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30 August 2019 Sammi Hanratty vs Jessica Lowndes

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 31, 2019 at 2:08pm


Sammi Hanratty vs Jessica Lowndes

(The Wannabees vs Lioness Club of America)

(15-11, 15 KO vs 37-22-1, 36 KO)

Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

Location: Newport Beach, Orange County, CA

BEFORE: Sammi Hanratty might be one of the cutest blonde pets around the league but she can scratch a lot too and vows to claim a true elite scalp in the Orange County tonight: "Hi eveyone! Yes, it's me! The one girl you hate on the one show you love! But what the heck, I'd love to pound Jessica frickin' Lowndes into a submission tonight! Love that! By the way, Vanessa Hudgens is soooo much better actress than Lowndes will ever be! Yep, you've heard it here first! Jessi might be a good boxer but she's a terrrrible actress! Love ya all!"

"Okay, that was weird? What is she even talking about? Is she like Vanessa's sparring partner or what? Hideous people around here! (...) So, Stella Hudgens is her stablemate or something? What? Who cares about 'em minnows and never-weres? I'm hear to blow Sammi - what kind of a name for a celebrity boxer is that anyway - to bits and then watch some Dodgers games over the weekend, period.

Sammi Hanratty wears a white one-piece swimsuit with a deep V-cleavage and blue gloves. Long blonde hair tied in a half-up ponytail. Jessica Lowndes wears a blue & pink themed bikini & black gloves. Long dark brown hair in loose waves. Both fighters are barefoot. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the flyweight division.

Round 1:

Sammi scampers across the sand and digs deep into Jessica's chest from the word go but you ain't gonna catch a JMD veteran like her off guard so more accurate work is required and the blonde pet delivers some nasty hooks around the liver area to follow up on that promising start. Sammi's high-octane action wins her immediate crowd support - or maybe they just don't like Canadiens here - and she barks with every punch that lands on the brunette's body. Lowndes takes it slow as if to test out the blonde's limits but she misses on the response over the top and suddenly has Hanratty digging tough punishment to her breadbasket. She tries to adjust her stance and gets caught with a wicked hook on the jaw that only fuels Sammi's confidence as she drives the older girl onto the ropes where Lowndes has to clinch her outright to freeze the action.

Round 2:

Sammi appears to be seeking another slugging route so Jessica accepts the gruesome drill and plain outworks the blonde cutie as both girls trade head shots in mid-range. Sammi was better off wrecking havoc in the brunette's guts and has visible issues adjusting the air raid that Lowndes enforces with elite command. Want some? Have some as she knocks the blonde's head from afar and glues her to the spot before blasting a left hook on the liver area. Ugh! That caught the hip instead but Hanratty bolts away and suddenly has the Canadian chasing her around with more looping menace. Sammi has the wheels to fend off the heat but that still looked pedestrian by anyone's alleged elite standards.

Round 3:

More of the same in the third, Sammi gets whacked with the initial overhand and has to spend the opening minute trading punches in mid-distance. Her aggressive approach is praise-worthy enough but simply ineffective against a wiley contender like Lowndes who doesn't even ride the "Nessa is better" chip to outwork the blonde pet. Sammi gets almost too desperate in her effort to land a big one into Jessica's face but she only grazes the surface and gets stuffed on her heels when the former champion blasts a left cross on the nose followed by a quick strike on the temple. Sammi wobbles to her heels and can't escape the heat anymore as Lowndes bundles her over to the corner where she pounds away at the high earmuff until the clocks runs out on her drill.

Round 4:

Lowndes swings... and misses which allows Sammi to finally slip thru the basement and cash in with those promising shots to the body. She stymies the older girl in the center of the ring and tees off around the liver area plugging away in fury. Jessica has to jump back to adjust her stance but Hanratty is glued to her guts and backs her into the ropes where she keeps digging those mitts on speed dial so much that even Lowndes has to clinch her in order to buy a break. She can't shove her back outright and eats a quick hook on the chin as Hanratty begins to find her range upstairs. No easy out from the ref so Lowndes just dances around the ropes but always on the back foot whereas her intended swinging haymakers fail to reach target. Sammi has all the space in the world to punish the brunette's toned abs and she punches the air in delight at the bell.

Round 5:

Ugh! Seems like Jessica really didn't like that midsection pounding she suffered in the fourth and it's her time to engage the turbo blast as she rolls into the blonde's path and NAILS her on the nose & chin with the initial double. Sammi saw this coming but for once the bubbly pet just couldn't react fast enough and... hang on... Lowndes WRECKS HAVOC in the blonde's face as Sammi drops into immediate spasms with the brunette rocking her off the temples... crushing hook on the nose leaves Hanratty stunned with her mouth wide open and... and... do something, gurl! Nope, the blonde pet sinks into the abyss as she gets hammered by another double on the temples before Jessica cranks up the chin test and sends the youngster packing with an uppercut double. Oi, Sammi! BLONDE GIRL DOWN!!! Sammi crashes onto her knees and begins to yelp in significant discomfort... come on, get up!!! UP!!! Nope, ain't gonna happen! KO5 Jessica Lowndes!!!

AFTER: Jessica kicks sand into Sammi's face and now the floodgates have opened... that's made for tears flowing from Sammi's eyes who pounds the loose surface in frustration before slipping on her side and about to throw a hissy fit or something. It looked so good for a while but one vicious run upstairs broke down her resilience... and that looked too easy which is the worst part if you claim Hanratty is ready for the elite spot. Jessica almost ignores her at will and vows to talk about Dodgers baseball instead of the blonde's chances to crack the code anytime soon: "Look, the name is on the damn fence! She's just a wannabee, they all are, Stella Hudgens too. I mean you can beat Victoria Justice but can't sell elite talent with girls named Sammi and Stella. Sheesh... get a nickname or something and then maybe, just maybe people will start taking you seriously! Okay, I'm off to watch the game... WHAT??? Dodgers play in Arizona tonight? Frickin' Arizona??? They have no beaches there so why would I even consider going to Ari... Geez, it's ALL Nessa's fault!!"

Official Result: Jessica Lowndes def. Sammi Hanratty KO5. 



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