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28 July 2019 Ana Beatriz Barros vs Lais Ribeiro

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Jul 29, 2019 at 9:46am


Ana Beatriz Barros vs. Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro: 6’1 ½,”, 0-4, JMDD debut, 28 years old, 32DD

Ana Beatriz Barros: 5’11”, 2-2, JMDD debut, 37 years old, 32C


The sun has just set over Copacobana Beach as two Brazilian models are getting ready to throw down, JMDD style. Ana Beatriz Barros of Fates boxing is 2-2 overall with this being her debut JMDD match, while Lais Ribeiro is a free agent and is 0-4 overall, also making her JMDD debut. Both of these models hail from Brazil and both have the opportunity to earn their first JMDD win on the famous Copacobana Beach. 

Ana Beatriz is dressed in a skimpy green bikini with yellow gloves, her hair up in a bun. The crowd cheers wildly as she walks towards the ring and then poses inside of it while waiting for her opponent. Lais then emerges in a tight-fitting blue bikini that nearly has her melons spilling out and has matching blue gloves, her hair up in a ponytail. The two women start yelling at each other in Portuguese in the middle of the ring and the referee has to separate them. Once he does so, he calls for the bell and the JMDD match begins.

Round 1:

Lais rifles off a jab that catches Ana Beatriz in the mouth to start the round and throws out a massive right hook that catches air as the older Brazilian ducks. Barros buries a punch into Ribeiro’s solar plexus and drives the air out of her lungs. Barros follows up with a right to the younger model’s cleavage and Lais howls in pain. Ribeiro fires off a wild right that merely grazes Barros’ ribs and Ana Beatriz crashes a hook into Lais’ jaw and Lais staggers backwards. Barros relentlessly pursues her opponent and drives her into the ropes, pounding away at the younger woman’s melons. Ribeiro clinches and the two models’ breasts audibly thud as they collide. Ana Beatriz quickly goes back to punishing Lais who looks like she may not make it out of the first round until she jams a right into Barros’ ribs and the two get some separation. Ana Beatriz launches a pair of punches that connect with Lais’s head as the bell rings. Barros beams as she wins the round via shutout.

Round 2:

Barros and Ribeiro emerge from their respective corners to begin the second round, and Lais has made some adjustments. Ribeiro uses her extra reach to jab at Barros, punching her fellow Brazilian in the mouth. Ana Beatriz punches out wildly and barely clips Lais’ chin. Ribeiro retreats briefly and Barros goes after her only to get whacked by a left. Barros gets her guard up as Ribeiro lays into her body, pounding leather into Barros’s melons. Ana Beatriz drives back at Lais, but the younger model dodges most of Ana’s blows and sticks a quick right into Barros’ midriff. Barros backs off and Ribeiro follows her, but the younger Brazilian eats a sharp left to the mouth, driving her back slightly. Ana Beatriz tries to press her advantage, but Lais works her reach advantage and lands jabs onto Barros to stop her until the bell rings. Lais takes it on points, close.

Round 3:

Ribeiro practically flies out of her corner to start the round and throws out jabs at Barros’ head. Ana Beatriz dodges and gets in close to Lais and starts pounding her cleavage. Ribeiro merely starts pounding Barros’ melons and these two Brazilian models are going blow for blow! Ana Beatriz and Lais get so close that they start to clinch while still pounding away at each other’s bodies until they manage to separate themselves and are too far away to punch each other. Barros launches a jab that strikes Ribeiro in the mouth and then drives a left into her liver, but the younger model crashes a left into Barros’ cheek and a right into her left breast. The two women go back to pounding each other in the middle of the ring and the bell rings, but neither woman appears to have heard it! The ref struggles to separate the two and the two women scream at each other in Portuguese! The two women finally get back to their corners and the third round is ruled a tie.

Round 4:

Barros and Ribeiro have blood in their eyes as they start the fourth after a physical third and Lais starts with a jab, using her extra reach. Ana Beatriz dodges and Lais lunges to throw another punch, but Barros evades her and throws an absolute haymaker that hits Lais square in the jaw! Ribeiro wobbles on her legs and she tries to regain her balance, but Barros pounds away at her body. Lais struggling to keep her guard up as Ana Beatriz targets Ribeiro’s body and the younger model’s guard drops. Barros sees the opening and drills an uppercut into Lais’ chin and drops her! Timber as the six foot model drops to the ground on her back and Barros moves to the corner as the ref counts. Lais is barely stirring at five and can’t even roll herself over by ten. Your winner by KO4, Ana Beatriz Barros!


Copacobana Beach erupts in cheers as Barros briefly poses on the ringpost before removing her gloves and going over to the stirring Ribeiro. Lais blinking and shaking her head as Barros drags her over to her corner and gets her to lean against the ringpost in a dazed state. Ana Beatriz steps back, screams “Those DD tits are going to need some ice after this,” then runs forward and SPLAT! The two women’s chests collide and Ribeiro clutches her breasts after the impact. Barros swats away her hand and pulls Lais’ head into her cleavage for a standing breast smother. Ribeiro struggles against Ana Beatriz’s rack, but her arms slowly stop flailing and her body fades, slipping down Barros’ body. Ana Beatriz lets Lais tumble to the ground, then plants her foot on Ribeiro’s rack, and beams to the cheering crowd.




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