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30 August 2019 Gigi Hadid vs Ana Beatriz Barros

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 31, 2019 at 1:26pm


Gigi Hadid vs. Ana Beatriz Barros

(Words: Front Street / Results: Lookout!)


Model matchup on the sand features a competitor who started her FCBA career early, and one who started late. Gigi was just 20 when she had her first fight at Asylum in 2015, and she impressed enough against top welters to earn a title shot against Kate Upton in just her fifth FCBA fight. Things have gotten plenty rocky from there, though, with Hadid having lost nine of thirteen since that title fight, and seven in a row. But, the brunette beauty plans to break that streak tonight.

"Sure, I've hit a rough patch," Gigi admits. "But, I can beat top girls around here. I've proven it. And, Ana is FAR from a top girl. Far."

As for Barros, the Brazilian beauty was 37 when she had her first FCBA fight earlier this year, and, after falling to top welters Bo Krsmanovic and Kate Upton to start her career, the brunette stunner has gone on a three-fight winning streak And, she's confident that streak will be extended to four.

"Gigi had some beginners luck," says Barros. "But, we've seen what she is. An average fighter. And, I'm a LOT better than average."


Ladies at range in the opening seconds, using all that length to great advantage. Barros has a bit of reach, but Gigi able to solve for that and box with on even terms. Hadid snapping out the jab, banging it into Barros' face, then following on with hard rights. Ana responding with solid flurries of her own. Just a minute in, and there's been tons of flying leather, as neither fighter is bothering with any sort of feeling out process. Instead, it's hot and heavy action as the ladies turn slowly, working the feet in the sand, creating openings and then filling them with leather. It's impressive stuff for sure, but impressive on both ends, with neither fighter able to gain any real advantage. Final thirty seconds sees the pace increased as both models work to claim the points. When the bell rings, Gigi's done so, albeit narrowly, and leads 10-9.


Second starts on the same terms as the first, ladies boxing at range, both scoring well doing so. Things are all even for about the first minute Then. BOOM! Right hand, GIGI and Ana is HURT! Brazilian beauty staggers, nearly goes down, and Hadid is all IN. Gigi winging away at the older woman, battering her back into the ropes with flurry after flurry of hard, accurate fire. Barros in DEEP trouble, leaning back in the ropes in a high guard, taking loads and loads of leather. Referee looking in closely, but Barros begins firing back, perhaps just in time. It's just the odd counter flurry, but it's enough to keep the ref from stepping in. It's NOT, however, enough to keep Hadid from calling in artillery strike after artillery strike, hammering away right to the bell. When it rings, it's Gigi wide and Hadid is up 20-18.


Gigi right back after Ana, stepping to behind the left jab, following with hard right hands...BOOM! BLISTERING right hand from Ana and GIGI IS HURT! Barros walks Hadid into a VICIOUS counter and changes the complexion of the fight with one punch! Now it's Gigi in retreat, covering up, taking heavy fire from Ana, who's clearly shaken most of the damage from the previous round. Barros doesn't get over-eager. Instead, she stays sound, works to create opening for the power punches she wants to land. Brazilian slowly works her rival back to the ropes, then lets the leather fly. Hadid hangs on in a tight guard, firing back here and there like her rival did in the last round, making her best effort to prevent the referee from ending her night. It works. She survives the onslaught, and is standing at the bell. Ana takes the points wide, though, and cuts the lead to 29-28.


Barros on the attack. She's doing what Hadid did in the early part of the last round, walking forward behind the jab and follow on right hands. Slowly taking canvas from a still-wobbly Gigi. Ana looking to finish, but also making sure to pile up both points and hurt...and avoid any traps like the one she walked her rival into in the previous round. It all works. And all too well for Gigi. Hadid taking a TERRIFIC beating as Barros consolidates gains from the last round, then does a thorough clean up. Gigi game, hanging on, even able to stay off the ropes until the latter part of the round, but hang on is all she can do. She's doing almost nothing offensively while Ana's got absolutely everything going. The bell is a merciful thing, ending a round of absolute carnage. It's shutout, Ana, and the cards are now even at 38.


Talk in Hadid's corner about stopping the thing. Gigi adamant that she's going to continue. Talk clearly fires up the younger model, because, when Barros comes out firing, Gigi fires right back and ROCKS ANA WITH A RIGHT HAND! Hadid catches Barros CLEAN, and, if her legs had been all the way under her, this thing might be over. As it is, the Brazilian is GOBSMACKED, rubber-legged as Hadid begins letting the hands go. Barros giving ground, reeling back into the ropes where Hadid batters her unmercifully. Yet again, the ref is watching closely, but Ana able to do enough offensively to prevent the stoppage. That's all she manages, however. Beyond the odd counter, it's all Hadid, who pounds away right to the bell, then glares at her rival before stalking back to her corner. It's Gigi wide, and Hadid leads again, 48-47.


Hadid on the hunt. She's mindful of that counter now, but still aggressive, and effectively so. She's got the older woman in retreat and also in trouble, and she aims to keep her there. BOOM! Right hand, GIGI, and DOWN. GOES. ANA! Barros dropped to her back by a NASTY straight right. Gigi quickly to a neutral corner to watch and wait. Barros shaking her head as the referee counts down, manages to make it back to her feet at seven. Ref watching closely as he gives her the mandatory, but he waives on Gigi. Hadid swinging for glory now, knows she's one good punch from ending the thing and ending that losing streak. But. She can't land the punch. Despite the younger woman's best efforts, Ana hangs on once again and makes it to the bell. It's a 10-8 round for Gigi, though, and Hadid's lead has expanded to 58-55 with four to go.


Gigi determined to finish now. She's stepping to, committing on punches, tossing everything she has at Ana. Barros giving ground, jabbing back here and there, trying to slow the offensive, but having little luck doing it. Instead, it's all Gigi, who's giving the Brazilian beauty quite the beating. Barros eventually driven to the ropes, where she ducks and slips and rolls with all while Hadid piles up the points and the punishme...BOOM! Right hand, counter by Ana! Gigi is ROCKED! Hadid staggers backward and Barros EXPLODES off the ropes, firing everything in the magazine at the reeling Hadid and DOWN GOES GIGI! Younger model simply crumples to the mat from the combined weight of shell. Ana to a neutral corner. Hadid struggling to get back to her feet...but can't DO it! She's still on all fours when the count passes her by, and your winner by KO7 is Ana Beatriz Barros!


What a WAR and Barros looks like she's been in one, but, the Brazilian manages a smile in the post-fight. "In the FCBA, I was always told, no fight is easy. Well, this one certainly was not. But. In the end, I left her lying in the sand. And, she will not be the last." 



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