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8 September 2019 Maia Mitchell vs Bailee Madison

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Posted by Archer on September 8, 2019, 8:00 pm




Results: Lookout, Writing: Archer, Poster: Knockout18

Bailee: 19 YO, 5’6 (1.68 m), 0-2-0 since 2017, Foxfire Boxing
Maia: 26 YO, 5’6 (1.68 m), FCBA Debut, Knockout Babes

Before: “Oh, yes, I knew Bailee back when we both on ‘The Fosters’, “ says Aussie Maia Mitchell just ahead of tonight’s C-BAD. She was like an over-eager puppy always wanting to spar with me. I went easy on her because she’s younger than me, but maybe I shouldn’t have done that. It seems to have encouraged her to get into serious much too soon. I think she blew out the candles on her 18th Birthday cake and then got blown out by Natalie Lind. “ (Maia cracks up at her own joke)

Suddenly Bailee Madison is on the scene: “That story is ridiculous and you know it, Maia Mitchell! My first fight a month after I turned eighteen!”

“But I still knocked you out,” contributed busty blonde who came up to them.

“Ah, you must be Natalie Lind,” said Maia. “Maybe I’ll fight you one of these days.”

“Stranger things have happened around here,” Natalie observed.

“I have already noticed that,” Maia commented.

Bailee is getting red in the face: “Stop talking to her! You’re here to fight me and don’t you forget it!”

“Insecure, isn’t she?” Maia said to Natalie with a smirk.

“But she’s a wiz in our office, nobody files a memo like our Bailee,” Natalie said.

“I thought you were here to support me,” Bailee complained.

“Just trying to keep you out of trouble. Just you’re always trying to do for me,” Natalie said.

Bailee was looking very frustrated, but then trainer Virginia Madsen appeared: “Come along, Bailee we need to discuss some things. And, you, Natalie stop helping and go find a place to sit.”

“Nice to meet you, Natalie,” Maia said, then turned to Bailee to add: “and nice to meet you again, Bailee.”

Bailee growled something under her breath and stalked away with Virginia. Maia herself went to rejoin her trainer Jenny O’Dell.

“I can see you’re going to be good at the pre-fight.” Jenny said. “It’s a useful talent.”

“Thank you, we’ll see if it does me any good in the ring. It’s got to be gnawing at Bailee that if I win she goes down 0-3. I figure that that gives me a little edge.”

“She’s awfully young. She’s learning the hard way, but watch out. This isn’t sparring or some flower garden ‘fun fight’ this is your first real fight. Do what we discussed and I believe you can win this,” Jenny said.

“I’ll do all I can Thank you for all you’ve done. No matter how this turns out, I appreciate it,” Maia assured the blonde veteran.

The fighters, their trainers and corner crews soon make their way to the ring. Bailee is in a royal blue one piece with black gloves and boots (royal blue laces). Her hair is pulled back into a single braid. Maia is in a white one piece with a little red flower floral design. Her bobbed brunette hair is loose, but wetted down, She has red gloves and boots with white laces. Bailee and Maia look tense as the ring instructions are covered. Then they are dispatched to their corners after the glove tap. The bell rings.
R1: Bailee moves quickly and smacks Maia squarely in the mouth with a driving right to get thins started. Maia recoils and Bailee quickly fires in a barrage of rights and lefts to the head, Maia is ducking away, trying to get out of range while protecting her head. Bailee staying with Maia, now shifting to strikes at the body. Maia hunched up as her breasts and midsection are struck by a drumfire attack of Bailee Madison hooks. Maia trying to pull herself together, finally manages to get some counter hooks into Bailee’s ribs and jab her into the face enough to keep the younger fighter back, Bailee circles, looking for openings and keeping a steady series of punches going to the bell. Bailee then goes back to her corner having won the round wide and not able to conceal a happy smile, Maia more poker-faced as she returns to her corner.

R2: Maia quick to challenge Bailee as the new round begins. Bailee now gets her face smacked by Maia Mitchell right to the jaw and then eats a Maia left to the mouth. Bailee strikes back with a series of quick hooks to the belly and then goes after Maia with a right uppercut to the chin. Maia knocked back on her heels by the chin shot, but answers with solid right hook to the stomach that doubles Bailee up and sends her stumbling back as she gasps for air. Maia charges forward with more strokes to the body, but then Bailee rallies and hooks back in Maia’s midsection. Fierce toe to toe action, but Maia working Bailee’s abs and she starts pushing Bailee back slowly, but surely as the bell sounds. Close round, but this one goes to Maia Mitchell.

“I’m getting the hang of this now,” Maia assures Jenny O’Dell.

“It’s still early. You got to keep up the pressure,” Jenny advises.
Meanwhile Bailee is admitting to Virginia Madsen: “I never got over that first punch. I was behind the whole way.”

“It was just one round, just make sure you do that to her next round,” Virginia Madsen replies.

R3: Bailee follows Virginia Madsen’s instructions: she comes out rapidly, bobs and weaves to dodge Maia’s opening blows. She then swings with a clouting right to the jaw. Maia lurches sideways and Bailee follows up with a barrage of head shots. Maia covering her head and trying to counter with some jabs. Bailee looking all fired-up as she pounds Maia to the body and pushes her back to the rope. Maia fights back, trying to stay off the ropes, but she is relentless pushed into the strands. Bailee starts to pound away, but then Maia clinches to force a break. Bailee quickly resumes the attack, but Maia uses clinches to break up Bailee’s momentum. Then Maia starts sliding along the ropes, fighting to keep Bailee back, but Bailee sticking close right down to the bell. Maia looking more than a little shellshocked as she makes her way back to the corner.

Corner crew works hard on Maia as Jenny O’Dell makes sure her fighter’s regained her senses. Then she seeks to reassure Maia with: “You’ll get her next round.”

Across the way, Virginia Madsen is telling Bailee Madison: “That’s it. You keep up the pressure and you’ll wear her down.” Bailee smiling and nodding eagerly. “I can’t wait to get at her again!”

R4: Both fighters come bounding out of their corners and quickly plunge into a furious battle in close. Bailee drives Maia back with shots to the head and body, but Maia slips to one side and drives a right into Bailee’s jaw. Bailee stumbles away, but swings back to catch Maia on the chin with a countering right, Both fighters staggered for a moment, but then their ringing heads seem to clear and they lunge for each other. Now they pump rights and lefts into each other’s bodies. Elbows are moving in and out like piston rods as chests, ribs and stomachs are pounded over and over again. Looks like a stalemate, but Maia gets extra leverage into right hooks to the belly that double Bailee up and she falls back looking winded. Bailee still fighting though and Maia’s efforts at follow-up are blunted. Bell rings and the fighters separate. It was a close one, but the judges give to Maia Mitchell on their cards.

“Keep going at her to the body,” Jenny advises. “I don’t think she can take it much longer.

“I hope so,” Maia says, “I’m getting pretty sore myself.”

Meanwhile Virginia is saying: “You need to keep her at a distance for a while. She’s doing too much damage in close.”

“She got lucky with a couple of those punches and knocked the air out of me. I can take it and I know I’m hurting her. I can feel her shudder from my punches,” Bailee insists.

“Keep your distance—for this round anyway,” Virginia insists and Bailee finally nods.

R5: The bell rings and again both fighters come bounding out of their corners. Maia wastes no time to striking at Bailee to the body. Bailee trying to keep some distance between herself and Maia, but Maia working her way through Bailee’s defenses and putting more leather into the younger woman’s torso. Bailee trying to circle and then comes lunging in, swinging at Maia’s head with a big right hand, but Maia ducks under the blow and brings her own right crashing into Bailee’s chin. DOWN GOERS BAILEE! Bailee stumbles forward after the chin shot and then crashes to her knees before sprawling onto her face! Maia hurries to the neutral corner and looks back hopefully as Bailee struggles to rise as the referee counts . Bailee manages to beat the count at “EIGHT!” Referee checks Bailee over and Bailee loudly insists she can go on. Referee waves Maia back in. Maia attacks with an all-out attack on Bailee to the body. Bailee has her gloves up around her head, but she has to brings them down as her body is lashed by waves of Maia’s punching power. Maia drives Bailee back into the ropes and strikes again at her chin. BAILEE driven up on her toes as her head snaps back and then topples down to the canvas, She lands on her side and then rolls onto her back. Maia heads for neutral corner. Bailee trying to rise as the ref stands over her counting, but her body just not responding There are tears rolling down her cheeks as the referee announces:



After: Maia is warmly congratulated by trainer Jenny O’Dell. Teammates Kiernan Shipka, Hilary Duff and Scarlett Johansson all crowd around to congratulate Maia as well. Maia has her gloves removed and goes over to check on Bailee Madison who is being tended on her stool.

“How you doing, kid?” Maia asks.

“Still winless,” Bailee mutters. Then she looks up and sighs: “Good fight, Maia.”

“Now here I thought you were turning heel on me,” it was Natalie Alyn Lind who had been standing nearby

“You’re the ‘heel’ around here, Nat, I am not all that good at it,” Bailee retorted.

“Well, I am glad to hear that. I was afraid you were after my job,” Natalie joked.

“You feel like accompanying me in a walk around the ring, Bailee?” Maia asked. “It is my first win and it’s nothing personal. I would just like some pictures of us for my scrapbook.”

“You have a scrapbook?” Bailee asked.

“I’ll have to get one now. Got to put those pictures of my glorious FCBA career somewhere,” Maia said.

“Now you see Bailee, That’s not a problem you have,” Natalie said with a smirk.

“That’s enough of that, Natalie,” Virginia said. “Bailee can go if you insist.”

“I am willing to go,” Bailee said and got to her feet. She and Maia hooked their arms and walked along the ring like old friends out for a stroll. They waved at the crowd which seemed to appreciate the good sportsmanship and paused every so often for photos to be snapped. They completed the circuit and shared a hug before Maia headed for her corner buoyed with her first FCBA.

Nice little rookie fight, Bailee Madison still as much to learn, but she continues to show spirit and some skills However Maia Mitchell had much better skills and deployed them to win her debut fight. Maia then get battered at several points, but came back to take out Bailee and win the fight. Maia is fortunate to have management behind her and this should make for a promising in future in the FCBA. Meanwhile, it could be a long road still ahead for Bailee Madison, but, unlike many young fighters, she does have management behind her. So she still has time to find her way to a winning record.



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