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30 August 2019 Troian Bellisario vs Emily VanCamp

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 31, 2019 at 1:47pm




Results: Lookout Writing: Archer 


Troian: 33 YO, 5’7 (1.70 m), 29-22-0, 25 KO since 2011, Pretty Little Punchers 


Emily: 33 YO, 5’8 (1.73 m), 52-20-0 41 KO since 2002, Lookout Boxing. 



Before: No love lost between Troian Bellisario and Emily VanCamp. As Emily is happy to point out on numerous occasions, she has been Troian twice: a TKO9 in 2012 and a KO9 in 2017. This had one particularly sting Troi because it cost her the Bantamweight Title. 


“Poor Troi she hasn’t gotten the belt back since,” Emily says with a heartless chuckle. “Of course, this isn’t title fight, but I will beating her once again. Stepping on a Pesky Little Puncher is always a happy day ring for me.” 


Troian rolled her eyes: “Really, Ems? You don’t remember losing to Shay Mitchell and then being hustled out of the ring before Shay could think of walking you?” 


Emily gives Troi a sickly sweet smile: “How nice of you to remember that, but you’re not Shay and I have dominated you twice.” 


“Third time is the charm,” retorts Troian. 


“The third time will be the third time I beat you,” Emily flatly. 


“You and your ego are going down, Ems. Get ready to eat sand. That’s a promise,” Troian said firmly. 


The tense presser creates quite a bit of social interest. EVC fans point out that though both fightes have had only one beach fight on their records: Emily ha hers (over Danielle Panabaker) while Troi has lost her only beach fight (to Priyanka Chopra). Troian supporters call this “thin reasoning” and think Troian will win the day through superior motivation. 


The two fighters enter the sandy ring with Troian accompanied by trainer Nia Peeples and stablemate Sasha Pieterse. She is wearing a light purple one piece swimsuit with dark purple gloves and her hair pulled back and tied with a purple bow. 


Emily comes to the ring in a royal blue one piece swimsuit with light blue gloves and her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail. Emily makes a grand, pageant-style entrance, waving to fans in a queenly fashion. Trainer Julie Benz is handling EVC for this bout. Lookout stablemate Evangeline Lilly has come along as well. The ring instructions are tense, but confined to icy glares. Referee sternly warns both to follow instructions—or else. Sullen nods from Troian and Emily. Fans loving the silent hostility and are eager to see the leather flying. Fighters slam (rather than tap) their gloves together and then march to their corners. More hostile glares in the few moments before the bell ring, then out they come…. 


R1: EVC and Troian fire away as soon as they can get within punching range at mid-ring. Sharp exchange of blows to the chin and jaw with Emily getting the better of it. Troian looking wobbily as she droifts back after getting rocked by a right/left to the jaw. Emily aiming for the head on follow-up, but Troian ducks or dodges most of these, but then a right to the side of the read puts a tagger into Troian’s step. Emily now attacking to the body as Troian is protecting her head closely and hard driving rights and lefts are smacking into Troian’s ribs and stomach. Emily then starts circling around Troian, trying to crowd her into the ring and Troi is trying to jab her back. Emily with hooks to the belly which are backing Troi up. However Troian is sliding along the ropes to ensure she’s not trapped by trapped by the blonde. Then EVC strikes to the chin late with a clipping right that again staggers Troian, but she keeps on feet and makes it to the bell. However, the round goes to Emily VanCamp by a wide margin. 


R2: Troian looked shaky getting back to her stool and there are looks of concern on the faces of her corner crew during the break Troian slow and cautious coming out of her corner. Emily dancing around the sluggishly reacting brunette as though trying to find out if this is some sort of trick. Emily soon concludes she’s got Troian hurt and moves at her behind a storm of leather. Troian covers up face-in-gloves and tries to back away. EVC not about to let Troian out of range, hangs in close and just keeps firing swabbing blows to breasts, ribcage and into the bell. Troian soon his all hunched up, hardly able to offer more than week counters that do nothing to slow Emily down. Emily finally drives Troian sideways into the ropes. Troian huddles there as Emily pounds away at her exposed right side. Troian sagging under the attack, but about to use the ropes as support to keep herself up. Rounds ends Troian’s nightmare, but she looks ashen-faced and moves slowly as she goes back to her corner. Wicked smile on Emily’s lips as she strolls back to her corner. She’s won the round in a shutout. 


R3: It’s RED ALERT time for the Troian Bellisario corner. The well-trained crew do their best to repair the damage while trainer Nia Peeples tries to snap Troian out of her punchy haze. “You trying to get me to stop this fight?” Nia says. “Because that’s what I’ll do if you don’t start fighting back! She’s burying you and it’s only been two rounds!” These words seem to pierce the fog and Troian retorts: “Don’t you dare stop this fight! This is NOT over!” Now when the bell rings, Troian comes off her stool much more quickly and she moves in to challenge Emily VanCamp. Emily trying to work the head, but Troian slowing her up with strong, accurate jabs to the body. Emily trying to circle to find openings, but Troian is staying with her. Then Troian goes on the attack, driving a surprise right into EVC’s nose and drawing blood. Emily recoiling and Troian now goes at Emily’s belly with hooks. Emily forced back, but then digs in on the sand and makes a stand. Troian and Emily now battling it out point-blank to the body. And Troian is turning the tide as she forces Emily back step-by-step hard fought step. Bell rings to end the round. Troian looking fierce as she stomps back to her corner. It was a close round, but she has pulled it out to win her first stanza of the bout. Emily looking vexed at this turn of events. 


R4: Emily VanCamp is out quickly for the new round and makes her way towards Troian Bellisario with determination. However Troian has made a quick start and looks equally determined. The two start circling around each other as the exchanging tentative jabs, but then Emily comes in with a feinting hook to the stomach, while launching a right hand strike at Troian’s head. However, Troian drives an even fast right into Emily’s smiting her on the bridge of the nose. Emily is rocked back onto her heels and Troian now gets her to the chin with a lightning left/combo. EVC now careening to one side, Troian moving with her and pounding away at the blonde’s belly to send her spilling back against the ropes. Emily has only time to bury her face in her gloves and then try to keep her seat as Troian comes pounding in with her vengeful punching. Emily is writhing under the furious leather storm that is lashing he body. Crowd stunned to see the proud EVC looking helpless under Troian’s relentless punching. Troian uses Emily like a heavy bag to the bell. Then she steps back and gives Emily a triumphant smirk. Emily pushes passed her tormentor; she just wants to get back to her stool. Troian walks proudly to her corner. She has a pretty good idea already that the judges will rule this round a shutout. 


R5: Now it is the Looking Boxing corner crew that is put ot the test as they try to help the battered EVC recover from her. “You have to answer her in this round!” Julie Benz is heard telling Emily. “She got lucky with that first shot and went from there. This round will be different!” Meanwhile, Nia Peeples is telling Troian: “She’s always dangerous when she’s hurt. You have to keep up the pressure.” Troian just nods. 


The bell rings and out come the two fighters. Troian heads straight for Emily, but EVC is showing some evasive footwork early. Troian quickly struggles to keep up with Emily’s constant shifts and turns. Then, with Troi off balance, Emily suddenly strikes with driving straight right to the cheekbone. Troian’s head snaps around and she spins away, struggling to keep her footing on the sand beneath her. Emily swift to get back into front of Troian and she launches a series of quick jabs that bust up Troian to the face. Troian now stumbling back towards the ropes and Emily stuffs a right hook in the gut to send Troian into the strands. Emily striking quickly to the head and face before Troian can cover up. Troian sagging against the ropes, face-in-gloves as Emily works her belly, breasts and ribs with relentless scrubbing punches. Troian’s legs seem to be faltering, but she stays up and startles EVC by throwing her arms around the blonde in a clinch. Troian actually wrestles Emily out to mid-ring before the referee can break them up. Emily looks irked at the tactic and comes back at Troian with more power shots to get the brunette back on the ropes. Troian trying to be a evasive as she can, but Emily cuts her off and then tries to punch her back into the ropes. Emily looks like she’s about to succeed when time runs. Emily stalks off top her corner, not at all happy she’s had to settle for winning the round wide. Troian just looks glad that the fight isn’t over. 


R6: More hard work by the PLP corner crew gets Troian out of her corner in reasonably good order. Emily comes at her with determination as she opens with some brisk shots to the ribcage and then hooks to the midsection. Troian answering with a flurry of nasty jabs to Emily’s chest. EVC not appreciating this rude treatment of her breasts, responds with sharp jabs of her own to Troian’s chest. Troian then advances with a flurry of punches to Emily’s stomach and EVC gives ground. However Emily rallies and stalls the attack with a sudden strike to Troian’s chin. Troian only momentarily halted until she regroup and goes in again with a fresh pounding of Emily’s body. Emily not willing to give ground and they fight out it. Emily tries to sneak in a chin shot, but Troian jerks her head out of the way and lashes back with a right that connects solidly to Emily’s chin. Emily lurches back and Troian unleashes more punches at EVC’s head. Emily ducking down and blunts most of these, but they forced her to keep retreating. Troian maintains pressure even as Emily digs her feet into the sand to try to fight her off. Bell rings. It was a close round, but the judges give it to Troian by a narrow margin. 


R7: Emily and Troian move rapidly out of their corners and move at each other with quick punches that strike to head and body as they circle and counter-circle. Emily soon trying to get at Troian’s jaw and chin, but Troian’s moving well enough to make this difficult. Troian concentrating on a steady stream of hooks to Emily’s midsection, pounding her ribs and stomach. Emily appears to be trying to get into position to launch a knockdown punch, but can’t set her feet thanks to Troian’s attack to her body. Emily getting tipped forward so she tries to back away to regroup. Troian leaps forward and brings a crashing right into Emily’s jaw. Emily staggered. Troian rips left/right uppercuts into Claire’s wide-open chin. Emily frozen in place as Troian tries a final right hook into her belly .EMILY VANCAMP GOES DOWN! Emily doubled up and crashing face0first into the sand. Troian quick to the neutral corner. Referee moves in and starts to count. Emily stretching out, trying to push herself up, but she can’t seem to get her body to obey. Emily tries to force herself to stand, but the effort causes her to collapse back down on her chest and she has to lay there as referee counts: 






After: “I told her she would end up with her face in the sand and that’s just what happened,” Troian happily tells the press after the bout. “I haven’t done much beach fighting, but I’m thinking now that I have a talent for it. It’s a great day for myself and the PLP. Any Lookout Boxing fighter is a pain, but beating someone as insufferable as Emily VanCamp is a special plessure. I am glad I could pull it off! 


“It was pure luck!” Emily VanCamp insists later to the press. “I got careless and she took advantage. This win doesn’t prove a thing. She is NOT better than me! I hope to prove that somewhere down the road when our paths cross again!” 


This was close, back and forth battle. There were times early with Emily VanCamp seemed on the verge of winning, but then the balance shifted in Troian Bellisaroio’s favor. Then it was Emily coming back. Perhaps it was a case of the first fighter to make a fatal mistake losing, but it certainly kept the crowd entertained and in suspense until the R7 KO. Good win for Troian and a disappointment for Emily, but we suspect EVC will bounce back soon, while Troian looks for future opportunities to advancement in the Bantam ranks and a new shot at the title 



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