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31 August 2019 Lili Reinhart vs Molly C Quinn

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Posted by HBO's Boxing At The Asylum  on Sep 1, 2019 at 11:16am



"This was going to happen sooner or later," says Molly with a smile. "And, it happens today. Molly C. Quinn is in the FCBA. And, she's GOING to make a mark."

"I have no doubt Molly can make a mark," says Lili with the hint of a smile. "But. Tonight, I'M going to make the marks...on her FACE."


O'Dell: "Back at ringside and that's..."

McCarthy: "Actually not a bad song for once! That's kind of catchy..."

O'Dell: "That's called 'Sandstorm' by Darude..."

McCarthy: "Oh, like Ja Rule, Da Rude..."

O'Dell: "Not..."

Tess: "Worth it, Jenny..."

O'Dell: "Aaaannndddd the lady coming down to the ring to that song is the lovely redhead Molly C. Quinn..."

Cassie: "Who's making her FCBA DEBUT tonight, so she doesn't have any WINS..."

Tess (laughing): "Getting that out of the way before Mac points it out, BFF?"

McCarthy: "Well, if Weirdo would bring girls WITH wins in here, I wouldn't HAVE to point it out!"

O'Dell (sighing): "Quinn into the ring and helped off with the robe to reveal a turquoise number and a body that's clearly been working hard for this debut. And, that's 'What I've Done' by Linkin Park you hear behind us, and that can only mean that 'Diamond' Lili Reinhart is headed to the ring!"

Tess: "Reinhart another girl who has NOT secured her roster spot. So. A win tonight would be a VERY good thing for her..."

O'Dell: "Lili into the ring and helped off with the robe by Jewel and Neve. She's wearing that white number we've seen before and looking plenty good in it if the crowd is to be believed. Ladies about ready to go. Time for some picks. Tess likes Reinhart. Mac?"

McCarthy: "NO FCBA wins. Reinhart!"

O'Dell: "Cassie?"

Cassie: "I agree with Tess!"

O'Dell: "Another unanimous panel. Let's see if the ladies are right. Lili getting to work early, stepping right to Quinn and backing her up with hard right hands. Reinhart not exactly doing much recon or, in fact, showing much respect to the redhead, who's been thrown into immediate retreat..."

McCarthy: "I don't usually say anything good about fight plans from Weirdo's Dancing Hookers, since his trainers know NOTHING, but this isn't a bad idea..."

O'Dell: "Certainly seems to be working. Lili clearly not wanting Quinn to settle in, and she's giving her no chance to do that. Reinhart backing Quinn all over the ring. Molly countering here and there, but that's all she can manage. She's on the back foot and can't seem to get off..."

Cassie: "Quinn needs to get off square here, but can't seem to..."

O'Dell: "And, Reinhart's got the range and using it very effectively. Redhead not hurt, but she's definitely taking some punishment as the blonde is having her way. Ten seconds to go in a dominant first round for Reinhart and there's the bell. No doubt about this one. Lili. Wide."

Tess: "And, Reinhart up 10-9"


O'Dell: "Lili picking up right where she left off as we start the second. She's stepping to Quinn, backing her up. Obviously, the blonde a big, strong bantam, but, Quinn's plenty sturdy herself. At some point, she needs to put a foot down here, but she can't get that done at the moment."

Cassie: "Agreed, Jenny. It's not like Quinn doesn't have the physicals to hang in there, but Lili's keeping her in reverse..."

O'Dell: "Reinhart showing everybody who she was such a hot prospect when Front Street signed her. Tons of tools on display right now. Quick hands. Good feet. Accurate punches. And, all that power. Quinn covering, backing, trying to find space to punch back..."

Tess: "And, she's finding PRECIOUS little of that, Jenny."

O'Dell: "No space. No time. Just a steady, suppressive fire of hard, accurate leather from the blonde. Lili working Quinn toward the ropes and trapping her there. Molly in a high guard playing peek-a-boo, trying to counter, now tying up, hanging on to the bell. End of the second. And, again, it's Lili and wide."

McCarthy: "And, Reinhart leads 20-18."


O'Dell: "Third begins with more aggression from the blonde. She's coming forward, backing up Molly and GETTING ROCKED WITH A RIGHT HAND! Quinn times a counter and Reinhart is in trouble! Molly letting the hands go, backing up a wobbly Lili with hard leather..."

McCarthy: "Dumb mistake from a dumb fighter with dumb trainers! I could turn this kid into a champion!"

O'Dell: "Quinn staying sound, thumping Lili, working her back toward the ropes. Blonde in a high guard, jabbing back here and there, but mostly playing defense and playing for time. Reinhart now backed against the cables as the redhead works some serious body right now..."

Tess: "Good stuff from Molly. She's not strictly head hunting."

O'Dell: "Is not. Lili's put the body on sale, and Quinn is buying in bulk as we head into the final seconds of the round. Quinn a SOLID right hand that shook Lili! Referee looking in closely, but the bell is nigh and there it is. What a round for Molly C. Quinn, who wins it wide and climbs right back into the fight."

Cassie: "29-28, Lili after three."


O'Dell: "Molly continuing to press her advantage as we start the fourth. Redhead again staying sound, working to set up punches, but sitting down on them, committing, throwing heavy leather. Reinhart still clearly buzzed. She's giving away canvas, willing to trade space for time..."

Tess: "Again, impressive stuff from Quinn. Lots of girls in their first FCBA fight would be getting sloppy in an effort to end the thing."

O'Dell: "We've definitely seen that before, but Molly's made of different stuff. She's playing this smart, knows she has the advantage, and she's doing as much as she can with it. She's scoring points and punishing her rival at the same time. Lili, meanwhile, continuing to back and cover..."

Cassie: "And, Quinn can hit. Right here at ringside, you really get a feel for the power behind those punches...and there's a LOT of it."

O'Dell: "Thirty seconds to go in the fourth. It's been Quinn in control the entire way. Reinhart countering here and there, trying to slow down the redhead's offensive, but, as we head for the bell, it's Molly who's continuing to control the proceedings. And, that's the round. Quinn. Wide."

McCarthy: "And, we're even at 38."


O'Dell: "Quinn continuing to push the issue. She's backing up the blonde as she has been since early in the third. Lili countering more now, trying to stabilize her front, while Quinn continues to press the advantage. Molly lands a solid combination and Reinhart responds with her best flurry since that big right hand that hurt her!"

Cassie: "Landed a solid right in there!"

O'Dell: "Quinn responds and now the blonde responds and it's ON in the middle of the ring! Ladies exchanging BOMBS now, as both fighters are determined to impose will and nobody's willing to be imposed UPON! GOOD right from Molly and then LILI BACKS HER UP with a solid right hand!"

McCarthy: "Some serious fire being exchanged right now!"

O'Dell: "Reinhart a GOOD left hook that forces Quinn to cover up, and Lili beginning to grab back control of this thing. Molly responds with a solid combination but Reinhart ANOTHER big right hand! Quinn covers up and Lili lands a solid combination that takes us to the bell. Not much in it. Molly early, Lili late. Draw."

Tess: "Which means we're still even, now at 48."


O'Dell: "Reinhart the aggressor early. She's coming forward on Quinn again. Molly trying to hold canvas, but being backed up. Blonde obviously mindful of what happened in the third, but she's determined to bring her physicality to bear on the redhead, as determined as Molly is to respond in kind..."

McCarthy: "Quinn kid is plenty sturdy. I'm starting to like her."

O'Dell: "Good right hand counter by Molly and DOWN SHE GOES! Reinhart with a BOOMING right hook and Quinn dropped to her right side! Blonde to a neutral corner. Referee's count at three. Four. Five. Six. Quinn sits up at seven. Eight. And Molly back to her feet to take the mandatory..."

Tess: "Did well to get up from that..."

O'Dell: " Referee waives Lili forward and Reinhart a buzz saw, firing away with both hands, forcing the redhead into the ropes and BATTERING her. Quinn in deep trouble. Referee looking in closely as Lili goes to town and IT'S OVER! Referee steps in and bundles Molly to safety and your winner by TKO6 is 'Diamond' Lili Reinhart!"

Cassie: "Good fight. And, I suspect we're going to be seeing more of Quinn."


O'Dell: "Let's go up to the ring and Tess Valmore!"

Tess: "I have our winner, Lili Reinhart, and, Lili, that got very, very physical..."

Lili (nodding): "Yeah. She can HIT. And she has other tools, too. This is a girl who can beat people up here. Lots of people."

Tess (smiling): "But, not YOU..."

Lili (smiling): "Here's the thing. I'm not LIKE most girls. Get in there with ME, and it's going to be a LONG, tough night. Or, a short one. You know?" 



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