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12 September 2019 Shay Mitchell vs Emily Ratajkowski

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Posted by Girls Friday on September 12, 2019, 7:09 pm



(Written by Girls Friday/Results by Lookout)

(Pretty Little Punchers vs Vixens)

A home coming tonight for Shay Mitchell here in Toronto's Bell Centre, she is taking on Emily Ratajkowski in a rematch from earlier in the year, Shay hoping the home crowd can help her get revenge for being defeated in that fight.

Shay is 32 years old; she stands 5'7 ½, holding a record of 30 wins, 28 coming by way of knockout, with 26 defeats, she is a former FCBA bantamweight champion.

Emily is 28 years old; she stands 5'7, holding a record of 24 wins, all coming by way of knockout, with 13 defeats.

The two women were interviewed on a FCBA set in Canada, both women meet face to face and all looks relaxed as they shake hands before sitting on seats across from each other.

First Shay is asked how she feels about being back in front of her home fans, smiling warmly as she replies "oh I am so excited! My friends and family will all be in the crowd, all their support will drive me on to win"

When Emily is asked if the crowd will effect her, she answers with a smirk "I am used to fighting around the world thanks to my amazing stable, the fact I think Shay needs that support to have the confidence to fight me"

"Hey I am not afraid of you if that is what you are hinting!" Says Shay as she interrupts Emily, who looks a little stunned before she composes herself.

"Well I wasn't trying to just say that after I beat you that I'd understand you wouldn't be too confident to beat me, your reaction tells me that I am right" replies the English model with a cocky grin.

Shay looks to be clenching her fists, she tells Emily "I am not going to bite to your games, you'll see how confident I am when I am punching your lights out" then she gets up and heads off the set.

Emily just shrugs her shoulders before turning to the interviewer and says "what more do I need to say?" Winking before she leaves.

Fight night; out comes Shay with her coach Nia Peeples beside her, the crowd is standing and a deafening cheer rings out around the arena, Shay seems to be taking in the atmosphere as she stands looking around, then marches to the ring.

As she heads down to the ring with a big smile on her face, she is wearing a red sports bra with a white Marple leaf on her left cup, red trunks with "Mitchell" in white on her waistband, red shoes, gold gloves and her hair is tied back into a braid.

After climbing into the ring; Shay bows to each side of the ring, then jogs over to her corner to warm up as Nia gives her a pep talk.

Emily comes out with Steve Boyd beside her, she looks focused on the ring as boos around her, an air of confidence to her walk as she goes.

She is wearing a white sports bra with baby blue trim, matching trunks, shoes, with baby blue gloves, while her hair is tied into a ponytail.

Climbing through the ropes into the ring; Emily stares over at Shay, before she settles into warming up in her corner.

The fighters come to the center of the ring, eyes locked together as they listen to the referee's instructions, the crowd still going to chant the name of Shay.

They bump their gloves together before they turn on their heels to return to their corners, the bell rings to start off 10 rounds of bantamweight action.

Round 1:
The opening minute of the round sees both women fighting near the center of the ring, throwing single punches as they look for gaps, mostly finding gloves or forearm.

It's Emily who ups the work rate after landing a straight to the face of her opponent, she throws two more cross punches before she gets clipped to the face.

The Brit looks the quicker of the two as she starts to throw more combinations, Shay can only really land one or two clean punches compared to more from Emily.

Who when Shay does have success to make the crowd cheer, she nudges the home town fighter back then while up on her toes will come back with a double jab to the face of the former champion.

At the bell Emily looks the happier as she sits down on her stool, while Nia has to massage the limbs of Shay, with the pressure of fighting in front of her hometown seems to have tensed her up.

Round 2:
Emily starts off the faster of the two, drilling in her punches to the face of Mitchell, while she is moving side to side finding different angles to strike from.

Slipping under a straight; Shay comes firing back with a jab to the body, followed by an overhand right as she steps inside the models reach.

Shay is looking more relaxed now as she keeps at midrange with Emily, they both land several stiff shots to the face, the crowd perking up to try to help Shay.

The Brit lands two rights to the top of Shay's head, allowing her to nudge the local fighter back to outside of the ring, Emily lands several punches before Shay can nudge her back.

Next time Emily tries to land to the head, Shay slips under it and lands a left under the ribs, followed by an overhand right that lands to the jaw.

The bell rings with both staring at each other, returning to their corners knowing they are in for a tough fight, with Nia looking happier that Shay is looking more relaxed after a bad first round.

Round 3:
Coming out to the center of the ring; both trading single punches as they move around each other, Emily continues to looks like she has the better footwork.


The crowd roars as Shay raises her fists with a big smile, 1...2...3.. Emily is blinking on her back, before she starts turning, 4...5...6.. Emily moves towards the ropes on all fours, 7...8.. Using them to pull herself to her feet.

The referee waves them back together, with Shay coming on the hunt to try to finish this, taking a few straight shots to her face as she gets too keen.

Slipping under a right; Shay digs away to the body as she gets in close, slamming hooks in till Emily pulls her into a clinch, Emily looks at her coach for seemingly advice as the noise in the arena is deafening.

Once apart Shay looks to keep on top of Emily, the bell soon rings though with Shay pumping her right fist as she returns to her corner, smiling as Nia tells her how great that combo was to send Emily down.

Round 4:
Shay as expected is more aggressive, throwing more straight punches to either the body or face, walking straight on to try to force Emily where she wants her.

Emily moving up on her toes to try to keep the action at range, landing a few punches to the top of Mitchell's head, forcing the actress to think about her attacks.

Deflecting a right as she steps inside, Shay gets in two hooks to the ribs of Emily, who needs to hold onto Mitchell, the referee stepping in to break them apart.

With Shay keeping Emily pressed near the ropes, just missing with a big right hook, getting countered with a double jab into her cheeks instead.

Emily looking stronger as the round comes towards a close, catching Shay into the face as she gets away from the ropes.

When the bell rings the two fighters sit on their stools getting washed down, Shay continues to look happier of the fighters, as Emily gets a pep talk from Steve.

Round 5:
Moving out their corners; both women move to the center of the ring, trading more punches as Emily starts coming back harder at Shay.

The two women grind heads as they trade to the body, some of the punches lands to the tits of their opponent's as they bark out, trying to force each other back.

Shay moves back to open up space to land two punches into the mouth of Emily, allowing her to bash back the model along the ropes.

A look of frustration is etched on Emily's face as she has to retreat again, Shay keeps focusing on the body as she tries to open the guard up top.

Emily is able to fire a straight into the head of Shay, getting off the ropes and she is able to get her rhythm going, drilling her punches between the mitts of the Canadian.

With the bell ringing to end the round; Emily getting told off Steve to take hope in how she finished the round, her cheeks are reddened up as her body has a pink hue to it.

Shay looks relaxed even as her face is marked up, her and Nia are talking about how Shay can finish this, they are smiling as maybe they think they have Emily's number tonight.

Round 6:
Shay continues to keep being on the front foot, the two fighters trading in close as Shay goes to the body, Emily clipping her around the top of her head.

They fight near the ropes; Shay keeps dipping down so she can keep trying to knock the air out of her opponent, who pulls her into a front headlock when she gets too close.

After being separated; Shay steps in with a jab that misses as Emily sidesteps before landing a right across the Canadians cheek, followed by a left across her mouth.

Slipping a right cross; again Emily smacks Shay across her mouth, blood trickles from a cut on the bottom lip of Mitchell, giving Ratajkowski a target to strike at.

As Emily looks to be on top in the exchanges heading to the bell, making Shay cry out when she gets clipped across those bloody lips.

The round ends with Emily giving a little fist bump, Steve wipes her down as they look a more confident after bad rounds back to back.

Round 7:
Both come out trading hard shots to start the round, less moving around now as they focus on landing hard shots, Shay getting caught again on those lips to keep her on the outside.

Shay looks to move inside but misses with a right to the body, taking a right near her temple to make her wobble a little, the crowd look worried as they see their girl cover up.

The model lands several punches through the gloves of Mitchell, knocking Shay towards the ropes as the hometown girl is urged to fight back by her fans.

Instead she clinches up; shaking her head as she clears her vision, the referee needing to step in and break them apart, with Shay moving away from the ropes.

It looks like Shay can't land anything of note, Emily is beating her to the punch and knocking back Shay, a right hook across the side of Mitchell's face sends her towards the ropes, where she has to cover up as Emily throws a flurry towards her head.

The bell rings to end the round and maybe save Shay, who has her head down as she returns to her corner, Nia needing to clean her up and give her a rallying speech now.

Round 8:
Coming back out Shay is fighting more on the back foot, trying to catch Emily coming towards her, landing some nice counter punches to the face of the Brit.

A right though lands on the lips of Shay, with a left hook landing across her jaw to push back the actress, who covers up as Emily throws a flurry of punches at her.

Shay tries to land a right cross that misses, Emily lifts her head with an uppercut, A HOOKING BARRAGE COMES AND SHAY COLLAPSES TO HER BACK!

Not celebrating Emily just heads to the neutral corner, 1...2...3.. Shay is laying spread eagle near the ropes, 4...5...6.. Groaning as she holds her jaw, 7...8...9..10 Shay is counted out!

Winner Emily Ratajkowski KO Round 8

The crowd boo Emily; who smirks as she raises her fists into the air, Emily keeping her hold over Shay in the ring with another brutal knockout, though as she returns to her corner she admits "that wasn't easy" winking at Steve.

While Shay is helped up by Nia after using smelling salts, Shay is crying as she stares at the canvas while helped on her stool, covering her face with her gloves.

Nia kneels down and tries to console Shay, hugging her fighter as this might be the lowest she has felt, losing in front of her fans and more importantly friends and family.

Across the ring Emily enjoys getting washed down and a drink, Steve telling Emily how proud he is of his fighter coming into hostile territory and winning.

When the referee is ready for the announcement, Shay just stays on her stool sobbing as Emily comes to the center of the ring, Emily smiling as she stares at the defeated Mitchell.

Who is helped out the ring; some of the crowd cheers Shay, chanting her name to give her a small smile as Nia tells her "they won't give up on you babe"

Inside the ring Emily poses for cameras with her right arm flexed, the fans still boo as Steve tells her to leave quickly, they step out the ring and head to the back.

With both chatting about the fight and the next fight, Emily is looking excited as her career continues on the way up towards a title shot again.



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