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13 July 2019 Tahnee Atkinson vs Behati Prinsloo

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Posted by OddManOut on July 13, 2019, 9:43 pm



Before: Last two welter challengers looking for bounce-back wins on the beach today. Behati still looking for her maiden beach win, responding to the question of whether a fighter of Tahnee’s sand-fighting reputation is the best choice: “Tractorpull may not consider my fight with Righetti news, but if I want to stay in the title picture I can’t go back to fighting Taylor and Abbie. Managers are finally looking for me, and I have to show this isn’t a fluke!”

Tahnee: “Kate, Bridget, Bo, Cam: doesn’t matter. They’re calling sooner rather than later. All I have to do is remind them why they can’t ignore me!”

Behati in purple demi-cup bikini, white gloves, hair loose over back and shoulders. Tahnee in white mono-kini, black X formed by the neck straps connecting to the waist, black gloves, hair wetted and slicked back. Ringposts in sand setup, both fighters barefoot.

R1: Behati outboxing Tahnee midring, but slugger making some adjustments on the fly. Atkinson starts shooting the jab more than usual, even though it’s missing, it's preventing Prinsloo from jumping in for meaningful contact. Behati in control with lateral movements much of the round, but down the stretch, she catches Tahnee a satisfying hook, doubles it to open Aussie gut and wades in to back with surprise slugging. Atkinson able to step back, load up the right leg and walk Prinsloo into a short right hand to the chin - blonde sent stomping back wide eyed on her heels at the bell. Tahnee steals a round from Behati with timely power - both girls bearing up well under the other's heat through the first three minutes.

R2: Behati not done showing her legs to Tahnee - using every inch of ring, spinning cute off the ropes, kicking up plenty of sand. Atkinson's following, just trying to make contact. Uneventful round till late: Prinsloo near the ropes, poking potshot right hands at Tahnee - blonde suddenly slices a left uppercut/hook, neatly timing a looping right and ATKINSON IS HURT! Tahnee's right hand sails, legs corkscrewing underneath her - she nearly pitches to the sand, but stumbles forward into the ropes instead. Sunny smile from Behati as she bops to her left, watching Atkinson struggle to pull herself together at the bell.

R3: Behati undressing Tahnee with delicious footwork; cutting in and out, turning her right flank. Prinsloo scoring quick one-twos, then mop up hooks, potshotting and scraping away as Atkinson turns. Costs her midway: Tahnee trying to find a seam, gets caught looking and Behati paralyzes her with a sudden chopping one-two on the mouth. Prinsloo reloads, jumps in a tasty hook on the chin, Atkinson nearly deposited on her keister at the ropes. Tahnee digs in as Behati enjoys her first finishing attempt, packing in thudding rights and lefts as brunette covers up stoic - but blonde just touching and tapping, keeping Atkinson defensive rather than really going after her. Meanspirited shoeshine to the breasts at the bell shows Behati's got sauce: she leaves Tahnee crimson cheeked with outrage for the break.

R4: Behati dulling the fight down, she’s got the lead and doesn’t need to brave Tahnee’s power. Atkinson hamstrung by the tactics - she's turning, trying to trap Prinsloo on the ropes, but the blonde’s too slick, escaping with smooth sidesteps and cute spins,. Crowd restless, Behati avoiding any kind of serious exchange, collecting pretty touches on Tahnee's tummy and face, then getting round a flank to take the fight back to midring, not getting anything but pitty-pat jabs in response.

R5: Tahnee's jab starts to work - channeling Behati, guiding her to the ropes where slugger can target her for banging right hands. Atkinson marking Prinsloo with stiff, strong stick, then leaning in with short, crunching rights - blonde's getting chin-checked and long legs aren't liking it. Behati caught time and again, shook, but managing to clinch for breaks - wily blonde hanging off Tahnee's neck, getting breaks, staggering away to regroup as brunette walks her down. Bruising bell to bell punching from Atkinson, but Behati survives it on guile - scored 10-8 without a knockdown, but Tahnee shaking her head in frustration nonetheless.

R6: Behati's feet still setting the table - she's able to shear in off angles and put tangy one-twos on Tahnee's chin and Aussie's starting to wobble. End of minute one, Prinsloo jabbing tummy, stepping right, suddenly puts the left/right sharp on the chin, ducks low under a sailing Aussie right and ATKINSON'S DOWN! Tahnee staggers to all fours and she's badly shaken - barely beating the count and resting numb at the ropes as ref checks her out. Behati moves in, squaring up, hands at her hips and slugging to get Atkinson out of there. Tahnee showing heart: she's hurt, but punching back, even tagging Behati hard enough to move the blonde around, if not back her off entirely. Prinsloo's work rate and determination pay dividends down the stretch, Atkinson breaking down as constant punching to her body has her stiff - she's a helpless beauty in final moments that see blonde tear away at will. Crowd screaming as Tahnee slumps to seat in the ropes, hands low, head lolling from crisp, deadly Prinsloo combinations. Bell sounds - Atkinson out on her feet, but refusing to go down - Behati sent away shaking her head and mumbling as Tahnee chins it out.

R7: Sharp clocking rights on the jaw, ripping hooks to the ribs have Tahnee floundering early, Behati sidesteps and sends the former champ spilling face first to the ropes. Prinsloo on the pounce: digging her way into Atkinson's body with chugging rights and lefts, stooping curvy beauty forward and GOES JUG! Relentless body work paving the way for a marauding rack attack as Tahnee leans forward and takes. Atkinson swaying on the spot, helpless hooters there for the taking - she bends right to haul a desperation left onto Prinsloo's ear, bends left to clap home a swinging right and BEHATI'S SWEPT TO HER BACKSIDE AT THE ROPES! Lariat punch doesn't land flush, but enough to put Prinsloo on the sand, blonde up quick, bouncing on the spot for her 8, anxious to get the knockdown back. HAMMER AND TONGS! Atkinson stubbing her jab, forcing Behati to walk through it, then leaning in with interceptor short right hands to blonde’s chin. Prinsloo caught again and again in a short period of time - she's put wobbly butt, staggering sideways at the bell as Atkinson bellows in triumph.

R8: Behati getting beaten to punches, Tahnee smelling opportunity: rangy, muscular power shots to the chin, starting to back her blonde up, legs shaky as the first minute ticks over. Prinsloo arms crossed as she tips forward: she's badly stung here, just trying to ride it out. Gorgeous, cranking hook takes Behati in her paunch, folding her up with a breathy groan: baby-stepping forward, she's hurt. Tahnee sidesteps right - Prinsloo tumbles face forward to ropes, Bossie Aussie bending into crashing right hands, sending Behati reeling sideways. Prinsloo stumbles to her right - Atkinson POURING in over the left shoulder, POUNDING away righty and DROPPING HER AT THE ROPES! Behati hounded across the ring and drilled to the sand - eyelashes fluttering, eyes half-open, legs out straight, hands quiet at her sides and it's OVER! KO8 in Thunder Goddess fashion for Tahnee Atkinson!

After: Prinsloo may be the break-out fighter of 2019, putting Tahnee DEEP in the hole through the first six rounds before standing up to a pounding that can and has put the welter top tier on the ground for longer than anyone had a right to expect. Behati being brought round on her stool, Tahnee not even making the trip, plopping down on the sand, chest heaving as she’s ministered to.

Titanic effort from both beauties as they put on one for the history books!



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