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12 September 2019 Penelope Cruz vs Shakira

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 12, 2019, 7:04 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Free Agent vs Free Agent)

Tonight's opening bout here at the Bells Centre in Canada sees old rivals Penelope Cruz and Shakira bring their feud here, who will write their name as the winner in this chapter of the feud.

Penelope is 45 years old; she stands 5'4 ½, holding a record 30 wins, 20 coming by way of knockout, with 30 defeats, she is a former FCBA flyweight champion.

Shakira is 42 years old; she stands 5'2, she holds a record of 18 wins, 13 coming by way of knockout, 25 defeats with 1 draw.

This feud begun all the way back in 2002! With both women snipping for months before that, when they finally got it on, it was Shakira who won a decision in a brutal fight.

One year later Shakira would knockout Penelope in two rounds to seemingly prove once and for all that she was the better woman.

But as Penelope explains to an FCBA network interviewer as she is getting her hands wrapped in her locker room, she says "simply she has been the one big mark on my record as a fighter"

She continues "with the cougar division becoming a reality, now is the time I settle old scores, the first is defeating that flabby Colombian bytch once and for all, then I will look to become the champion cougar around here, f*** people like Lucy Liu, I want her ass next"

While Shakira looks calm sitting chatting to her coach as she warms up, when she sees the interviewer she gives them a quick wave before saying "it's been too long hasn't it" with a wink.

Stretching her arms above her head, the singer says "it's amazing that I'd never thought of Penelope for years, she suddenly comes to my music studio with a contract to fight and here I am, about to knock her out for a third time"

When she sits down Shakira looks to the camera with a smile before saying "Penelope darling you shouldn't have even looked in my direction, now I will retire you once and for all in that ring" a little menace to her tone at the end.

Fight night; out comes Penelope first with her trainer, she is smiling as she has the Spanish flag draped over her shoulders as she walks to the ring.

After handing the flag to her trainer; Penelope slips off her red robe to reveal she has on a red sports bra with yellow trim, matching trunks and boots, yellow gloves and her brunette hair is tied back into a ponytail.

Climbing through the ropes to her corner; Penelope raises her fists in the air before she looks serious as she begins throwing punches to warm up.

Now out comes Shakira with her coach behind her, she shows her hips still don't lie with a little belly dancing to get the crowd cheering, then begins her walk down to the ring.

As she heads down to the ring smiling; Shakira is wearing a yellow sports bra, yellow trunks, shoes and gloves, while her blonde hair is tied into a ponytail too.

Getting into the ring; Shakira gives Penelope a long death stare before turning to her corner to begin her warm up after crouching down to pray.

When both women come to the center of the ring; trash talking begins, with Shakira threatening to make Penelope regret this fight, while Penelope is telling her rival that she is going to enjoy getting revenge.

The touch of gloves is tense, a crack of leather rings out as no love lost here, turning to head back to their corners, once everything is ready the bell rings to start 10 rounds of flyweight action.

Round 1:
At the bell both women circle while firing jabs towards the others face, Penelope starting the quicker due to her extra reach, landing the more cleaner punches to the face of her rival.

Who soon gets her upper body movement going to dodge a straight so she can move in close, firing two punches across the face of Cruz, then she retreats back when she gets caught across the top of her head.

Penelope looks angry as she steps forwards herself with three punches thrown at the head of Shakira, only one lands though and the singer is able to land a hard straight to the body of Cruz to make her step back.

It's Shakira who has come out the blocks seemingly the quicker, landing the more harder punches after dodging, keeping Penelope on the back foot.

Till a left smacks her across her cheek; two more punches fire in to her face as she is knocked backwards, Penelope gets her head down as she throws to the body, trying to bully Shakira to the ropes.

At the bell both women shove apart before returning to their corners, both listening to their coaches but can be seen stealing glances at each other with real hate behind those beautiful eyes.

Round 2:
This time Penelope throws more punches together to try to catch out her opponent, at first the Colombian is still dodging her punches, a right across the lips of Shakira though opens her up to a double jab straight into her face.

Penelope begins pushing Shakira back around the outside of the ring, drilling more punches now between the mitts of the singer, who is showing a little rustiness not to clinch.

The Spanish fighter is barking with effort with each punch, wanting to hurt Shakira for the years of being told she was inferior to her rival it seems, a grin forms on her face when she opens a cut on her rivals lip.

But when Cruz misses with a left cross; the ducked down Shakira slams in two hooks to the ribs of the actress, then pressing her head under the chin of Penelope, Shakira keeps working the body as she bullies her rival onto the ropes.

After being nudged back; Shakira keeps in close, with Penelope's temper seemingly getting the better of her, the two are head to head throwing punches at the others body till the bell rings to end the round.

The referee needed to push the two apart, sitting on their stools staring at each other, Shakira getting her lip cleaned up as her coach tells her to keep her focus.

Round 3:
Stepping back out this time both are trading more in close range, nearly clashing heads as they are throwing punches to the others bodies.

Cruz throws uppercuts to the body of Shakira, followed by a left hook to the ear of the blonde, knocking Shakira around the outside of the ring.

It's Cruz who is pressing the action, still getting caught to the body with several shots, Penelope though is catching Shakira to her bloody lips with straight shots.

Ducking under a left cross; Shakira lands an overhand right to the cheek of Penelope, with the Colombian pushing back Cruz towards the other side of the ring.

Pushing Shakira back; Penelope moves side to side drilling her punches into the cheeks of Shakira, keeping the smaller fighter back.

Till late in the round Shakira slips a right to come inside, forcing a heated exchange between the two fighters, heads get turned as they slug it out to the bell.

When the bell rings a few words are exchanged as they pass by to return to their corners, both getting washed down; it is the Cruz camp that is happier with how things are going.

Round 4:
Ducking her head more; Shakira is slipping more punches as she works away the body of Cruz, forcing more exchanges in tight to the brunette.

With Penelope keep nudging Shakira back, both women going back and forth as they swing in hard punches, sweat flies off both women as they fight around the ring.

Heads grind together as they snarl at each other, fists flying as their Latin tempers are flaring up, Shakira lands two punches just above the waistband of her opponents trunks to make her groan out.

Then she moves back enough to open space for an uppercut that knocks Penelope's head back, the actress now on her heels being battered back as Shakira now presses forwards with punches between the gloves of the brunette.

Who has to clinch up; once they are apart, Penelope tries to keep things at range with her jab, Shakira though finds ways inside to land combinations now that confidence seems to be flowing through her.

At the bell Shakira raises her right fist in the air while jogging to her corner, Penelope on the other hand scowls at her bitter rival, both women are more interested in glaring at each other then listening to their coaches it seems.

Round 5:
After how the last round ended; Penelope is looking to take the fight back to Shakira, throwing more punches towards the head of her opponent as she cones forwards.

But she misses with a right; taking a left across her jaw instead opens her up to another uppercut, the legs of Cruz wobble a little, WITH A RIGHT HOOK ON THE BUTTON SENDING CRUZ CRASHING DOWN TO THE CANVAS ON HER SIDE!

The Shakira fans roar as she heads over to the neutral corner, arms raised in the air, 1...2...3...4.. Penelope is blinking trying to clear her head as she is still on her side, 5...6...7.. Slowly she sits up, 8...9.. Looking at the referee, Penelope shakes her head as 10, she is counted out!

Winner Shakira KO Round 5

While there was some ring rust on show; Shakira rolls back the years to knockout Penelope once again, something she wants to rub in as she comes over to her beaten rival.

Telling Penelope "I hope you finally have got it through your thick skull, you will never beat me you bytch!" Then screams insults in her native tongue as her coach tries to lead her back to their corner.

All the while Penelope stares at the ground, she looks as much mentally broken right now as physically, with her coach helping to get her on her feet and back to their corner.

Where Cruz is washed down and her coach works to console her, she just shakes her head though before she leaves the ring with help from her corner team to the back.

Shakira doesn't care if Penelope is there, she just seems to enjoy getting her hand raised by the referee, while giving the crowd a few shakes of her hips to loud cheers.

She talks to her coach about maybe getting a few more fights before she thinks about hanging the gloves up, a few old scores might need to be settled for the stunning singer as she leaves the ring smiling all the way up the aisle.



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