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26 July 2019 Title Ch Taylor Swift vs Yvonne Strahovski

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 1:45pm


Taylor Swift vs. Yvonne Strahovski – Lightweight Title Bout

Yvonne Strahovski: 5’8”, 37 years old, 62-28 with 48 KO since 2008. Lookout Boxing.

Taylor Swift: 5’11”, 29 years old, 32-16 with 32 KO since 2009 and current lightweight champion. Fates Boxing. 


The lightweight title is on the line tonight as Taylor Swift looks to defend her title from Yvonne Strahovski. The two women met in the ring back in February and Strahovski beat Swift by a KO7. Swift will have to avoid that same fate tonight if she hopes to defend her title.

The press room is boisterous before the two competitors enter. Taylor shoots ice out of her eyes at Yvonne as the two sit down. Strahovski coolly stares back before raising her hands and puts up seven fingers. Strahovski then points at Swift, puts her hands together, and then feigns like she’s sleeping. Taylor gets red in the face as Strahovski knocked her out in February.

Yvonne is the first to speak, “Sometimes it’s hard to have respect for the champion. That’s what happens to be the case with Taylor as champ. She lost to Jenner in her first title bout last year, then lost again in the tournament last year. Taylor is just a fighter who can’t reliably win when it counts. She may have beaten Ambrosio for the title and defended it from Perry, but Ambrosio doesn’t have my experience and Perry has a knack for losing title matches. I’m different – I’ve had four separate title reigns, and I’m making it five tonight. Oh, and I knocked her out in February.”

Strahovski stops speaking and the two women share a long, intense staring contest before Swift begins to speak.

“A lot has changed since February. I’ve joined a new stable. And I beat the lightweight champ and have defended the title since. I’ve been taking names, and you are one of the ones who struck me as needing payback. I’m going to prove to you tonight that I’m not the pushover you think I am – you are not getting this title belt.”

The two exchange several more icy glares before security steps between them to pre-empt any sort of interactions.

Fight night:

Vonnie emerges from the back wearing a yellow sports bra with matching trunks and green gloves for the fight with her hair up in a ponytail. She struts to the ring confidently and pumps her fists at the crowd. Once they have settled down a bit, Taylor makes her entrance. Swift has donned a blue sports bra and red trunks with blue gloves and has put her hair up in a bun. The lightweight title sits around her waist and she wastes no time pumping up the crowd. Once Swift is in the ring, the Fates staff removes the title and Swift goes nose-to-nose with Strahovski. The Australian doesn’t back down and the referee struggles to separate the two blondes, but is eventually successful. He rapidly communicates with the two women then calls for the bell.

Round 1:

Yvonne steps straight out of her corner and at Taylor, wasting no time in closing the distance between them and firing two quick punches into Taylor’s body. Swift quickly fires a right back at Strahovski, but barely manages to clip her body as Yvonne stays in close and robs Taylor of the opportunity to use her jab and extra reach. Vonnie stays in close to Taylor and works on her body, not throwing punches twice a second but popping quick punches to Taylor and catching the champ off guard. Taylor drops back and connects with a punch to Strahovski’s chest as the Aussie was advancing and momentarily the challenger is driven back. Taylor now the one moving in on her opponent, feinting with her left AND YVONNE DRIVES A RIGHT STRAIGHT INTO TAYLOR’S JAW! Swift is staggered and Strahovski pounds leather into Taylor’s body, coercing her into the ropes. Yvonne tees off on Taylor until the American gets her clinch in and the ref has to break the two women apart. Swift able to keep her distance after the break, but Strahovski ducks in and lands a clean strike on Swift before the bell rings. Strahvoski walks to her corner with a smile on her face after taking the first round on points, wide.

Round 2:

Taylor and Yvonne quickly get out of their corners and Strahovski takes the initiative early, keeping Taylor on her toes and targeting Swift’s body. Yvonne takes two steps in, gets some quick shots on Swift, and retreats. Swift patiently waiting, punching when she sees an opportunity to punish Strahovski, even if it isn’t going to be a knockout punch. The Aussie darts forward again and Swift drives a right into Yvonne’s body, drawing a grunt out of her opponent. Taylor throws a left that crashes into Yvonne’s guard, but the challenger is looking to get some respite after Taylor’s punch. Yvonne retreats and starts circling, both women at a distance from each other. Taylor creeps in just enough to start firing off jabs and finds an opening to Strahovski’s nose, again driving her backwards. Taylor fires off another jab and connects with Yvonne’s chest. The Australian takes it well and drives back at the singer before Taylor connects with a big right to Strahovski’s body and the actress has to go defensive for the final few seconds of the round. The bell rings and the two fighters head to their respective corners, except this time it is Taylor who has the smile on her face as she takes the second round on points, wide.

Round 3:

The two blonde competitors emerge from their respective corners and immediately start circling, trying to get their opponent to overcommit and expose herself. But out of the gate, Swift and Strahovski and playing this one cautiously, carefully selecting their moments to jab and they waste no time in retreating before their opponent can punish them. After a minute of the tentative offense, Swift steps in and rifles a quick one-two that barely clips Strahovski’s ear and the Australian buries two punches in rapid succession into the singer’s body before connecting with a right hook to Taylor’s chin. The champ is retreating but she’s not getting any respite from Vonnie, who quickly smashes a left into Swift’s mouth. Taylor counterpunches and connects with two clear shots to Strahovski’s body, but Yvonne nearly knocks Taylor’s head off with a vicious hook that sends Taylor into the ropes. Swift has her guard up as Strahovski starts pounding away at the singer’s body and Taylor is forced to clinch again just before the bell rings. The ref has trouble separating the two women as they are jawing at each other, but they eventually go their separate ways and Stahovski takes another round, wide.

Round 4:

Swift flies out of her corner to the surprise of Strahovski and abuses her extra reach, pounding rights and lefts into Strahovski’s guard and chest. Yvonne gets out of the way of some of Taylor’s punches and darts in and goes back to Swift’s body, except the champ is ready for it this time. Taylor drives a hard left into Yvonne’s ribs and buries a right to Strahovski’s midriff. The Australian throws a wild jab at Taylor who sidesteps it and groans as the singer punches Yvonne in the liver and drives her backwards. Vonnie keeps her guard up as her younger opponent picks away at the rest of her body and corrals her into the ropes where Swift tees off on Strahovski for a while before Yvonne drives a solid right into Taylor’s nose and wallops Swift’s ribs, forcing Swift to back off. The two women circle again, with Taylor edging out Strahovski as she targets the Australian’s body. Taylor has a fierce look on her face as she returns to her corner as wins the fourth on points, close.

Round 5: 

Neither woman shows signs of tiring as they begin the fifth and both are bouncing around on their feet. Taylor gets her jab going early on, making solid contact with Strahovski’s chin and the rest of the Australian’s body. Yvonne smartly sits back and counterpunches Taylor when she sees the opportunity, not pushing anything that could give Taylor an opportunity. Swift closes distance and goes in with a left hook but she misses AND STRAHOVSKI CONNECTS WITH AN ABSOLUTE HAYMAKER TO THE CHAMP! Taylor is reeling as she is wobbly on her legs and trying to keep her guard up after Yvonne’s right but she’s having a hard time as Strahovski throws a left cross that hits Taylor’s chin AND THE CHAMP GOES DOWN ONTO HER BACK! Strahovski quickly prances to a neutral corner as the ref starts to count. One. Two. Swift trying to roll over onto her stomach. Three. Four. Five. Swift finally on her stomach and trying to get her arms under her. Six. Seven. Swift has her arms underneath her and has a foot underneath her. Eight. Nine. Taylor wills herself up before the ref reaches ten and Yvonne is staring in disbelief. The ref checks in on Taylor who tells him to let her fight, and the match resumes. Strahovski looking for the off-switch on Swift, trying to get her punches to reach the American’s head, but Swift catches Yvonne’s offense in her guard and uses her reach advantage to keep Strahovski at a distance. Strahovski shifts her strategy to darting in and out of Taylor’s range while firing off a quick punch and makes good contact on Taylor’s body as the bell rings. Strahovski’s face is hard to read, but one can surmise she though that she could have finished off Swift and started her fifth title reign. Meanwhile, Taylor has a blank expression on her face as she goes back to the Fates corner, clearly having taken a beating as Strahovski clearly took the fifth.

Round 6:

Just after what may be the halfway point in the fight, Strahovski still is bouncing out of her corner while Swift bears a grimace on her face, clearly hurting after the previous round. The two blondes start the round by circling each other. Swift tries to keep her distance and use her longer reach, but Strahovski foils the champ’s plan once the American leaves herself open after her second jab. Yvonne quickly closes the distance between the two and powers a right into Taylor’s liver and the singer groans in response. Strahovski follows up into Swift’s ribs and once again Taylor is on her back foot, trying to get some desperately needed breathing room. Strahovski relentlessly pursues Swift around the ring, but Taylor starts connecting with her jabs late in the round and Vonnie is forced to back off. The two women go back to circling and it doesn’t take long for Taylor to swing at Yvonne, but she misses and Strahovski pounds leather into the American’s body until Swift cracks and absolutely haymaker across Yvonne’s jaw as the bell rings. Strahovski again takes the round on points, wide. Swift needs to get rolling before it’s too late.

Round 7:

Swift gets out of her corner to start the seventh after getting an absolute earful from the Fates staff and stablemate Brie Larson about needing to take the initiative if she wants to continue her championship reign. Strahovski starts out the round by feinting with her left when Taylor whacks her in the face with a right. Yvonne drives a left back into Taylor, but Swift takes it and punches Strahovski’s toned body before the two women separate themselves. Strahovski dekes to her right and Swift bites, the champ earning herself a shot to the chest, but Taylor recovers and tags Yvonne’s body. The Aussie drops back and the two women go back to circling and trading jabs, but Swift is able to drive Yvonne backwards slowly until the bell. Swift wins a round she desperately needed to win, close.

Round 8:

Both women still come out of their respective corners energetically despite having gone seven rounds already. Taylor looks to begin her offense early, bobbing around and connecting on her shots to Yvonne’s body. Strahovski counters and hits Swift right in the singer’s breasts, souring Swift’s face. Yvonne moves in and peppers Taylor’s body, but Swift connects with an absolute haymaker out of nowhere. Strahovski is sent reeling after Swift’s massive right and now it’s the American singer going after her opponent. Taylor plugs leather into Yvonne’s body and batters her into the ropes and continues pounding away at the Australian actress’s body. Strahovski has trouble clinching around Swift as Taylor continues to punch her until the Aussie finally clinches and the ref separates the two. After the break, Taylor looks to continue taking Yvonne to task, picking apart Yvonne’s defense despite Strahovski’s best efforts to keep a solid guard and counterpunch Swift whenever possible. Swift closes out with a flurry of punches to Yvonne’s midriff and chest as the bell sounds, and she struts back to her corner, showing off her long legs as she won the round, wide.

Round 9:

Strahovski cautiously emerges from her corner as Swift wears a determined expression on her face. Taylor comes out of the gate swinging, driving lefts and rights at Yvonne and battering away at the actresses’ body. Yvonne drops back and when Taylor advances, she pops a quick right into Swift’s mouth and Taylor drops back. Strahovski pursues Taylor and dips under a hook from Swift to drive a right into Swift’s body but Taylor rocks her with a left! Now it’s Strahovski going backwards as Taylor looks to punish Yvonne’s body, picking at her ribs and chest whenever possible. Strahovski tries to counter Swift, but the younger American keeps dodging out of the way and targets Strahovski’s body even more. Taylor steps forwards and Yvonne jabs at Taylor’s face but ends up lunging as Taylor evades and then slams a right into Strahovski’s jaw, wobbling the Australian! Vonnie is reeling as she’s retreating, but Taylor closes the distance thanks to her long legs and pounds two nasty jabs through Strahovski’s guard before winding up an uppercut and snapping Yvonne’s head backwards with the impact! Strahovski’s legs turn to jell-o and the actress goes down on her back! Taylor practically prances to a neutral corner with a smirk on her face as the ref counts over Strahovski. One. Nothing. Two. Yvonne stirring. Three. Four. Five. Strahovski rolls onto her belly. Six. Seven. One knee. Swift’s smirk is gone as she stares intensely at Strahovski. Eight. Strahovski reaches for the ropes. Nine. Yvonne faceplants as she goes to stand! Ten. Your winner by KO9 and STILL LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION, TAYLOR SWIFT!


“I told you so!” Swift screams as she is declared the winner and raises her fists into the air. She quickly gets her belt and parades around the ring with long strides, showing off her legs and posing with the title as the Lookout staff is tending to the fallen Strahovski. After Swift soaks in the atmosphere, she goes over to a semi-conscious Strahovski and whispers in her ear and leaves before Yvonne can respond.

Swift walks into the post-fight press conference and ignores questions to start, “Yvonne has had a long run, but it is at its end. She didn’t get her fifth title tonight even though she had me good early, she just couldn’t hang with me once I got going. As for me, there is a reason why I am the lightweight champion. It’s time the rest of the division realized that I am not the pushover who started 1-8 in the FCBA.”

After Taylor stops talking, numerous reporters shout, “What did you tell her?”

Taylor smiles, “That she pissed me off, that she was on my list and that I got my revenge tonight and that I am a worthy champion.”

Swift gets up and leaves despite the reporters now all asking “Who else is on the list?”

Yvonne gets to the press conference later and quietly sits down before speaking. “It’s hard to lose a title match. I thought I had her in the first six, but the first six doesn’t matter if you can’t finish.” Strahovski pauses, “As for Taylor, someone needs to put her ego in check, hopefully by putting her to sleep on the canvas. Just because she got better since February and joining a new stable that doesn’t mean that she is unbeatable as champion – and I am looking forward to the day that happens.”

Strahovski gets up and exits the room, and one has to wonder: these two women have fought twice and have split the matches – is there a future third match where the winner takes home all of the bragging rights? 



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