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14 September 2019 Lily Collins vs Louise Thompson

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Posted by Caspian on September 14, 2019, 5:47 pm



(Results: Lookout!, Words: Holloway)

1. Lily Collins vs Louise Thompson (Flyweight)


(29, 5’5, 112, 24:5 FCBA, VIXENs)
(29, 5’0, FCBA Debut, Holloway Boxing)

"This is my first match. It's been a few months since I joined Holloway Boxing, but we'd been waiting for this moment for me to show my skills. And what better way to do that than to take down Lily Collins? If tiny Vanessa can do it, I'm pretty sure I can too" says Louise, confident about her first fight here in the FCBA.

"Nessa? You must not have seen our last stable war! She got the beating of her life, just like the one you'll be getting in a few minutes" is Collins' response.

"I'm not as weak as the other skinny girls around here, Collins."

"I guess we'll see about that" says Lily as she grins at her opponent.

Both athletic girls enter the ring wearing sports bras and matching shorts, showing off their powerful bodies. Thompson has some more muscle than her foe, but Collins towers over the shorter and younger TV star.

Both girls basically fly at each other. Collins looking to make this a quick fight and Thompson excited about her first round. The two incredibly fit girls go toe-to-toe with each other as they get a taste of each other's power. Louise proves to be surprisingly strong as she jabs at her opponent's stomach, but Collins is famous for her strong abs and takes it all like a champ. She keeps her cool and puts up her defense. The round goes by fast. Both girls still feel good, but it was Louise who won her first round on points.

Lily looks impressed by her foe, but not nervous at all. She comes in, confident as ever, with her guard up and stands her ground. Louise is throwing everything she has at her, jabbing away at the taller woman's face, but Collins is in control this round. She lands a jab in her foe's chin and follows it up with a hook to the abs. Collins starts dancing around the shorter girl and Thompson's just trying to keep up. Lily's showing her opponent why she's a top flyweight. A constant series of jabs keeps Louise on her toes. She can't afford to catch her breath. The round ends with Collins as the clear winner.

Louise is mad. She just got her ass kicked for the first time and is not going to take it. She comes in hit, measuring her taller opponent with the left and catching her on the temple with her right. Collins doesn't know what hit her. Thompson keeps up the pace with a right to the ribs and a left to the nose. What a comeback! Thompson is all over her foe, her big arms causing some serious damage on the taller girl's body. By the time the round comes to an end, Lily has shaky legs.


This conflict is getting more and more heated as each round passes by. Lily wasn't expecting a challenge from a new flyweight but Thompson has been more than holding her own against her opponent tonight. There's some wild exchanges between the two girls in the center of the ring. Some body shots are fired from both sides, with Thompson proving to her foe she's got some nice abs herself. Collins is not as aggressive this round as she keeps up her guard and moves around the ring, perhaps trying to wear Thompson out, but she's in fantastic shape. Ultimately, Lily gets the round on points.

Clearly having given up on her other strategy, Lily literally jumps out of her corner and meets Thompson midring, looking for a knockdown. The shorter girl puts up her guard and stands her ground, blows are exchanged and both girls try their best to take each other down. Despite her great strength, Louise seems to be being outboxed by her more experienced opponent. Collins smiles as she catches Thompson with a right to the chin, which stuns her for long enough for Lily to hit her with an uppercut that sends her down to the canvas in the second minute of the round!

Thompson is trying her best to get up!

1... 2... 3...

But that was one hell of a punch she took from Collins!

4... 5... 6... 7...

It's too hard for her! She can't do it!

8... 9... 10...


Official Decision: Lily Collins beats Louise Thompson KO5!


"Did anyone really think she was going to beat me? Please" is all Collins has to say.

Louise, clearly embarrassed, has no comments.

The Vixens kick this stable war off with a victory!

VIX/Holloway Stable War II: 1:0



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