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8 August 2019 Anne Hathaway vs Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Posted by Fates on Aug 8, 2019 at 8:07pm


Anne Hathaway vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Anne Hathaway: 36 years old, 5’8,” 4-15 with 3 KO since 2006, Free Agent

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: 32 years old, 5’9,” 2-20 combined with 2 KO since 2011 (BBU), 2012 (FCBA), free agent


When talking about women who desperately need a win, these two top many lists. Huntington-Whiteley, despite being one of the hottest commodities for modeling, can’t seem to fight her way out of a paper bag and owns an abysmal win percentage at under ten percent. Hathaway, on the other hand, has had better luck in terms of win percentage, but is still in the basement of the league. Simply put, if either woman ever wants a chance at being part of a stable again, they need to win, and they have that opportunity tonight in Shanghai.

Anne Hathaway is the first one to come into the arena, and has donned a blue bikini set with matching gloves for the match, her hair up in a ponytail. The American actress wears a nervous smile on her face, knowing the importance of this match. Next, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley enters. The blonde Brit has elected for a black sports bra and black spandex pants that show her angelic model body. RHW is wearing red gloves and has her hair up in a bun for the match. Rosie saunters down to the ring, making sure to extend her gorgeous legs and show off her stellar body, trying to win the crowd over with looks, maybe even some boxing.

The ref gives instructions to the two women without issue, they tap gloves, and the bell rings.

Round 1:

The round starts out slowly with both women cautiously circling each other, Rosie using her slightly longer reach to jab out at Hathaway, but her shots miss and the actress moves in and lands a solid straight into the blonde’s mouth. Anne drives a left into the model’s chest but leaves herself exposed and Rosie takes advantage, connecting with a left to Anne’s body and following up into her nose. The brunette backs off and the two women start to circle again. This time, it’s Hathaway who starts the jabbing, and when Rosie tries to jab back, she gets smacked with a right jab that makes her drop back. Huntington-Whiteley bobs in and drives a right into Hathaway’s body and then goes for a left, but Hathaway dodges and Rosie ends up lunging for her opponent. Anne gets out of the way and drives a couple lefts and rights into Rosie’s phenomenal body, but the bell rings and she stops. Anne Hathaway picks up the first round close in her first match in two years.

Round 2:

Anne comes flying out of her corner and starts throwing punches at Rosie, catching her in the breasts and the Brit backs off. Hathaway follows Huntington-Whiteley around the ring until BAM! Rosie slams a right into Anne’s body and then connects with a left cross that staggers the American. Hathaway gets her guard up and on comes Rosie, the Brit driving lefts and rights into Anne’s body and through her weak guard. Rosie pounds Anne into the ropes and lays into her as the brunette actress tries to clinch. The blonde model keeps punching Anne’s chest until the American finally clinches and the referee has to break the two women apart. After the break, the two women go back to circling and they start trading jabs. Hathaway has her way with Rosie early, tagging her repeatedly, but RHW comes back at the end and punishes the brunette, cleanly landing two punches to Hathaway’s mouth in the final seconds. The bell rings and Rosie takes the round on points, wide.

Round 3:

Rosie confidently gets back out into the center of the ring and starts circling Hathaway. The two women trade jabs evenly until Rosie feints with her left but Anne reads her like a book, ducking out of the way of the right and then slamming home a left of her own into RHW’s body. The blonde throws out a wild right to try and catch the brunette but she misses and Hathaway drives a left across Rosie’s cheek and Rosie is on her back foot retreating. Anne drives her around the ring but Rosie avoids the ropes for a while courtesy of her jabs, but a quick right from Hathaway followed by a left to Rosie’s tender melons gets the model in the ropes. Huntington-Whiteley lands some quick punches into Hathaway’s mouth and chest, but stays in the ropes and takes more shots for longer than she would have liked before escaping. Hathaway chases Rosie around the ring until the bell rings, tagging the younger woman repeatedly in the mouth. Hathaway wears a slight smile on her face after taking the round, wide.

Round 4:

Hathaway eagerly comes out of her corner as Huntington-Whiteley is a bit slow coming out to the middle of the ring. Anne starts the round by punching straights at RHW, but the Brit is able to dodge most of them and counterpunch on occasion. Hathaway feints with her left and Rosie falls for it only to get nailed by a right from the American, but comes back with a shot to the American’s ribs. Hathaway backs off and the two women start circling again, trading jabs to the face and shots to the body whenever possible. Rosie dodges a few shots and knocks a right into Anne’s nose, but when she tries to push her advantage, Hathaway connects with a right into Rosie’s chest and a left to her ribs, forcing the Brit back and her guard up as the American looks for an opening as the bell rings. Hathaway takes the round on points, close, as Rosie needs to start getting some traction if she doesn’t want to get knocked out.

Round 5:

Both women emerge from their respective corners to start the fifth round. Rosie and Anne patiently circle each other, each trying to figure out what the other is doing. Rosie throws a right that Anne dodges, and Hathaway connects with a punch to Rosie’s toned midriff. Hathaway throws a left cross but Rosie dodges it and buries leather into Anne’s solar plexus AND THE BRUNETTE IS HURT! Hathaway’s face screams of agony as RHW connected with a massive right into Anne’s body that doubled her over. Rosie then drives a left that smacks Anne across the jaw, straightening out the hurting actress. Hathaway is backpedaling and Huntington-Whiteley drives her into the ropes where she absolutely pounds away at her opponent, rights and lefts going into Hathaway’s breasts and ribs until Anne practically throws herself onto Rosie to clinch. The ref breaks the two women apart and Rosie throws a feint with her left that completely dekes Anne and Rosie smacks a right into Anne’s nose that draws blood and drives Hathaway back. Anne punches out at Rosie but the blonde Brit dodges it and clocks the American with a right that sends her back into the ropes. Hathaway hanging on for the bell and dear life as Rosie punches away at Anne Hathaway until the bell mercifully sounds and Hathaway uses all of her energy to merely return to her corner. Meanwhile, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley returns to her corner with a fierce look of determination on her face after winning the round by shutout.

Round 6:

Any sluggishness is gone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as she wastes no time in going after Anne Hathaway who is still grimacing from the previous round. Rosie punches a right into Hathaway’s tummy and the brunette weakly groans as the air gets driven out of her. Hathaway tries to retreat from the blonde Brit, but Huntington-Whiteley cuts the distance and starts rattling off punches on the brunette. Hathaway has her guard up as Rosie seems to go berserk, not placing her punches but rather just trying to overwhelm Anne with volume. Anne pushes off from Rosie, but the blonde comes back at the brunette and drives a scorching right through Anne’s guard that tags her in the nose. Hathaway is stumbling backwards as Rosie connects with a left right to Anne’s already tender solar plexus that causes the brunette to scream before Rosie connects with a right to Anne’s jaw and down goes Hathaway, splatting on her face! Rosie goes quickly to a neutral corner as the referee starts to count over the prone actress. One. Two. Three. Anne’s moving her arms slightly. Four. Five. Hathaway hasn’t moved her arms more than a couple inches. Six. Seven. Eight. Anne lifts her head up only for it to crash back to the ground! Nine. Ten. It’s over, folks. Your winner by KO6, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

“About f*cking time,” Rosie screams as she earns her first win in three years. Huntington-Whiteley takes off her gloves, then proudly poses on the ringposts, showing off her gorgeous legs and sublime figure, much to the pleasure of the crowd and the photographers.

Meanwhile, medics rush over to Hathaway as she gradually regains her strength. The brunette manages to sit up with her back propped up on the ropes and pushes the medics away as she sees her opponent showing off her body to the crowd. 

“I still have a better record than that b*tch does,” Anne moans. RHW swivels around, hearing Hathaway’s comment, and struts over to the fallen brunette, swinging her hips to and fro, taking her time. Hathaway struggles to pull herself up by the ropes, but she manages to do so while Huntington-Whiteley stands in front of Hathaway, the two women’s breasts touching.

“And I knocked you out tonight, so you have no right to say anything,” Rosie tells Anne.

Hathaway shoves Rosie back and Rosie drives a right knee into Anne’s body and Hathaway rolls onto the ground in agony. RHW takes a look at her fallen opponent, but elects not to punish her further. Rosie simply places one of her luscious legs over Anne Hathaway, poses for a couple seconds, then walks off to the cheers of the crowd. 



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