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26 July 2019 Dakota Johnson vs Rosario Dawson

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 2:07pm


Dakota Johnson versus Rosario Dawson

(Words: GBS / Results: Lookout!)

Dakota begins her career with the Global Boxing Syndicate tonight with a bout against Rosario Dawson.

She speaks highly of her new stable, trainers and how she has improved and tonight she was going to show that Dakota Johnson was not a jobber or stepping stone boxer anymore.

Rosario was cheerful and said she was anxious to see the new Dakota Johnson.

Dakota came in to the ring sporting a black bikini top and black short type bottoms cut high. She had black gloves on to complete the outfit.

Rosario wore a red two piece bikini with red gloves.

Round 1:

Dakota came to the center of the ring and met Rosario as both boxers came out with fists flying. Dawson’s left was soon in Johnson’s face and backing her up. Soon Rosario was pumping gloves into Dakota’s midsection. Johnson stiffens her defense and begins to block Dawson’s punches. Soon Dakota gets off the ropes and opens up on Rosario. Johnson goes right into Dawson’s body with left hooks and hard rights as starts to batter Dawson’s body. Soon Johnson is driving Dawson back as she has her on the run as it were. Dakota has now set herself up in front of Rosario in front of the ropes.

A huge overhand right from Johnson buckles Dawson’s legs. Two more punches put Dawson in the ropes.

The bell rang as the round ended with the fighters boxing in or along the ropes. Dakota won the round widely.

Round 2:

After dropping the first round, Rosario began by throwing 2 or 3 punch combinations before dropping back and boxing from a distance. Johnson’s punches seem to be only hitting Dawson’s defense. When Dakota let up, on came Rosario who was soon punching her back into the ropes. For the rest of the round, hard hooks, crosses and straights came to Johnson’s body from Dawson and her gloves.

Dawson won the round widely as the fighters returned to their corners after the bell rang.

Round 3:

Dakota opening of the round put Rosario back on her heels as she unloaded 2 straight punches to her chest. Dakota smiles but get a left uppercut to her face from Rosario for her 2 punches. Johnson is knocked back and soon Dawson follows with her fists going. Rosario soon is throwing everything at Dakota looking to knock her out but Johnson’s gloves and movements are making it difficult for her.

The fans loved the sight of Johnson’s bikini shorts like rear and she moved and ducked to avoid these big punches from Dawson. She wrapped Rosario up in a tight clinch which did get her off the ropes when the referee broke them apart. The two boxers exchanged a couple times before the bell.

A close round won by Dawson.

Round 4:

This round saw a different Dakota answering the bell. She opened with a crisp right cross and left straight to Dawson’s face. This caught Rosario by surprise and soon was fighting against an energized Johnson.

The last minute of the round sees her buckle Rosario again with a right straight. Soon Dakota is walking Dawson back to the ropes. There she goes to work on Dawson’s chest and midsection with both hands. The bell ends her assault as Dawson is unsteady back to her corner.

A round won widely by Dakota.

Round 5:

The round opened with Rosario throwing a huge right at Dakota but she slips that one. Johnson throws a gorgeous straight right into Dawson’s chest. Dawson watches as a follow up punch whizzes past her. Rosario side steps and moves out from Dakota. Johnson follows her and seems to be focusing on Dawson’s head and upper body with her punches. Soon Dawson finds herself defending and being backed up to the ropes.

Johnson throws 2 hard hooks to Dawson’s body. Then a huge right uppercut and a sweeping left followed at Dawson’s face. DAWSON GOES DOWN! Dakota enjoys the sight and her walk to a neutral corner. The referee counts as Rosario lays spread eagle on the canvas. She stirs a little by the count of 7 but she is soon counted out. KO5 – Dakota Johnson.


Dakota celebrated her first win for the GBS from the neutral corner before she came to middle of the ring. At ring center, Dakota was announced as the winner and had her right gloved hand raised. Rosario is helped to her corner and watches as Dakota poses. Soon Johnson makes the traditional winning pose with her arms raised. She leaves the ring a couple minutes later as a winner for the GBS. 



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