon. You can see every muscle in each girl’s body straining with effort as they squeeze the life out of each other: Kendall trying desperately to knock Ren out, and Alexis doing her best to endure this humiliating submission move.

But darned if Kendall’s gonna force Ren to verbally admit defeat by the end of this contest - Ren too proud and would most certainly die first. And soon enough, the trapped girl’s body goes limp underneath of Jenner, the dual combination of Kendall’s butt weighing down her chest, and the sustained pull of her nose and lips into the depths of her hated foe’s womanhood eventually taken their toll.

Kendall gives her thighs a final squeeze just to make sure Ren is fully knocked out, before releasing her hold and rolling over to the side, also breathing hard. She keeps Ren’s head in between her thighs though, rolling the dishevelled blonde along with her, Ren’s hair now flayed and messed about like a subdued lioness downed for the taking. Kendall sends final slaps into Ren’s knocked out face, like an alpha lioness of her own toying with her food, before kicking Ren’s sleeping form away from her.

Back on her feet, Kendall poses for the cameras, one foot planted down on Ren’s sleeping face and both her arms flexed high. It looks like the Pepsi company has won this battle!

“Endorse that, b*tch!” Kendall snarls down at Ren, baring her teeth and daring the blonde to prove her wrong again in the future. She rubs her bare foot into Alexis’ face one last time, before leaving the makeshift arena with her entourage.

Official Decision: Kendall Jenner defeats Alexis Ren via KO Crotch Smother @ 19:11 



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