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31 July 2019 Jane Levy vs Nicole Behaire

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Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum on Aug 1, 2019 at 2:21am



"It sucks that I've only had two chances in the FCBA," says Nicole with a shake of the head, "Especially since I got a 'W' in one of them. But. Here's chance number three. And, I won't waste it."

"No question, she can fight," says Jane with a nod. "But, not as well as I can."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's 'Sunshine', by the lovely young lady on her way to the ring, the star of 'Sleepy Hollow', Nicole Behaire!"

McCarthy: "And, amazingly, Behaire DOES have an FCBA win, because she beat Lucy Liu in her FCBA debut."

Tess: "And, she lost the other fight she had, against Poppelwell, and hasn't had a fight since...and it's been nearly five years."

O'Dell: "Nicole into the ring and helped off with the robe to reveal a black number that the fans clearly like, and that's 'Pleasant Nightmare' by Alih Jey you hear behind us, and here comes 'The Marin County Marauder', Jane Levy!"

McCarthy: "One of these days, I'm going to sit down and figure out which Dancing Hooker nickname is the worst. It might be THAT one..."

O'Dell: "Jane wasting no time getting down the aisle and into the ring. She's helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve to reveal that peach bikini we've seen before. And, the ladies are about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess likes Jane. Mac?"

McCarthy: "Levy is a typical Overrated Dancing Hooker who might be on her way out. Behaire HAS an FCBA win. Nicole!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "First fight and a split panel. Let's see who's right. Behaire on the move as we get underway. She wants to stick and move here, and Jane not trying to play on those terms. She wants to close, bang, get her power going. And, Nicole wants no part of that, at least for the moment..."

Tess: "Behaire moves very, very well."

O'Dell: "That, she does, and that movement is playing right now. She's finding open canvas, getting that jab on target, slowing down the redhead as she tries to close. This is excellent stuff from the brunette. The kind of thing that DOES make you wonder why she hasn't had more opportunities on the big stage..."

McCarthy: "Well, maybe, SOME managers think she's too dangerous to schedule."

O'Dell: "Could be. Because she's looking plenty good right now. We've got 15 seconds to go in this round, and Behaire's had her way. She hasn't hurt Levy, but she's definitely scored plenty of points with quick, accurate leather. And, there's the bell. Couldn't have been a much better start for Nicole, who takes it wide."


O'Dell: "Nicole on the move to start the second. Jane working the feet, looking to cut the ring and having a bit more success this time. She's finding ways to corral the older woman, and, when she does, she's getting to work on both the head and body. Behaire tying up, slipping away, then getting back to work with the jab."

Cassie: "Nicole plenty smart. She may have only had two FCBA fights, but, she's 34. She's not a kid. She's been in the ring and you can see that."

O'Dell: "Sure can. Showing plenty of slickness when Jane gets her cut off. She's keeping the exchanges short, finding ways back to open canvas. For her part, Levy getting work done when they're in close, offsetting the points Behaire is scoring at range, and, the result is we've got a close round..."

McCarthy: "Final 30 might tell the tale."

O'Dell: "Levy traps Behaire and goes to work downstairs. Nicole tying up. Jane levers, works some more body before Behaire can slip away. Brunette circling at range as the clock ticks down. Jane steps to, lands a nice combination and there's the bell. Close to the redhead."

Tess: "And, we're even at 19."


O'Dell: "Pattern looking to be set as we enter the third. Nicole looking to jab and circle, range around the ring. Jane wants to close and bang. Both girls getting some of what they want, but not nearly enough to suit either. Instead, we're seeing dual efforts to dictate frustrated."

Tess: "And, we're seeing plenty of slickness from both fighters. Behaire very slippery..."

O'Dell: "And, Jane quite practiced at cutting a ring. She does so again there, closes, works some body, but Behaire ties her up, holds on, forces a break, then gets back on her horse. Second straight close round, and this is the kind of stuff true boxing fans have got to like..."

Cassie: "No question about it. The 'science' part of the 'Sweet Science' on display..."

McCarthy: "I never understood all that science stuff..."

Tess: "Crickets..."

O'Dell: "Twenty seconds remaining in a closely-run third round. Behaire ranging around the ring. Levy trying to run her to ground, but, for the moment, unable to do that. Ten seconds left. Nicole stops, pops, lands a couple of solid shots, and there's the bell. Close. Behaire."

Cassie: "And, Nicole back on top 29-28."


O'Dell: "Fourth sees more aggression from Jane. Levy determined to cut this ring down and get physical with the older woman. Cuts her off, works her to the body, then backs her up with a HARD left hook! That was the best punch of the fight so far, and Nicole FELT it..."

Tess: "And, she doesn't want to feel many more like it."

O'Dell: "Behaire trying to find space, but Levy not giving her any. Redhead right in the brunette's grill, working that body, then landing a SOLID uppercut! That one got Behaire's attention, too. Nicole took it well, though. She ties up. Gets a break. But Jane quickly closing on her again..."

Cassie: "This kind of pressure...Behaire needs to find a way to release some of this."

O'Dell: "Coming down the stretch now, and the redhead's controlled this stanza. She closes and bangs again, landing a short left hook that sends sweat flying. Nicole tying up. Jane shoves off, works some body. Behaire ties up again, and there's the bell. Not close this time. All Levy."

McCarthy: "And, we're even again, this time at 38."


O'Dell: "Levy continuing the heavy pressure to start the fifth. She's up in Behaire's grill, working her to both head and body. Nicole tying up, trying to slip away, but the redhead not having any. She's continuing to force this thing into the proverbial phone booth at the moment."

Tess: "And, there's no doubt she has the advantage on these terms."

O'Dell: "And, she's making good use of same. Thumping the older woman to the body, then going upstairs to back her up with heavy leather to the head. Nicole again tying up and LEVY ROCKS HER WITH A RIGHT HOOK! Behaire stumbling and DROPPED WITH A STRAIGHT RIGHT!"

Cassie: "That was a NASTY punch right there..."

O'Dell: "Levy to a neutral corner. Nicole down on her back as the referee's count reaches three. Four. Five. Behaire rolls to her left side at six. Seven. Eight. Not going to happen. Trying to push up to all fours, but can't do it. Nine. TEN! It's OVER! And your winner by KO5 is 'The Marin County Marauder', Jane Levy!"

McCarthy: "I'm NOT going to say it!"


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Jane Levy, and, Jane, she's pretty slick..."

Jane (nodding): "No question about it. I knew she could box and move. I also knew I could counter that. And, I did."

Tess: "What's next for you?"

Jane: "Depends on what management wants to do. I'm up for anything." 



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