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26 July 2019 Kim Kardashian vs Natalie Alyn Lind

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 2:39pm


Kim Kardashian versus Natalie Alyn Lind (JMD)
Results: Lookout Writing: Archer
JMD Bout
Kim: 38 YO, 5’3 (1.60 m), 34D 8-22-0, 8 KO) since 2008, Global Boxing Syndicate

Natalie: 20 YO, 5’5 (1.65 m), 34 C, 9-4-0, (KO since 2017, Foxfire Boxing

Before: “I have not been impressed with Natalie Lind,” Kim K pronounces at the pre-fight. “She hasn’t won a fight this year. I think she’s just another over-hyped kid with big boobs and nothing else. I admit, I may not have a great record on paper, but I have new management who know how to handle me in the most effective way. This blonde bimbette is for jugg mugging breakdown!”

Natalie Alyn gives Kim a disrespectful sneer: “She’s way older than me, she’s giving me two inches, and I hear she couldn’t fight her way out of wet paper back. You would think someone would have warned you don’t go dissing ‘Nasty Natty’ before a JMD fight. Guess some old cows never learn!”

Kim and Natalie are in white shirts tied beneath their impressive chests and short shorts (black for Kim and hot pink for Nat). Kim now stalks across the stage and rams her hooters into Natalie’s chest.

“Don’t you call me an ‘old cow’ you plastic titted punk!” Kim says, shoving the slightly taller young blonde back on her heels.

“My tits are real and you are old and you got the melons of a Jersey dairy cow!” Natalie hissed.

Kim turns red in the face and gives Natalie a slap across the face. Natalie responds with a slap of her own to the brunette. Then Kim rips off Natalie’s tee and reveals the pale pink satin bra underneath. Natalie swiftly rips away Kim’s tee reveal her white lace bra. The two them ram their breasts together several times, but this becomes a stalemate. Then Kim shows unexpected wrestling talent, by grabbing Natalie by the wrist and hip tossing her to the stage floor. Kim holds onto the wrist and gets Natalie’s right arm locked behind her back. Kim then reaches down into Natalie’s shorts and comes up with the back of what appears to be a pink thong. Kim yanks up in a wedgie that ha Natalie howling in pain and fury.

Then FCBA Security men finally rush out and break it up. Natalie is helped from the ring by Foxfire’s youthful assistant Bailee Madison, Natalie can be seen delicately remocing the thongs from her nether regions and tearfully vowing:

“I’ll make that mean old bytch pay for this!”

Meanwhile Kim allows herself to be escorted from the stage. She greeted in the wings by GBS trainer Daisy Fuentes who gives her a supportive hug.

“Now just make sure you leave her crying in the ring,” Daisy says.

“That’s my goal now. ‘Kim K: The Nasty Nat Tamer’,” Kim said with a laugh and the two disappeared back stage.

An altercation like that, especially when done in front of a crowd of reports and camrrta people, is bound to attract social media attention. JMD fans seem love this sort of fracas and interest in the actual bout is soaring. JMD fans in the crowd are even more wild and raucous as the fighters come to the ring. Kim is accompanied by trainer Daisy Fuentes and teammate Victoria Justice. She enters the ring and removes her robe to reveal red satin bra and bikini panties with black lace trim. She has red gloves and small boots with black laces. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail with a red bow.

Natalie Alyn Lind is accompanied to the ring by trainer Virginia Madsen with Bailee Madison. Natalie is in a knitted cream white two piece bra and briefs. She has white gloves and boots with black laces, Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail (white bow).

Tense ring instructions as the two fighters keep bodying up on each other with boob and hip bumps. Referee has to issue stern finger-wagging warnings to restore order. Two subside and listen as the instructions are given. Two ram their gloves together instead of tapping them. More scolding from the referee before the two finally get back to their corners. They jog in place (which not keeps them loose, but offers fans some jugg jiggling as well). Bell finally rings and it is ON!....

R1: Natalie came charging forward and went right for Kim K’s hooters with her opening punches which drove straight shots into her bra cups, Kim, however, fired her first punches as rights and lefts into Natalie’s jaw. Nat reeled back on rubbery gams as Kim now added some hooks to the belly to double Natali up, Only now, with Natty’s big boobs hanging there, did Kim bring vengeful uppercuts crashing into the vulnerable milk makers. Natalie looked confused and disorganized as she pawed her jab at Kim trying to keep the rampaging brunette back. Kim was showing good discipline as she drove Natalie across the ring striking at the belly and head to keep the blonde dazed, but making sure her juggs were worked over steadily. It was quite the body punching clinic as Natalie was only able to stall Kim’s attack late with a series of last ditch jabs to the mouth and eyes. The bell rang as Kim Kardashian strode to her corner, the winner by a wide margin, and a shell-shocked looking Natali Alyn Lind made her way to her stool.

R2: Natalie seemed to recover quickly enough on her stool and started glaring angrily across the canvas. Virginia Madsen was trying to talk to the young fighter, but Natalie seemed more interested in her opponent. For her part, Kim was sitting on her stool and calmly chatting with trainer Daisy Fuentes. Kim then seemed to notice Natalie’s dirty looks in her direction and waved back which made Natalie even more agitated. The bell soon rang.

Out came Natalie like a shot and she looked ready to knock Kim out of the ring. However, Kim was more than ready with another burst of head shots that broke up Natalie’s charge. Natty staggered back and Kim was now free to pound those blonde puppies in leather storm. Her breasts battered from right to left to right, then suffered with uppercuts to the undersides of her bra cups. Natalie did manage to get her jab going a bit sooner this round, but it only slowed Kim until the brunette could step to one side and ram a right into the side of Nat’s head. Natalie was sent lurching into the ropes and Kim surged forward to pin her there. Natalie managed to cover her face, but her torso took a thunderous pounding with her already aching breasts suffering the most attention. Natalie was sagging against the ropes by the time the bell sounded. Natalie had to grab the top rope to steady herself. Kim gave the blasted blonde a sniff of derision and then went off to her corner. Natalie staggered to her own corner, holding her breasts as tears could be seen rolling down her cheeks.

R3: Virginia Madsen seen speaking sternly to her young charge. Now Natalie was paying attention and nodding to the veteran trainer’s words. Exactly what Virginia Madsen was advising was not clear, but when she came out, Natalie was moving in a much more disciplined manner. Kim could see that Natalie was not about to reckless come at her this round, so she decided to attack first. Kim opened up with some shots to the head, but now Natalie was able to evade the incoming and she countered to the brunette’s chin with a fast right. Kim’s head was swivel by the right and Natalie quickly followed with some clipping lefts and rights to the chin. Kim fell back, her legs shaking and her guard up high. Only now did Natalie go at Kim’s melons with a vengeful barrage of boob banging punches. Kim was forced to bring hr gloves down as she backed up and Natalie drove straight shots into her face. Red swollen flesh began to ring both Kim’s eyes and blood trickled from one nostril. Her gloves went back up high and Natalie pounded her the belly before working her way to punch more jugg. Kim was falling back rapidly and trying to stay off the ropes. She was able to avoid being trapped on strands at the bell, but she was pummeled hard to the body as time ran out on the stanza. Natalie stepped back and simply went to her corner, ignoring the shell-shocked Kim, who trudged slowly back to her stool.

R4: GBS corner crew work hard to repair the damage to Kim as she sags on her stool during the break. Natalie seems to be trying hard not to look and pay attention only to Virginia Madsen. However, Nat can be seen sneaking looks at the battered brunette and a wolfish smiles comes to her lips. Bell rings. Natalie again shows discipline as she comes out and heads for Kim who has her gloves up in a tight defense. Natalie hooking to the belly, moving from side to side to pop shots into the sides of Kim’s head. Kim trying to protect her head and her chest, but those high shots are keeping her mitts up high. Natalie again to the belly, but then shifts to firing away at Kim’s breasts with dazzling intensity. Kim retreats from the attack on her juggs, but now Natalie cuts her off and drives her into the ropes. Kim struggling to protect her puppies as Natalie lashes away at that red and black bra. Kim’s guard dropping and Natalie seized the chance to slam right after right into her jaw. Kim’s knees give out and Natalie stands back as Kim crashes to the canvas next to the ropes. Kim stretched out and groaning as Natalie heads for the neutral corner. Referee moves in and starts counting. Kim pushes her upper body up with her arms and grabs the nearby ring ropes to try to pull herself up, but as she tries to get to her feet, her legs fail her, She drops her knees and wraps her arms around her aching breasts. Tears of frustration run down her cheeks as she hears:



After: Wild scene in the ring after the fight. Natalie can’t wait to have her gloves removed and she rushes across the ring. Kim has made it to her feet, but grasping the top rope for support. Suddenly Natalie shoves the referee aside and uses her left hand to twist the back of Kim’s panties into a narrow band and yanks upwards in a vengeful wedgie! Kim howls in protest and Natalie now uses her free right hand to spank Kim’s exposed buns!

This is too much for Victoria Justice. She leaps into the ring with a metal bucket of water and dumps the water over Natalie’s head! She then puts the bucket over Natalie’s head and bangs it until Natalie is staggering away with her ears and head ringing. Victoria then helps Kim from the ring. Bailee Madison rushes out to get the bucket off Natalie and lead her away.

Well, JMD fans are known for liking their favorite style of fight rowdy and they certainly got that tonight. Young Natalie got reckless in the early going and paid the price. Kim K showing some good boxing skills which made the fight more competitive than Natalie Lind, for one, was expecting. However, Natalie’s corner managed to get her calmed down after two bad rounds. The more disciplined approach helped Natalie seize control of the fight in the 3rd and win it in the 4th. If Natalie can remember the lessons of this fight it should enable her build on the win. As for Kim, no doubt the loss was a painful one, she did show some signs she’s learning the game much better under GBS supervision and this may help her in future fights.




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