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3 August 2019 Brooklyn Decker vs Devon Windsor

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Posted by Vassago on Aug 3, 2019 at 7:39pm


Brooklyn Decker vs Devon Windsor
(Lioness Club of America vs FCBA Independent)
(42-16, 31 KO vs 2-4, 2 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: Lioness Club of America does little to quash rumours about another big welterweight opportunity for Brooklyn Decker on the upcoming PPV and suddenly Devon Windsor gets dismissed as the proverbial sacrificial lamb by the media gathered around Long Beach tonight. This doesn't sit well with the blonde youngster who vows to upset one of the top ranked fellow models in business. Her impromptu rant becomes a viral thing for like five minutes before Brooklyn promptly takes over the scenery and leaves Windsor hanging amid the sea waves storm. "There's only one Alpha Blonde on the premises, folks and that would be ME!!!", Brookie winks back at the visibly annoyed opponent and Devon is maybe *this* close from blowing her gasket and triggering a proper catfight on the beach long before the official boxing contest.

Brooklyn Decker wears an orange bandeau bikini & brown gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a braid. Devon Windsor wears a pink & blue floral-themed bikini & white gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a sleek ponytail. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
Devon bursts through the sand like a woman truly possessed and sticks her gloves into Brooklyn's midriff; the older blonde quickly gets down to business herself but gets outworked in a phone booth dispute where Devon lands a nasty hook on the jaw which enables her to switch upstairs and bounce off Decker's face! Huh! Brooks gets whacked from both flanks and develops an earmuff guard but this only fuels the youngster's attacks and the Long Beach audience draws extra pleasure from such a fiery opening period! Devon gets vocal as she works the left/right drill to back her opponent into the ropes but Decker tries to smack her over the top down the stretch only to find thin air as Windsor drops low again and cleans out the older blonde's tummy instead. Ugh! Brooklyn aches out right at the bell when she gets nailed on the belly button and that Alpha Blonde statement maybe needs a review here after all?

Round 2:
Windsor channels more wrath to secure the body assault success and glues Decker into a hole while outworking the former champion in close range. Brooklyn groans in discomfort as she tries to clip some jug but Devon's execution is too quick & too precise to force a change in scenery and the audience gets treated with another fine jabbing run from the designated underdog. Brooklyn tries to regain her stance in mid-distance but eats more body-busting assault and caves behind a tight earmuff while Windsor splits it following a close pursuit and drops the hammer on the jaw when she has the fellow model trapped in the corner. She fails to carry enough power to deck the Ohio native though and gets clinched in rather desperate fashion to close out the round but it's 20-18 for the beaming free agent who begins to feel a little cocky with her celebrations during the interval.

Round 3:
Decker gets the hairdryer treatment from coach Claudia Schiffer during the interval and roars into a proper response early in th third as Windsor literally scampered across the sand herself to resume the... Aw, crap!!! Brooks SLAMS her with a left hook on the jaw and Devon kicks up the loose stuff while reeling on her heels.. she almost goes down following that one punch shocker and has no time to react when Decker rains punches like skittles upstairs to leave some visible bruises on the otherwise pretty face... Devon gets bounced onto the ropes and hits the panic button when she meets more head-hunting menace from the older model... Decker takes no prisoners with her gung-ho attack and she knows she has the other blonde spooked.. Devon gets stuck in the hole and doesn't carry through with her counter-punches while Brooks slams her from both flanks until she forces an earmuff defense and wades into Windsor's guts instead... Ugh! Devon slumps on her knees and groans out in pain but Decker still smacks her on top of her head before landing a brutal harpoon on the liver area that wobbles the younger blonde into loud spasms... bell comes to the rescue next and Brooklyn kicks up sand across Devon's tummy as the free agent leans forward trying to catch her breath.

Round 4:
Devon looks slow coming out of the gate and gets blitzed by a visibly furious opponent who wastes no time in tagging her chin from both flanks again... Devon's high guard collapses wholesale within the opening thirty seconds and she gets spun to the side following a thumping hook on the temple before a low cross tags the solar plexus and makes the wilting blonde wince even louder... Devon tries to adjust her stance but remains too slow for Decker who DRILLS her with a vicious uppercut on the jaw that SENDS THE FELLOW BLONDE TUMBLING DOWN ON THE SAND... Oh my, and that was a brutal one indeed! Devon spits out her gumshield and tries to get up and suddenly feels mucho woozy and only sits down on the sand while staring at the ref's fingers... count 'em eight and she's frozen & shellshocked all in one go here... kiss your Alpha Blonde hopes goodbye, Dev!!! KO4 Brooklyn Decker!!!

AFTER: Brooklyn gives the vanquished foe a lenghty stare and turns back to coach Schiffer who still doesn't look pleased with that performance, "I don't wanna hear it! We're good to go to take that tramp out!". The word is out regarding Decker's upcoming opponent and even Devon's impressive start here fails to play as spoiler when it comes to LCA's plan. "Courtney is sooo getting her boobs punished! This will be a frickin' pleasure!" The Long Beach audience shares the joy with the Lionesses however some fans demand another run at either Kate Upton or Hannah Ferguson. "One blonde wannabe at a time, folks! You haven't heard the last of the Goddess yet!", Brooklyn suddenly feels at ease with all the spotlight on her no matter she was favored to bury the free agent in the sand in first place. "Still making the news, still turning heads and STILL knocking wannabe blondes out! I literally envy myself all that jazz!" (winks to the camera).

Official Result: Brooklyn Decker def. Devon Windsor KO4. 



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