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9 August 2019 Tractorpull FNL Rio Rumble Comments

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Posted by Tractorpull on August 9, 2019, 10:15 pm




Iggy Azalea flattened Khloe Kardashian in six to break a four fight losing streak. It was a good win for Azalea, but I doubt it going to help her much. I think she is an average fighter at best. I doubt she will ever get a smell of a title bout. The same can be said of Kardashian, but with more certainty.

Wallis Day surprised me in beating Palvin. I know several managers are interested including The Wiz. I fear if he waits until the end of the year when his stable is finalized it, will be too late. I think someone is gong to snap her pretty quickly after this bout.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that me BFF Cassandra Lynn beat Stella Hudgens. She looked like the Scerbo of old in dispatching Hudgens in seven. I hope and think that better things are ahead for Cassie.

The Robbie/Larson bout was a good one with both scoring knockdowns. I thought that Larson was going to win this bout, but after the fifth I began to doubt my prediction.   My doubt became a fact when Robbie ended Larson’s night.

Strahovski beat Ambrosio in the rubber match between the two. Strahovski continues to be a top choice for a title fight. I realize she just lost a title fight to Swift, but now they are 1-1 and another rubber fight is set up. I know there is feeling among managers that the title choices should be spread around. I disagree. The best should get the shot. That said, Kendall Jenner probably deserves the next title fight with whoever holds the title after this PPV.



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