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26 July 2019 Madison Beer vs Ashley Tisdale

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 26, 2019, 12:00 am



Madison Beer versus Ashley Tisdale (Lookout! Tryout)

(Words & Results: Lookout!)

BEFORE: Tonight is rumored to be a tryout night for Madison Beer as she auditions for a stable spot in Lookout! Boxing, though this has been denied by Vanessa Hudgens, who states that the stable doesn’t need another flyweight. More importantly, they don’t need another flyweight who is publicly feuding with one of her best friends, Avril Lavigne or who is taking on another one of her best friends in Ashley Tisdale. Word is that Vanessa has taken to personally training with Tisdale, eager to put a stop to Beer’s career here in the early stages.

Madison, however, seems to be unfazed by this cool reception by her potential future stablemate, grinning, “I hope everybody is paying attention, because I plan to be the best d*** singer fighting in this league. Ashley barely counts, even though she did just release an album this year. I can out-sing anybody in this league and I can definitely out-hit anybody down here at my weight. So, I would say bring it on because I’m going to win tonight. Bet on that, b*tches”

“Of course, I’m not worried about Madison. Vanessa always trains with me, but she does want to make sure that if Lookout! signs somebody, they are the right choice. I’ve been in that stable before and I think if I knock out Beer tonight, I think they might make the smart decision to sign me again. I’ve still got what it takes - I’m a former flyweight champ, so Madison is in WAY over her head. If she can’t handle Avril, there is no way she can handle me. I’ll help my former and potentially future stable make the best decision by knocking this little girl out…”

Night of the fight sees Tisdale coming in a red and white striped bikini top, with matching bottoms and white gloves - hair short around her face - Madison in a tight pink bikini top with matching shorts, pink gloves and hair in a fighting ponytail. Rumors peg Vanessa Hudgens somewhere in attendance tonight to see the match, though Lookout! Requested Hudgens not be ringside tonight to try to get a fair scouting report without potential interference. The two of them appraise each other confidently as the ref instructs them both and the bell rings, to let the battle begin for ten rounds in the flyweight division...

During R1: Ashley in flat-footed closed stance - left shoulder pointed at Madison; left hand low; right hand at chest. Madison attacking via crisp left jabs - touching Ashley in the left shoulder/left-side ribs/left breast. Tisdale scowling - twitching the left hand like she wants to swat a counter-hook, but unable to pull the trigger. RIGHT HAND, Madison Beer! Madison pouring in over Ashley's left shoulder, smiting Ashley's chin...Tisdale stepping in fence post holes - torso tipping well forward of her feet. Madison jabbing to brown tummy; hooking full jug...Ashley slugged onto her heels, looking frazzled but rallying behind a swiping check hook to pre-empt a Madison pounce. Beer crouching low - feinting - jabbing: careful approach-poke putting Madison into good position to spring sudden right hands onto the Tisdale chin, taking advantage of Ashley's rust. Bell: Ashley touched up, blinking...Madison showing terrific velocity, killer-instinct in taking the fight to Tisdale early.

R2: Ashley flat footed, closed stance - she's frowning over her left shoulder at Madison - waiting on Beer, looking for counters. Madison sees the game, attacks behind a swift, smart double jab - ducking and bobbing on the spot. Swatting left hooks from Beer take Tisdale in left tit. Right hands slice in over Tisdale's left shoulder, ticketed for chin. Ashley rolling punches with her left shoulder - dipping/twisting in her stance, but not very active - it's mostly Madison getting off in bursts, then stepping out to avoid exchanges.

R3: More Madison circling, picking her spots to close, get off rapidamente, then duck out. Ashley scowling, turning in her closed stance - Tisdale rolling/slipping a fair number of Beer punches, but Madison's doing all the work, compiling touches. Beer landing the odd right hands to chin over Ashley's low left, but most of Madison's hard points scored via batting lefts or rights to Ashley's waist.

R4: There it is: Ashley rolls a Madison right - answers back the super-cute bolo right uppercut and puts Beer wobbly butt! Madison stepping in fence-post holes, jugs a-jumpin'...Tisdale hopping to, looking things over, then deciding a buggywhip right hand over Madison's left hip is the perfect torment for Beer. Madison looking scolded, stepping away...Ashley walking her down, but unhurried - Tisdale just stalking hurt prey.

R5: Madison perks it up - doubling up the jab on approach, getting Ashley to tip defensively to her right. Madison swatting hook to left jug; swiping the lashing, sidearm right to Ashley's back...bright, spanking clap of Madison's gloves on Ashley's flesh putting a cramped look of complaint on Tisdale's face. Madison steps-right, turning Ashley's left flank: Tisdale turning to stay square but curling into Madison's swinging right hands when she does. Ashley stung - bending at the waist/changing levels: when she does THAT, Madison sidesteps-right and turns Ashley's left flank again. Like that - Madison working angles, turning Ashley into sneaky punches, landing good crisp sock body and head. Bell: bright smile Madison; Ashley lumping up, frowning, just not matching the pace.

R6: Ashley in closed stance, trying to edge in behind the left shoulder, get some push on Madison and fight from there. Beer triggering combinations, peppering Tisdale about her breasts/pecs/head: Ashley bending and rolling-torso in the pocket - coming up out of the crouch to clip hooks to Madison's chin. BEER’S LEGS GIVE A SHIMMY! Madison showing wounded eyes, stumbling to her right, bringing her hands up: Ashley over to the attack - fetching Madison a nice fat right roundhouse loud to left flank PAK! Beer retreating wobbly-butt to apron, dukes cheek-high, but an inch or two away from her face. Ashley pouring in, teeth bared: Tisdale twisting into a POUNDING right to face, splitting Madison's mitts, knocking her back to ropes. Madison chops a tidy right, clipping Ashley's chin: both girls trigger hooks with Madison's landing first...THERE GO ASHLEY'S LEGS! Ashley swooning on the spot, but prepping a right from her hip: Madison twitches in another - harder - left hook, punching Ashley to chin and TISDALE GOES DOWN! Ashley's legs giving way - she spills down and to her left, rotating to sled-in on her back. Madison frazzled, hair across her eyes as she's stumbling away...Ashley hands up over her head, moaning in shock, knees rising and falling as feet push at canvas and it's OVER! KO6 Madison Beer!

AFTER: Just like that, Madison Beer has won her first match in the league as she beams, bringing her hands over her head as she beams out to the crowd, her chest rising and falling with excitement. Just unable to contain her jubilation as she practically trembles, calling for a microphone and receiving one very quickly. Catching it in her hands as she holds up, beaming, “I know that chubby little Canadian Avril thought I wouldn’t stick around, but guess what? I just won my first match and it sure won’t be my last. In fact, people who get their overrated ass beat by me get to join what is currently a very exclusive club, but its membership is going to keep expanding…” as she saunters over to her corner. Taking a tube of lipstick and her cell phone from her friend as she snickers, then walking over to a still prone Tisdale. Shoving her to her back with little to no resistance as she scribbles across her tummy the word “Beer’s B*tch…” with the lipstick as she sticks out her tongue, posing next to Tisdale and taking a SELFIE!! Ashley apoplectic, shaking with fury as she tries to push free and cover her abs, but Madison holding her in place as she laughs.

Finally, Ashley is able to squirm to freedom as Madison licks her lips with excitement as she says into the microphone, “Beer’s B*tches. Ashley is the first and there are SO many more who are going to join her. That’s a fact…” as she pops up to her feet, as suddenly there is movement coming from the stands as Vanessa Hudgens charges in. Madison raises an eyebrow as she grins, then slides out of the ring, bringing her lips up to the mic as she whispers, “Ooopsie. I know you two are BFFs, but I’ll see you in the gym soon, stable sister…” as Vanessa is being held back by several staff now, cursing as she expresses confusion as to what Madison means. Then, she sees a limo pull up and the back door is opened to reveal none other than Paris Hilton as Madison slides into the back seat. Tossing the microphone to the floor as she is offered a drink of water, toweling off her sweaty bod as she flips Vanessa off and the limo pulls away as it appears Madison will be the newest member of the Lookout! Boxing stable.

If that’s the case, she certainly hasn’t gotten off to a good start with her fellow flyweight but tonight, at least, everything is coming up Madison as she wins her first match and appears to be receiving a coveted stable slot in the process. With Madison’s confidence, we wouldn’t want to be her next opponent and with Vanessa’s legendary temper, we wouldn’t want to be her next opponent either. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two and the rest of the league will undoubtedly be watching to see how long these two can co-exist on the same team. We can only hope Lookout! knows what they are doing...



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