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26 July 2019 Amanda Seyfried vs Kristen Bell

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 26, 2019, 11:56 pm



Amanda Seyfried vs. Kristen Bell
(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)



"It's funny," says Krissy with a smile. "I remember when everyone around here was all about Amanda. She was going to be a big thing and all that. Well. We all saw what happened. She's just not that good. And, she's not NEARLY good enough to beat ME."

"You know what's going to happen TONIGHT," a hard-eyed Seyfried says. "I'm going to kick Kristen Bell's overrated a**."


Amanda physical early, stepping to bell, letting her have it to both head and body. Not exactly damning all torpedoes, but not being especially mindful of them, either. She wants to make a statement here, and she's making it, backing up the older blonde and forcing her to cover up repeatedly. Bell's been here before. Early aggression doesn't surprise or discombobulate her. Instead, she manages it as best she can, gives ground, plays defense. That strategy works to a point. Seyfried never lands any huge punches or hurts the former champion. But, she does pile up a lot of touches and a lot of points. By the final seconds, Amanda's in total control, and she finishes off a great round with a solid combination that forces Kristen to cover up one final time. When the bell rings, it's Seyfried wide and with the 10-9 lead.


Seyfried continuing the aggression, but, now Krissy's got a plan to counter it in effect. She's not retreating now but using a slide step, turning Seyfried, making her continue to adjust and reset, and, while the younger blonde is doing that, Bell, in good spots, gets off with both hands, landing solid combinations to both head and body. Amanda's quickly frustrated. She can't get off, can't line Krissy up, and can't possibly pick off all the hard, accurate leather Bell is tossing her way. Like Kristen herself in the first, Amanda's never hurt, but she's taking a ton of leather, and Bell's piling up points just like Seyfried did in the previous round. By the bell, Amanda's frustration is boiling over and she steps forward, ties Krissy up and tosses her to the canvas. The ref is quickly between them and the bell rings, ending any further action. On the cards, it's Bell wide and we're even at 19.


Bell still out-boxing Amanda. Seyfried just can't seem to find an answer to all the angling the older fighter's doing. Krissy so good at this. She's always been great with geometry, and she's using it to flummox Seyfried like it would a kindergartner. Amanda's game. She's working hard, but all of that work isn't bearing any fruit. She's rarely in position to get off, and Bell ALWAYS seems to be. Result is a repeat of the previous round, with Bell, basically, picking Seyfried apart, building up a huge lead. In the final 30 seconds, Krissy slows the pace, conserving some energy and playing things carefully to protect the big lead she's built up over the first two and a half minutes. Amanda's finally able to get a little something when that happens, but it's much too little, much too late. At the bell, it's, um, Bell, wide again and now up 29-28.


Seyfried solving some problems now. She's matching footwork better, getting square, getting to spots where she can punch. Bell responding with combinations of her own and we've got two-way stuff for the first time in the contest. Both blondes getting off lusty in spots, forcing the other onto the defensive, briefly, but, for most of the three minutes, it's exchange after exchange of hard, accurate stuff. For the fourth straight round, nobody's hurt, but, make no mistake, everybody's FEELING some of this leather, because there's definitely power behind it, especially in the final 30 seconds, when both fighters turn up the heat in an effort to grab the points in what's been a very close stanza. Flurry after flurry is exchanged right up to the bell, and, when it rings the ref is quickly between the fighters to send them back to their corners. On the cards, it's close, but Seyfried, and we're even at 38.


Seyfried's got the geometry down now. She's creating exchanges, and that's the game plan. Younger blonde believes if she can force the older fighter to exchange, she's going to come out on top. And, for the moment, at least, she's right. It's Amanda who's getting the better of the trades, landing more and harder shot. Kristen's not getting dominated or anything, but she's getting outpointed on these ter...BOOM! Right hand, Bell and Seyfried is HURT! Amanda wobbles, nearly goes down, and a quick, accurate flurry from Bell follows and DOWN GOES AMANDA! Seyfried lying stunned on her back as Krissy heads to a neutral corner, all smiles. Amanda watching, dazed, as the referee counts, finally draping an arm across her eyes as the count passes her by. It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is Kristen Bell!


Kristen grinning from ear to ear. "See? This is what I told you," the former champ crows. "Amanda's no bum or anything, but she's just a fighter, that's all. Nothing special. Not a champion, like ME."




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