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17 August 2019 Megan Fox vs Alice Eve

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Posted by caspian2 on Aug 17, 2019 at 9:32pm


(Results, Words: Lookout!)

5. Megan Fox vs Alice Eve (Bantamweight)


This will be the first battle between the two, though not the first time these two have been compared. Both of them have starred in major franchises between ‘Transformers’ and ‘Star Trek 2’ or even ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ and ‘Iron Fist’, with a real brunette-blonde rivalry forming between them in the press. Even as the two of them strive to downplay it leading up to the match, there is a real intensity to the bout and that comes out before the contest.

Alice beams, taking a deep breathe, “Listen, everybody is aware of who Megan Fox is or more accurately, who Megan Fox was. Megan was once one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, but now, she’s a falling star. I’m going to help her fall all the way tonight, when I knock her out. Then if people want to follow a real star, I’ll be here to help them out.” 

Megan smirking, “Alice who? Listen, this little British bimbo seems to think she’s a big deal and maybe she is.Over in the BBU maybe, but here in the FCBA, I’ve got the records and the body to prove that I’m superior. If she thinks I’m fading, check with me at the end of the night and we’ll see who has freaking fallen. It won’t be me.” 

Alice coming in wearing a golden bikini top, with matching bottoms and gloves - hair in a battle bun; Megan wearing a dark purple bikini top, with matching bottoms and gloves - hair in a fighting ponytail. The ref issues them both warning and instruction as these two are just barely concealing their contempt for one another. The bell rings and these two charge across the ring at one another the instant the match begins...

Eve aggressive, grinning as she pressures Megan around the ring. Fox slick in retreat - sidestepping her blonde; feinting; executing cute billiard-ball bounces off ropes to escape Alice's crowding. All Eve though - she's aggressor, making the fight...until she walks into a VICIOUS head butt under her left eye as girls come together. Megan up and punching immediately after clash of heads: small mitts sounding out PIK! PAK! PEK! against Alice's muscular gut, paralyzing the stricken blonde. Fox's dark eyes absolutely heartless as she tears at Alice - punching that left eye chopping rights; hooking the jaw as blonde girl stumbles along ropes. Onslaught beats Alice to all fours - Eve whining in pain as her left eye rapidly swells: Megan prowling to neutral corner all business, using her physical nature to maximum advantage in the first.

Brit rallies, comes out strong - instructed to ignore Megan's elusive head to concentrate on breadbasket. Blonde single-minded - jabbing her way forward, then carving up and across Megan's sleek torso with either hand. Fox grimacing, sliding away: brunette trying to shake dogged blonde pursuit, but Alice's got the legs to keep pace. Plenty of fighting along the ropes as Megan can't clear her back: brunette forced to issue don't-hurt-me clinches as Alice establishes inside. Ref issuing breaks; Eve pushing back in, working ribs/tummy via muscular, shoulder-chugging hup-hup...Megan given a good solid working over bell to bell as vindictive blonde fists answer that heartless headbutt.

Megan silky smooth, pivoting clockwise around a stiff left jab ticketed for Alice's bulging left eye. Blonde girl whining/wincing in pain as brunette pounds the eye shut: Fox's jab every bit as educated and cruel as anyone. Eve weaving forward, trying to step into Megan's ribcage: brunette doing a good job sidestepping/maintaining distance - circling until she can draw a bead on Brit's left eye again. Megan taps out cruel points, looking Alice over with coldblooded satisfaction at the bell.

Alice trying to force things up the middle - lunging in to carry thick right hands to ribs; wishing hooks at tummy as Megan bounces out of range. Fox potshotting her handicapped foe - circling counter-clockwise to turn Brit's left flank, exposing the blind-side. Megan's favourite move: dart in with overhand right hot off Brit's left eye; duck low on follow through while pivoting-right; emerge from crouch to hook Brit's left eye from angle off Brit's left shoulder. Blonde girl constantly rocked, but so sturdy: she grits her teeth against the pain, continuing to pressurize Megan around the ring. Eve finding Megan's ribcage with wide roundhouses - often as Fox's disengaging. Break: desperate work with the enswell on Brit's eye...Eve really forced to dig down to deal with this adversity.

Megan in tactical command; pivoting to her right, turning Brit's left flank; jabbing the closed eye/dropping slick right hands onto the chin over Brit's left mitt. Eve stalking her prey - blonde girl's connect percentage is low, but she's still effective when heavy hands find svelte brunette ribcage. Midway through, Eve getting close to trapping Megan in a corner: Fox executes a vicious left hook low blow/pivot clockwise routine, spinning round Brit's right flank as blonde girl doubles over helpless. Ref steps in, gives Eve a moment to compose herself: Megan making frosty eye contact as Brit's walking off the hurt.

Feint-and-pounce for Eve crosses Megan up: blonde able to chop a sneaky lead right hand to Megan's chin, buzzing Fox's legs early. Megan wobbling away, eyes moist: Eve grinning through her own pain, stalking hurt prey. Eve stoops, reaches jab-to-body: Megan flurries her fists in shoe-shine against blonde head/shoulders, desperate to keep Eve off. Eve stoops - sells it like she's jabbing body again - then leaps in close, tucking hook-to-chin en-route. Megan blown backward by punch and hurtling mass of ballistic blonde body both: Fox crashing to her back, suddenly all a-swoon! Megan swimming on her back, trying to roll over her right hip - falling back - feet pushing on canvas as numb legs give up. Fox's limbs mutiny - you can see each separate part of her quitting as her mind's desperately trying to rally off the deck. No go: KO6 Alice Eve in come-from-behind fashion. 

Alice ecstatic, just beaming confidently although it doesn’t match her eyes, glaring down at a still dazed Megan, who is struggling to get to her feet. Eve, displaying some British hospitality, is all too willing to Help Fox to her feet. Fox struggles to her feet and against the control of her rival, who slips in behind her, wrapping one around her waist as Eve leads the brunette in a Walk of Shame along the ring. One arm around Megan’s waist as Fox blinks in anger and frustration, the other hand tugging on Fox’s hair to make her face the audience. Alice whispering into Megan’s ear and while the crowd can’t hear it over their cheering, but it’s clear that Megan is not enjoying the one-sided conversation as her face is turning a deep shade of scarlet. Parading Fox around the ring and posing her at each corner as Alice finally grins, shoving Alice down to her knees with a thud. Alice holding one hand in Fox’s hair as the other pumps her fist into the air, shouting out to the crowd, “I DID THIS!” She gestures down at Megan, giving her hair a tug and is rewarded with a yelp of pain. 

Alice grinning as she shoves her rival away as she snickers, strutting out confidently as she talks to the press, “I warned her that she was a falling star and guess what? She looks pretty f*cking fallen to me. All those records, that bod she is so proud of and all of that arrogance doesn’t mean anything now. Like one of my movies is called, while I understand that Megan has kind of forgotten what it’s like to be in one of them, I’m just ‘Out of her League’. And with that, Alice Eve leaves victorious.

Alice may have won the match tonight, but it appears she likely gained a major rival in the process as Megan Fox is beaten tonight, but the humiliation has left her eager for revenge. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch between these two in the near future. But, for now, the Stable War continues!!

VIX/Lookout! Stable War II: 3:2



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