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9 September 2019 Hilary Duff vs Victoria Justice

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Posted by Knockout18 on September 9, 2019, 10:51 pm



Hilary Duff (7-16, 2 KO) vs Victoria Justice ( 22-20, 22 KO)
Writing: Knockout18 Results: Lookout!

Here in Las Vegas, Nevada we have 2 beautiful girls about to go head to head! Duff hasn’t been in a lot of matches as of late but with knockout babes signing her they see the potential she has. This is her first match of 2019, her last 3 matches were losses but can she bounce back from the slump? As for Justice she’s been pretty active, she is 2–4 this year between FCBA and BBU.. can she turn things around tonight and ruin Duffs debut with knockout babes? Both girls interviewed before the fight.. duff tells reporters “ I’m very confident going into this match.. if it wasn’t for O’Dell training me I would be nervous going into this fight.. justice is a great boxer and she has my respect! I can’t wait to get in that ring tonight” as duffs getting her blue everlast gloves laced up by O’Dell.. we move into Victoria justice locker room to speak with her... “ This is gonna be a quick match tonight” Justice said smiling “ Duff is washed up she was never good and I’ll prove that tonight.. knockout babes made a mistake by signing her I’ll see you guys down ring side after I knock her out...” justice said as she starts to make her way out the door...

First out is Victoria Justice as she walks out with her trainer she has a red and black robe on with red boxing gloves, red mouth piece and a black bikini.. she gets to her side of the ring and slips in underneath the ropes she does a walk around the ring waving at the crowd and gets to the red corner as she meets her trainer. She takes off her robe as she shows off her beautiful body.. she leans in the corner waiting for Duff to come out..

Hilary Duff then comes out with O’Dell.. Duff is in a white robe with blue trim. she’s wearing blue boxing gloves, blue mouth piece with a gold bikini... she gets to her corner of the ring and climbs up and does a walk around with her right glove in the air she then gets to the blue corner as she’s takes her robe off... she stakes her shoulders and grins at Justice...

The ref then asks both girls to walk to the center. They stare each other down face to face breast to breast and the ref tells them to touch gloves. They both touch gloves and and when duff tries to say good luck Victoria says “your going down!”.. Duff grins “so that’s how it’s gonna be”Duff said with a smile... They take a step back then the ref checks to make sure they are ready they both give a head nod, He then waves for the bell to start round one DING!!!!!

Both girls come out of their corners and circle slowly, With this being Duff first match in awhile she tests the waters first throwing some jabs and finding some range.. Justice guard up high blocking the jabs but then finds herself getting hit hard with a hook to her ribs she lets out a grunt and leans to the side with the hit, the circle gets tighter and Victoria throws a jab right a Duffs face connecting snapping her head back she closes her defense and takes a step back as justice rushes she makes a mistake of leaving her left side wide open and duff lands a heavy hook across Victoria’s face knocking her off balance as she steps away in retreat shaking her head realizing the blonde isn’t messing around.. As the round goes on and the girls settle in it's clear both girls are getting a good feel they still circle bouncing on their toes in their guard, By the final thirty seconds, Both girls land solid punches, both take some hits as well and firing right back. As it’s close the last 10 seconds duff fires a furry of jabs that connect hitting the brunette in the face as she’s getting hit her head snaps back with each punch and she hits the ropes but as soon as she does the bell rings.. DING DING DING!!! End of round 1 both girls settle in well (duff won round 1 close)

Justice angry about round 1 starts off round 2 coming out of her corner fast Victoria starts off with a jab, just pounding towards Hilary's head and breast, Hillary puts her guard up as she bites down hard on her mouth piece taking the hits while throwing some jabs of her own. Justice starts pounding quick right shots clean to Duffs belly. Duff grunts and moans as she’s taking punches left and right... she’s getting pushed to the ropes as she covers up Victoria is closing in but gets rocked hard by blue leather duff threw a hook to her jaw that sends saliva flying in the hair to create some space as she’s backed up on the ropes during the final seconds of the round Victoria lands some huge blows as duff is missing some big time punches Victoria faster the duff as the round ends DING!!! (Victoria winning the round close)

Victoria being quicker in this match but Duff is landing more heavy punches.. duff comes out looking to change things up as she dodges justices hook and comes underneath hitting her belly with a uppercut and justice moans knocking some wind out of her, bending her over a little, at last duff finds some momentum, moving Victoria backwards, working her body, this time just under her rib cage, then follows up with a combo to the head left right jab then a left cross landing to Victorias face.. she’s in trouble And going backwards for the first time in this match with Duff heavy on her tail following up throwing another combo of punches to her face, Victoria is hurt as a solid right hook hits her in the mouth, blood and spit fly as Victorias lip is cut and swollen as blood drips down.. Victoria clinches, holding onto Duff as she is holding Duffs arms down the ref cuts in as she breaks it up and the bell rings to end round 3 DING!!! Duff grinning as she really gave it to Justice that round O’Dell is proud that the hard work is paying off but in the red corner Justice isn’t too happy as she is breathing heavy with a swollen lip and blood dripping down on her boobs.. her trainer cleans her up giving her advice.. she gets ready for round 4 (Duff wins round wide)

Victoria bounces out of her corner, and is quickly landing her right jab into Duffs face her nose is taking a lot of the force from the jabs as blood draws duff throws a right hook that connects hitting justice in the ribs but justice stands her ground firing a right hook of her own into Duffs jaw, hearing duff moan is all she wanted before following up with three good quick jabs to the blondes face, left, right, left... she has duff backing up to the corner.. her legs wobbly As her back hits the corner she covers up trying to throw jabs as she wants to get out but gets rocked by a hard right to the face more blood drips down from her nose she’s trying to fight hard out of the corner but keeps missing she goes in for a clinch but justice pushes her away back into the corner the blonde grunts and moans as she’s getting worked in the corner her mouth piece showing as she’s getting hit... duff finally lands some punches that hit Justice but it doesn’t affect her at all as she’s still landing fast shots as Duffs body.. the bell finally rings for the end of the round and duff shoves justice away because she was still in her face after the bell rang.. justice just smiles and walks back to her corner..”she’s definitely going down next round she doesn’t stand a chance” she said to her trainer... duff sits down in the blue corner as O’Dell cleans her up she’s hurt but still confident for the next round as O’Dell coaches her up for the next round duff stands up banging her blue gloves together ready for the next round (Justice wins round wide)

Both girls really battling it out each round as they both meet in the center.. Duff banged up from the last round is cautious as she approaches but Justice is out for blood as she starts to fire jabs at duff but duff blocks and dodges each jab.. Duff fakes a jab and then goes low hitting justice in the belly as justice lets out a yelp... then duff comes around with a right cross to the brunettes face as she reopens her cut lip blood and spit flies in the air as blue leather scrap Victoria’s face she tried to respond with a shot of her own and hits Hillary hard but it doesn’t stop her as Duff stands her ground and drives hooks to her ribs left right left Victoria grunts and moans as she leans over a little back up... the blonde is really giving it justice as she gets her along the ropes working her body then starts to land punches to her breast as justice tries to block but get gloves get hit out of the way each time... she grunts and moans as she’s in pain her ribs bruised and lip reopened she goes in for a clinch as she grabs onto duff.. Duffs arms are still free and she lands home shots to her midsection as justice holds onto Duffs shoulders, her ass bounces and jiggles as each hit pounds away making her bounce a little the ref comes in and separates the two justice leans on the ropes as she holds her midsection breathing heavy and duff backing up with her guard up looking to kill... the ref continues the fight and duff goes in and throws a heavy hook at her cheek as it opens up a cut of justice cheek then duff starts to jab snapping the brunettes head back with each jab she’s bouncing off the ropes... the bell rings and that’s the end of the 5th... it’s pretty clear Duff won that round.. (duff wins round 5 wide) both girls go to their corners.. justice is really banged up and hurt while duff is finding her groove she’s looking good this round...

Duff coming forward strong stepping up to Victoria. Hilary on the offensive is really taking it to justice as she’s breaking her down with hooks and jabs as the brunette is just covering her head and cowering as Duff hammers away beating her breathless, justice is distraught while Duff is working her along the ropes. Duff is in good position now as she’s sliding her to the corner with hooks... Victoria’s back hits the corner padding as she’s in serious trouble she throws punches back at Duff that connect but it’s not enough to get out of the corner... duff keeps firing jabs at her face as her eye is really bruising from the jabs it’s closing but the duff hits her with a huge right cross that almost spins her around... justice gloves drop as her red gloves as hanging to her side duff takes complete advantage and throws a heavy hook to her jaw and then a massive haymaker that rocked her chin... her head jerks back as blood and spit fly she starts to crash down to the canvas as she goes down face first her mouth piece falls out as soon as she’s down... the ref tells duff to go to the neutral corner.. duff puts her arms in the air as she walks to the corner... the ref counts 1...2...3.... Victoria opens her one eye as she shakes her head but she’s very groggy... 4...5...6.... she gets to her knees as she’s breathing heavy.... 7...8...9... she tries to stand up but she can’t she can’t get off her knees .10 THE WINNER BY KNOCKOUT HILARY DUFF!!!!

Hilary Duff won her first match since 2013.. she starts celebrating with O’Dell after the match in her corner after the ref announced her as winner.. Victoria Justice trainer and other attend to her as she is sitting along the ropes angry.. “ you got lucky duff!” Said justice with an angry tone.. “ what are you talking about you got what you deserved! You talked all that sh*t and got knocked out I don’t wanna hear it!” Said Hilary... “ this isn’t the end duff I’m coming back for you and you’ll be sorry!” Said justice..” I’m ready for you anytime anywhere!” Said duff as she climbs down the ropes and into the locker room...



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