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26 July 2019 Emma Watson vs Anna Kendrick

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on July 26, 2019, 11:55 pm



Emma Watson versus Anna Kendrick

Results: Lookout!; Words: Caspian

(28, 5’6, 24:21 FCBA, VIXENs)
(33, 5’2, 17:17 FCBA, Free Agent)



“It’s kinda sad to see how far Anna has fallen, don’t you think?” Emma smiling innocently by ring-side as reporters ask her about her opponent tonight. “She was once the Flyweight champion, and now she’s in the middle of nowhere, whereas I feel like I’m definitely on the way up. It’s gonna be an easy comeback match for me tonight, I hope!”

Anna Kendrick caught scoffing at the other side of the ring, looking great in a black bikini top and bottom, a white shawl over her shoulders. “Emma doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She went down in flames the last time we fought, and I deflated that balloon before you could say the words ‘tea and crumpets.’ Tonight, I intend to do so again.”

Girls meet for the first time in the middle of the ring, Emma looking toned and ready to go in off-white wrappings around her chest and blue bikini bottoms, red gloves touching up with Anna’s bright yellow. There goes the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds of Flyweight action!


Anna Kendrick with some dominating comeback action - she’s had her share of ups and downs lately and perhaps thinks this might be the perfect comeback opportunity to floor little old Hermione Granger. Emma on the other hand still moving a little too hesitant and cautious, lets her guard get pounded on for a good three minutes, even more carelessly allowing a few of Anna’s jabs to hit her on the face and body. Kendrick with the aggression so far and let’s just hope she can sustain this momentum. Watson showing some life only in the final few seconds of the round, returning a flurry into Anna’s face but not doing nearly enough to salvage it.


Here we really go, with both girls coming in close and firing away shots to the face with mutual abandon. Anna finally getting a taste of what Watson can do, when the Brit slams a right hook clean into the side of her head. Kendrick lets fly a return hook, but it’s ducked under, and Watson gleefully stings her nose hard with a three-jab quick combo, driving her back. Kendrick’s eyes watering in pain, covering and moving, and cue Emma Watson as she roars in to try and capitalise. Kendrick suddenly in trouble as her body peppered and salted with straight hands as Watson picks and chooses her targets. Kendrick clinching up with her rival in the final minute but it’s another bad move - the four-inch taller Watson just smothering her back into the ropes, lips curled down on her forehead as she buries fists repeatedly into the midsection. Bell rings and Anna’s left breathless and panting on the ropes after allowing herself to get manhandled like that - it ain’t gonna do her any favours with the judges.


Ladies back to establishing their long-range dominance, exchanging blows from afar and then scooting away before their rival can rush in and bully. Watson is the one trying to close the distance fast, reminded of her height advantage that she can use to full effect, but Emma can’t quite get past Anna’s wall of jabs, the American letting them fly willy-nilly in the hopes that any opponent ain’t brazen enough to power her way through that amount of pain. And she’s right - final minute and both ladies are left tired out from just trying to score something significant.


Kendrick grinning behind her gloves as she rinses and repeats, keeps herself moving backwards and letting her jabs do the talking. Incredibly frustrating for Watson as one can imagine, who’s unable to score even with her long reach advantage. Emma trying to push her own right hand straight through to sting and shock, clearly aiming for Kendrick’s nostrils but really, any part of her smug face will do at this point. No dice, however, as Anna simply targets the Brit’s face and body that have been left undefended, repeatedly burying shots into Emma’s gut and then snapping her head back with an uppercut that grazes the jawline in the third minute. Watson dazed but steadying herself, a little more hesitant to engage after having learnt her lesson. We wind down the third minute, finally seeing the dangerous side of Anna Kendrick, who became Flyweight champion for a reason, you know. Round ends and Anna’s never looked more spectacular and promising, even as a Free Agent.


Mostly a dead round compared to the others, as Emma plays the cautious card and remains far out of range, only jabbing occasionally and when convenient. Anna however looking incredibly disappointed that her tactics are no longer working with her opponent refusing to play along, her jabs hitting at the air in front of Emma’s nose. Second minute and both girls score a double flurry the nostrils and lips, but they elicit surprise rather than actually hurting, and the two girls simply circle back out and resume their fast dance. It’s not until the last minute when Watson gets a lucky break, diving under a sudden right hand from Kendrick as the punch sails straight over her head. Fraction of a second as Watson rises back up, her right hand already cocked and aimed - BLAST TO THE PAST as Anna’s head snaps upwards as that uppercut lands HARD! OUCH!! Anna Kendrick flying into the ropes and hovers, feet shaky and arms desperately clawing at the top rope. Watson FLYING in, left and rights buried into her gut, then hooks crashing into Anna’s upper torso with reckless abandon - TOO LATE - bell rings and the referee pulls the thrashing Brit off of her prey, giving Anna some much needed time and space to reorientate herself!


Suddenly the tables have appeared to have been turned - Anna Kendrick still looking dazed and unsure of herself as she stumbles forward in the sixth. Emma testing the initial shoreline as she jabs at her face, scoring once, twice, THREE times on the nostrils, knocking Anna’s head back repeatedly and with barely any resistance from the American. Anna puts up a lazy guard, getting her tummy sacked as she groans and bends over from more hooks landing. Emma gets BOLD and cashes those chips in, SWATS hard at Anna’s face, one side UGHH, other side HGGGNHH - Kendrick rolled across the ropes and then finally PLUNGES face down to the ground, her head propped up by the middle rope! Referee counts her all the way out to 10 - she’s barely made any effort to get back up! It’s all over!

Official Decision: Emma Watson defeats Anna Kendrick via KO6!


An excellent comeback for Emma Watson as she puts another former Flyweight champion on her back and therefore aligning herself for another shot at the straps one day. Watson grinning as she celebrates modestly in her corner, hugging her teammates and trainers one by one, then raising a hand high into the crowd.

Meanwhile, Anna Kendrick still groaning as she manages to sit back up, her back to the middle rope as medics swarm her side to check for a concussion.

“I knew that this time would be different,” Emma beaming to reporters later on backstage. “She managed to surprise me a couple of times in there, but I think overall, I got the jump on her. Oh yeah, anytime she wants a rematch, she knows where to find me.”



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