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9 August 2019 Margot Robbie vs Brie Larson

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Posted by Girls Friday on Aug 9, 2019 at 7:07am


(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Chimera vs Fates Boxing)

Next up on Rio De Janeiro's lush Copacabana beach sees a battle of two stunning Hollywood stars for the first time in a DC vs Marvel theme, "Suicide Squad" star Margot Robbie fights "Captain Marvel" herself Brie Larson.

Margot is 29 years old; she stands 5'6, holding a record of 23 wins, 19 coming by way of knockout, with 18 defeats.

Brie is also 29 years old; she stands 5'7, holding a record of 8 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with only 3 defeats.

The build up to the fight saw both women hold an open workout session on the beach, Margot stepped onto the sand first wearing a red bikini, doing light workout drills first before she got down to sparring with former stablemate Jessica Nigri, who wore a violet coloured bikini and gloves.

Some of the press wondered if that was a mistake as Jessica looked there for a real fight, the two former stablemates tore into each other and ended up rolling around the sand after one of them tripped the other.

After being separated and Jessica took off her gloves threatening to bust up Margot if she ever really wants to fight her in the ring, something Margot yelled she'd happily do with as she put it "you wanna actress" to Nigri.

When things calmed down a little, Margot told the press "you can't give anyone a chance! Jessica is invisible without us but instead of embracing the chance for a moment in the sun, she has to show she is a little f***ing b*tch and try to steal the limelight for herself!"

The Chimera manager Stephanie McMahon is now on the scene after getting a phone call from coach Jeri Ryan, she tells the press that Margot won't be taking any more questions as Jeri helps gets Margot away from the cameras.

Stephanie only says on the fight "all I'll say is you saw how worked up Margot was, I would hate to be in that ring with her like Brie will be, I hope Fate's has a good doctor" before she marches off the beach to sort out this mess.

When Brie has her sparring session with her stablemate and fellow Marvel costar Elizabeth Olsen, it goes much more smoothly, the two embracing after working up a sweat after a few rounds, they smile and joke about what if they were to wrestle for a bit, a not so veiled dig at the Chimera workout.

After stepping out the ring; a journalist yells to Brie about Margot's scuffle with Jessica, with Brie not being able to hide a smile as she replies "well I can't really say much as that is there issue, but I did laugh I'll admit when my manager showed me the incident on his laptop"

Taking a drink before she continues her speech "look I respect Margot, she is tough and a good actress to say the least, I didn't join Fates though to be another face on a roster, I want to be the best and I will get there with my new friends, even Anna (Kendrick) still rings me to tell me how proud she is of me"

Taking her white gloves off before she finishes her speech, she says "Margot better have her head on me, if she doesn't then I apologize because it will be a short night for her, I want you guys to have some show before I knock her ass out on this beautiful beach" winking as her and Elizabeth leave the beach arms around the others shoulders talking about the fight.

Fighting time; the ring posts have been set directly into the sand, with the judges table nearby on one side, bleachers are side up on three sides with a sold out crowd watching.

Out comes Margot with Jeri and "nurse" Sunny McKay wearing a white bikini with red medical crosses on the bra cups, Margot still looks in a foul mood as she walks onto the beach towards the ring from the changing rooms set up.

She is wearing a half red bikini top with a black spade on, the other half black with a red diamond on, body paint across her jugs to match, red bottoms and black gloves, her hair in two pigtails as she channels her Harley Quinn character from DC comics.

Getting into the ring; she heads straight for her corner, with Jeri telling her to keep her head tonight and use her anger to bash Brie around the ring.

Brie heads out with her coach by her side, she stands hands on hips for the crowd as she seems happy to play the hero tonight, before she heads down to the ring waving at the fans.

She is wearing a red bikini with blue body paint and her Captain Marvel badge on her chest, blue gloves, while her hair is in a braid down her back.

When she gets into the ring; Brie takes the time to pose for the fans, but it also seems for Margot as she stares right at her, before returning to her corner to warm up for this fight.

The fighters are waved by the referee to come to the center of the ring, where they stare right into the others eyes, Margot asking Brie "so you think you are funny Brie?" Brie just smirks in reply, which leads to her taking a shove.

Coaches step in to pull the fighters back as they try to start things off early, Brie telling Margot "oh I am going to love posing over you after I knock you out!"

The referee goes to both corners to warn both women to keep this clean and not a street fight, when satisfied that things have calmed down enough, the bell is rung to start 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell both women start off quickly as they step in close to trade, tempers seeming to get the better of them as they nearly clash heads when swinging hard rights that miss.

When they step back after that exchange; Brie catches Margot to the face with a double jab straight through her mitts, dodging a right hook from Robbie as she steps back.

Maybe the mess of a build up is still playing on Margot's head as she is letting her hands go but in a wild manner, making it easy for Brie to spot most of them coming so she can counter.

A right smacks Margot across her face to knock her back a step; with Brie following up with a jab/right cross combo to further press the Aussie back towards the ropes.

Margot needing to push Brie back before she touches the ropes, thudding her gloves together as if to tell herself to knock this off, with the final moments of the round seeing Margot throwing her jab more, which allows her to land better punches up to the bell.

Where both women exchange a nasty stare before turning on their heels back to the corner, Margot understandably gets yelled at by Jeri to fight more smarter, this isn't a bar room bar!

Round 2:
Coming out more calmer; both land more crisper jabs to the others cheeks, setting up their bigger punches better as it looks more like a boxing match then the opening round.

Margot times her attack to deflect a right before stepping in with a straight of her own to the mouth of her opponent, followed by a left across her cheek as she steps in close.

The Chimera fighter looks happier to fight at a close range, forcing Brie into hard hitting exchanges, where Margot uses her left to either jab or nudge Brie back to open her up to her power right.

When Brie gets knocked near the ropes; she fires a double jab straight into the face of her rival to stop her charging in, Brie showing good footwork to get off the ropes while landing her jab.

Final moments of the round sees Margot just miss with a left cross, Brie counters with a right to the ribs and a left hook up top to whip the head of Margot around.

The bell rings to close the action, both return to the corners with their coaches telling them what they need to fix now they seem fully warmed up, Jeri looking more relaxed herself after a better round for her fighter.

Round 3:
Doubling up on her jab now; Brie comes out the gates looking a little more relaxed, like she feels she knows what Margot is going to do or as the face of Margot shows, that she can anger the Aussie into mistakes.

The lid seems to stay on for now as Margot bides her time, deflecting a left then landing a left hook of her own to turn Larson's head to the side, following up with more punches to knock her backwards.

Needing to shove her opponent back; Brie looks to be gritting her gumshield as she moves away from the ropes, feinting this time before she comes in with a right across the mouth of Robbie to make her cry out.

Things look tight to call between these two, Brie looking the stronger fighter when allowed to move, Margot when she can get in close to make them trade.

A missed right from Margot as Brie sidesteps allows "Captain Marvel" to land two punches into the side of Robbie's face, forcing Margot to cover up as Brie starts to throw a flurry at her, most find glove with several getting to the face of the veteran of the two to knock her back further.

When the bell rings this time they both have an intense stare down before passing each other by, Brie getting told off her coach "that was better near the end, you can out box her all night long if you keep focused"

Round 4:
Moving more side to side as she throws straight punches, Brie is becoming a harder target to hit for Margot, who stalks her around the ring with her own probing jab.

Firing a double jab into the side of Margot's face, then stepping back as the "Suicide squad" star misses with a left hook, looking annoyed as Brie dances around her.

Coming in swinging a left hook that misses; MARGOT TAKES AN UPPERCUT TO THE CHIN TO SEND HER DOWN TO HER BACKSIDE!

Punching the sand in frustration; Margot looks annoyed after shaking her head, 1...2...3...4.. Margot stares at the referee as she pushes up to a knee, 5...6...7....8 pushing up to her feet.

When they resume Brie is throwing straight shots to try to break the guard of Margot, with the older fighter needing to duck down to land to the body of Larson.

As seconds tick away in the round; Brie catches Margot across her face with a left hook, landing three more punches as she bullies Robbie into a corner.

At the bell the two exchange words as Brie taunts Margot, the referee steps between them to keep them apart, when they sit on their stools the atmosphere in each corner is the polar opposite.

Round 5:
Coming out the corner looking to keep on Margot; Brie is dancing side to side throwing punches towards the cheeks of her opponent, who has to cover up as she tries to read Brie's movement's.

Feinting with a left up top; Brie instead lands two rights to the body, just missing with a left over the top as Margot leans her head out of the way.

It is looking hard for Margot to really fight back with more then single punches, getting in more when Brie comes in closer, though it's Brie seeming to win the exchanges with a greater work rate.

A right drills into Margot's abs; but the Aussie fires back with a left hook across the top of Brie's head, the guard of Larson looks too open, AS A RIGHT HOOK SMACKS HER ACROSS HER JAW LATE IN THE ROUND TO SEND HER DOWN TO HER SIDE!

Margot tells Brie to get up for more as the referee needs to nudge her away, 1...2....3...4... Brie shakes her head as she sits up, 5...6... Thudding her gloves together in anger, 7....8.. Before she gets up to her feet to beat the count.

Both women go in hard with seconds left in the round; Margot trying to end this as Brie shows she isn't hurt, at the bell with both clinched up, they grapple into the ropes and nearly through them, the crowd loving it as the referee doesn't seem to be, needing to break them apart and order them back to their corners.

Round 6:
As expected Margot this time is the one looking to push the action after putting down Brie late in the last round, with her throwing towards the head of Brie.

With Brie dipping under a straight to counter with her right to the body, a left to the ribs follows by Brie till she takes a right across the top of her head to force her back outside.

The fighters trading more heavy leather now as sweat flies off them, cheeks looking red as they go toe to toe, Brie clearly trying to show that she is fit enough to stick in with Margot.

But a right lands to the side of the of Brie's head, two more punches snap her head back as she finds herself being knocked onto her heels, needing to cover up as she is driven around the outside of the ring.

With the round coming to a close with Brie looking at the sky, Margot looking the better fighter now as she sits on her stool, Jeri telling her to not lose focus.

Round 7:
Brie is looking to keep Margot on the outside, drilling a jab towards her face as she tries to get her feet moving out the way of Margot, who ducks under one to throw an overhand right to the side of the younger fighters head.

Throwing a right that misses; Brie is left open to an uppercut that knocks the head back, TWO HOOKS FOLLOW THAT SENDS BRIE DOWN TO THE SAND ON HER BACK!

Laying spread eagle in the sand; the count begins with the referee standing next to Brie, 1...2...3...4.. Brie opens her eyes with them looking glassy, 5...6....7.. Brie holds her mouth jaw as she still lays flat, 8...9...10 that's all for Larson!

Winner Margot Robbie KO Round 7

A big win for Margot as she pounds her chest with her right fist, almost roaring as she looks to get all the frustration she has had the last few days out.

She returns to her corner to be greeted by a smiling Jeri, who bumps fists with her as she says "she didn't stand a chance against you" though the knockdown Margot suffered says otherwise.

While Brie is helped to sit up; sand wiped off her back as she comes around from the knockout, apologizing to her coach for getting lax, the Fates coach says "we can talk about that later, I just want to knock you are OK" as they check her over.

Once happy she is OK; Brie is helped to her feet, where she is met by Margot coming over to yell at her "lucky I didn't really hurt you bytch!" As a war of words begins.

Coaches needed to keep the two apart as Brie looks like she wants to hit Margot, after that knockout though she isn't in shape to fight anyone it seems as her coach instead leads her out the ring and to the changing rooms.

Margot calling Brie a coward as she is led back to her corner by Jeri; once she has calmed down, the referee is able to lift her arm at the center of the ring, with Margot beginning to smile really for the first time since getting into the ring.

After posing with her hands on her hips for the cameras, Margot can be heard telling Jeri "I want that bytch Jessica in here soon, don't try to hide her from me as I will simply find her elsewhere and kick her ass" with Jeri simply nodding in reply.

As they leave the ring together; a chant of Margot's name rings out, making her blow kisses to the fans as she heads to the changing rooms herself, feeling happy about things as Jeri looks proud of her. 



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