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12 July 2019 Title Ch Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry

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Posted by Girls Friday on July 12, 2019, 9:53 am



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Fates Boxing vs Front Street)

The main event tonight here in Wembley Stadium sees the FCBA lightweight title on the line, long time rivals Katy Perry and Taylor Swift fight for the gold.

Katy is 34 years old; she stands 5'8, holding a record of 51 wins, 44 by way of knockout, with 11 defeats, she is a former FCBA lightweight champion.

Taylor is 29 years old; she stands 5'11, holding a record of 32 wins, all by way of knockout, with 17 defeats, she is the current FCBA lightweight champion with this her first defence.

These two have had a long and storied rivalry outside the ring, inside the ring they have fought twice with Katy winning both fights.

The last time they fought was back in 2013, with Katy knocking out Taylor in eight rounds, something she will be aiming to do this around too.

The fighters meet at the press conference, going nose to nose at the face off, with Taylor holding the title up in her left hand as they trash talk.

Pulled apart by their coaches; they head off to their tables so they can talk to the press, though judging how they are stealing looks at each other already, they will mostly be focused on their rival.

Katy speaks first as she says "I have been working hard to get back into the title picture, I feel in great shape and this is my chance to remind you all why I am the best here"

Then she turns to Taylor, telling her "let's be totally honest, I own you in that ring, you have never beaten me and after this fight you still will have never beaten me as I take the title"

Taylor stares at the title before turning to Katy, telling her "that was in the past Katy, you had my number years ago but I am a lot better in the ring now, hell you have to beat me now, you don't own anything of me"

Lifting her title to face it towards her challenger, Taylor continues "you won't be holding this when we are done, I will have my foot on your tits as I hold it up for the world to see"

Smiling Katy shakes her head as she stands, telling Swift "you better sleep with that in your arms tonight, after the fight I will be taking it home" then heads off the stage as Taylor stares daggers at her.

Fight night; Katy comes out with Jewel Kilcher, she looks like she means business marching down to the ring with her eyes firmly on the ring itself.

She is wearing her usual red sports bra, matching trunks, gloves and shoes, her hair is tied into a braid for battle.

Getting into the ring; Katy flexes her arms as she heads over to her corner, signalling with her hands that the title is coming back around her waist when she reaches the corner.

The champ now comes out with her coach beside her holding the title, Taylor waves to the fans as she is smiling, looking excited to fight her old rival.

She is wearing a candy cane striped sports bra, red trunks with "Swift" in
white letters with gold trim on her waistband, white gloves, red shoes,
while her blonde hair is tied into a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Taylor points at the title as she stares at Katy, telling her "that's mine bytch!" Before jogging back over to her corner, warming up with her coach drilling her.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, their eyes are locked together as the title is held by the referee between them, both only care about their rival it seems as they trade threats.

Slamming their gloves together with a crack of leather, they turn back to their corners ready to start 10 rounds of FCBA lightweight title action.

Round 1:
"Ding" the crowd roar as the fighters come out their corners, Katy looking to pressure Taylor right away it seems as she steps in with a jab/straight combo to the face of her opponent.

But next time she looks to move in close; Taylor sidesteps her then lands a right to the cheek of Katy as she starts to get up on her toes on the move.

The extra reach of Taylor allowing her to keep Katy mostly to the outside with her punches digging into the cheeks of the challenger.

Though when Katy does get in close; she is landing two or three body shots before she is nudged back by a left to the face.

It is Swift though who is controlling the action, her footwork and straight punches are keeping Perry at range for most of the remainder of the round, till the bell rings to end it.

Neither looks too worried as they return to their corners, though the Fates corner is looking the happier after a good opening round that they hope will set the pace of the fight.

Round 2:
It's Taylor who starts off the faster thanks to her jab, doubling it up now to knock back the head of her opponent when she gets it through her mitts.

The challenger looks a little frustrated as she finds herself being kept back by the reach of Taylor, who seems to be loosening up more.

But Katy slips a jab to move in close to throw an overhand right into Taylor's cheek, following up with several body shots as she uses her raw strength to power the champ towards the ropes.

Even after being shoved back; Katy comes back in to force a heated exchange with the crowd roaring, the power advantage definitely seems to be in Katy's hands as she knocks her rival back with two left hooks across her face.

Taylor covering up as she is being pressed onto the ropes, with the bell ringing to end the round with Katy turning on her heel and returning to her corner looking intense, Jewel telling her to keep at Taylor till she breaks.

Round 3:
Both trade near the center of the ring as Katy comes out her corner quicker, forcing Taylor to fight more at midrange as they move around the ring.

Dipping under a right; Katy steps in with two left hooks under the ribs of Taylor, who groans out just before a right smacks her across her face.

The champ is on the defensive as Katy almost looks a machine the way she is working, piston like body shots are coming in as she drives Swift into a corner, forcing a clinch from Taylor to make the referee pull them apart.

Taylor gets into space where she lands some crisp straight punches into the top of Katy's head, giving her breath room as she starts to get some rhythm going.

An overhand right to her jaw though stop her momentum, Katy able to get in tight again as she bullies Taylor back onto the ropes.

The round ends with Jewel applauding Katy, who just stares across the ring at Taylor, while the champion looks a little bewildered how she keeps such a Juggernaut back, the Fates coach needing to give her a pep talk.

Round 4:
Katy continues to stalk Taylor around the ring, dipping her upper body down a little to dodge jabs coming at her head, then moving in close to land around the guard of the champ.

The former champion is showing off her skills as she bashes back Taylor with crisp body shots, Taylor groaning out with each hit as she is backed up along the ropes.

After another clinch; Taylor does manage sidestep Katy to land a straight to the side of her head, followed by a left hook.

Boxing more off the back foot, Taylor is catching Katy coming in as she is reading the challenger better now, stinging her face with counter shots.

With seconds to go in the round; Katy simply bullrushes Taylor into the ropes with her left shoulder, landing a right across the cheek of Swift just before the bell rings.

When Katy returns to her corner, Jewel is telling her to keep this up and the belt will be coming home, Taylor meanwhile gets washed down by her team, she looks angry as her coach tells her she can't let continue like this.

Round 5:
Katy comes out looking to pressure Taylor from the off again, the champ catches Katy stepping in with an uppercut, snapping the head back of the challenger.

Looking like she is stepping up a gear, Taylor bashes Katy back to the ropes with sweat coming off her head, with Katy needing to cover up.

Grabbing Taylor around the waist; Katy forces the referee to step in to break them apart, with their eyes locked in an intense stare as they start trading.

Katy steps in with a straight to the body, just missing with an overhand left that Taylor leans out the way, with Swift landing a double jab into the nose of Perry.

The round comes to an end with Taylor looking a little more relaxed after being on the back foot, her coach fist bumps her as she returns, telling Taylor "that's my gal, out box her!"

Round 6:
Dancing around Katy more with her jab digging into the puffy looking cheeks of Katy, Taylor is throwing more punches in volume now.

Ducking under a right though, Katy lands a left to the ribs, THEN LANDS AN UPPERCUT THAT SENDS TAYLOR TO HER BACK!

Jewel jumps up as she senses a win, 1...2...3... Taylor groans as she blinks to clear her head, 4...5...6.. Turning to her front and using the ropes, 7...8.. Taylor pulls herself up to beat the count, the referee checks her and allows her to continue.

Of course Katy comes flying at Taylor, swinging in shots to the face of the champ as she forces her back into a corner, desperately Swift pulls her into a clinch.

Separated by the referee; Taylor is stuck on the defensive as Katy keeps stepping forwards, till the bell rings to end the round, Katy showing emotion for the first time as she grins returning to her corner.

Round 7:
Katy comes out looking to finish this now, keeping on the front foot as the fighters trade single shots, Taylor fighting off the back foot as she looks to keep a safe distance from the power shots of the challenger.

Who slips a jab to land a right to the body, before Katy can really open up she is pulled down into a front headlock, Katy nearly tackles Taylor through the ropes as the referee has to rush in to pull them apart.

Once apart Katy comes swinging in with hooks, missing as Taylor gets her head out the way of the easily read punches, landing her own counter straights into the face of the smaller fighter.

The challenger dips under a straight to get in close to work, driving the younger fighter back onto the ropes, again Taylor grabs Perry into a clinch, doing anything so she can get a moment to recover fully.

The round ends with Katy marching back to her corner looking like she is wanting to get back our quickly to get back at Taylor.

Who is taking a deep breath in her corner, her body is reddened and she is looking worried, her coach tells her "look this is simple, right now you are handing that title over, step it up!" With Taylor nodding.

Round 8:
Both come out hard; trading near the center of the ring as Katy just simply keeps on the front foot, making Taylor have to step up her work rate to deal with the challenger.

Stepping to the left though; Taylor strikes Katy on her left eye to make Katy cry out, Taylor starts to counter her opponent as she gets back moving.

Katy is still landing some hard shots to the body, but is being made to work to get in tight as Taylor is catching her across the face each time she tries to.

A right to her nose makes Katy's guard open up, two more punches knock her head back with sweat flying off, Taylor knocking back Perry with punches snapping the head back of the challenger.

Now Katy is covering up as Taylor starts to work the body, Katy comes out her guard with a right cross as they start going toe to toe.

The bell sounds with Taylor looking to her corner who nod at her, happier with her effort, Katy though isn't worried as her cheeks are worked on, she is staring across at Taylor wanting to get at her.

Round 9:
Coming out to fight; Katy goes to step in with a left to the body, a left hook slams across the nose of Katy to make her cry out.

Blood is running from the nose of Katy as Taylor drills her punches at it, making Katy cover up and retreat as the first time in the fight she looks worried.

Taylor is now stalking Katy around the ring, throwing punches towards the head of the challenger, eyes locked on Katy as she steps on the front foot.

When Katy does throw out her guard; she gets caught to her face to make her step back as Swift keeps the pressure on her.

When the bell rings Katy has blood running down to her chin from her nose, the ringside doctor is watching closely as the Front Street corner looks to stop the bleeding.

While Taylor looks to her coach; who tells her "to be frank you need at least a knockdown, you probably need to end it before things go to the judges" with Taylor fist bumping her coach before the bell rings.

Round 10:
Katy gets the thumbs up to continue to fight, when her and Taylor come to the center of the ring, they bump fists before beginning to fight.

Feeling attack is the best defense; Katy is at Taylor straight away, head down as she works the body of the champ, forcing her around the outside of the ring.

Shoving Katy back; Taylor moves on the back foot catching Katy with a straight on the top of her head, opening up Katy to a left across her nose.

Katy backs up with tears in her eyes; Taylor goes to the body when she can't get to the face of the older fighter, making Katy try to throw over the top with hooks.

Needing to dance back; Taylor lands a double jab off the nose of Katy, A RIGHT ACROSS IT MAKES KATY FALL TO HER KNEES HOLDING IT!

Taylor raises her fists into the air as she slowly heads to a neutral corner, 1...2...3... Katy looks over at Jewel, who is telling her to stand with less then a minute to go, 4...5...6...7.. Katy shakes her head no as 8...9...10 she is counted out!

Winner and still FCBA lightweight champion Taylor Swift KO Round 10

Taylor can only lean against the turnbuckles of the corner she is in thanking a higher power, her first defence was an absolute war for her.

But as she looks at Katy in tears; she smiles as finally she has broken the duck against Katy, getting a win over her bitter enemy makes her stand up right with her arms in the air as she is cheered.

Katy on the other hand has the ringside doctor checking on her, after getting her nose cleaned up, the doctor wants to check it in the medical area in the back as Katy complains about it still hurting, hoping it isn't broken.

Jewel helps her out the ring as the crowd applaud Katy for her part in this fight, where Katy will feel more gutted when it sinks in how close she was to winning the title tonight.

Instead she'll be watching Taylor getting her hand raised as her coach puts the title around her waist, a big smile on her face as a "Swift!" Chant begins for the champ.

She hugs her coach as she admits "if it wasn't for you pushing me, I might have quit in that fight, you helped me out so much" her coach tells her she did all the work as they separate.

Posing at the center of the ring with her arms in the air, Taylor enjoys getting her photo taken with the title around her waist, telling the camera crew "I will be a real defending champion, I am the best in this ring!"

Leaving the ring with her coach, Taylor turns at the top of the aisle to pose with her hands on her hips, smiling as she enjoys the moment before heading to the back.



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