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12 July 2019 Christina Hendricks vs Kelly Brook

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Posted by Girls Friday on July 12, 2019, 9:43 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Chimera vs This is Glamour)

Two busty fighters now step into Wembley Stadium, Christina Hendricks and Kelly Brook lace up the gloves to fight tonight.

Christina is 44 years old; she stands 5'7 ½, holding a record of 16 wins, 14 by way of knockout, with 8 defeats.

Kelly is 39 years old; she stands 5'8, holding a record of 49 wins, 38 by way of knockout, with 65 defeats and 5 draws, she is the current BBU JMDD champion, a former 2 time FCBA lightweight champion and a former Queen of the Ice hotel.

The fighters both were interviewed by the FCBA networks Lucy Liu, first up Lucy stepped into the Chimera gym, where Christina was doing weight training.

Finishing up Christina heads over to Lucy while wiping her brow, smiling as she nods at the small Asian woman, saying "hey Lucy"

Smiling Christina says "it is nice being on the side lines watching these guys fight, but I have been itching to get into the ring to fight, so the call from Kelly's stable was more then welcome"

Christina continues by saying "see I have heard Kelly claim for years how tough she is, how great she is, well I am going to enjoy sending crashing to the canvas"

When Lucy goes into the Glamour gym; Kelly is working a punch bag, she stops when Melissa tells her to take five minutes.

Once Kelly has taken a drink; she tells Lucy "I have wanted a crack at Christina for a while, when ever the fight has supposed to happen before, she suddenly has other plans, she has been ducking me for years"

She continues "when that bell rings Christina will get to see why she was right to duck me, I am still better then ninety percent of the fighters in the world, Christina is going to leave a crater when she goes down"

Fight night; Christina is out first with Charlize Theron working her corner, they both look relaxed as they head down to the ring.

She is wearing a red sports bra, white trunks with red flames pattern around the legs, red gloves and shoes, her red hair is up in a ponytail.

Stepping into the ring; Christina gives the fans a quick wave as she heads off to her corner, once in her corner she is fully focused as she warms up with Charlize drilling her.

Now out comes Kelly with Melinda Messenger beside her, she gets a loud cheer from her hometown fans, she flexes her arms before she begins to walk down to the ring.

She is wearing a navy blue sports bra and shoes, Union Jack pattern trunks, red gloves, her brunette hair is also tied into a ponytail.

Climbing into the ring; Kelly pounds her chest with her right glove as she heads to her corner, her eyes are locked onto her opponent as she warms up.

The fighters come to the center of the ring; pressing their bodies together as their legendary busts fight for space, the referee needing to shove them apart before it kicks off.

They bump gloves with a thud before they head off to their corners, getting their gumshields in as the referee signals the bell to be rung to start 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
The fighters come out straight to each other, using their shoulders early to bump the other back, throwing hard rights across the others bodies or faces.

Christina uses her left forearm to nudge back Kelly; throwing two uppercuts to the body as she presses back her opponent with her head down.

Getting pressed onto the ropes; Kelly fires back a straight into the top of Christina's head, landing a left cross as she looks to move off the ropes.

But Christina doesn't let Kelly get far off the ropes, the two fighters trading in close as the redhead keeps her opponent back with straight shots to her face, landing the harder shots it seems of the two.

The round ends with Charlize looking happy as Christina returns to her corner, the Chimera fighter is relaxed compared to Brook in the opposite corner, who is looking angrily at the canvas.

Round 2:
The two fighters again clash at the center of the ring, heads grinning as they work the others face and even sneaking punches to the others jugs.

This time Kelly lands a right across the top of Hendrick's head, followed by a left straight into her opponent's face as this time she has the redhead near the ropes.

But when she tries to step in close; Christina rifles a jab into her face, followed by an uppercut that puts the Brit onto her heels.

Christina pushes Kelly back across the ring now, forcing Brook behind her guard, with Christina switching to the body to make her grunt out.

The bell rings with both women glaring at each other, then turn back to their corners, Christina nods to Charlize as they talk about the action so far.

Round 3:
Kelly looks to change things up; boxing more on the outside as she rifles punches into the cheeks of her opponent to keep her at range.

The American dips a jab to land a counter right to the body, Christina forcing Kelly to trade in close as they grind heads.

Using her left to open up space; Kelly lands a right across the cheek of Hendrick's, adding another two straight punches that knock back Christina.

It's Kelly forcing Christina onto the back foot now, her punches are sending sweat off the head of the redhead, who is forced along the ropes after a left hook to her face.

The round comes to a close with Kelly looking less tense as she returns to her corner, getting told off Melissa to keep knocking Christina on the back foot.

Round 4:
Both fighters come out looking to batter their rival back, heads down as they work the others body, groans escaping the others lips.

A missed right from Hendrick's leaves her open to a right onto her lips, Kelly is quick to land a jab/straight to the face of the American to make her step back.

Taking the center of the ring; Kelly is starting to land her punches through the mitts of her opponent to keep her pressed towards the ropes.

Christina manages to deflect a straight to step in with a right cross, the two fighters fight in the pocket, groans come from them.

Kelly lands an overhand right as she steps back, landing a double jab as she forces Christina back into a corner, where she bashes the redhead across her face with hooks till the bell rings not long after.

Returning to her corner; Melissa pats Kelly on her back, as across the ring Christina shakes her head to clear it, Charlize tells her girl to get her head in the game.

Round 5:
Christina looks to get into the face of Kelly, she isn't quick enough as she misses with a left cross, Kelly counters with an uppercut that knocks her opponent's head back.

Follow up punches sends Christina into the ropes, where she tries to fight back as the two fighters trade hard shots to send sweat flying into the air.


The crowd cheer as Kelly struts over to a neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Christina looks shaken as she blinks to clear her head, 4...5...6.. Turning to her back, Christina stares up at the ceiling, 7...8...9...10 ending up with Hendrick's counted out!

Winner Kelly Brook KO Round 5

A big win for Kelly as she poses in the neutral corner with her arms flexed, she smirks as she stares at Christina laying still on her back.

Christina has the ringside doctor checking her, with Charlize kneeling down to make sure she is OK too, with Christina sitting up against the ropes looking like she is coming back around.

Kelly doesn't look bothered by Christina as she talks to Melissa, while getting her gloves taken off, she waves to the crowd as she smiles.

Across the ring Christina is sitting on her stool, telling Charlize "I should have had her, f***" staring at the canvas in anger.

The fighters come to the center of the ring for the final result, Kelly getting her hand raised as she flexes her left arm for her fans.

Turning to Christina; Kelly tells her "anytime you want your boobs bust, give me a call you bytch" making Christina step up to Kelly.

The two women bump boobs as their eyes lock, coaches separating them as they throw insults, Christina led out the ring by Charlize as she looks furious.

Inside the ring Kelly poses for the cameras, grinning as Melissa tells her "next you take the FCBA JMDD title off that bimbo Upton"

Both women have their eyes now on the big title vs title battle on the next BBU PPV, hoping to use tonight to spring board into beating Kate Upton.



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