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2 August 2019 Nina Agdal vs Hailee Lautenbach

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Posted by caspian2 on Aug 2, 2019 at 11:52pm


4. Nina Agdal vs Hailee Lautenbach (Lightweight)


(26, 5’9, 121, 19:11 FCBA, VIXENs)

(24, 5’9, 2:1 FCBA, Free Agent)

“I was surprised when I got a call from my manager that Nina Agdal wanted to fight me,” Hailee smiling at reporters ringside, the crowds glued to the American’s pretty face on the television screens. “I thought she would be facing top competition by now. But I guess she needs to climb her way back up the ladder somehow.” 

Nina on the other side of the ring apron, casting jealous scowls at her opponent still talking. When it’s her turn, she grabs at the mic and shouts into it. “Oh yeah? Then what does that make you, Lautenbach? Trash and garbage, that’s what!”

We have almost identical girls in terms of height and weight as they come face-to-face for the first time in the middle of the ring. Scowls and smirks remain etched on their faces as they try to provoke each other, foreheads pressed together and fists cocked towards tummies. 

We’ll soon find out who will come out on top! The referee rings the bell and HERE we go with ten rounds of Lightweight action!

Hailee openly mocking her more experienced opponent at the bell, smacking Nina on the face with jabs landing from afar. Nina showing off some of her well known frustration, getting picked off at range so easily, and from a rookie at that, then firing back with straight hands that stun Lautenbach on the arms. The American feeling the heat suddenly, but all she has to do is scoot backwards and out of range, negating the rest of Agdal's offense. Nina getting beaten out of this fight super early, clearly seething with rage as she returns to her corner, slams her fists on the turnbuckle as a substitute for Hailee’s face.

Nina’s frustration getting directed at her opponent properly this time as she shocks a right hand into Hailee’s face early in the first minute, slamming leather into the brunette’s luscious lips before she can even react. Hailee lets out a grunt, arms suddenly wild and all over the place, but has the presence of mind to swing back, thereby stunning Nina in the face as the great Dane tries to rush in to finish what she started. What results is a wild flurry from both directions, model beauties taking turns mauling each other’s good looks with leather shoved into the sides of faces and knocking back the chin in hard-hitting action. Nina using her veteran experience to swerve her torso a little more often, avoiding some nasty hooks that would have certainly turned the tide for Launtenbach if they had landed. Instead, Hailee shaken as another right hook shoves her face awkwardly to the side, almost knocking her off her feet if she hadn’t found the ropes with two arms. Bell rings, giving Nina a redemptive quality as she proves that she can stand toe-to-toe with the heavy-hitting rookie.

Hailee for some reason still thinks she has the power and skills to put Nina away for good early, comes charging out of her corner and immediately sends jabs, crosses and hooks lunging towards Nina’s head. Danish model finally showing some patience, takes the punishment on her arms then unleashes hell right back, knocking the stuffing out of Hailee’s pride with fists landing her repeatedly on her face, then more leather gloves rocking that taut tummy when Lautenbach still refuses to count her losses and retreat. Hailee choosing to clinch up instead, arms enveloping the chest and waistline, but it’s more bad news for the American, as Nina simply powers out of the bearhug and batters her sides. Another hook sent across across the rookie’s face has her wide-eyed and in shock - Hailee stumbling off to the side, after which clumsily collapsing down to the canvas! No ropes to save her this time!

It’s a KNOCKDOWN in the first minute of the third round! Talk about being quick! Nina barely having broken a sweat as she lets out a ROAR to the crowds, takes the deliberate route of walking over Hailee’s body on her back to neutral corner. Hailee still crawling to the ropes, eyes darting about in abject shock as she tries to register where the f*ck she is. Referee counts her out slowly, her proud self trying to pull itself up using the ropes. But those legs are wobbling madly, and coupled with that spinning head and body shivering in the wind, Hailee COLLAPSES down to her knees as the referee hits 10! It’s over!

Official Decision: Nina Agdal defeats Hailee Lautenbach via KO3!


Nina Agdal certainly can impress when she wants to, can’t she? It’s true that she hasn’t fared well against some of the top-tiered competition in this league, but seems perfectly capable mopping up these Free Agent with ease. Agdal quickly sauntering over the Hailee, the American model still on her knees, arms draped over the middle rope, belly pulsing in and out as she struggled to find her breath. Nina standing proud above, both hands on her hips at first, a wicked smile on her face as those sharp fingernails POUNCE upon brunette hair...

Hailee powerless as her head tugged upwards and back, face tilted above to meet her tormentress. Nina grinning down and hissing, “What did I tell you? Nothing but trash and garbage.” 

She sends a tight slap across the younger woman’s face, eliciting a dull groan from her lips. Nina then shoving her back down to the canvas, and a semi-grateful Lautenbach collapses and folds into a heap of spent matter. Medics later checking to make sure she's alright, whilst Nina takes her time in the ring, raising her victory arms to the crowds, a wide smile framed by her dishevelled blonde hair! 



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