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26 July 2019 Title Ch Kristen Stewart vs Miley Cyrus

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 1:50pm


Kristen Stewart vs. Miley Cyrus (Unified Flyweight Championship)

(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


It's been over seven years since these two stepped into the ring against one another. At the time of the first bout, Cyrus was in her fifth FCBA fight and Stewart in her twelfth. Both were considered up-and-coming prospects. In the years since, both have won the Unified Flyweight Championship in surprising fashion, Cyrus shocking the world by winning a tournament out of nowhere and Stewart, a few months after being written off by many, beating Michelle Williams in the midst of a run of four-straight victories over Hall of Famers. And, while the stakes today are far greater than simple revenge, Miley has that seven-year-old bout on her mind.

"I should have beaten her the first time," the singer says with a shake of the head. "She got lucky, that's all. Well, tonight, I'm going to even the score and take back those belts."

"Miley is wrong about EVERYTHING," says K-Stew. "I WASN'T lucky the first time, I was BETTER. And, tonight, she's not evening anything or TAKING anything save a nap on the canvas."


Ranged boxing. Now, this isn't likely the Cyrus game plan, because there's not a lot of percentage in boxing with a girl as slick and accurate as Kristen, but, those are the terms the singer finds herself dealing with in the first, and she deals with them pretty well. Cyrus has great feet and is plenty athletic and she uses both of those attributes to hold her own despite giving up some reach and taking a lot of Stewart's accurate left jabs in the face. Miley's able to angle, get to spots, get off in combination and stay in the round. But. All she can manage is to stay in it, because, despite Cyrus' best efforts, Kristen gets the better of things, slowly building a small lead that she carries right to the bell. When it rings, the cards are fairly close, but it's Kristen who's taken the points and the 10-9 lead.


Cyrus more aggressive now, looking to work forward, but Kristen still getting that long left hand on, slowing Miley down, leaving her vulnerable to hard right hand follows. BOOM! Cyrus slips a jab, steps forward, and ROCKS Kristen with a right hook! Stewart stumbles backward into the ropes and Miley opens up with both barrels. Cyrus hammering away to both head and body, looking to finish this thing right now. Stewart leaning back in the ropes in a high guard, rolling with punches, blocking others, playing for time. She's jabbing back here and there, doing enough to keep the referee from stopping it, but it's Cyrus who's piling up the points and the damage, winging away right to the bell. When it rings, Miley's grabbed the round wide and evened the fight at 19.


Cyrus in firm control early. She's walking Stewart down, backing her up with hard shot. Kristen, still a bit buzzed from the last round, trying to at least effect a fighting retreat. She manages that, but little else. Because, Cyrus has got it all going right now. She's lining the champion up very well, landing hard shot with both hands. Eventually, Cyrus gets Stewart against the cables and begins working her over again to both head and body. For the second consecutive round, Kristen finds herself in a high guard, taking barrages of shot from the challenger. Cyrus looking hard for that "off" button, looking, but not finding. Stewart's defense plenty slick, so, while she's definitely getting the worst of it, she doesn't allow Miley to finish. At the bell, though, it's Cyrus wide again, and Miley now leads 29-28.


Cyrus continuing to get physical early, backing K-Stew up with heavy shot, sitting down on everything...BOOM! Right hand, KRISTEN, and Cyrus is HURT! Miley frozen, then staggered with a follow-on flurry that sends her back into the ropes, and we're treated to a 180 from the last round. Now, it's the challenger trapped on the cables as the champ gets off lusty. Stewart clinical as always, setting up hard right hands with that accurate left jab, taking her time, making every shot count as she punishes the singer mostly to the head. But, the champ isn't ignoring the body, either. She's landing hooks to ribs and midsection to keep Cyrus honest. Final ten seconds sees a BRUTAL combination from K-Stew that gets the referee's attention, but, before he can do anything, the bell rings. Kristen hasn't finished, but she has taken the points wide and evened the fight at 38.


Stewart stepping to behind that left, backing Cyrus up with follow on rights. Miley in retreat, firing back here and there...BOOM! She ROCKS Stewart with a right-hand counter. Kristen stumbles, then GOES DOWN after a follow-on right. Champion dropped to all fours as the challenger walks, smiling, back to a neutral corner. Kristen up at seven. Takes the mandatory. And, ON COMES MILEY, winging away, forcing Stewart back to the ropes, then getting down to the business of THUMPING her to both head and body. BOOM! Right hand counter, KRISTEN and Cyrus is GOBSMACKED! Miley stumbles backward and the champion EXPLODES off the ropes and DROPS HER with a three-punch combination to the head! Cyrus flat on her back as Stewart head to the neutral corner. Challenger back to her feet at eight, takes the mandatory, and then K-Stew goes to work, giving Miley a pounding along the ropes until the bell rings ending as wild a round as you're likely to see any time soon. On the cards? All even. And, so is the fight at 48.


Stewart to work early, backing up Cyrus with hard shot. Challenger giving ground for most of the first minute, then begins to firm up her defenses and fire back. Ladies banging away in the center of the ring for most of the middle of the round, and, those are terms favorable to the singer. Miley not dominating. But, she's getting the better of things, making up for the points K-Stew built up early. Final third of the round sees more physical action in the center, as K-Stew is determined to enforce will here, and the singer simply isn't having any. Nobody's hurt this time around, but both fighters land hard shot to both head and body, and everybody feels it. When the bell rings, though, it's Cyrus who's taken the points close, and pulled back into the lead 58-57 with four rounds to go.


More of the same. Ladies banging away in the center of the ring. It's not sloppy, mind. Both champion and challenger are taking their time, setting up their respective punches, but, this isn't boxing for points, it's punching to impose will. And, again, Miley is getting the better of things until...BOOM! Straight right from K-Stew and Cyrus is STEPPIN' IN FENCEPOST HOLES! Singer stumbles backward and only the ropes prevent her from going down. And Stewart is ALL IN to put a stop to this thing. She's letting the hands go, landing hard, accurate shot that shakes Cyrus again and again. Referee looking in, ready to jump between the fighters if necessary, but the challenger does juuuussssttt enough to keep him at bay, and, when the bell rings, the singer is still standing. But, K-Stew has won the round wide and evened things again, this time at 67.


Stewart forward behind the left. Miley giving ground grudgingly. But. Giving it, she is. Kristen finally imposing some will on her rival, scoring with both hands, landing hard combinations, and...GETTING DROPPED! A right hand from Cyrus staggers the champ and a left hook sends her to her back! Crowd going nuts as Miley hits the neutral corner and the referee counts down on the champion. K-Stew, however, beats the count. Barely. Ref gives her the mandatory. Thinks about it. Then waives on Cyrus. Miley empties the magazines, driving all before her, pinning the champ to the cables and ABUSING her to both head and body, going all out to get that stoppage. But. She can't do it. Like Miley herself the round before,. K-Stew keeps the ref and bay and stays on her feet to the bell. But. The singer has won the round 10-8 and now leads 77-75 with two rounds to go.


Cyrus pressing the issue. Stewart giving ground, jabbing for space. Miley aggressive, but sound. Not going to walk into anything. She has the advantage now and she's going to use it. She's working the feet, moving the head and hands, all while lining Stewart up for hard shot and slowly taking canvas from her...BOOM! Right hand, Kristen! Miley's HURT. Cyrus caught by a perfectly-placed right hand, and now the challenger is backing and covering and DOWN SHE GOES! Another right hand from K-Stew sends the singer crashing to her back! Kristen stalks to a neutral corner as the ref begins counting down on a stunned Miley. Cyrus all wide-eyed as the numbers add up. It's not going to happen! The challenger is OUT of it and doesn't come CLOSE to beating the count! It's OVER! And, your winner by KO9 and STILL Unified Flyweight Champion is Kristen Stewart!


K-Stew sans smile, answering questions about Miley's physical play thusly. "Look, I knew what was coming. This is what girls try, because, they aren't out-boxing me. But. As I proved tonight, that stuff isn't going to work, either. Just ask Miley." 



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