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26 July 2019 Lucy Hale vs Michelle Williams

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Posted Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 2:44pm


Lucy Hale versus Michelle Williams

Results: Lookout Writing: Archer

Lucy: 30 YO, 5’2 (1.57 m), 29-29-0, 28 KO since 2010, Pretty Little Punchers

Michelle: 38 YO, (1.63 m), 144-67-7, since 1999, Hawkeye International

Before: “I usually like to tease my opponents about their youth,” says Mish at the pre-fight press conference. But I see Lucy has turned the ‘Big 3-0’ so that won’t work. I think what I can point is that after 10 years and 68 fights, poor Lucy is only .500. That is better some other losers on her squad, but, it still seems like a lot of effort for a managed fighter with mediocre to show for it. It’s rather sad, especially since I plan on dropping her below .500 again by beating her into a whimpering wreck on the canvas.”

Lucy takes all this calmly: “You know Dani Fishel once told me you once were a nice person, but then you left the old Tank Enterprises stable for HISC She thinks you didn’t really change, you just became the nasty really are at heart. So you can diss all you want, it won’t make any difference to me.”

Mish suddenly scowls: “Don’t you mention Fishel to me. She was always jealous of me and tried to undermine me at TE. Best thing I ever did was leave those now-forgotten has-beens and join a REAL organizations. HISC and I have been a happy couple ever since I came here. You listen to Fishel and you’ll end up a jobber she has, picking up towels in the Focfire gym.”

“Oh my,” said Lucy, “I must hit a nerve. Most people have no idea you were at TE with Dani and a much nicer person—or at least you seemed to be.”

“I was a fool!” Mish snaps, but then changes her tone: “That’s all in the past. This is 2019 and I am going pound you down Lucy Hale and enjoy it.”

“Like you, too, Mishy, like you too. Havr a good day,” Lucy said and strolled off the stage leaving Mish looking red-faced.

Autumn Reeser the PLP Communications Director was standing in the wings: “Good job, there aren’t many who get the last word in with Mish Williams.

“Thank you, but now I have to get the last punch in against her in our fight,” Lucy said.

Fight night finds Lucy entering in the ring in red with black trim bra and panties. Small red boots and red gloves (with black laces). Her bobbed brunette hair is loose, but wetted down. Mish Williams is in silver grey bra and panties with dark grey small boots and gloves (light grey laces). Her close cut blonde hair is wetted down. Both fighters looking tough and ready for business. The ring instructions are gotten through efficiently and the fighters are soon in their corners. The bell rings..;.

R1: Lucy moving quickly towards mid-ring and starts circling Mish, firing in punches as she goes. Mish seems to be looking the younger woman over, she’s maintaining a good defensive jab whenever Lucy lingers too long, but not showing much offense herself. Lucy seems to trying to work her way in close and finally scores with a series of digging hooks to Mish’s belly. Michelle dropping back with a grunt of discomfort, using her jab to punish Lucy to the head, but Lucy is determined. Lucy scores with sudden right to the jaw and then has tasty shots into the Mish jugg line. Mish looking bottled up this round, but seems calm under pressure down to the bell. Opening round goes to Lucy Hale wide.

R2: Michelle Williams has apparently seen enough. When new round begins, she’s on the move quickly and goes hammering in on Lucy Hale. Lucy walks into a furious barrage of leather that sends her spilling backwards. Mish really pouring it on as she strikes at head and body then she stuffs more into Lucy’s flanks, really lighting up those side ribs. Lucy reduced to covering up and trying to get her defenses organized under the relentless Mish Williams attack. Lucy finally able to make a sudden cut and run to buy herself some time to set up. Mish hot after the younger boxer. Lucy takes a stand behind her jab. She does manage to stall the Mish attack, but it’s only good enough to keep from getting shutout on the judges’ cards as Michelle Williams takes this round wide.

R3: Michelle right back at Lucy as soon as the new round gets started. Mish striking at Lucy to the head, bouncing her shots off Lucy’s noggin as the brunette tries to take cover behind her gloves. Then Lucy stabs out with her jab and smacks Mish full in the mouth. Mish knocked back a couple of steps and Lucy quickly counterattacks against Mish to the belly and breasts. Mish recovers and battles back with a body attack on her own. Mish showing special interest in hammering Lucy to the breasts, but then adds some nasty hooks to the belly. Lucy having to give ground, but she’s still fighting back as the two them pound it out to the wire. The bell rings and they have to step back. Sweat dripping from their bodies, they glare at each before turning away. The judges give the round to Mish Williams, but Lucy Hale has made it close.

R4: Lucy and Mish pick up where they left off: it’s out to the center of the ring and in close with sustained body banging action. Mish trying to force Lucy back, but Lucy sets her feet and puts extra power into the punches she’s firing into the blonde veteran’s body. Mish trying to reply in kind, but Lucy is able to keep Mish from setting her own feet. Mish being driven back punch by punch by Lucy, even though Mish keeps a steady stream of counters going into the brunette’s straining body. Intense, crowd-pleasing action down to the bell once again. Referee has to step in to make sure Lucy and Mish stop at the bell. They again give each other defiantly hostile looks before marching to their respective corners.

R5: The action resumes as the bell rings and the two fighters head for each other. However, this time Mish opts to circle around Lucy and try to draw her off balance. Lucy circling right with her, not biting on the feints and striking back hard whenever Mish comes in. Mish decides to press the issue, she comes forward, aiming at Lucy’s head to make her duck, but then unloading to the body. Lucy moves to one side, forcing Mish to follow and suddenly Lucy comes blasting in with a lighting right to the chin. Mish freezes in shock and Lucy pumps in quick left/right uppercuts to the blonde’s exposed chin! AND MISH TAKES A SEAT ON THE CANVAS! Mish’s knees buckle and deposit her to the canvas where she sits with a dumbfounded expression on her face. Lucy trots off to the neutral corner. Referee moves in and starts counting. Mish shakes it off and rises at “EIGHT!” She does not look happy and waves a glove at Lucy to beckon her in even before the referee can authorize it. Lucy approaches with caution and, sure enough, Mish charges at her, apparently trying for a knockdown on her own. Lucy has her defenses ready and the two exchange hotly to the body. Mish unable to get in a knockdown punch, finally pulls away as Lucy advances striking at the blonde’s body down to the end of the round. Lucy Hale wins this one wide thanks to that knockdown. Lucy and Mish have a sharp exchange of words and referee has to intervene. No lack of ill-will as this fight reaches its mid-point.

R6: Mish counterattacking as soon as the bell sounds to begin the new round. She is out of her corner and trying to plow into Lucy. Lucy fights off the attempted blitz and the two move out to mid-ring where they are now both circling and stabbing punches at mainly the head and face. Punches are landing and both faces are getting bruised and swollen, but it isn’t slowing either boxer down. Then Mish goes to the body and we are back in intense toe-to-toe action as they bring rapid-fire punches into breast, ribcages and bellies. Lucy giving Mish back punch for punch, but then Mish clouts Lucy with an unexpected right to the side of the head. Lucy lurches off to one side, gloves up around her ringing head, but Mish staying with her to keep the punches going into the brunette’s midsection. Time runs out on the round. Mish steps back and gives Lucy a sneering smile. Lucy not liking it, starts towards Mish, but is headed off by the referee. Mish Williams wins a close round.

R7: Lucy Hale seemed determined show more offense in the next round as she moved to attack Michelle Williams very quickly after the bell. Mish seemed to have the same idea and they clashed in a swirling, circling battle in the middle of the ring. At first, it was Lucy landing head shots that seemed to shake Mish. However, Mish then answered with head shots of her own, that sent tremors through Lucy’s legs. Lucy swung around Mish and then came in, this time to the body with hooks to the midsection. Mish was moving quickly from side to side to blunt this attack. Lucy began to lunge, trying to get at the evasive blonde. Suddenly, Mish caught Lucy as she was lunging forward and brought a right to her jaw. Lucy spun away, arms suddenly dropping to her sides, and her legs shuddering. Mish leaped in front of the clearly glassy-eyed Lucy and unloaded a classic right cross/left hook combo to the chin. DOWN WENT LUCY HALE! Lucy was lifted off her feet and sent crashing onto her back and shoulders. Moments later Lucy’s lower body and legs thudded to the canvas. She lay there, her head turned to one side and seemed to sleeping peacefully. Mish headed for the neutral corner and watched with interest as the referee went through the formalities:

‘’EIGHT!....NINE!...TEN!”… YER OUT!”


After: “I told you I would drop her back under .500 and I did,” smirks Mish to the press. “I admit she didn’t exactly end up a ‘whimpering wreck on the canvas’, but I think a ‘sleeping wreck on the canvas’ is close enough. It was interesting while it lasted, but once again I showed my superiority and a younger fighter went down. No I think I’ll head out to celebrate. Poor Lucy will have to spend the night with some ice bags and lots of regret.”

Lucy Hale speaks to the press later after she’s been checked out by the PLP medical staff: “Yeah, it’s a painful loss, I really want to shut her up, but I couldn’t quite do it. Sure I got that knockdown, but she got up and I couldn’t do it when my turn came. She’s right about me and the ice bags, but I don’t plan to regret anything more than losing. I have lost enough fights to know you can’t dwell on them. I’ll be getting another fight soon and I wil concentrate on that.”

This was a very enjoyable and competitive fight that probably could have gone either way. However Mish Williams once again showed she’s one of the best ring generals out there. She had her troubles, but she came back, found her opening and put out Lucy Hale’s lights in the 7th. Lucy Hale showed a lot of good stuff tonight, but not enough of it to beat Mish Williams. Still, losing to Mish is no disgrace and we expect she will bounce back shortly. Meanwhile Mish remains a dangerous veteran and one her fans are always eager to see in action.




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