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30 June 2019 Live Streaming of Post-Fight Press Conference Post-PPV Press Conference

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Posted by Boxing World Online on Jul 1, 2019 at 7:52am


The Man In The Hat sits, as usual, at the center of the dais. To his left are Jennette McCurdy, Ariel Winter, Lili Reinhart, Britney Spears, Neve Campbell, Pink, Grace Park, and Alison Brie. To his right sit Chloe Bennet, Katy Perry, Antje Utgaard, Jewel, Mariska Hargitay, Leelee Sobieski, Kesha, and Emily Osment.

Man In The Hat: "OK. As usual, before we get to questions, there are some people I want to thank. Let's start with each and every one of our indy fighters, who are the backbone of Asylum. Without them, what we do every month wouldn't happen. And, of course, we can't forget the FCBA Commission for sanctioning these fights and making Asylum possible. Now. Questions. Cable Boy. Go!"

HBO Reporter: "I want to start at flyweight again this month. You've been linked with some free agent flys and you've made it clear that Kristen is the only girl in the division who's guaranteed a spot on the Tenth Anniversary roster at this point. Did what you saw tonight change that?"

Man In The Hat: "Well, we saw some good stuff from Jennette and Ariel tonight, no question about that. And, when we watch the video, there'll be other stuff we need to work on. We'll evaluate all of that when we get a chance to break that video down. For now? You got two wins and you've got to be happy with that. Cable Boy II. Go!"

Showtime Reporter: "Let's talk lightweight, again. Pretty impressive work by Katy tonight, and now she's heading for a title shot. She's not in INK on the roster yet?"


Man In The Hat: "Right now, four girls have assured themselves of spots, Kristen, Chloe, Kat, and Gemma. But, Katy did herself some favors tonight, the same kinds of favors she's been doing for several years now. Tess, dear, go ahead."

Tess: "Let's talk about welterweight. Another win for Antje, though Romijn isn't what she once was..."

Man In The Hat (nodding): "Perhaps not, but she's still plenty dangerous. Again, there was stuff to like in Antje's performance. There's stuff to like every day in the gym, especially those physicals. But. I ain't Ken Whisenhunt. We aren't gonna make decisions based on what happens in the gym. It's gotta happen IN THE RING. Good things happened there tonight. Now. Smackeroo. Dinner time. Take us there!"

Reporter: "Let's talk about your bantams. Obviously, Chloe's not going anywhere, but Tessa gave her a fight tonight, and Lili had one, too..."

Man In The Hat: "I'm not surprised with Thompson. Girl has a BUNCH of tools. Didn't expect an easy fight and didn't get one. Chloe came through, though, because that's what she does, and that's why her name was the very first one on the Tenth Anniversary Roster. As for Lili, that's a good fighter she was in with. Yeah, she's hit a rough patch, but, she's still got all the tools and all the experience. And Reinhart came through. That counts for somethin'. A lot of somethin'. Ink? Not yet, but, again, she did herself some favors tonight. Now. Dinner time. Tess! Smackey! Limo!" 



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