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1 July 2019 Vanessa Morgan vs Jessica Lowndes

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Posted by Vassago on July 1, 2019, 5:55 pm



Vanessa Morgan vs Jessica Lowndes
Ottawa, ON vs Vancouver, BC
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Some fans inside the Rogers Arena believe this is a mere "stay busy" bout for Jessica Lowndes who remains in hot pursuit of championship hardware opportunity whereas the unheralded Vanessa Morgan just isn't going to open those doors anytime soon. On the other hand this is a potential breakthrough chance for Morgan who scored three good wins over in the BBU and wants to show everyone she can mix it with the very best! And unlike Sarah Jeffery in the opener, she doesn't consider a trip to the Asylum PPV as a career-ending move: "Hell, nobody wants to talk about Jessica frickin' Lowndes anymore! Get real! I love Vanessa Hudgens since I love all Vanessa girls making money and Jessi, the overwhelmingly disputed Conqueror of Nothing will be feeling very sorry once I rough her up tonight! Just watch me GLOOOOOWWW!!!" (giggles).

"Who the hell is this fugly airhead?", the LCA Alpha girl acts like she's booked a plane back to Vancouver in 20 minutes time, "She'll be lucky if she survives two rounds with me! C'mon! She's basement-level of a fighter! Shenae Grimes could whup her ass in five! Let's get this over and done with already!"

Vanessa Morgan wears a purple bikini set & black gloves. Long dyed light brown hair tied in a curled ponytail. Jessica Lowndes wears a blue bikini set & white gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a custom ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:
Jessica introduces the newcomer into a head-hunting drill Vanessa doesn't even try to match on her FCBA debut as she seeks cover upon the initial impact. Lowndes splits her high guard with ease and begins to rock the head back before Vanessa can make her escape plan work though and gets sucked into a one-sided reality check as the older brunette just bangs in more juice and has the other girl scowling for support. A wild swing from the back foot goes nowhere and it's more pressure up the alley as Jessica thumps the subdued opponent back onto the ropes and rips all the haze upstairs to keep Morgan trapped behind a high earmuff for remainder of the round. It's almost a surprise Vanessa survives this onslaught without going down but she's been given a huge 'Welcome to the big leagues' treatment so no wonder she looks like a deer in the headlights when the bell finally ends the round.

Rounds 2 & 3:
Vanessa thinks better off it and tries to neutralize the Lowndes surge while hanging back in mid-distance. She can match the Lioness Alpha's speed which is good for her survival chances but does nothing to help her offensive cause as Lowndes knows she's got the rookie spooked already and taunts her both verbally and physically. "I can do this all day, wimp", Jessica tries not to laugh while bouncing on her toes with her gloves right by her hips but Vanessa refuses to kick into gear and has to hassle around a feisty aerial strike once Lowndes loses her temper. A quality exchange ensues late in the second when Morgan simply runs out of room to escape anymore and she nails the former champion with a good hook on the jaw but lacks confidence when she eats a gut-checking drive thereafter and gets closed down in the corner. Jessica shows more versatile poise in the third as she follows through on the body assault and Vanessa appears to be leaking too much oxygen as she tries to maintain the high order retreat. She bellows out onto the ropes where Jessica clatters into her chest regardless before a head-hunting series traps Morgan again and it's a whitewash in the making with the Toronto crowd kinda expecting more from the newcomer judging by their reactions.

Round 4:
Oh yes, Vanessa can deliver more juice - or any juice to begin with - as she beats Jessica for the opening punch and takes it from there rattling the Lioness Alpha with a pesky jabbing drive that forces her to take notice... or not. Lowndes openly dismisses Morgan's value and gets smoked with a brutal left hook as all that taunting appears to have ticked the rookie off more than actual punches. She keeps plugging away upstairs and wobbles Lowndes on her heels alas it's almost mind over matter stuff that lacks genuine poise required to send an elite operator like Jessica into real trouble. The hassling continues once Lowndes decides to adjust her tactics in mid-distance where she loops several promising hooks but Vanessa's really upset now and thumps a left hook on the nose to bump Lowndes out of reach. And the Lioness Alpha has to truly take notice now, no more taunts and hugging the waistline with Morgan chucking it upstairs in a futile effort to extend the advantage.

Round 5:
Flyweight bashing galore early in the fifth with both women trading vicious leather upstairs and Vanessa settles in this juke despite all the early concerns. She tags Lowndes on the chin repeatedly and adds a wild hook on the left eye which makes the Lioness Alpha groan in pain. Ugh! Jessica wants to respond immediately but spins off balance and gets beaten for another wild hook that squashes her lips before Morgan NAILS her with a brutal uppercut on the jaw... AND DOWN GOES JESSIE!!! Hello! That stuns the Toronto audience as Vanessa runs back to neutral corner allowing the ref to start the count. Lowndes seems to be more shocked than hurt here after that hard four-letter landing and she's up at seven seething insults at the rookie. Vanessa bounces into more jabbing action though and keeps picking the former champion off so that Lowndes has to yield real estate not to run into more trouble. Huge ovation for Vanessa at the bell while LCA coach Eva Mendes realizes she's got one angry girl on her hands now.

Round 6:
Lowndes tries to power ahead and knock the surging newcomer out of bounds which leads into an ugly wrestling match long the ropes. Vanessa gets head-butted in the chest and loses her balance but the ref allows the mayhem to continue with Jessica barking all the time as she tries to tackle her foe to the ground. Morgan riles her up even more when she goes for the jugs but she can't stretch her elbows properly with Jessica bumping her backwards in more way than one. Both women tangle up on the turnbuckle where Lowndes goes low - but not too low which is almost a miracle here - and she tags the newcomer on the nose as Vanessa shows plenty of grit to swing back and actually dump the older brunette onto her heels with another mighty uppercut run. Lowndes walks back and issues another verbal tirade but several fans & pundits believe the knockdown has gotten into her head!

Round 7:
Vanessa wants to make the most out of Jessica's struggles and she squares up to the former champion trying to beat her with a swarming push outright. Bold idea, gurl! Too bold even as Lowndes finds her range and whacks the exposed solar plexus before dropping an uppercut double on the rack. Ugh! Vanessa groans in pain but wants to keep digging alas she's getting mastered by Lowndes inside her comfort zone. More wild swinging follows and Morgan's chin gets tagged once.. twice even... and again... Lowndes leans on and BELTS her on the liver area that almost does the trick as the newcomer turns awkwardly to the side.. Jessica steps up, plants her front leg and BOOM!!! She smokes the Ottawa native with a right hook on the jaw that makes Vanessa cry out in pain! Gravity does the rest and DOWN GOES MORGAN!!! She's gonna feel a sore jaw for a while now! Recovery mission? FAILED! Vanessa gets up on one knee but folds forward and is counted OUT while on all fours!!! KO7 Jessica Lowndes!!!

AFTER: This was tough sleddin' for the notorious Lioness Alpha and even though she tries to sell this victory as "easy", she ain't foolin' anyone inside the arena. Suddenly people want to see more from Vanessa Morgan who's trending on social media! "Watch her glow?, F### this ####", Jessica is furious upon hearing the news and she has to be held back by coach Mendes when she tries to make her way to the opposite corner where Vanessa enjoys the ice pack treatment on her jaw.

Sometimes you can win the boxing fans' respect in defeat and Vanessa Morgan has shown plenty of promise to suggest she won't be waiting for the next phone call too long. Meanwhile Jessica Lowndes' decision to battle a genuine FCBA newcomer has almost backfired straight into her face so maybe it's suitable she focuses on more JMD action down the stretch where she can draw familiar enemies off with her taunting tricks? It sure didn't quite work against Morgan tonight!

Official Result: Jessica Lowndes def. Vanessa Morgan KO7.



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