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27 August 2019 Sammi Hanratty vs Victoria Justice

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 28, 2019 at 9:59am


Sammi Hanratty versus Victoria Justice(Words: Wannabees / Results: Lookout!)



Sammi comes out in a cute little blue bra and matching thong, she has on matching mma gloves, she watches as Victoria comes strutting to the ring in a matching red bra and thong set, both ladies go up-to each other trying to intimidate each other.

Round One.

Sammi comes out firing it’s like she had heard what Stella had said earlier and she wants to prove a point, she starts by aiming for Victoria’s midriff and she tries to get a couple of headshots in but Victoria has them covered, she is playing it safe and she works over Sammi when Sammi gets too cocky and tries to end it fast. Victoria is playing a safety game after all the suffering she has received from the wannabee stable.

Round Two.

Both ladies are this round trying to come out on top in the mind games, they both start to strut around the ring to the confusion of the crowd and when they do start to fight, they are more bothered about aiming for each other breasts, it’s like they are trying to say the others are weaker than their own. The crowd starts to boo as the two ladies hiss and taunt each other about their bodies.

Round Three.

Sammi seems to have been told by her manager to stop playing mind-games as whilst Victoria continues to taunt the size of Sammi’s breast and the fact she shouldn’t be wearing a bra, Sammi starts to aim for Victoria’s midriff and she manages to back her into the corner a couple of times, whilst Victoria is still aiming at Sammi’s breast making it easy for Sammi to defend. 

Victoria gets annoyed that her tactics aren’t working, and she starts to aim wildly, leaving Sammi plenty of time and opportunities to use her skills and expertise to start to work Victoria over.

Round Four.

Victoria must have been told that she was going all wrong as she starts the round like she had been doing aiming for Sammi’s breasts leaving Sammi to drop her guard as she continues like she had before.

Without warning Victoria suddenly sends a punch to Sammi’s head knocking her over, she quickly pulls off her gloves and she grabs the back of Sammi’s thong and yanks hard giving her a nasty wedgie. “Don’t get up…” She screams in Sammi’s face as she spanks her a couple of times, the ref grabs Victoria and sends her to her corner, she puts her gloves back on as the ref counts.


Sammi gets up and she glares at Victoria. “You’ll pay for that.”

For the rest of the round both ladies are out for blood, but neither could get the upper hand.

As soon as the bell goes, Sammi takes off her gloves and readjust her thong.

Round Five

Both ladies are still aiming for the killer blow, they spend the first two minutes getting the other on the ropes only to then have the same happen to them, both are growing frustrated and knowing that she had to do something different Sammi stops aiming for Victoria’s head and starts aiming for her chest and midriff, something that Victoria wasn’t expecting and it was a few moments before she had herself settled again as they both fought hard.

Round Six

Sammi comes out like she’s possessed this round, she wants to end it and she’s either going to end it with a win or a lose because to everyone around they knew that she couldn’t sustain the amount of energy she is using at the moment, you can see how Victoria’s eyes are wide with fear as Sammi is working her over, she is using all her strength to defend and can’t even get an attack in, just when it looks like she might have succeeded Sammi hits her hard in the face followed by a quick one-two in the midriff.


The ref starts to count but everyone could see Victoria was down for the count, in fact the ref could probably count to 100 and she wouldn’t have moved.

“9… 10...”



Sammi smirks as she takes off her gloves and she grabs a bottle of water, throwing it over Victoria and then she turns Victoria over and grabs the back of her thong, and yanks it up. Victoria awakes with a start, she screams in pain.

“I should tear this off!” Sammi hisses, but she releases the pressure and instead throws Victoria out of the ring. “Your lucky I have bigger fish to fry.” Sammi grabs a microphone. “Stella, we are best friend but when we fight, I won’t go easy and it’s going to be fun spanking your ass.” Sammi then drops the microphone. 



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