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6 July 2019 Claire Holt vs Bella Thorne

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Posted by The Dollhouse on July 6, 2019, 10:07 pm



Bella Thorne (21, 5’8, 120 lbs, 23:9 FCBA, The Dollhouse) Vs. Claire Holt (30, 5’7, 128 lbs, 23:15 FCBA, Odds & Ends) 
Results: Lookout!; Story: Caspian & The Dollhouse

BEFORE: Bella Thorne emerging from the backstage door looking slightly different than usual: gone is that big grin she usually sports on her face, instead scowling slightly as the camera flashes go off and she settles herself into one of the seats at the press table. 

Ever since losing that important battle to Alexis Ren via TKO last month, Bella’s confidence taking a dip, showing even as the Doll takes questions from the audience: 


"Not really in a chatty mood today. I'm focused on winning. I really hated my result last month, and I gotta make sure I do much better tonight. Claire is good, but I watched a bunch of her fights. She's not very fast, and neither is she very tall, so I doubt she'll be good enough to deal with my speed and shoulder length. So, I’m gonna take care of business tonight. I'm kinda done playing games, so, good luck to her, because she's gonna f*cking need it tonight." 


Claire Holt, on the other hand, entering the room with a confident smirk on her lips, that blonde hair wavy and dishevelled over her handsome face. Ever since beating Rachel McAdams back in January and Emily Ratajkowski in April, she’s been riding an unexpected wave of success against dangerous girls, hoping that this path will lead her to the very top of the division. 


"I've had a great start for the year so far, with two pretty big wins, so I'm expecting nothing different tonight. Bella is pretty talented, and you have to be in order to be ranked in the top ten, so I’m absolutely expecting Bella to put up more of a fight than her friend Ginny did last year…” Claire rubbing salt into Ginny Gardner’s wound with a sly smile and chuckle. “But not a whole lot more! Bella can't and won’t be able to deal with my power, and a win tonight is probably going to get me into the top ten of the division. I’m looking forward to it, and trust me, Annabelle, beating you will have nothing to do with luck." 


It’s a tense affair as the two ladies stare down at the podium, dressed in nothing but their skivvies: Bella in a royal blue bra top and hot pink laced undies, scowling into Claire’s face. The blonde is wearing a black satin bra top and bottom set, looking calm and confident as she stares right back into the Doll’s eyes. 


No touch of gloves here, that’s for sure, as both head back to their corners, Thorne specially leaving Holt with a parting ‘f*ck you’ gift of an extended middle finger. 


Later, in the arena, Holt striding down the ramp with her right hand raised high. The big blonde is wearing a black sports bra and dark grey yoga pants, her long blonde hair in a messy ponytail.  Later in the ring, she straps on black gloves in her corner. 


It’s Bella turn to show herself and she’s rocking her head to her own music as she comes out from behind the curtains, finally flashing a confident smile to her fans, who have come out enforce to support the former JMD champion. Thorne is clad in her usual black and purple fight-gear, with plenty of cleavage and that sexy toned midriff exposed, making a quick jog down the ramp accompanied by head trainer Loken, sliding under the ropes before making her way to all four corners of the ring, giving her fans a personal shout-out. She returns to her corner and begins strapping on her black and purple gloves. 


Referee’s ready to get this fight started, and so are we! HERE we go with ten rounds of Bantamweight action! 


ROUND 1: Claire definitely known in these lands as a heavy-handed brawler, that type girl who gets straight in your face and knocks your lights out before you know what’s happening. She certainly tries to do just that, in the very first minute of the very first round, charging at Bella and swinging hooks wild at her head. Bella somewhat prepared for this, however, having done her homework, keeps her legs moving and refusing to engage. Holt’s hooks therefore end up largely missing or only stinging the arms and body. But those glancing hits aren’t troubling Thorne too much. Bella, however, much too focused on evasion, forgets to punch back as well, one or two jabs sent into Holt’s lips just making her foe more angry. The bell, however, rings before either girl can turn things around. It’s a rare draw if we’ve ever seen one, especially in the first round of a fight. 


ROUND 2: Claire relentless in her pursuit, coming onto Bella with confidence and speed. It’s rare that Thorne meets an aggressor like Holt, especially when the Doll’s own exploits at overwhelming her opponents are well documented. Claire switching up her assault strategy, however, forgoing the slow hooks in favour of more rapid jab flurries, and Thorne has a harder time differentiating between the feints and the actual punches towards her head. Result: Holt starts scoring on her body and face with more frequency. Thorne panting as she ends up establishing some distance, but only after taking a another couple of hits to the chin. Claire smiling, ready to charge in again, but finds each of her steps matched by Bella, who’s paying more attention to every twitch of the blonde’s muscles. Round ends with Bella scoring a right hand suddenly slammed into Claire’s cheek, stretching that shoulders of hers out to its fullest extent. Claire stunned as the long jab lands hard, stopping her in her tracks. She definitely shouldn’t be underestimating that reach difference between them! 


ROUND 3: Bella acting as though she’s discovered a new weapon with her height advantage, peppering Holt’s guard from afar with her longer reach and accuracy. Holt now fighting a different kind of war as she struggles to even get in close enough to brawl with Thorne. The Odds and Ends starlet definitely trying, no doubt, continuously lunging and swishing her arms at Thorne, but the redhead anticipating each attack, sticking her fist lightning fast into the blonde’s cheek, right before Claire can wind up her own attack and score. Claire resetting herself in the third minute, panting hard behind a closed guard as she reevaluates her approach to this fight. Thorne however not giving her any room to breathe, suddenly bursts forth, on the offensive, attacking with lefts and rights whilst circling her opponent. Holt’s guard absorbing well though, and kudos to her for not budging too much from her original position. Claire’s confidence in her own defences still high, making her a dangerous adversary, but even she can’t stop Thorne from running away with a wide round once the bell rings. 


ROUND 4: Claire hanging back this time, refusing to charge straight towards Thorne. It’s a reversal of roles as Bella decides to advance upon her instead, jabbing at the blonde’s head before swinging hooks at her body. Holt grunting, pushed back a little, but waits for her perfect time to strike back: Bella awkwardly catching herself from stumbling over when a third hook of hers misses completely, with Claire having side-stepped her attack at the very last moment, before unleashing a left hook straight into the middle of the Doll’s face! UGHH! Bella forced to eat leather as she gets blown backwards and almost off her feet! Crowd ROARS as the action picks up, just like that, with Holt rushing forward and continuing to jab Bella’s face, each punch landing like a wicked dish of payback for toying with her earlier. But Bella clinches up with her after ducking under a power hook, managing to neutralise Claire’s assault at its climax. Holt growling into her ear as Bella clings on tight, the Doll using her height advantage to push her backwards. It’s surely an effective method, if not for the fact that Thorne was in real trouble just seconds ago in this round. Bell rings and Holt roughly shoves her foe off, grinding her teeth in a scowl, with certain curse words let loose. 


ROUND 5: Holt charges right back into the action, as predicted. She wants the win and wanted it last round. Bella ready for her, however, fends off the same swings at her head early on, by weaving her torso backwards or blocking with a raised arm, then slowly but surely blasting her back to the face and into the side of her body. Claire grunting out loud but not realising that she’s getting shut out in there, not until a clean hook sweeps itself clean across her face, Bella’s own lips twisted in relish as she sends her rival reeling off to the side! Holt hits the ropes with a big groan, using the topmost to hold the rest of her body up. Bella on her already though, not making her job easier by burying her fists into her body and chest, simply going to town on free target practice as Holt starts to wilt from the abuse. Holt having the sense though to turn the tables suddenly, clinching up with Thorne this time by wrapping her arms around the Doll’s waist and holding onto her belly to belly, refusing to let go. Bella struggling to get free, but the bell rings soon after, and if she was hoping for a knockdown before the second half of the fight started, she returns to her corner sorely disappointed. 


ROUND 6:  Even with the height difference, it’s starting to look as though these two women are more than a match for each other. They start the sixth round slow and steadfast, staying behind their locked arms and circling to the side. Claire suddenly initiating again, that enthusiasm not quelled even after six rounds of abuse. She was hoping to surprise Thorne before the day was done, but Bella dodges and weaves backwards at the very last moment, narrowly avoiding a potential embarrassment when a hook slashes the wind in front of her nose. The Doll instinctively swings a hook of her own right back, CATCHING Holt on the cheek with one hell of a punch! UGHH!! Claire Holt goes flying off once more, this time her torso and head twisted to the side and the rest of her body following suit! She crumples to the canvas, her face buried into the ground and arms splayed upwards above. She’s knocked out freakin’ cold! It’s OVER! 


Official Decision: Bella Thorne defeats Claire Holt via KO6! 


AFTER: What a knockdown for Bella Thorne, who most certainly redeems herself with that musical number! Thorne stunned for a moment as she registers her own victory, before throwing her hands into the air and finally allowing herself to smile widely at her achievement, sticking out her tongue for good measure.  


Claire rolling onto her back with a loud groan, stirring slowly as her eyelids flutter from the bright stadium lights shining down on her. Before she can recover to face her defeat, however, Bella’s foot stamped down into the middle of her tummy, a loud HOUUFF of air escaping from Claire’s lungs and lips, Thorne not letting any opponent of hers recover that fast, pinning her to the ground before posing with her biceps flexed upwards, and her tongue stuck out for the cameras. 


Holt powerless, her head still swimming left to right, but finally breathes easy when Bella releases her body, a look of satisfaction still on the redhead’s face as she heads back to corner. The Doll celebrates with the rest of her stable, no doubt congratulating her on a big win tonight. Later, a tired Bella saying as much when she’s interviewed by reporters by ring-side.  


“I’ve had a pretty sh*t ring-year so far….but I’m trying to make the second half of it a lot better for myself…and as you can see….so far so good. I knew I had to stay the f*ck away from her and find my moments…but I’m f*cking smart….and quick, and accurate, and….f*cking deadly!” the redhead laughs. “Claire Holt is tough, but she’s not on my level. She’s no longer championship material…and I definitely am!”.



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