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26 July 2019 Emily Didonato vs Adrianne Palicki

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 2:02pm


Emily DiDonato vs. Adrianne Palicki
Adrianne Palicki: 5’11”, 36 years old, 32-27 with 27 KO since 2008. Sceej Boxing. Ranked 8th at lightweight.
Emily DiDonato: 5’10”, 28 years old, 9-4 with 8 KO since 2017. Fates Boxing. Ranked 15th at lightweight.
(Words: Fates / Results: Lookout!)


Tonight’s lightweight action features a bout between two top tier lightweights in Adrianne Palicki and Emily DiDonato. Palicki has been a dominant force in the FCBA since her debut over a decade ago in 2008 and has held the lightweight title twice, once in 2011 and again in 2012. DiDonato, on the other hand, has recently joined the ranks of formidable lightweights, as while she started out 0-3, she has since won 9 of her last 10, only losing to Alessandra Ambrosio the month before the Brazilian became the lightweight champion. For Palicki, a win not only brings Emily back down to earth, but also proves that the actress from Ohio still has what it takes to be a top tier lightweight. For DiDonato, defeating Palicki would extend her impressive run from undercard-nobody to a legitimate contender.

Palicki is the first to offer her thoughts about her opponent, “You talk about someone who turned her career around, Emily has done an impressive job of that the past year, and she is a fierce competitor. You don’t go nine of your last ten in the FCBA without being a good fighter, and she has definitely proved that.”

DiDonato then offers her thoughts, “Adrianne is an incredible fighter to be as good as she has been for over a decade. You don’t earn the nickname of “chin-checker” without being successful, and I am honored to be fighting Palicki.”

At fight night, Palicki is the first to emerge from the back as the sound system blasts Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” Palicki takes her robe off to show off an orange bikini with black gloves. DiDonato then emerges wearing a blue bikini with white gloves. The referee gives directions to the fighters and calls for the bell.

Round 1:

Both women carefully size up their opponent, circling and trying to get a sense for the other. Palicki the first to jab out and gets a bodyshot on DiDonato with her slight range advantage. DiDonato undeterred and continues circling before feinting with her left and driving her right into Palicki’s ribs. Adrianne now the one to continue circling in the face of her opponent and drives another jab at Emily, but the younger model dodges and swipes a left across Adrianne’s cheek, shocking the more experienced fighter. Palicki brings her guard up and DiDonato starts working Adrianne’s body, driving the older model into the ropes and pounding away at her body. Palicki clinches and the ref is forced to break the hold. Once the two women are separated, Palicki uses her dangerous jab to keep Emily at bay, trading solid blows with the beauty from Goshen before the bell rings. The Fates corner is happy as Emily wins the first round on points.

Round 2:

Adrianne comes bounding out of her corner and immediately starts throwing her fists right at Emily. The Sports Illustrated model groans as Palicki drives a left into the younger woman’s belly. Palicki sneaks in a quick jab to DiDo’s chin despite Emily’s best efforts and now the model from New York has to keep her guard up as on comes Palicki. The veteran fighter drives Emily across the ring despite the best efforts of the younger woman and Adrianne corrals Emily into the ropes. DiDonato takes an absolute beating as she clinches and then hangs on for the ref to break the two women apart. Emily now the one to keep her distance, but she manages to punish Palicki whenever the Sceej fighter seeks to further her advantage. The bell rings and now it is the Sceej corner that is pleased with how the round went as Palicki takes it wide.

Round 3:

Emily cautiously emerges from her corner after getting an earful between the round and starts off trying to land a solid jab on Palicki. The older woman weathers an early offensive from the model from Goshen and when Emily leaves her body exposed, Adrianne pounces. Palicki places a solid punch into Emily’s body and then follows up with a jab that gets DiDonato right in the nose, temporarily stunning the younger woman. Adrianne starts firing off crosses and Emily barely gets her guard up in time to absorb the blows as she retreats and gets driven into the ropes. DiDo smartly counterpunching as the Chin-Checker tries to drop her, but Emily returns the blow to the nose and escapes from the ropes. Palicki not ready to let DiDonato go though and lands a cross that swipes across Emily’s breasts, drawing a grimace onto the face of the Fates fighter that persists through the bell, ending a round which Palicki wins on points, wide.

Round 4:

Adrianne “Chin-Checker” Palicki is bouncing as DiDonato leaves her corner as the former champ senses that she has the young upstart on her back foot. Palicki fires out two jabs that find DiDonato’s body, but Emily rifles a jab back that connects squarely with Adrianne’s chin, driving the older model back. DiDonato quickly follows up into Palicki’s body, driving the breath out of her opponent. Palicki fires off a quick jab to try and prevent Emily from gathering too much momentum but the Sports Illustrated model dodges the veteran’s punch and drives a left into Palicki’s chest that drives her into the ropes. Emily lays into Adrianne’s body but the older woman fights back, knocking Emily’s head back with a solid right jab. DiDonato backs off before the Chin-Checker can connect with more. DiDonato and Palicki start circling and trade jabs as the round comes to a close, although Emily makes more contact. DiDonato takes the round on points, wide.

Round 5:

Palicki and DiDonato emerge slightly more cautiously from their corners than earlier and have settled into the rhythm of the match. Palicki starts working her jab early, tagging her brunette opponent in the mouth. DiDo backs off and Palicki pursues her only to catch a violent right straight into the older woman’s nose. Adrianne backs off and the two women begin to circle each other. Emily throws out a left that Adrianne blocks but gets caught by DiDo’s right that finds Palicki’s jaw! Adrianne backpedals as Emily drives two shots into Palicki’s body and then forces a right that drops Palicki! Emily swiftly to the corner as the ref starts counting. One. Two. Palicki gets her arms underneath her. Three. Four. Palicki gets onto her knees. Five. Six. One foot under her. Seven. Both feet under her. The ref checks in on Adrianne and she tells him she’s good, and the fight resumes. Emily jabs at Adrianne and corrals her into the ropes and starts pounding her body. Palicki trying to clinch but DiDonato able to avoid it and smashes leather into Adrianne’s face. Adrianne throws out a desperation punch that Emily easily avoids and then the Fates boxer lines up an uppercut that knocks Palicki back and lands her butt between the ropes and on comes Emily! DiDonato crashing her gloves into Palicki’s head as Adrianne’s guard droops down AND THE REF STEPS IN TO PREVENT PALICKI FROM FURTHER DAMAGE! Palicki is barely conscious as the Sceej staff comes out to tend to her and your winner by TKO5, Emily DiDonato!


Emily lets out a victory shout as she takes her gloves off before beaming at the crowd. Adrianne moving gingerly about the ring as Emily approaches her and the two women hug with Emily raising the older woman’s arm, earning Palicki an ovation from the crowd. The two embrace once more before they head to the back.

“Adrianne is a fantastic fighter,” Emily compliments her opponent. “Palicki knows how to punch and has shown that fight after fight in the FCBA – and I hope that I have shown that I can hang with those women who have proven themselves in the ring.”

Palicki enters the interview room while trying to hide a grimace. “DiDonato came to fight tonight. I don’t know how much more there is to say beyond that – she got the result. I’m a bit disappointed because this was a match where I was really hoping to get some momentum back and make a run for Swift’s title by beating her stablemate, but there’s always the next fight.” 



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