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30 August 2019 Leah Dizon vs Victoria Justice

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 31, 2019 at 2:19pm


Leah Dizon vs. Victoria Justice

(Words: GBS / Results: Lookout!)

Victoria Justice was very happy with her new found success with the GBS. She was getting fights and was in better shape than before as she said in her press clippings.

Leah Dizon was also happy to be boxing again. She was viewing Victoria as a jobber. She hasn’t got the goods was how she described Justice.

Fight night could not come soon enough for Victoria.

Dizon wears a green bikini and red gloves as she comes to the ring.

Justice shows up wearing a multicolored bikini with black gloves.

Round 1:

Leah came out fast, seeming full of confidence as she throws some sharp punches to Justice’s face. Soon Justice is ducking, moving and backing away from Leah’s gloves. Victoria seems to counter punch with Leah as she tries to respond with shots of her own. After an exchange, Leah landed a hard left cross that rattled Victoria’s left cheek. Justice backed away and tried to jab at Leah’s face. The bell rang after a couple more counter punching exchanges. Leah won the round widely and returned to her corner with some sly looks on her face.

Rounds 2 and 3:

The next two rounds saw Victoria and Leah take control and win them widely. In the 2nd, Victoria was able to open up on Leah. She no doubt put some extra behind her hard hooks to Dizon’s body. A couple times when Dizon was bent over, Justice seemed to be saying something to her. Victoria seemed to enjoy her work in the second round. But in the 3rd, Leah came back with her attack on Justice’s face. She was crowding her into a corner which made it tough on Victoria. Leah enjoyed this and returned punches and comments to Justice.

Round 4:

After 3 rounds where one boxer won widely, this round opened with close up action. Victoria struck first with a good left cross and right uppercut to Leah’s face. She backs up and on come Victoria again. Now both boxers go to the body of the other with some hard punches. This brings the fans to their feet as the boxers exchange shots. Soon Leah was lighting up Victoria’s body with some hard hooks. Victoria did respond by throwing some crosses to Dizon’s face. The bell ended the round and the female referee had to break up the two sluggers.

Round 5:

Victoria opened the round by popping Leah’s head back with back to back hard jabs. Dizon seems unsteady on her feet after those jabs. Justice then bends a bit and goes to work on Dizon’s body to back her up. As Dizon goes to cover up, Victoria lands a right hook to Leah’s jaw and left uppercut. DIZON GOES DOWN! Leah goes down on her back as Victoria heads to a neutral corner. Dizon stares at the female referee as she counts over her. Quickly Dizon realizes she can’t rise and it counted out. KO 5 – Victoria Justice.


Victoria comes out of the corner, beaming at her victory. She says over and over ‘I showed her.’ She comes to the middle of the ring and has her glove raised in knockout victory. After the announcement, Justice grabbed Dizon by her hair and had her say, “Victoria has the goods to win.” After she did a couple times, Justice released her and shortly thereafter left the ring. 



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