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12 September 2019 Bridget Regan vs Cassidy Freeman

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 12, 2019, 7:07 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout!)

(Bazz Fight Club vs Lioness Club of America)

The next bout tonight sees former champions Bridget Regan and Cassidy Freeman battle it out, they are in Canada's Bell Centre.

Bridget is 37 years old; she stands 5'8, holding a record of 28 wins, 25 coming by way of knockout, 19 defeats with 1 defeat, she is a former three time FCBA welterweight champion.

Cassidy is also 37 years old and stands 5'8, she holds a record of 27 wins, 23 coming by way of knockout, with 21 defeats and 1 draw, she is a former FCBA welterweight champion.

These two fought all the way back in 2015, Bridget got the nod on the judges score card to retain her FCBA welterweight title she held at the time.

Now they both are being interviewed at their gyms, with Bridget sitting on a bench wiping herself down with a towel, the interviewer sitting next to her.

"It's funny all the years me and Cassidy have been in the FCBA, we have never truly been rivals, even though I think she is very talented" admits Bridget as she places the towel down beside herself.

Then she adds "I guess having one red headed rival is enough for me" laughing at her joke, before getting a drink of water.

"Look I haven't had the greatest past two years, I feel great though coming into this fight and when I get the win, then any doubts about me I hope will go quiet from you guys in the media" finishes Bridget as she heads off to get changed.

While at the Lioness gym; Cassidy sits on a stool after sparring with the interviewer standing outside the ring with the microphone near the red headed actress.

"I know that I was so close to taking that title off Bridget the first time around, that's what made defeat sting so much, being told off several people that they thought I had beaten her didn't help" says Cassidy as she looks annoyed.

"As they say that was in the past and this fight will be a new day, I know Bridget is still dangerous in the ring but I am the better fighter I believe right now" says Cassidy with a stony look.

Fight night; out comes Bridget with her coach Angie Everhart beside her, she bangs her gloves together before she begins her walk down the aisle with her intense expression on show.

She gets her white robe taken off to reveal a white sports bra with gold pinstripes, matching trunks and shoes, gold gloves, while her hair is tied into a ponytail.

She climbs into ring with a quick wave to the fans, before settling into her warm up routine in her corner, while Angie tells her to not let Cassidy control the action tonight.

Out comes Cassidy now with her coach Claudia Schaeffer beside her, Cassidy isn't all smiles either as she heads down the aisle to the ring, eyes locked onto the ring.

She is wearing a white sports bra, white trunks with a black waistband and strips down the side "old school" written in white on the waistband, black gloves and boots, while her red hair is in a ponytail.

Getting into the ring; Cassidy gives the fans a few kisses before she starts warming up, she gets a pep talk off Claudia to right the wrong of four years ago.

The referee brings the fighters together at the center of the ring, they stare each other down as even the coaches look tense.

They thud their gloves together with them returning quickly to their corners, gumshields are in and the bell rings to start 10 rounds of welterweight action.

Round 1:
Coming out of their corners; both fighters start off showing the other respect, not diving in and instead is focused on finding gaps to attack.

With both having similar reaches it is leading to a stalemate, punches drill into the others cheeks or gloves as they move around the ring, eyes locked in an intense stare behind their gloves.

It is Bridget who decides to pull the trigger first, throwing a double jab that lands on the guard of her opponent, quickly she dips down to land a straight into the abs of Cassidy.

That seems to waken up the action as both women let their hands go more, Bridget slips a right before landing a left to the ribs, then an overhand right lands to turn the head of the red head.

Cassidy having to fight from her back foot around the outside of the ring, Bridget keeping the pressure on while landing the cleaner punches, up till the bell rings to end the round.

Back in their corners; both women are told basically the same thing, to start opening up and prove themselves tonight instead of holding back.

Round 2:
Doing as they were told; both fighters throw more punches now, with Bridget landing a hard two punch combo up top, switching to the body after ducking a right cross.

Bridget is looking good when moving her head to get in closer to work, landing several crisp body shots to make Cassidy grunt out with each hit.

A left hook though catches her across the top of her head, with Cassidy landing a straight into the face of Regan to knock her back.

Now it is Freeman turning the heat up on her opponent, slamming punches into the face of Bridget, who is trying to fight back but is fighting off the back foot now.

With late in the round Cassidy deflecting a right before landing one of her own to the ear of Regan, stepping in close to bully the brunette to the ropes.

The bell rings with Cassidy pumping her right fist as she returns to her corner, Claudia smiling as she sees her fighter full of confidence.

Round 3:
Coming back out to the center of the ring, both women let their hands go to sting the others face with big punches.

With Cassidy blocking a left to land a straight into the nose of her opponent, landing a follow up right across the face of Regan to knock her further back.

Bridget struggling to get out from behind her guard, Cassidy working harder of the two fighters, throwing towards the head of the brunette, who is blocking most of the punches but taking several to her face.

Ducking under a straight; Bridget finally gets to open up herself, the two fighters trading in close as they bump shoulders, Bridget trying to get off the ropes.

When the bell rings they both stare at each other, jogging back to their corners the Lioness corner looks more relaxed of the two as Cassidy thuds her gloves together, looking excited to get back out.

Round 4:
Cassidy looks to keep the pressure on Bridget, keeps stepping forwards and is beating Regan to the punch so far, knocking the head back of the Bazz fighter.

It seems like Bridget is lacking confidence to let her hands go, spending more time behind her guard taking punches on her arms or gloves then throwing.

Which is allowing Cassidy to bully her around the outside of the ring, switching more to the body when she isn't having as much success up top.

As the round is coming into the final minute, Bridget hears her coach yelling at her to start fighting back, she is trying to as the two women come in closer.

Heads down as they work the others body, sweat makes them glisten as they look to press their opponent back, with the bell ringing to end the round.

Both return to their corners chatting to their coaches, Bridget admitting she hasn't been fighting as hard as she can, Angie telling her to get her head in the game.

Round 5:
Bridget looks more fired up as she comes out, the two fighters trade at the center of the ring, barking with effort as they fire away.

Ducking down Cassidy uses her left shoulder to bump back Regan, throwing to the body of the brunette, who is wincing as she gets beaten.

Shoving Cassidy off her; Bridget moves off the ropes need to space, where she fights more off her back foot as the red head keeps coming forwards.

With the last minute of the round seeing Cassidy keep on top of Bridget with straight shots towards her face, stepping in a right hook that misses, earning her an uppercut that snaps her head back.

Bridget uses the opening to bash Cassidy around her face with hooks, sending the red head towards the ropes, WITH ANOTHER UPPERCUT SENDING FREEMAN TO HER BACK!

The crowd look gob smacked as Bridget heads to a neutral corner, 1...2..3... Cassidy is blinking as she tries to clear her head, 4...5...6.. Turning to her front, Cassidy grabs for the ropes, 7...8... Beating the count with a little wobble to her step.

Luckily for Cassidy the bell rings before Bridget can charge her, Claudia needing to work to wake up her fighter fully before the next round.

Round 6:
Coming back out to fight; Cassidy looks shaken still as throws jabs to try to keep Bridget on the outside, with Regan not rushing in.

Dipping under a jab; Bridget lands an overhand right to the jaw of Cassidy, AS CASSIDY STUMBLES TO THE ROPES, ANOTHER RIGHT TURNS CASSIDY'S LEGS TO JELLY AND DOWN SHE GOES TO ALL FOURS!

The referee nudges back Bridget as she stares at Cassidy, 1...2...3..4.. Cassidy tries to grab the ropes but stumbles to her face, 5...6.. Her right arm under the ropes as she looks out at the crowd glassy eyed 7...8...9...10 ending up with Freeman counted out!

Winner Bridget Regan KO Round 6

A big win for Bridget as she raises her fists into the air, returning to her corner she hugs Angie, who tells her "that's the old Regan I know and love!"

While Cassidy has Claudia kneeling next to her, checking on the red head as Cassidy shakes her head as she tries to clear her vision, getting help from Claudia to get up to her feet and back over to her stool.

Both women get cleaned up; the Lioness Club corner a lot more sombre in mood of course, as the Bazz crew are full of smiles as they discuss the fight.

When both women are ready; they come to the center of the ring, where Bridget's gets her hand raised to a cheer from her fans, Cassidy isn't complaining as she nods.

Though as she leaves the ring; Freeman has to be angry at herself for letting this slip through her fingers, she was controlling the action and one mistake changed the course of the fight.

Inside the ring Bridget poses for the cameras with one arm around her coaches shoulder, both women smiling to the cameras as Bridget looks full of confidence.

Leaving the ring not long after with her gloves hanging over her shoulders, Bridget heads to the back looking proud of herself for a great victory, one that was certainly hard fought.



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