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1 July 2019 Laura Vandervoort vs Nina Dobrev

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Posted by Vassago on July 1, 2019, 5:52 pm



Laura Vandervoort vs Nina Dobrev
Toronto, ON vs Toronto, ON
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Foxfire's Laura Vandervoort vehemently denies her boxing elite days are behind her but even she has to admit that Mary Elizabeth Winstead AND the Pretty Little Punchers sidekicks have taken all the limelight away from the once Top 10 ranked blonde: "Man, I can't understand this! I love Mary but these other girls? And Nina Dobrev beat me to the bantamweight championship after she got bounced from Lookout! by that dirty maniac Demi Lovato Like really? What next? Evangeline Lilly's gonna pull the Freddy Kruger stunt? Hell, she's done just that already! And I'm the odd girl out!"

Yes, Laura just can't win out even in her Canadian backyard lately and somehow there's a greater cheer for Nina Dobrev during the introductions which makes the whole experience seem more awkward for the 34-year old stunner than she imagined.

What's up with Nina? Still bitter about that Lovato deal? She refuses to bite on the season-long storyline but admits she's won the glamour battle versus Evangeline Lilly who could have easily been chosen for the Canada Day PPV instead: "I understand Laura fills out the blonde pick but it was between Evangeline and me for the other one. Or Emily VanCamp? Well, Emily is just to frickin' nice to sell the tickets but I'm like All-Pro when it comes to that! Let's face it, I was the first choice all along so let's see if Laura has anything left there in that blonde tank of hers!" (laughs).

Laura Vandervoort wears a light blue bikini set & silver gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a curled ponytail. Nina Dobrev wears a violet bikini set with black trim & white gloves. Long dark brown hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the bantamweight division.

Round 1:
Laura's slightly superior reach makes the early difference as both women try to engage in a quick dispute and Nina leaks too many punches upstairs with the blonde teeing off from both flanks. Nobody's gonna throw the kitchen sink right here - for now - but the early revenue allows Laura to become more aggressive as she digs a couple of good combos to drop the brunette back. Nina barks in anger when she gets drilled on the left eye but Laura appears to be more focused on the job regardless as she follows a one-dimensional attack that keeps Dobrev on her toes and ducking more leather that dishing out herself. It's as cagey as it gets come the final minute where more single punches lead the way alas both women hold back from real slugging ideas which makes the crowd feel thirsty for some proper grudge action already.

Round 2:
Nina injects some speed into her plan and suddenly Laura can't just score those single punches anymore as she tries to chase her around the ropes instead. She gets whacked over the top on the counter though and Nina lights it up from the back foot to shoot past the high guard from the inside and slam a vicious combo on the chin. Laura is supposed to be vulnerable to the body but Dobrev leads the head-hunting attack anyway and has the blonde reeling come the second minute. Laura's slugging drill gets dumped by the wayside when Nina gut-checks her back to the turnbuckle and turns up the wick with the older girl trapped on the spot. She bursts into Vandervoort's midsection and lays down the law with Laura yelping in some pain at the bell as she soaks up rather unneccessary juice instead of clinching the brunette outright!

Round 3:
Dobrev jumps into more slugging action and her pace gives her a clear edge as Laura gets stuffed to the body in the center of the ring and looks uneasy in the phone booth struggle. She tries to bump the younger woman off but eats a crunching uppercut from the inside that bounces off her boobs and finds the chin as well. Ugh! Nina follows through upstairs and rocks the blonde's head back until Laura has to jump away into safety but Nina's all over her like a cheap suit and thumps her onto the ropes where she ignores the high earmuff and blasts into the exposed midsection which dumps Vandervoort into loud spasms. Uh-oh! Maybe that's what Laura kinda tailed off lately as she allows Dobrev to cash in with more juice to the point there are visible marks on her abs while she just can't respond whatsoever and gets promptly cleaned out for remainder of the round.

Round 4:
Foxfire coaches Virginia Madsen & Rachel Nichols are downright furious during the break and they urge Laura into a proper attack but Nina really likes this slugging war of attrition idea and she racks up more looping menace before the blonde nails her with a vicious cross route that finally puts the Lioness brunette on notice. Laura barks her way into blasting the younger opponent across the nose a couple of times and digs a half-uppercut on the boobs which makes Dobrev yelp in pain. She loses the hitherto dominant position and eats a jabbing rally just below the rack as Vandervoort settles into more midsection damage thereafter. Both women remain stuck in the phone booth but Nina drops on the heels and fails to carry through with enough raw strenght to shake the blonde off; Laura bangs in more leather and eventually pounds her onto the ropes where she digs another series to force Dobrev into clinching her to run out the clock.

Round 5:
Laura rallies with more midsection damage and has Nina jumping around to stay clear in mid-distance but that's not the desired stance for the Lioness fighter so she tries to lean back on the blonde and beat her for the overhand punch; Laura ducks away from danger and loops a hooking cross herself tagging Dobrev on the nose and spinning her to the side when she adds a belting power punch shortly afterwards. Nina barks in anger but tries to push off her heels before she adjusts her feet and all she finds is thin air while Vandervoort SMOKES her with a wicked hook on the nose that dumps the brunette into immediate trouble. Ugh! Nina sinks on jelly knees and gets whacked up the chimney again with Laura running the speedy route to connect with her chin with a brutal double... AND DOWN GOES DOBREV!!! Rapid-fire one-two sends the vulnerable Lioness down to raise immediate volume across the arena!!! Take that! Nina lands on her backside but wisely extends the count as she appears to be fuming rather than hurting here. She's up at eight and Laura just can't finish her off during the remaining thirty odd seconds with the brunette hanging back in mid-range amid otherwise superior footwork display. Nevemind, it's advantage Laura V. at half-distance!

Round 6:
Laura rolls out to complete the demo job but she finds Nina unwilling to engage in another slugfest. Talk about showing too much respect here but coach Eva Mendes still looks very calm in the Lioness corner as her girl basically gives the numbers up by default her. Meanwhile Laura looks sharp bumping & thumping her way into the brunette's body as if she found new life following that knockdown. Nina takes a page from the Odette Yustman school of bendy defense as she dances around on her toes along the ropes and tries to stall the blonde's progress but more fans support Laura's bid for glory now as she pounces on the reeling foe but is unable to mount another punishing series before the clock expires.

Round 7:
No time to panic yet but Nina requires some urgency to recover from the knockdown hole as Laura settles for more artistic impression value while working the single-punching route to keep the brunette in mid-distance comfort zone. Gonna be tough to bet against this tactics however Laura realizes she can realy steal ALL the headlines if she knocks Dobrev out proper. And that includes the likes of Evangeline Lilly and Emily VanCamp as well! She brings on the heat to show everyone she can be as lithe on her feet as the Lioness fighter but the looming slugfest also gives Nina some hope as she bangs a series into the blonde's guts before piercing her boobs with a quick uppercut rally. Laura barks in anger as she finds more Dobrev tummy but gets blocked off upstairs and eats a belting cross on the liver area that drops her on the ropes and allows Nina to rain gut shots like skittles in the closing moments of the round. Ugh! Nina might have well stolen that one and it's Foxfire camp's turn to sound frustrated during the break!

Round 8:
Laura wants to regain her mojo back and squares up to the younger opponent but Nina seeks close range tussle herself as both women clash with a right-on-right opener before they swing again... Laura bumps off the brunette's shoulder but eats a brutal hook on the lips that drops her on the heels on the spot. She tries to push off but Dobrev gets there first and connects with a booming uppercut on the jaw that sends the older woman into spasms. Laura just refuses to back away but Nina finds another looping route to punish both temples and turns up the wick bashing the blonde's face from both flanks before dumping her onto the ropes outright. Ugh! Laura tries to swing back but loses all her precision and Nina NAILS her on the solar plexus that forces the loudest grunt from the blonde's throat yet... Want some? Have some! Nina barges into Vandervoort's chest with classic jug muggin' heat and has the proud blonde tailing off big time before she avoids getting clinched and BELTS the wilting foe on the liver TO SEND LAURA ON HER KNEES ON FRICKIN' SPEED DIAL!!! Uh-oh!!! Laura is HURT and bends her head against the canvas while trying to embrace the pain!!! Nope, it's too much for her and Nina knows she's won it even before the count reaches six! Ref takes it all the way to nine but Laura remains in turtle-like position hugging her liver and is duly counted out!!! KO8 Nina Dobrev in come-from-behind fashion!!!

AFTER: That's a big time victory for Nina Dobrev on Canada Day PPV Main Event which indicates she might be the best Canuck in the 120 lbs division these days despite being born in Sofia. Not many 'Bulgarian Badass' chants in the crowd tonight as Nina fully embraces her adopted home country but she knows she scored one over Emily & Evangeline as she gloats a little over the fallen - and still hurting - Vandervoort: "That's your elite career over and done with, at least over here! Go and sell insurance if you want to sign autographs! Big girl Laura is sooo done here!"

Nina struts back to coach Mendes and wants to know whether she's trending on twitter already. Nope, it's still about them Raptors & their championship parade but at least the Lookout! terror duo of VanCamp & Lilly is nowhere to be seen in response. "Good! They know when to shut the hell up! I might tell Missy they need to stay quiet for the entire month! It's my time now!!!"

Nina gives some of the Jessica Lowndes vibes post-fight but she must be really upset over all the latest coverage no to mention the other long-standing beef with one Demi Lovato. "It's not over, guys! I'm gonna reclaim that bantamweight crown sooner than you think! I'm gonna show everyone I was the best Lookout! ever had - not named Vanessa Hudgens! Yet they still kicked me out! (...) Say what, Eva? I'm stuck in the past? Old news? Hell, I'm never old news and Demetria frickin' Lovato being a fat cow is big news! Gawd, what a complete hack she is! (...) Okay, I'm cool now, yeah, the crowd loves ME!! Ain't that great! Eat that, Lilly!!!"

Official Result: Nina Dobrev def. Laura Vandervoort KO8.



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