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26 July 2019 Title Ch Kate Upton vs Kelly Brook

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 27, 2019 at 1:38pm


Kate Upton versus Kelly Brook
FCBA Versus BBU JMDD Title Bout

(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)
(Lookout! Boxing vs This is Glamour)


This is a very unique bout; being broadcast on both the BBU and FCBA PPV network at the same time, as either Kate Upton and Kelly Brook will become the first dual JMDD champion in history tonight.

Kate is 27 years old; she stands 5'10, holding a record of 58 wins, 57 coming by way of knockout, with 20 defeats, she is the current three time FCBA JMDD champion and a former three time FCBA welterweight champion.

Kelly is 39 years old; she stands 5'8, she holds a record of 50 wins, 39 coming by way of knockout, 65 defeats with 5 draws, she is the current BBU JMDD champion, a former three time FCBA lightweight champion and a former Queen of the Ice Hotel.

These two have fought each other in a series of seven fights last year, with one becoming the BBU fight of the year, Kate Upton would emerge the victor and will be hoping to cement her dominance once and for all.

The press conference before the fight saw both diamond encrusted bras sitting on podiums at the center of the stage, with both fighters coming up on opposite sides, staring face to face for the cameras when they met at the center of the stage in front of their titles.

Eyes burned holes through their rival pair, with security very close after the history these two have had, everyone is expecting an explosion of fury.

Instead they compose themselves to head to their tables, the security now create a wall of bodies to separate the two on each side, still they exchange angry glances.

Kate looking smart in a golden dress puts her left hand on her hip as she holds a microphone in her other hand, telling the crowd "I have been sick and tired of Kelly for the past year"

"The feeling is mutual honey!" Yells Kelly in reply as the two turn to face each other, teeth showing for a moment before they each take a deep breath.

Getting her train of though back, Kate continues "this is by far one of the most important fights of my career, I can create history and the fact it is your Kelly in my way just makes this fight all the more worthwhile"

Pointing towards Kelly to emphasis her point, the blonde sternly tells her "this time I make sure that you get it through that thick skull of yours that I am the best, when I beat you that it is! We never fight again and you get the knowledge that you could never be on my level!"

Smiling Kelly fires back "oh Kate when will you learn? last I checked whose breasts bested whose when we last fought with our tit?"

When Kate just grits her teeth and looks like she won't answer, the brunette continues "As has been said, this is the final time we will ever fight, I will be the one leaving with the two titles when the dust settles"

The fighters then leave the stage, each vowing when they speak to journalists that they will prove they are the better woman without doubt.

Fight night; first out comes Kate with Julie Benz beside her, the FCBA JMDD champion is raising her fists in the air at the top of the aisle, before she begins to march down to the ring.

She is wearing a gold coloured bikini with matching gloves, her hair is tied back into a ponytail as she steps into the ring, posing at the center of the ring with her hands on her hips, proudly showing off her jugs, then turns to her corner to get ready.

Now out comes Kelly with Melinda Messenger, she pounds her chest with her right fist as she yells "I am the best!" Then she heads straight down to the ring, looking as serious as her rival.

She is wearing a union jack coloured bikini top, navy blue bottoms and gloves, her hair is tied back into a ponytail as well, stepping into the ring; she jogs to her corner with her arms in the air as she tells the fans she will knockout Kate.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, as special guest ring girls Carly Baker and Adriana Celeste hold a diamond encrusted bra each up, showing everyone what this is about.

But judging by the hatred on both fighters face, this is as much about proving they are better then the woman facing them, with the referee staying close between them.

Slamming their gloves together when told to touch them up, they return to their corners to a loud roar from the excited crowd, both ready to start 10 rounds of FCBA and BBU JMDD title action.

Round 1:

"Ding" as they come out it is a head to head start, not much feeling out her as they trade in close, jugs and bodies are getting hit with hard shots.

Kate changes things up by stepping back to create enough space to land a double jab to the top of the head of her opponent, boxing more on the outside as she moves around Brook.

But she misses a left as Kelly dips down, landing a right across the tit of Kate, the BBU champ pushes Kate to the ropes so she can work the body, till she is shoved back.

Kelly though knows she has to bully Kate, drilling her to the body as she herds the blonde around the outside of the ring.

Till late in the round Kate nudges Kelly back, landing a left across the Brits face as she tries to move forwards, with Kate showing off her stiff jab, the bell soon rings with both exchanging a few words before returning to their corners.

Round 2:

Again they start by trading hard shots, neither is going to hold back it seems as they jiggle the others jugs around with hooks.

It's Kate though who is looking to box more, drilling Kelly to the face with a double jab, starting to move side to side as she starts to pick her shots.

While Kelly is keeping in close; targeting the body of Kate as she looks to bully her, problem for her is Kate keeps nudging her back, making it hard for the smaller fighter to get in close.

Catching the brunette coming in with a left hook across the face, Kate forces Kelly to cover up as the FCBA champ is pushing her rival back now around the outside of the ring.

At the bell Kate smirks as she returns to her corner, Julie tells her "that's better, I want you to keep smacking her till she gets angry, then punish her mistakes"

Round 3:

This time Kate starts off on the move, digging Kelly to her cheeks and jugs as she makes it hard for her older opponent to keep her on the outside.

An annoyed look on Kelly's face shows how much she is enjoying this, landing a few good clean shots but mainly is getting caught coming in.

The Lookout! Corner looks happy as they watch Kate controlling the range, digging punches through the guard of her rival.

Kelly finally makes headway as she dips under a straight to land an overhand right, a left buries into the side of Kate's tit.

Finishing strong; Kelly forces Kate into a hard hitting exchange in close, till the bell rings to end the round with the crowd roaring both on.

When the round ends they shove apart, tempers flaring as the referee steps between them, both return to their corners with the Lookout! Corner full of smiles.

Round 4:

Again Kate comes out looking to outbox Kelly, with the older fighter showing more aggression to get in close to work.

Slipping a straight; Kelly lands a right across the face of Kate, followed by two uppercuts to the boobs of the blonde to make her cry out.

Kate forced to cover up; Kelly bullies her around the outside of the ring, when she can't get through up top, Kelly swings to the ribs of her rival.

Shoving Kelly back to create space, Kate is about to get room to work, knocking the head of Kelly back as she moves off the ropes.

In the final moments of the round though; Kelly dips under a left cross, she comes up with an overhand right to the side of the head of Upton.

The bell rings with Kelly telling Kate "you won't beat me bytch!" They exchange words again till the referee yells at them to return to their corners.

Round 5:

Trading jabs as they circle around the ring, Kate steps in with a jab/straight combo to the face of her opponent, just missing with a left cross as Kelly gets her guard up.

Kate looks to have her rhythm back as she is reddening the cheeks of Brook, then switching to the jugs of the brunette.

When she comes in with a right cross; Kelly slips it so she can counter with a left hook up top, THEN AN UPPERCUT ON THE CHIN SENDS KATE DOWN ONTO HER BACKSIDE!

"Stay down bytch!" Yells Kelly before she is nudged away by the referee, 1...2...3... Kate shakes her head to clean the cobwebs, 4...5...6... Shoving up to a knee, Kate looks furious as she watches the referees count, 7...8.. Getting to her feet to beat the count.

Back comes Kelly when they are waved to fight, Kate having to be smart as she comes under fire, needing to hold when Kelly gets into the inside.

The round comes to a close with Kelly looking intense as she returns to her corner, feeling like she has taken a massive step forwards to taking both titles home.

Round 6:

As expected Kelly is pushing early for the finish, Kate needing to focus as she flicks her jab into the top of Kelly's head to keep her on the outside.

That doesn't last long as Kelly deflects a jab; landing a straight to the nose of Kate, Kelly puts her head down as she gets in two good clean punches across the boobs of Upton.

Who pulls her into a front headlock; the referee needed to drag them apart as Kelly tries to drive Kate through the ropes and out the ring.

After both get a warning; they trade straight punches as Kate moves backwards to open up the gap between them.

An overly keen Kelly gets caught with a left cross coming in, Kate follows with two punches into the cups of the Brits top.

The round comes to an end with both women looking sore as they return to their corners, ice packs being applied to boobs, with both fighters talking to their coaches keenly aware how dangerous the other is.

Round 7:

Boxing more on the back foot, Kate is allowing Kelly to hunt her down, when Kelly goes for an uppercut to the tit of Kate, THE BLONDE MOVES OUT THE WAY AND LANDS A RIGHT ON HER JAW, A FOLLOW UP RIGHT HOOK PUTS KELLY ONTO HER BACKSIDE!

The crowd look stunned as Kate flexes in front of Kelly, before heading to the neutral corner, 1...2...3...4... Kelly shakes her head as now she has to clear it, 5....6...7.. Shoving up to her knees, Kelly punches the canvas, 8.... Getting to her feet, Kelly gets the OK to continue.

Now its Kate looking to take the fight to Kelly, the two go toe to toe as they grind foreheads, trying to shove each other backwards.

Kate lands two uppercuts to the left tit of Kelly, threatening to knock it out of its cup, forcing Brook to cover up and retreat around the outside of the ring.

With the FCBA champ pressing the action, keeping Kelly pinned behind her guard as she moves forwards, when the bell rings Kate pumps her fight fist into the air as she returns to her corner.

While Melinda is telling Kelly "f*** sake! You know you can't make silly mistakes like that, she is going to chew you up" Kelly simply nodding like a naughty kid.

Round 8:

Back out they are slowing down a little but still going hard on the inside, with Kate landing two straights to the top of Kelly's head.

Stepping in with a left cross; Kate misses though and eats a right across her jugs, wincing Kate is open for an uppercut to her chin, STUMBLING BACK A STEP, KATE EATS A RIGHT ACROSS HER JAW TO SEND HER TO HER SIDE!

Melinda jumps up and down, excited as she feels this is it, 1...2...3... Kate turns to her front as she looks at the ropes, 4...5...6... Grabbing on the ropes, 7...8.. Dragging herself up to beat the count to the dismay of the Glamour corner.

When they are told to fight Kelly is quick to apply pressure to knock Kate back towards the ropes, pulling Kelly into a clinch, Kate looks like she wants a breather from the punishment.

Separated by the referee, Kate has to hold Kelly if she gets inside, using her experience to survive the round as the bell rings.

Kelly returns to her corner thudding her gloves together, wanting to finish this as soon as she can, while Melinda wipes her down.

Across the ring Kate has her head down, Julie needing to give her a rallying talk to lift her spirits, Kate lifts her head as she nods in reply.

Round 9:

It's Kelly who is pushing the pace early, getting in close to work the body of her rival, pushing her back a few steps.

Moving back to open up space; Kate lands a left across the jugs then a straight onto the mouth of Kelly to knock her back.

Kate showing her toughness despite being down twice to match the intensity of Kelly when they fight in tight, sweat getting knocked off bodies as the thuds of leather can be heard.

Kelly pushes back Kate with her left shoulder, landing two straight punches into the face of the blonde to open her up to a hard right across the jugs of Upton.

Pressing the American back onto the ropes, where Kate covers up as Kelly looks to batter her, most land on gloves though with Upton pulling Brook into a clinch.

They wrestle along the ropes till the bell rings, coaches needed to pull them apart as they threaten to shove each other through the ropes.

The importance of this fight on show as both tell the other that they are taking home the titles, they have reddened boobs, cheeks look puffy but they still stare intensely at the other.

Round 10:

Normally fighters will touch gloves going into the final round, these two go straight at it at the bell, it is a scruffy start as they lay it on the line to win.

Back and forth go the fighters; one manages to push the other back with hard shots to their jugs, before they get held, then when they resume the momentum seems to keep swinging.

Kelly throws a right hook that misses as Kate ducks down, a right counter to the liver of Brook has her grimacing as she gasps.

Seeing she has hurt Kelly; Kate keeps hammering the body of the Brit, TILL ONE MORE RIGHT IN THAT LIVER FORCES KELLY DOWN TO ALL FOURS!

Kelly looks in tears as the count begins, 1....2...3.. Duelling chants ring out as 4....5....6... Kelly is trying to pull herself up with the ropes, 7...8... As she tries though she cries out and falls back to her knees, 9....10 it is all over!

Winner and now FCBA and BBU JMDD champion Kate Upton KO Round 10


Sobbing into her gloves; Kate has become only the second dual FCBA and BBU champion, a chant for her rings out as Julie is jumping for joy.

While Kelly is checked on by Melinda, Kelly is crying as she looks up at her coach, hurting as much to the body as her pride.

Tossing her gloves off; Kate storms over to Kelly, tugging her by her hair as she yells at her "I told you that you are nothing compared to me! Now I punish you bytch!"

Shoving Kelly into a corner; the turnbuckles seem to be the only thing holding Kelly up as Kate heads across the ring, winking at the crowd when they chant "splash!" Repeatedly.

Not disappointing them; Kate runs across the ring before leaping up to splash her body into Kelly, her breasts smacking into the face of the loser.

She does it two more times till Kelly slides down the turnbuckles to her backside, head down as she looks to be sucking in air.

Kate is breathing hard herself, posing over Kelly as she spits on her jugs, telling her "you can dream about me bytch, the best JMDD fighter in the world!" Then returns to her corner.

Melinda waves Lucy Pinder to rush out to help Kelly out the ring, Kelly puts her head down as she hides her crying, this maybe the worst night of her life with her losing it all, no chance now to get revenge on Kate.

Kate on the other hand gets her hand raised by the referee, she wipes tears from her eyes as she thanks the crowd as they chant "Upton!" To show their love for her.

Holding up the two diamond encrusted bras, Kate poses for the cameras with a big grin on her face, saying "I am the best of both organizations!"

When she leaves the ring; Kate jokes "which one should I put on?" To Julie, who smiles as she rubs the shoulders of her fighter, the Lookout! Crew will be having a massive party tonight to celebrate this historic moment.  

 To celebrate such an epic moment in the history of both the FCBA and BBU, as well as to mark the end of another wildly successful Independence Day PPV, fireworks explode in the sky overhead.  A fitting end to see fireworks overhead as there have been so many fireworks tonight - rivalries burning bright - in the ring tonight and you'll see those continue next month on the beach!! 





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