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5 September 2019 Romee Strijd vs Karlie Kloss

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Posted by Vassago on September 5, 2019, 7:22 pm



Romee Strijd vs Karlie Kloss
(Lioness Club vs The Fighting Academy)
(7-4, 7 KO vs 17-10, 17 KO)
Results: Lookout!; Story: Vassago

BEFORE: It's a clash between two smouldering blondes with different career paths up to date, Romee Strijd has flirted with a contender status and is ready to take over Doutzen Kroes' place as The Netherlands' top model but lacks that signature elite win whereas Karlie Kloss started out like a house on fire before fading a little in the last few months. If Romee wins tonight she might pass her Danish-American foe on the European pecking order but will it be enough to join the elite conversation? That's a completely different storyline!

Romee Strijd wears a pink bikini set with blue trim & white gloves. Long blonde hair wet & straight. Karlie Kloss wears a red bikini set & black gloves. Shoulder-lenght blonde hair in loose waves. Both fighters are barefoot. The fight is scheduled for ten rounds in the welterweight division.

Round 1:
This will be a classic power-punching struggle according to most viewers but the hunt for a single punch destruction means both girls spend more time ducking & weaving than inflicting actual damage. Just too much respect out there in the opener allthough Romee tries to slip through with several hooks only to find the Danish guard too stubborn to crack. Karlie lets the fellow model chase that big punch but refuses to engage in first class offense; she shows more agility in setting Strijd up but it all just goes nowhere with the Dutch model unwilling to co-operate during the opening round.

Round 2:
Romee's the first one to blink but she catches the Danish foe off guard when she pounces on her body and drills the exposed ribcage. Karlie just can't stretch her elbows enough and gets bumped onto the ropes where Romee keeps drilling her downstairs until the first of many clinching efforts from the older blonde. Kloss remains stuck on the ropes and responds with mere single shots but Strijd's leans on her and seeks more property damage. Kloss pulls her arm and almost wrestles her to the canvas but she bounces off the difficult position and whacks the Dutch blonde on the chin to trigger another back & forth tease in the center of the ring that leaves both women counting their options on the fly.

Round 3:
Karlie wouldn't be so defensive if she had a better year but Romee's still inexperienced enough to take full advantage of the half-hearted opportunity. Both women wait for that single opening instead of lashing out at each other and maybe they just came here for the landscape and sunbathing after all? Romee tries to launch a proper attack once she acknowledges that angry screams from the stands but Karlie's high guard remains well in tact while she doesn't follow through downstairs anymore and gets bumped into a clinch before Kloss rallies to stick her mitts up the Dutch chimney but it's just more pushing & shoving to run down the clock thereafter. Boo!

Round 4:
Romee seizes the initial opportunity and bangs a great hook on the Danish jaw while Karlie makes an ill-advised swinging shot from her heels that goes nowhere and allows the younger blonde to cash in with more accurate shots on the chin! Romee hauls the jabbing run in and outworks Kloss in the center of the ring which has the Danish model reeling down the stretch. Strijd becomes more agile on her feet and while she can't land an all-world combo here, she reduces Karlie into a backpedalling entity which is just so unlike the former welterweight of the year! Karlie looks to be missing any sort of confidence here as she allows the Dutch lioness to hassle her around for remainder of the round. Coach Claudia Schiffer will take this one and pads her protegee on the back while Kloss remains ole' stone face in the opposite corner.

Round 5:
Karlie finally shows that elite touch as she bumps into Romee and scythes her across the lips before blasting out a turbo offense that forces the Dutch girl into a speedy escape. Uh-oh! Someone looks to be annoyed now and Karlie follows that one-punch destruction after all but just can't follow through with enough power and skims off the Dutch flesh more often than not. Romee shows impressive moves for someone not known for her mobility but she's one punch away from big trouble before she ducks underneath and just gallops into the Danish midsection which finally slows Kloss down. Karlie groans in disgust as she fails to put her rival down but still tries to plug her in the gut until Strijd shoves her into the ropes where another shoving dispute neutralizes the action.

Round 6:
Karlie on the prowl during the opening minute, Romee's just well aware of the threat though and hangs back while the older model keeps sticking single punches on target and hopes to break the Dutch resilience before too long. Romee barks in her swinging effiorts but just can't match Kloss pound-for-pound here and gets thumped onto the ropes where she has to wheel away from danger as Karlie increases the workload. A bunch of stingers catches Strijd on the body and she might well be feeling that now as she bends to the side with a whimper but that last punch still escapes the Illinois native which only makes her look more annoyed. She almost tackles Romee to the sand outright and belts her around the elbows again to pin her against the turnbuckle and while she eases into a commanding position, the Dutch models barges her in the chest after the bell to trigger a brief stand-off in the center of the ring.

Round 7:
Karlie rolls into a swinging attack hoping to solve this extended back & forth contest but she just can't drop Romee onto her heels in time and gets caught with a wild overhand on the nose that makes her stutter in her tracks instead. Romee has targeted the older blonde's body all too often tonight but she plugs into her face now and tears a small patch across the nasal ridge before bursting into the chest as well. Karlie tries to step back and swing away but she gets beaten for another cruel punch and spins to the side when Strijd nails her on the jaw... another push off try and Kloss misses over the top while Strijd DRILLS the exposed solar plexus and starts to wreck havoc in the fellow blonde's cleavage... Karlie screams out and takes her eyes off the ball as she glances down at her boobs only for Strijd to SMOKE her with a brutal uppercut that lifts the stunned blonde off the sand and sends her CRASHING ONTO HER BACKSIDE moments later!!! Uh-oh!! Karlie sits down on the sand and blinks frantically before making a rather sluggish recovery... she needs to grab the ropes in order to maintain her balance while getting up and complains she's got sand in her mouth but the ref doesn't like it. That jaw must be hurting a lot and Karlie just can't hide it well enough. She nods slowly back to the ref... or maybe not? This is a long delay here and the ref determines she's in no shape to continue with the Dutch blonde openly taunting her from the opposite corner! TKO7 Romee Strijd!!!

AFTER: Karlie tries to argue the stoppage but she gets jeered by the Ibiza fans instead and admits she might have suffered a cracked jaw during that last round which just makes the whole experience seem so weird. Her confidence is nowhere near the 2016/17 levels and she allowed Romee to settle in tonight before a genuine dose of welterweight power send her down. Meanwhile the Dutch blonde simply won't admit she got a little lucky here with Kloss all over the tactical board and claims she has the power in her to destroy anyone not named Righetti or Upton: "Look, in five more years even Brooklyn Decker will be have to move the hell over! I'm this good and not afraid to let everyone know it! Doutzen Kroes is sooo past her prime I might as well ignore her without having to knock her out, period! Just bring the next wannabe #### on!"

Official Result: Romee Strijd def. Karlie Kloss TKO7.



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