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30 August 2019 Title Ch Taylor Swift vs Alexis Ren

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Posted by Lookout! Boxing on Aug 31, 2019 at 1:11pm


Alexis Ren vs. Taylor Swift: Lightweight Title Match

Alexis Ren: 22 years old, 5’8,” 24-6 with 24 KO since 2016, VIXENs

Taylor Swift: 29 years old, 5’11,” 33-16 with 33 KO since 2009, Current Lightweight Champion, Fates Boxing.


Tonight’s lightweight title match features two blondes is Alexis Ren and Taylor Swift fighting to prove who the top lightweight is. Swift and Ren are no strangers to each other – they fought in April of 2018 and Ren emerged with the win via KO7. Tonight, Taylor looks for revenge and to defend her title against Alexis. Furthermore, this serves as a bit of a preview for the VIX-Fates to Stable War in October as representatives from these two stables fight against each other tonight. That is not even to mention the fact that Swift and Ren will meeting each other again as they will be headlining the aforementioned stable war. But tonight, the prize is the lightweight title. Taylor is the current champion and has had two successful defenses of her title. Alexis is the challenger, but the fight will take place on the beach, effectively a Sports Illustrated model’s home-court.

The press room is noisy before the two fighters enter and take their respective seats. Alexis opens the press conference, “I want to keep this brief. I knocked Taylor out in April of last year. I’m going to do the same tonight. The beach is mine. I know Taylor is the champ, I know she has had two good title defenses avenging previous losses. But the third time is when it is going to fall apart, because I am going to prove why I am a top lightweight.”

Taylor next to speak, clearly slightly surprised that Ren didn’t insult her too much, “Alexis, this is more than a revenge tour. This title,” Taylor motions to the lightweight belt, “is something that I have been dreamed of since I came into the FCBA 10 years ago. I have been through three different stables trying to work up to title shots – and I am there. You may be a great fighter, but the champ is going to defend her title tonight and I will leave with that belt around my waist. It’s nothing personal. Just proving my reputation.”

Alexis and Taylor stare at each other, then shake hands, albeit unenthusiastically, for the cameras before departing.

Fight night: The announcer gets on the microphone, “Ladies and gentlemen. And now, the lightweight title match. Introducing first, the challenger. From Santa Monica, California, at 5’8” and 22 years old, you know her from the pages of Sports Illustrated, ALEXIS REN!”

The crowd erupts as Alexis comes out in full view of the hometown crowd, smiling and waving. Alexis has selected a silver bikini set and matching gloves for the fight tonight. Ren walks to the ring, accompanied by the VIX staff and gets in, posing for the cameras and swinging her arms from side to side. Ren gets settled, and the announcer gets on the microphone again.

“And her opponent. From Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, at 5’11” and 29 years old, she is the most successful pop star in history and is the current FCBA lightweight champion, TAYLOR SWIFT!”

The crowd erupts again as Taylor walks out with the title fitting snugly around her waist. Taylor Swift is wearing a blue bikini and has red gloves. Swift struts to the ring, letting her long legs show as well as her figure as the crowd takes photos. Taylor gets into the ring and takes her title off, raising it in her right hand as Ren eagerly looks on. Swift hands the belt to the referee and then the ref gives the two fighters final instructions. The two touch gloves, and here we go – the lightweight title is on the line!

Round 1:

Ren charges out of her corner and starts slinging rights and lefts like it’s the tenth and she needs a knockout. Swift is surprised from Ren’s early offense and takes a quick one-two to her exposed midriff and she is on the retreat. Ren follows the singer, the two women kicking up sand as they move around the ring, and Taylor plants her feet to launch two punches at the model, connecting with one as Alexis evades the other. Ren and Swift are at a distance now and Taylor starts working her jab, but the Sports Illustrated model is too far on her feet for Taylor to pin her down and Alexis drives at Taylor and lands a stiff punch to the singer’s lips, knocking Taylor out of her rhythm. Swift counters with a right hook but nobody is home as Alexis finds Taylor’s chest with a thumping right and the challenger is backing the singer up into the ropes. Ren digs her punches into Taylor’s body and manages to avoid Swift’s clinch for a while, but eventually, the singer clinches and the referee breaks the two blondes apart at the bell. Ren with a statement first round to the champion, taking it wide.

Round 2:

The champ gets a talking to in her corner and both Taylor Swift and Alexis Ren energetically start the second round, trading lefts and rights until Taylor suckers Alexis in by pulling back, drawing the challenger in closer, and then slamming a right into Ren’s chin, temporarily stunning the model. Swift goes after Ren with a right to the tummy and then a left that hits Alexis in her bikini top. Ren shocked back to reality as she deals with a surging Swift and Ren has to get her guard up and not take too much damage until she has an opportunity to fight back. Taylor is keeping it textbook though and uses rights and lefts to smartly work Ren into a corner and tees off on the younger fighter’s body, sending punches to all sorts of legal flesh. Alexis doesn’t give up and tries to punch her way out of the corner, but Taylor leverages her extra reach to stay at a distance where she can strike Ren but Ren can’t strike back, and so Ren is forced to go for a clinch straight into Taylor, which she does. The referee separates the two women, and after the break, Ren and Swift circle each other slowly. Alexis closes distance, kicking up sand, and launches two quick rights into Taylor’s body, but Swift seems unaffected and nails Ren with a right to the chest and a left to the liver, sending Alexis backwards and Taylor in pursuit as the round ends. The two women return to their respective corners after Taylor evens things out.

Round 3: 

In a contrast to the previous two rounds, neither woman comes out her corner as the aggressor, and the two start circling to begin the round. Taylor starts to work her jab and that extra reach pays off as she gets Alexis in the chin and the model retreats slightly. Taylor uses her long legs to close the distance and punches at Alexis’ body, but Ren gets her toned body out of the way and nails Taylor with a left to her jaw and then plunges a right into Taylor’s cleavage. Swift lashes out with a right that grazes Alexis’ ear and the model drives a left back that catches Swift in the gut. Now it’s Alexis looking to turn up her offense on her opponent and she stays in close to Taylor, peppering the singer’s chest with short punches until Taylor uses her footwork to get away and pump a left into the model’s chest and a right to her lips. Alexis drops back as Taylor follows her and Taylor goes back to her jab late in the round, landing a pair of clean punches to Ren’s nose before the bell rings. Taylor still takes the round, but this time close.

Round 4:

Alexis and Taylor get out to the center of the ring and start circling right off the bat. Taylor uses her longer reach and gets out to an early lead as she lands solid punches on Alexis while preempting the model’s attacks. Ren is refuses to let Swift punch her without response and the model ducks under a Swift left and lets loose on the singer from up close. Alexis finds her way around Taylor’s guard and letting Taylor’s body suffer as Ren ploughs rights and lefts into Swift. Swift giving up ground and Ren follows her only for Taylor to plant her feet and connect with a haymaker that smacks into Alexis’ nose. Swift follows up with a left to Ren’s ribs and but Alexis is not without response and now the two women are in the center of the ring and trading blows. Swift and Ren working on each other from close range, each looking to hurt the other’s body to gain the advantage and they trade blows up to the bell. After the beatings they both dealt to each other, the two blondes split the round in a tie as they near the halfway mark.

Round 5:

Swift looking comfortable as she comes out of her corner and the singer uses her long legs to quickly go after Ren. Alexis taking the pressure well, keeping her guard up well while dodging out of the way of what she can and sticking Taylor’s face. Swift keeps on punching out at Ren, hammering a right to her chest and a left to her belly as Ren comes back with a right hook that crosses up Taylor! Swift freezes for a second and Ren pounces with a left cross that swings Swift’s head in place for a picturesque uppercut AND THE CHAMP IS ON HER BACK! Ren with the knockdown and she goes to the corner as the ref begins to count. One. Two. Swift tries rolling over but can’t. Three. Four. Ren holding her breath. Five. Swift gets to her belly. Six. Seven. Eight. One knee. Nine. Swift pushes herself up – she will not be letting Ren walk her over in the fifth today. Taylor gives the ref the OK and the match resumes. Alexis bounces after Taylor as she sees as vulnerable champion and hits Taylor’s belly. Swift moving slowly and wincing as Ren batters her body, but the leggy champ gets a pair of solid counterpunches, one to Ren’s chin and the other to her chest to stop the challenger from shutting Swift out. The bell rings mercifully for Taylor as Alexis Ren takes the round courtesy of her knockdown, wide.

Round 6:

Swift in trouble as she wears a grimace on her face to start the sixth and is not quick on her feet. Ren takes the opportunity to blast the singer with offense, driving lefts and rights into the taller woman’s body, knocking her around the ring. Swift tries to set her feet and counter, but Alexis rips a left across Swift’s breasts and follows up with a right into Taylor’s mouth, stunning Swift until Ren plunges a right into Swift’s body that drives the air out of the champ as she desperately throws her guard up. Alexis finds Taylor’s body again as she drives her into the ropes. Ren drives two quick rights into Swift’s torso, but Swift hammers a left into Ren’s face and when the swimsuit model tries to go back to Swift’s body, Taylor connects with two fast straights that knock Ren back into the center of the ring. Swift swings a left at Ren but the smaller woman dodges and drives a right to Taylor’s ribs, causing Taylor to clinch and the two women struggle to drive punches into each other until the bell. Alexis Ren walks back to her corner confidently, having knocked Swift down last round and taken this one wide. The champ has some adjusting to do if she wants to keep her title.

Round 7:

Taylor wearily comes out of her corner, the previous two rounds reminding her and everyone else why Alexis knocked her out the last time these two fighters met. Ren looks to continue her momentum as she starts off the round by popping a quick right to Taylor’s face. Then another. Then…Swift counters, popping Ren in the face as a response. Taylor finds a hook on Alexis’ nose and the SI model snarls as she takes the blow. Swift throws another hook but Ren ducks and comes in close and now she is gunning for Taylor’s body again…BUT SWIFT IS GOING FOR REN’S! The two blondes exchange a brief flurry of jabs, punches, and chops to each other’s bodies. In all the action, Taylor gets in two clear rights to Alexis’ chin and has the upper hand for the moment, but slippery Ren evades a left and drives her own punches at Taylor until Swift counters and the two back off from each other. The two women feint at each other, but neither falls for the other’s tricks and the bell rings in the end of the round. Both women go back to their corners, with Swift having stemmed Ren’s tide as the two split the round in a tie.

Round 8:

Swift gets a talking to in her corner – she has to take the initiative in the final rounds if she wants to retain her title. Meanwhile, Ren is told to just keep up the pressure and she would win the title. Taylor and Alexis eagerly meet in the center of the ring where Alexis dips, ducks, and darts to get close to Taylor and hurt the singer. Swift caught on to Alexis’ tactics though, not to mention the fact that Ren is three inches shorter and has less reach, and Taylor nails Ren’s face with pinpoint punches. Swift goes on the offensive with left feints and right crosses, nailing Ren in the mouth. The swimsuit model comes flying after the singer afterwards, landing punches of her own to Swift’s nose and Taylor’s ribs, but the bigger blonde comes back at Ren with quick punches to Alexis’ body. Swift starts to drive Ren around the ring at the end of the third minute, but Alexis finds a quick one-two to Swift’s body that halts Swift’s offense and the two circle until the bell. Taylor takes the round on points, close.

Round 9:

Both blondes may have taken a beating so far, but they still come out for more boxing because the fight isn’t over yet. Alexis once again tries to go after Taylor’s body, but the singer has seen Ren try doing so before and she sticks Ren with a right straight off the bat that stuns the model. Swift goes to Alexis’ body and Ren backs off as on comes Taylor. Ren tries to punch Swift back but Taylor ducks the punch and clobbers the model with a right that staggers her! Taylor quickly throws a left that swivels Ren’s head back only to get creamed by another right AND DOWN GOES REN! Ren falls on her side as Taylor moves to the corner and the ref starts his count. One. Two. Ren rolls onto her belly. Three. Four. Five. Alexis is up on her knees. Six. Seven. One foot down. Eight. Ren pushes herself back up and stares at Taylor. The ref checks in with the challenger before he gives the OK and the fight resumes.

Now Swift is stalking Ren, following her around the ring and corralling her into the ropes. Ren throws out a right but nobody is home as Swift dodges and Taylor plunges leather into Alexis’ vulnerable body and the model gasps as the air is driven out of her lungs. Ren tries to lean in and clinch with Swift but the singer smacks a right into Ren’s face, driving Ren back into the ropes and now Taylor starts teeing off on Alexis with rights and lefts to Ren’s head and body. Ren is covering and trying to occasionally counterpunch, but there is no way to cover everything nor counter cleanly and Alexis’ cover starts falling as Swift continues punching Ren. Alexis starts to drop and her guard drops down AND THE REF HAS SEEN ENOUGH AND STEPS IN! Your winner by TKO9 and still lightweight champion, Taylor Swift!


Medical staff rush into the ring and help an exhausted and battered Ren get down without collapsing as Taylor removes her own gloves and marks her 50thFCBA fight with a win defending her lightweight title. The ref raises Swift’s hand as she hoists her title as the crowd cheers, although one can hear the locals who wished that the hometown Sports Illustrated model would win this beach fight. Taylor goes over to the ropes where she strikes a few poses before leaning back on the ropes to look at Alexis. Ren is talking to the medics and she seems okay, but one can see that she is in a substantial amount of pain after the last round. After a minute, Taylor goes over to check on Alexis. The two exchange some brief words and both women smile before they bump fists and Taylor heads out of the ring.

“Alexis will be champion someday. The key there, though, is someday.” Taylor tells the press corps. “Ren is already a good fighter and she showed it tonight, I was just better, and I can’t think of a better way of having my 50thfight. As for the title, I’m not planning on giving it up any time soon, and I will put down anyone who challenges me for it.” Swift pauses, “Now, as for Upton, who was talking trash about me, I will gladly knock you out too and show you why the best legs in the FCBA are better than the best breasts.” Swift gets up, slings the title over her shoulder, and marches out of the press room.

A couple minutes later, Alexis Ren enters, a slight grimace on her face. “Swift didn’t become a lightweight champion by not knowing how to fight. Taylor packs a punch, but I thought I had her right where I wanted her until the ninth.” Ren lets out a long breath. “It sucks to lose, but I will have a chance for revenge at the VIX-Fates Stable War in October. So Taylor, I’m going to let you know right now. I’m going to train harder than I ever have before. I’m going to push myself. And in October, I will be the one standing over you when I knock you out.” Ren gets up and leaves the press conference, a look of fire in her face and eyes. 



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